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Turkey And U.S. Reached Agreement Regarding Manbij City – Turkish Official

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Turkey And U.S. Reached Agreement Regarding Manbij City - Turkish Official

This Tuesday, March 7, 2017 frame grab from video provided by Arab 24 network, shows U.S. forces patrol on the outskirts of the Syrian town, Manbij (Arab 24 network, via AP)

On March 9, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu revealed in an interview with the German Die Zeit newspaper that Turkey and the US had agreed on a solution for the city of Manbij, which is held by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Cavusoglu also said he hopes that the US will stop its support for the “terrorist organization” in a hint to the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and added that he will discuss the Manbij issue with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on March 19.

“The majority of people in cities [they control] are Arabs. For example, Raqqa. Who controls this city? YPG. Nearly 350,000 Syrian Kurds driven out by the YPG continue living in Turkey,” Cavusoglu said in the interview, according to the Turkish Daily Sabah newspaper.

Earlier, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the Turkish Army will enter the city of Afrin “at any moment” and warned that Manbij will be the next target of the Turkish military. The president even vowed to clean “the east of the Euphrates until the Iraqi border” from the Kurdish forces.

“We’re in Afrin today, Manbij tomorrow. And the day after that we will make sure the east of the Euphrates until the Iraqi border is cleansed of every terrorist group,” Erdogan said at the inauguration of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) Politics Academy in Ankara.

According to experts, a Turkish-American deal over the SDF-held areas is impossible now, neither a Turkish military operation against the Kurdish forces in Manbij. However, the US managed before to find a common ground between the Kurds and Turkey in Iraq.

If a US-sponsored Turkish-Kurdish solution is reached in Syria, it would be mainly aimed against the Damascus government.

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Very complicated . ..and if against Damascus govt… well just wait until Assad has cleared off all terrorists and with his allies , then we can see who has the advantage in Syria (not outside Syria).

Turkey is important which side she is with … with Russia or US

AM Hants

Must admit, whilst munching on the popcorn, as it all unfolds, I did wonder the same. Turkey helping with the cleanup, whilst Syrian Forces deal with other priorities. Then when they are ready, Turkey will either re-establish a good neighbourly relationship with Syria, where all can benefit, and go back home to their own territory. They would be stupid to overstay their welcome, with so much to lose.


Erdogan is full of BS, not to be trusted.

Jutta Morris

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As per the US Secretary of State and State Department officials.


as if US can be trusted

Peggy Johnson

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Us hasn’t delivered its promises from 2016 so who isn’t to be trusted. When Afrin operation ends and Manbij still full of YpG the assumption is us can’t fullfil its promise. Opportunity to avoid bloodshed missed, 2+ years is plenty of warning.


I agree with u however, when is Erdogan going t get another chance like this? what I mean is, if Kurds in turkey and Syria are a serious threat to Turkey(as they always have been) isnt this the perfect time to go all out and wipe out as many Kurds as u can? If u are Erdogan, isnt this the best time (blame USA) and call all Kurds terrorists, wipe them out in syria and hope many from turkey fight in Syria so u can wipe them out too! just go for it! If there wasn’t a war in syria, Turkey could not just openly go and slaughter Kurds, but now that the Kurds are a threat and armed by the USA and causing a “national security threat” to turkey in which turkey can blame on USA (who desperately wanna keep turkey as a NATO ally).
What I am saying sounds terrible I know! But we are talking about Erdogan and the Kurds here! When is another chance like this going to come along for turkey! or example, those Kurds in the Afrin pocket have lived there for centuries, even millennia! but he is wiping them out! Im sure Erdogan will want Kurds back to their pre-war lines in syria but why bother asking for that when u can just wipe them all out of syria! I mean, Iraq doesn’t have a problem with that, I think Syria will be ok with it since they want all of their territory back (and the US wants to split the country). Iran has Kurds that could potentially rise up against them too (im sure an Israeli plan). If u ask me, Erdogan has a golden opportunity here to wipe out or at least massively contain his number one national security threat which the US empowered greatly! YES Erdogan not to be trusted, but dude, u know he hates the Kurds and he has a green light to go all out! USA cant do shit (especially if USA really did try to over throw him). Blame the USA and demand Kurds retreat from all areas to pre-war lines! Of course USA will say “no” and Erdogan cant just start fucking them up! Iraq even said they’d help in Iraq to wipe out Kurds! This is my view but its the view of what Erdogan’s interests are!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Erdogan is A hard line Salafist and very sectarian and has a deep desire to receate the old Ottoman Empire. The Kurds in Syria and elsewhere is not his problem it’s his own local Kurds that are the problem. Iraq has already told and ordered the Kurds to leave the Sinjar valley or face expulsion by force. Iran has no problem dealing with PJAK and other terrorist groups as long as the West stops stirring up these pscychos, as they have similar security forces like the FSB real police that can take them down easily.

What you also fail to see is he doesn’t deal with it locally they are frightened of the real PKK in Turkey as they could use this opportunity to take it to the Turks. Problem is the US has told them to not do anything yet, they figure the more Turkey becomes embroiled in Syria the easier it’s to takeover Turkey with a coup this time around.

Wait until the next talks on the 16 of March in Astana should reveal some new players in the talks.


Nah I have a different view on this! Empowered Kurds in syria and Iraq is major problem for Turkey! They will have oil, land, and trained and modern army (funded by US, UK, KSA, Israel etc etc). they will have US and Israeli protection via bases! The FEAR of Kurdish uprising (funded, backed and supported just like the arab spring)would create problems for nations containing Kurds! Imagine if the American military with coalition forces and propaganda machine suddenly start using the plight and struggle of Kurds! Their will be a call for a Kurdish state which could include parts of turkey, Iraq,syria and Iran! Granting the US and Israel land, oil a means to transit this oil (and gas) as originally planned to Europe and also to prop up the US petro dollar! Also gives Israel an excuse to punish Iran and put forces on or inside Iran’s border! Or at the very least, in Iraq! Imagine Israeli planes flying from bases inside Iraqi Kurdish territory to attack Iran!

So the FEAR and Concern of a Kurdish state is a HUGE problem for all in this region WHICH IS THE FUNDAMENTAL REASON why the Astana talks involved these nations yet without USA and Kurds representation!

America and Israel (greater Israel project) wants a Kurdish state that can contain russia from the south and Caspian Sea, trade via the Black Sea (Turkish/kurdish region) to Europe via Romania. A pipeline fully under their control for KURDISTAN that does all they could dream of!

1. Expands Israel (will be administrated by Israel)
2. Contains Russia even more so and steals Russia’s European energy market and therefore weakens an adversary
3. Contains Iran (defensive missile shield)
4. Enables a platform to attack Iran keeping Israel fairly safe!

I disagree with u! Kurds are a threat in turkey simply because of the Black Sea access and potential Kurdistan State that is being proposed! Im sure u have seen maps of a proposed Kurdistan! Take a look at the map and u’ll know why Kurds in Syria ad Iraq are a threat to Turkey!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Hate to burst your bubble on thinking that the Kurds would be a distraction as being empowered is sadly never going to be anything but a ploy to Balkanize the middle east. The biggest Threat to NATO and Turkey has always been a stronger Syria and Iraq along with the fear that they may become closer together with Iran turning them into a powerful economic power block in the region. That has always been the long running threat and the possible spread to Egypt and Lebanon , then creating a Palestine through economic power and not a military power as the west is bent on doing.

Turkey would be regulated to an unimportant position in the region an be forced to make alliance changes for it’s economic survival as being allied to the west would be a detriment to it’s long term sustainability. The break up of Turkey this way would be assured as you would eventually see a civil war within the region based on differing goals and needs, possibly Greece stepping in at that time to take the Bosporus either way it will fall to them anyways. Then the Kurds would back to being relegated to nothing again but a lot of chaos.

See why there would be nothing to gain to have them in the long run as thinking they would be a counter to Turkey as they barely are a blip to them now.


JewSA forces illegally in SYRIA are the real Isis terrorists and need to be driven out. As there will never be peace for any country including Turkey as long as their cancerous presence is allowed to fester.


Strangers agreeing how to share someones cake? This world has become a joke. Canan (Syria) will be the end of THE beast in the near future.


Weak always lose that’s Darwin’s theory for you

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

That idiot theory you just spouted has been proven incorrect , the weak have always overcome the strong ask how the dinosaurs became extinct and it wasn’t because they were stronger as they were overcome by the weak.


Dont worry Erdogan and the USa are not known for sticking to deals!


Given the impotency of the Syrian regime (government) to defend its territory and its people, in addition to the gleeful inaction of its ‘friends’, Russia and Iran, Kurds might have to agree to any deal that prevents more slaughter of civilians. If Russia and Iran would have stood with Asad’s regime in Northern Syria, and the SAA had done something to aid the Kurds, it might have been different. So, let’s not construct that as the Kurds turning against Damascus – let’s rather say they stand with their backs to the wall, a pistol to their head with little other choice. Again, this development is due to the failure of the Russian – Iranian – Syrian alliance. Make no mistake, the US never actually cared about the Kurds, that’s a smoke screen. Ultimately, the Kurds are just a welcome pretense for their NATO partner Turkey to move in. Yepp, that’s what it’s all about. Extending NATO’s presence! The US know they can’t stay very well with troops on the ground but hey, Turkey can. And Turkey has the huge advantage of actual geographic proximity. The US had to accept that this is a major factor in Iraq, regarding Iranian influence and in Ukraine, regarding Russian influence. Now they applied that insight. Russia and Iran have been played well and they now look like fools. They fell for the Kurdish smoke-screen and the US-Turkish charade about supposed tensions. Nothing can be further from the truth. Turkey sits in the soft underbelly of Russia, it’s neighbours with Iran, it has a hand over Syria. Nothing, nothing will ever make the US lose that ally. It’s NATO, come on!


Wishful thinking! Russia is full aware of syrias Military capabilities! Russia is fighting the war the way they can win it! Step by step cleaning syria from terrorists, when all backed terrorists in central and western syria are finished they will liberate the rest of syria with full force!


Never. Putin told clearly, russia has finished. Moscow will not liberate east and north syria.


Why just why you have that kind of orgasm that things will work your way when Russia has invested so much and Russia has just confirmed US is it’s real enemy and will never allow US to be in Syria .

Russia just preemptively silenced the US , it’s stronger .

This means Russia will enforce her power not as you wish .

End day, Assad will win


I would be glad, but i doubt. And russia until now is lame duck in syria, The lords are yanks and israelis. They do what they want, russia, assad are not able to do what they want.

andy l

Well the zionist criminals did lose that F16 – not much payback for all the attacks but it was a start


You overestimate that f16. Yanks lost 10% of planes in iraqm but with the rest completely eliminated saddams whole country.
IL durong 6-days war lost 60+ % of tanks, mortars, half of planes, but with the rest totally destroyed egypt, syria and jordan.

in war are losses. most important thing is, who is the winner. syria can shot down 3-5, meybe 10 IL planes. but two dyas later will have nor army. no infrastructure, no defence sytems. IL does not want occupy syria. saa had problems with all faction of jihadists until russians came, russia will not interfere with war betwenn sy and il. also the ussr did not do this.


What? Russia a lame duck or rather a master poker playing supremo.

Russia just delivered a coup onto to the lame and silly yanks until now depending on outdated ABM systems hahahahah

Russia finished of US’s proxies until now almost non existence except in areas protected by US …

Assad is on winning streak even now in East Ghouta while US and Israelis are crying in the UN to save their poor proxies using ‘HUMANITARIAN” concerns for the civilians whom their proxies refused to let go.

Meanwhile Israel is sulking they can do nothing about Iran establishing in Syria while continue the bravado of “will not tolerate this and that ” bull wolves crying .
Everyone is laughing actually… and you say the Yanks and Israeli are having the upper hands .. .while Turkey is finishing of the Kurds.

Hahahahaha .. have fun ostrich.

andy l

When the Turks move onto Manbij then up to the Iraq border whats to stop the Kurds already feeling betrayed with US simply handing areas south of Raqqa, Der Ezzor back over to Assad! Yanks cant prevent this


Yanks can prevent. They will attack Assad´s troops. This is war, you should not expect mercy and fairplay. If necessary, USA alone will block the syrian government. What do you think, why want they build up the base in An-Tanf?


USA can’t prevent. That’s why Davki comment is full of BS. kurds can give back SDF lands to Assad to save themselfs but they don’t because they are against Assad and wanted to build their own country on behalf of Syrians.

Glen Etzkorn

and if you look back at some of the Kurds drawing of their wistful new nations map, one notices Afrin was not the end but over further west with a port.

andy l

Simply bombing alone is not enough without boots on the ground – if for any reason the Kurds strike a deal with Assad then the US has no one to fight for it! (excluding of course its terrorist proxies).


you all are nto able to understand, that in modern war nobody want accupy the another country, only destroy its capabilities. remember to serbia. only with bombing pushed serbia back by 1 generation.

andy l

Like I said without the Kurds to fight for it the US would be alone & isolated in Syria – there would be huge pressure on them to withdraw. They could not keep up the pretense anymore they are there to bomb ISIS.


I think, this was true 1,5 year ago. Yanks needed groups for entering syria, When they are already there, they dont need anybody. And the arabs of sdf are more important for xanks, because exactly they block the iraqi border and comtrol the most important oil fields. As i know yanks, it is impossible to expell them without hot war.

But i wish, you are right! :)


US will have difficulty, supply lines are weak. Iraq blocks it and the whole thing is over. Turks won’t support arming the ypg so what’s left?.


Trust me they will support the SAA with all weapons dto do it! They dont need to pull the Trigger, all they need is the SAA be able to pull the trigger!


I would be happy, if you will be right.




OMG what BS. As if kurds were syrian friends. XD. kurds have betrayed syrians. kurds wanted Assad out and reached an agreement with USA to topple Assad.

andy l

You stated if Russia and Iran would have stood with Asad’s regime in Northern Syria, and the SAA had done something to aid the Kurds, it might have been different. – Russia proposed the Kurds hand over Afrin to the SAA but this was rejected. Erdogan would have been satisfied then without attacking.The Kurds believed the US would assist them but they were wrong. They were also wrong thinking they could take on the Turks by themselves. Same will happen with Manbij unless the Kurds hand it over to the SAA they will lose it.


kurds are syrian traitors. Syrians must sacrify them.


So the oilfields were captured because they had no choice. They attacked SAA because they had no choice?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The fake coup in Turkey certainly did it’s job. Israeli intelligence were totally brilliant in coming up with the strategy, and Erdogan played his part brilliantly too. Putin fell for it all, hook line and sinker, and now the Saudi gas pipeline he wanted to stop, is closer to being built than ever before.
You’re right about the US and Turks intentions, but I’m afraid Putin won’t allow that to happen and he said so the other day. That speech about invincible nuclear weapons was a warning to Erdogan and nothing else.
Russia can’t afford to lose this war because it’s an “all or nothing scenario” for them. This Saudi pipeline if built, would be used by the US and Israel to destroy Russia’s economy, and Putin would start WW3 before he lets that happen.
Erdogan won’t be as smug when small Russian nuclear tactical weapons start dropping on his head, and the US does nothing to help him. Maybe he’ll feel a little like the Kurds do, totally betrayed.


It is not the fault of Syria or Russia or Iran, but it is the fault of Kurds who didn’t see that US is using them only.
As far as Turkey is concerned, it is much easier to press Turkey as compared to US or Kurds.
Russia once again has to ban the Russians to visit Turkey as Tourists, and it will become 10 Billion USD loss to Turkey every year, which put Turkey on it’s knees within few months.
Also Iran is one of the biggest trade Partner of Turkey.
Recently Saudi Prince called Turkey Iran and Syria as the axis of evil in Egypt. Turkey will not have it easy to stay in Syria.


kurds wanted Assad out. It’s the fault of Syrians to believe that kurds are syrians. As if they didn’t see that kurds in Iraq participated to Iraq invasion with USA.

But, I told 1 billion times that Syrians should have get rid off kurds earlier. But, try to reason stupid people.

Glen Etzkorn

get serious, Kurds have 5 different languages some not in least understandable. It is also understandable some kurds hate other kurdish groupings with a passion and a long history of such. Tribal stupid in religion and bronze age pathetic ancient writing still has a hold.


Trust kurds and ends like Saddam Hussein. XD.


This is certainly fault of russia. They communicated as weak guys, they betrayed syria for turkish stream. so, for everybody is cliear, in russia the human life has less value less than several m3 of gas. :(


What is the deal ??? It is said that a deal has been reached but what is the deal ??? I can’t see any deal. The only deal that Turkey will accept is the destruction of YPG.


It’s the fault of Syrians to keep the traitors (kurds) into the house.
It’s the fault of Russia to be in bed with USA and israel.

Take responsibilities. Assad didn’t attack SDF in Afrin to grab land. What he did is to try to help kurds who betrayed him !!! XD.

When you play soccer and you start adding own goals, don’t be surptised if you loose.


The worst case scenario is an alliance between USA and Turkey. USA can give Turkey what they want and sacrify kurds. In that case, Assad and Russia will be in a very bad situation and I see no escape. Assad and Russia will be ejected from Syria in short terms.

andy l

This scenario makes no sense unless you are assuming Erdogan has gone crazy & sets his sights on Damascus & all areas under SAA control. Turkey is only concerned with the YPG mainly in the north along its border. Sure it will continue to fund the FSA against Assad but your’re not going to see Turkish troops & flag in Damascus anytime soon


In case of alliance between USA and Turkey, Syria is in very bad position and diplomatically dead. Syria will fall by inside under constant pressure.

And Erdogan has a huge advbantage because he is sunni and most Syrians are sunnis. Turkey is very appreciated by sunni syrians.

andy l

Being Sunni doesnt mean they will side with a Turkish invader. Syrians dont divide themselves along ethnic lines this is a western thing to create unrest. Arabs historically have hated Turks


It’s absolutely false. How do think Ottomans manage to create a big calipha ??? If Arabs hated Turks, this will never happened because Ottoman calipha was not a turkish colinization process and Arabs could have easily uprise and eject Turks.

The one who doesn’t understand that syrian sunnis love Turkey has understood nothing and will loose. Turkey and Iran are the keys in the middle east.

andy l

Like all empires before it the Ottaman empire was built on force & invasion – being subjugated under it doesnt imply everyone was holding hands & kumbaya. Your idea that just because 90% of Syrians are sunnis they would side with Turkey is false. The jihadis are sunni but the people prefer a secular inclusive state. Why are Sunnis in Assads army fighting for him a minority Alawite. Most Syrians are loyal to the state first not some invading nation.


It’s absolutely false. Each time you let sunnis choose, they will choose islamist parties.

The west is projecting what they want people to be but it’s false. Sunnis on the opposite make the same reasoning and think that the west want to live in islamic rules.

So, people who want to impose secularism into muslim countries are the same as sunnis who want to impose sharias into west countries. Same reasoning process.

andy l

“It’s absolutely false. Each time you let sunnis choose, they will choose islamist parties” – but they have already chosen a secular state in Syria so doesnt this refute your claim


They choose nothing. Just look at Libya or Egypt or Turkey or whatever. Sunnis choose islamic parties most of the time.

andy l

So chosing Assad (secular leader) is choosing nothing. They dont chosen radical parties to rule them in Syria although there are radical elements for sure. These are rejected by the majority


Assad is not secular in the way the west think. Assad is nationalist. Otherwise, he will have let jews power. Also, Assad has sunnis cleric, shia cleric and christian cleric around him. Sunnis have been fooled to follow other sunnis cleric. That’s why, Syria needs to ally with a powerful sunni state like it is back by a powerful shia state and powerful oxthodoxe state. And Turkey is the perfect match.

West secularism is a failure.


shut up u bastard, no one chose Assad and his family


But, Turkey after being betrayed by USA can not buy USA words and continue the campaign in Mandjib and the rest of SDF. Turkey is in dominant position and have the best cards.

People say that a deal has been reached but I don’t think so. I think that Turkey will continue campaign against Mandjib and then rest of north SDF.

Assad and Russia must push this scenario and join Erdogan in this battle against SDF. Otherwise, they are dead. After so many mistakes, Syria and Russia can’t make any more mistakes.

Henk Poell

Out of all factions “team jihad” is the worst, and the only reason they flourish with nobody stopping them is the USA insisting on a fight with Assad/Russia.


“Team sunni” is the first power in Syria. Turkey as the dominant position because Turkey is sunni.

Of course, Russia wanted to manage Syria without taking account of people in Syria making Syria weak and vulnerable.

Henk Poell

First of all, Serious, why not proudly show your real Turkish name? But seriously, “team jihad/sunni”, whatever we’ll call it, closely coorporated with ISIS in the past, so I’m afraid that any Turkish influence in Syria is very bad news for the Syrians.


I was told a syrian, then a shia, then a zionist, then a troll, then a google bot. Now, I’m Turk.

It’s OK. I can deal with that. XD.

Turkey was the scapegoat for the west. “Look Turkey cooperate with ISIS”. What do you think the west was doing. In east Ghouta, Manpads are TOWs and European ManPads.


At least not Uzbek yet.


Why not. Uzbek are cool. XD.


USA has bad cards. USA is bluffing and try to find a solution. USA is dead in Syria if you do the right things.

Ally with Turkey to expell USA and sacrify kurds.

Then, take back Golan height from israel to push USA head deep into water.

Then, pressure USA and UK over Yemen massacre. Then pressure USA over 9/11.

USA is weaker than you think.

Rafik Chauhan

who aouthorise . turley and US to discuss Syria future. both are terriost supporter. what is Russia and iran is doing allowing turkey to make deal with US of Syria future. remove all this wester and nato invader


“On March 9, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu revealed in an interview with the German Die Zeit newspaper that Turkey and the US had agreed on a solution for the city of Manbij, which is held by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).”
Well …. what is it?

They’ll dump the Kurds if you dump on Damascus??


It’s poker. There is no deal.


Erdogan says that the op in Afrin will end in May. I think, that it will end before.
SAA needs to clear all pockets around Damascus ASAP. Then go for north Homs.
2 months to do the job. No ceasefires. The better will have been to clear also south from FSA but don’t have time enough.

Then, crucial moment. Go for Mandjib with Erdogan to bypass USA threat. Must push for this scenario. It’s easy. Say to Erdogan that USA is not trustworthy and that they will betray in due time.


Let Turkey in USA hands and then cry. Just like you can also let Itan falling in USA hands.

Do whatever you like but face consequences and don’t cry if you made stupid decisions.


I always laugh about west secularism. West create themselfs secularism. Of course, it doesn’t work. After, they cry because jews and muslims take advantage of secularism.

Where the fuck did you see that secularism is working ?? XD.


West also creates the concept of equality. So, someone who is coming from Nigeria or Uzbekistan 2 days ago is the same as someone who lives in the country for 500 years. XD.

After, they start crying and blaming the immigrants for using these laws. XD

Also, another thing very funny. West invites immigrants in their country and then people in the west instead of blaming their government and leave EU, they start blaming the immigrants. XD.

Also, another thing very funny is the concept of gender equality. After, people in the west don’t understand why women start behaving like wh0res. XD.

And, not last but the almost least, they want to export all these failures to the world !!! And not last but the least, others countries believe them. XD.


It’s like blaming water from falling from a bucket’s hole instead of obstructing the hole. XD.

Dean Kai Cassady

This is an interesting development, i.e. the Turkey ‘plan’ to ‘clean out the (Kurd) terrorists on the whole east side of the Euphrates’!
There seemed very little substance on a Turkey-U.S. agreement on Manbij city.
I don’t expect Erdogan will deal with the U.S. in good faith, but push the empire back using the leverage that the empire itself has created for Turkey, and the situation the empire has created at the moment, i.e. staging a coup against Erdogan. Erdogan is lost to empire, and that will ultimately be very good for Turkey, if they can now play ball with Russian de-escalation efforts, which means that Turkey will HAVE TO RETURN ANY Territory GAINED IN SYRIA TO THE RIGHTFUL SYRIAN GOVERNMENT. Here’s where Erdogan will have to be ‘moderated’ by his bast available option for global strategic allies, Russia.
Erdogan has been always consistent in his calls for regime change in Damascus; so this ultimately will be a test of Russian statesmanship and/or true intent, i.e. will they allow the partitioning of Syria and/or approve of regime change?


On March 1, 2018 the unofficial end of the war arrived. It did not take place in Syria. It manifested in Russia, directly from Russian President Putin. In that moment the gloves were removed and the teeth bared in a straight forward message to the US, NATO, EU, with a side glance to Israel and anybody else in an arrogance induced, zombie state of consciousness: do you guyz really want some? This creates shockwaves and accompanying explosions that will reverberate for decades. Apparently, the only fools in town have been the occidentals et al. I haven’t seen any reflection on that point so far in the discussion here.

Included in the group of the foolish is Turkey. Their preverbal pants were also lowered. I fully agree with the opinion that Turkish President Erdogan is full of crap. Further, I don’t even think that the Afrin/YPD operation is ultimately anti Syrian Government. Anti SDF demonstrations in Manbij and Raqqa ( pro Syrian government by the way ) are a serious shot across the bow to the US et al. The local support is going to stay with the official government of Syria. The reasons why are as clear as day and in plethora strength fellas. So, keep it real on the hype folks or you will be very surprised. I wish well to all.


What do Orange Clown and T-Rex say about it? Sultan Erdie made them string puppets giggling over a crocodiles wide open jaws.
(They’re soon to check the interior of the crocodile’s stomak.)

Langaniso Mhlobo

Erdogan has take out his long headchopping knife to back stab Putin,Rouhani and Assad with all Syrian civilians.

AM Hants

Don’t Syria get a say? After all neither nation has been invited to help themselves to Syria.

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