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Turkey and the Hornet’s Nest

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SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence’s contributor, Ahmed Rajeev, provides his look at the recent developments in Syria.

Turkey and the Hornet’s Nest

The West doesn’t want any diplomatic solution in the Middle-Eastern Conflict. They simply want more chaos to run their policy of “Chaos and Rule” and which is an updated version of British empirical policy of “Divide and Rule”. Now The US is pursuing the war of Middle East into the heart of Europe. We saw, how the US fuelled into the conflict in Ukraine to create an area of mistrust between Europeans and Russians. We saw how the US and their hard core European political partners or Neo-colonies like Turkey, Germany and Austria helped to install a huge and unknown number of refugees in Europe for their future geostragey of Chaos. We saw, how the Paris attack terrorized few first world countries in Europe like France and Belgium as if those countries were on the state of war. And today we have seen that, Turkey, A NATO partner country destroyed a Russian Fighter Jet in Syria.

Turkey is one of the few US neocolonial countries by whom the US created political holes secretly in the Middle East during the Arab spring. Turkish double game represents the US double game policy in this regional scale. They have been supporting those religious extremists like ISIL, Nusra, Jaish al Fatah to fight AKP’s ideological enemy Kurds and play regional US role of ‘Chaos and Rule’. In a disgraced election which was supported by the west, Erdogan was entitled to serve the Western purpose for present development of the Middle East. Some political analysts pointed earlier that The US and some European countries are second hand buyers of those ISIL oils from Turkey. And, ISIL as an illegal oil supplier was economically profitable for that US bloc, before the Russian air assault on the ISIL oil field and on other US bloc supported terrorists segments. So, the US bloc was seeking an action against Russia to motivate their proxy forces. When a Russian passenger plane was bombed down on an Arab land by so called American regional proxy faction ISIL, and the culprit is still not captured or killed, without any hesitation the Middle Eastern US bloc strikes again on another Russian Airplane before giving time to heal the previous wound. And this time an UN recognized NATO country takes the lead in direct a confrontation against Russian fighter Jet to show-off NATO power (or the US power) to inspire those Russian-bomb-struck fleeing terrorists.

At the same time, the 4 lobbies of Washington, such as the Neocon, Military industrial complex lobby, Israel Lobby and Saudi Lobby are working to save Turkey from any possible Russian retaliation. It is clear by now that, Turkish crime of shooting Russian fighter Jet event was well coordinated within the NATO members.

Yes, for some geo political interest, Russia came close to Turkey. Many analysts argued that the Russia proposed Turkish Stream Gas pipeline will enrich bilateral relationship between Russia and Turkey. The world saw many friendly diplomatic and cultural exchanges between Russia and Turkey, or between Putin and Erdogan. But as the Russian Leader said, Turkey backstabbed Russia by shooting down a Russian Fighter Jet in Syrian area. Russia could not recognize its enemy. You cannot fight ISIL if you cannot fight turkey. And if you want to fight turkey you must have to fight NATO.

By downing a Russian jet in Syrian airspace, the US bloc exhibits a clear provocation of war. This provocation of war has few deeper consequences. Primarily, this act of provocation discards all previous multi-party deals (such as, Vienna and the UN negotiations) and sub-deals concerning Syria. Now, diplomacy is failed. but, This bloody event clears up confusions about who are real friends and foes of Russia. Although, this dangerous provocation by Turkey will also damage the European Union’s regional security policy and their NATO military alliance and activities around the globe. The on growing racial and religious hatred which had erupted from the Paris attacks will gain momentum. The growing diplomatic distances between the west and Russia will be more polarized. And, The Russia proposed Turkish stream will be cancelled as happened with the South Stream. But the US and their core allies of oligarchs will remain safe, since the US is the main force who is influencing the regional forces to act according to US geostrategic interest. If turkey becomes a place of proxy war like Syria and Iraq, it will not harm AKP top leaders like Erdogan or David Cameron or Angela Merkel. The US will protect them as they protect their servants.

Since the US still has very powerful influence in their neocolonial countries, The US doesn’t need any direct confrontation with Russia. Their regional neocolonial representatives are there to execute the US plan. The west also wants Russia’s long engagement in war so that the country will be economically weak. And, if a country is economically weak; it appears vulnerable to the domestic political catastrophe. So, the US wants Russia to fight Turkey for a longer engagement in Middle Eastern and Turkey. In a sense, everything is going smooth under the US geostrategy, Blood is being spilled all over the world where the US still remain protected mainly for geographical position.

In october at Valdai discussion club Putin said, “Fifty years ago, I learnt one rule in the streets of Leningrad: if the fight is inevitable, be the first to strike.” Russian president must know that the fight is inevitable, it is time to strike first. But be it on the hornet’s nest.

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But the problem is the first to strike or not, in case of war , russia and europe will be involved with us gaining force like they did in the first ans second world war. This is exactly what is should be avoided from russia. Of course russia is so eahvily provoked in ukarine , in siria and in the north europe that it’s difficult to resist without going to war . I don’t know how russia would be strong or not in case of confrontation with NATO but if NATO is pushing is because the time is in favor of russia.

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