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Turkey Announces Beginning Of Yet Another Operation In Northern Iraq


Turkey Announces Beginning Of Yet Another Operation In Northern Iraq

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Turkey launched its new operation in northern Iraq called “Claw-Eagle” on June 15th, the Defense Ministry announced.

The operation is being carried out against PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) positions in northern Iraq.

Operation Claw-Eagle has already started and it struck suspected PKK targets in several regions in Iraq’s north, according to a tweet from the military, which claimed 81 PKK targets were targeted, including shelters and caves.

“The Claw-Eagle Operation has started. Our planes are bringing the caves down on the terrorists’ heads,” the defence ministry said.

The defence ministry said the air operation targeted the PKK in its stronghold at Qandil, near the Iranian border, as well as the areas of Sinjar, Zap, Avasin-Basyan and Hakurk.

“The PKK and other terrorist elements are threatening the security of our people and borders with attacks increasing every day on the areas of our outposts and bases,” it said.

The Defense Ministry’s statement underlined that the operation has been launched in order to ensure the security of the Turkish people and the country’s borders by neutralizing the PKK and other terrorist organizations that have been stepping up harassment and attack attempts against the police and military bases.

Defense Minister Hulusi Akar and the Turkish Armed Forces Command will be managing and dispatching operation Claw-Eagle from the Air Force Command Control Center.

Chief of General Staff Gen. Yasar Guler, Land Forces Commander Gen. Umit Dundar, Air Forces Commander Gen. Hasan Kucukakyuz and Naval Forces Commander Adnan Ozbal will also be among the personnel directing operations from the center.

Even without the new operation, Turkey daily reports neutralizing PKK members in Iraq and Syria.




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  • verner

    better get those pesky kurds off the chart and back being tenants in the borderlands of syria, iraq and iran. can’t have those garbled minds running around like goats here and there and everywhere. order order and turkey is doing the right thing particularly since the kurds are an extension of the jews in palestine and the morons in washington dc.

  • Hyper20

    Last night, 33 F-16’s bombed the shit out of kurds in Iraq.

  • Hyper20

    13 f-16’s bombarding kurdish rats right now.