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Turkey Arrests Own Proxies Refusing To Fight Against Syrian Army In Idlib

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Turkey Arrests Own Proxies Refusing To Fight Against Syrian Army In Idlib


Syria’s state-run news agency SANA reports (source):

Turkish occupation forces arrested tens of its mercenary terrorists in Ras al-Ayn area in Hasaka northwestern countryside after they had attempted to flee towards Turkish lands fearing from engaging in clashes with the Syrian Arab Army in Idleb.

Local sources in Hasaka said that Turkish occupation forces closed border in front of its mercenary terrorists in Hasaka northern countryside after their attempts to flee from Ras al-Ayn city towards the Turkish lands, and arrested scores of them because they refused to fight in Idleb.

In the same context, Turkish occupation’s mercenaries abducted two women from Um al-Kief village in Tal Tamer area, and rustled 100 sheep from the village, local sources told SANA reporter.

The sources indicated that the terrorists continue to loot the citizens’ properties in the villages along the front lines with the Syrian Arab Army in the surroundings of Ras al-Ayn, as they demolished the mud houses in Um Eshbah village with the aim of stealing and selling wood and electrical wires.

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Raptar Driver

Just because these fine gentlemen wanted to go cold Turkey?

good american

The only time they will be allowed into Turkey is when they are cold.


The Turks should ‘hangem high’ after torturing the deserters :)
That will raise morale in the jihadi ranks :)

Harry Smith

The SF defined them better – jihadi hipsters. :)

Arch Bungle

Millenials. No staying power.

Harry Smith

Millennials are Generation Y and there is Generation Z – millennials on steroids. Those Y and Z are main cannon fodder for Jihadi bosses.

Arch Bungle

I’m losing track. My only hope is that this ends with the end of the Alphabet.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

It is my understanding that Gen Z (and above) tend more toward conservative ideology. And also less solidarity with, support for Israel as well. At least from polls I was aware of.


Looks like my question about head-chopper and Turkish squaddie morale is being answered.

Daily Beatings

They’re eating their own. I love it!

good american

From the looks of it they soon will, literally.


The rats are escaping, they know they are screwed up…

Xoli Xoli

Mr.Guterres of usa control UN what is your puppet point now.Are you still going to blame Syrian liberators just to protect your chair from being taken over by NATO with someone else.The whole world 8s watching you,Merkel and Macaroni from spreading lies and propaganda to safe terrorists of NATO.

Xoli Xoli

Now the headchopper camels and gaot fuckers are arresting each other.Their all want Syria but none wants to die.Russia drop few zula doopa bomb at border area to speed up the escape. What will happened to the kidnap women and 100 sheep.


My guess is that they have 100 girlfriends to play with and 2 meals for the village.

Peter Jennings

The fake Islamic freedom fighters are reverting to type, as rustlers and kidnappers. That doesn’t sound like a very good religion to me.

Let us hope that these terrorists do have an Islamic bone in their body and they spare these kidnapped women any harm.

Pave Way IV

Unfortunately, I fear the worse for the 100 sheep on jihadi ‘date night’.

Peter Jennings

There could be a rush.


If I was a Turk, a Normal Person I would be sad.
I dont want to fight the Russians the Turks Americans or the Syrians.
the Jew is leading us by the nose
Zeig Heil


It is more than likely that these vagabonds and looters will turn their weapons against Turkey in the future .. They are not “moderate opposition”, but the remnants of Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, and other extremist fractions.

While millions of people are suffering from problems such as low income and unemployment in Turkey, the Turkish government has been paying the salaries of these militants since 2016 too after taking over their payments from the CIA .. Millions of liras from the taxes of Turkish citizens.

Instead of co-operating with Syria, Russia, and wiping out both (made in USA) separatist and MB/Wahhabi terrorism in Syria .. Turkey got stuck into the Idlib swamp with no clear political goal and policies that change based on President Erdoğan’s daily mood.

Assad must stay

i would run away too if i was a rat, SAA is the most battle hardened army on earth right now, but thank God i am not a rat hahahaha


What is good for the goose, is good for the gander;

Putin needs to send Erdogan the new memo from the “Rand Corporation”, calling for another US coup in Turkey.



“Turkish occupation mercenaries abducted 2 women ….. and rustled 100 sheep” Just in case the women turn out to be uncooperative.

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