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Turkey And Russia Hold Negotiations On Idlib To Agree That More Negotiations Are Needed

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Turkey And Russia Hold Negotiations On Idlib To Agree That More Negotiations Are Needed

IMAGE: aa.com.tr

On February 8, delegations of Turkey and Russia held talks in Ankara discussing the escalating tension in the Syrian province of Idlib.

The Turkish side was represented by Deputy Foreign Minister Sedat Onal and representatives from Defense Ministry, General Staff and National Intelligence Organization. The Russian delegation was chaired by Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin and special envoy on Syria Alexander Lavrentiev as well as representatives from military and intelligence.

There little details on the results of the talks with the official statements saying that the sides have agreed that more talks are needed.

“During the talks, the situation in Idlib was addressed, and the steps that could be taken to ensure calmness and advance the political process were emphasized,” Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement adding the negotiations will continue next week.

The visit of the Russian delegation comes as Russian-backed Syrian governmetn forces are rapidly advancing against terrorist groups in the province of Idlib. Turkish forces are trying to stop this advance because Ankara is interested in keeping the point of instability in Idlib to expand its own influence.

The advance of the Syrian Army in Idlib already killed seven Turkish troops and a serviceman and wounded 13 others that had been used by Ankara as human shields to protect al-Qaeda-linked militants.


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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

lol. russian diplomacy is running circles around erdogan. which is impressive because he manages to run circles around the EU all the time

James Kira

Yes, youre so redpilled (western influenced only)

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

not just western influence. What makes you think i am western? Did you think of something and you just have a really really good imagination yeah

James Kira

Ah ok, then whats the expression, spare me the drama and just say from where approximately. This is the internet not afghanistan.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

go fuk a goat mohhamed

James Kira

I know born Muslims in western cuntries who were given Muslim names yet are completely western and athiest. (like yourself)

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

who says i am an atheist?

Xoli Xoli

Haha you mean Idlibistan goat. I am wondering wither there is virgin goats in Idlip and Turkey.


That’s very unkind to goats.

James is more the blow up doll type I suspect.

James Kira

Just embrace AlQaeda and quit wussing around, pretending like youre woke, and pretending its a crime to think outside the box. Dont be a wuss all your life.

Traiano Welcome

Their pay and benefits are rubbish.

James Kira

Theres a saying that if people knew what Allah(swt) pays them, people would kill for it.

The quote was either Sunni or Shia, I cant remember, but definitely it said that Allah(swt) pays.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

yeah, after you die, so islam never really has to pay anybody does it. Your reward is always and forever in the future.
That is commonly referred to as a con

James Kira

AlQaeda is so dope it doesnt even require or expect money.

AlQaeda would help a con man if it pleased its Creator(swt).

But your comment sounds gewish in the sense that it sounds like you wouldnt do nothing unless for money.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

al qaeda just means database

James Kira

It means The One and Only Foundation (Our Creator(swt) of this Earth).

It was so Holy a name Sheik Osama(rh) forbid any groups from using it as their name including his own, can you believe that?

And then those isis idiots go and claim Khilafah. Thats the difference between Theory and Reality.

klove and light

there is NO islamic terrorism…….all so called “islamic terrorism” is DIRECTLY SPONSORED and USED by british zionism!!!!

Isis al nusra alqaeda lollolol 100% intelligance operations by British israeli USA intelligence……

Osama bin laden lolololololololololololol intelligence officer since day 1

boowooo Osama sends his alqaeda soldiers from a cave at the hindukush to capture airliners and fly them into Buildings lolololol boowooo


James Kira

You win, you got me.

Now I should become an assheadist right?

You know how many times Ive debated people with this same opening.

I hate isis but I still cant find direct evidence they are kikesis.

But Sheik Osama(rh) is rooted in Seyed Qutb(rh) his teacher and mentor, the same man khamenei idolised.

James Kira

Actually I have a good idea. How can we know southfront is or isnt a psyop or not?

And you say 100% but you have no proof, and on the contrary Michael Scheuer is 100% proof AQ isnt.

They monitored Rebels from the start and he was the Chief.

AQ was labelled because that was the first time Rebels established something constituting a clear present danger to americuck.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Since the subject seems to be “The evolution of Al-Qaeda”, let us not forget that “Al-Qaeda” is the child of the CIA created for the purpose of bleeding the Russkies to death in Afghanistan (“Al-Qaeda” means “the database”, referring to CIA’s database of the mujaheddin recruited to fight the “evil empire”).

James Kira

wiki Michael Scheuer who monitored AQ and was snooping per se when he heard Rebels had established a Base and Michael had a database also.

And then the label stuck.

And I do get exhausted coming across clean slates who parrot the same thing, but AlQaeda means more than people can imagine, it means Al-Petra, Al-Socle, and Al-Principle.

But people like to play it down.

Theres Thawab for just saying Ali(as), but negative thawab for ‘its a base’ ciaduh, etc.

AQ attacked the first fin center, and thats why zios blew up twin towers

Just like when zios knew about pearl harbor.

So I always know what Im talking about whether it takes 10 20 or 30 years to Manifest in Truth.

Its not my struggle to understand what happened anymore its still yours, and I just enjoy the ride of it.

Like when I say all apostacised except three (a core Shia Hadith), but this time the exceptional three are AlQaeda, AlEmarah, and AlJaish(ha)Ali(as)IbnAbiTalib(as), aka HayatTahrirAlSham.

Luke Hemmming

Regardless of your contrived attempt to sound educated in all things AQ…AQ was a creation of the CIA as mentioned and it’s sole purpose was to create a force against Russia in Afghanistan. The head of AQ at the time was CIA asset Colonel Tim Olsen (AKA Osama Bin Laden) who DID NOT blow up the twin towers and died in December 2001 in a Pakistan hospital from complications of his kidneys, apparently with a visit from a CIA officer. Everything else you mention is just BS! You are a lonely voice here on SF and maybe we are aligned to Russia maybe we aren’t but one thing we are correct on is all this shite going on in the ME is a result of Zionism interference. Everything else is just a by product of this fact.

James Kira

Shite it is, and at least you have the chivalry to acknowledge some things, but for your sake on your soul, Im quite sure that russia is not just a loose matter, and Im not the Judge but Id be careful about facts etc because judging wrongly is not the same as not judging or even not judging when its due.

I know putin knows things like how khamenei does, and we all know the magnitude of the decisions of a leader. But Rebels make more careful decisions than collectively what khameneis ulema does.

Its your egos that have led to this point in history, my ego isnt part of anything iran did that I felt was wrong, and I had to trek for 10 days to disassociate from it.

About Sheik Osama(rh) he is literally innocent until proven guilty and not respected that could have and Id say already has had horrible consequences.

I spent years investigating on this, and no Im not the expert, but I know I found no direct evidence.

Luke Hemmming

This is what i know. Ever since the Rothschilds lied about the french/english war and made umpteen millions from the stock exchange back in 1815 by lying about the French winning the battle of Waterloo resulting in a massive dumping of English stocks that included the bank of England and were snapped up by the Rothschilds. Only when the truth came out 2 days later then all those ‘worthless stocks became very valuable. From this one point in history did the Rothschild family rise to become what it is today. An extremely wealthy and secretive family who has ownership across many industries that include banking and finance, entertainment and media, education, scientific and medical companies, on the boards of many large corporations. Their combined wealth and assests is said to be multi hundreds of trillions of dollars. They are able to hide this wealth through clever accounting, shell companies and because they own mamy banking and finance institutions they can hide their wealth in banks that are not under scrutiny. They own people in authority. This is the family that bankrolls most of the world’s wars, most of the conflict. They help fuel the flames of war. They profit from pain. They make or break countries, political leaders, corporations and of course they control mankind because of our reliance on money for labour to survive we need money. They have rigged the system in favor for themselves. They are the system. So those rebels in syria, are ultimately paid by the Rothschilds. Those bombs dropped in Afghanistan are paid with money that came from the Rothschild banking cartel. Those color revolutions are paid from people who borrowed money from the Rothschild banking system. We all get paid from the Rothschild banking system. The Rothschilds are Zionists.

James Kira

I respect what youve researched on that and I only know generally that anyone with too much money is fishy.

I actually thought after Lehman before its fall and crash that all bankers were zionists (before I knew who zios were). And years later realized they were people where I was born in west vancouver and people where I went to biz school in london ontario. west van has its own private police force, the rcmp.

But my kindergarten and preschool teachers were real jews and taught me hanukkah. But canada has changed since 40 years ago.

So I do have a tendency to call anyone a zio, anyone that has too much money and too scroogie to share the wealth


And it worked. But there have been consequences. Guess we have to take the bad with the good. Likely will do this in some way again to Putz Putin and Islamist Iran.

Tudor Miron

Joining Al Qaeda which is working for US/Israel (no matter what they tell to cannon fodder that die for them on the ground) – facts are telling for themselves.

James Kira

Youve convinced yourself, but not me. Even if kikes did fabricate, as long as I agree with the principles, I support it.

AlQaeda means The Principle btw.

James Kira

You know being conned or deceived is not as bad as losing your principles.

James Kira

1. Death to kikerael!
2. Death to americ7ck!
3. Death to russia!
4. Death to saudi apostates!
5. Death to irani apostates!

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Death to islam

James Kira

But I thought Iran and Syria was Islam but there arent any Iranians or Syrians here (theyre already dead).

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

understand the difference between an idea islam, and the people mulsim.

James Kira

Yes please do because thats the whole point of being red pilled, as in know all the angles.

I know the Theory, the Applied, the Sects, and the History. And for starters Ive read The Books cover to cover.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Then why do you start mentioning countries when i say death to an idea? do you think i meant kill the people? dickhead. time for you to pray, ask allah for some forgiveness because you are causing mischief

James Kira

You know thats the exact kind of stuff zios would say to me.

How can you claim to be chosen or woke unless you first acknowledge a Creator(swt) is it embarasing or that hard to acknowledge, or maybe its too burdensome for most.

The first step in starting a project is acknowledging it.

And Id be a hairy dickhead because I have a mop of hair, and think skinheads and people who shave their sides have no clue what theyre doing.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

there it is again, your imagination…. you have no idea what i look like mohhamed

James Kira

Trust me, Ive spent more time with people like you than any of you with someone like me.

Theres noone like me even in demographic statistics. Whereas you have more self hating demographics with kikes.

1. Im jap, but born in canada, Ive worked at Lehman, and graduated from Ivey Business School.
2. Ive Shia Fiqh yet AQ Deen.
3. Ive lived in the West East and ME.
4. Im rh neg yet type O.
5. And Im neither zoomer nor boomer.

And youre such a pussy you cant reveal shit about yourself, yet use that as some arguement, when its me using your interaction to gain Thawab, which you dont know, psychoinfiltrate you losers, and bust your assheadist morale over time, (like I did with kikes and kikesis over 15 and 10 years), and to boost the Morale of The Mujahedeen, in the face of all so quiet iranian scholars who hide behind christians just like the zios do.

Im americ7cks worst nightmare, going back further than hiroshima nagasaki vietnam and ethiopia.

The core of the assheadist movement is Shia Fiqh, you dumbass clown.

So your ditch in Prophet Muhammad(saw) only weakens and embarrases Iran (why do you think Im here openly and no Iranian can stand up to me).

assheadists are ideologically divided, just like kikes and christians.

The Rightful are only about 313 like the battle of Badr.

And you just the weakest link to the nationalist movement which is garbage, ask any Iranian that you are allied with.

I only cite Shia quotes which prove beyond doubt that Iranians will lose.

It doesnt matter what you think, it only matters that Iran knows, because Shia AHadith is the core source for the Alawite Theology, just like AlTorah is the key to zionism.

The Ark of Arks.

Ricky Miller

Shut the Fuck Up. You’re just a big mouth nothing. Even your arguments run away from you as you can’t coach them into making any sense. Cogency? Try it for a change. Or, better yet. Just go away dumbass.

James Kira

Ask your political scientist about Abrahmic(as) Haplos and DeltaT.


LOL…yoy’re not zoomed or boomer, jyst down right bonkers, .

James Kira

Well we can let Reality judge between us.


Reality? Who speaks of reality? You gave that up for your delusional wet dreams a long time ago, kid.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

and you are such an npc you only read the redpilled part of my handle, not the thoughtcrimes part.

btw, stop looking at child pornography. your pc is disgusting

James Kira

Oh so touchy, I didnt factor that hmm. I did refer to outside the box.

For example Allahu(swt)Akhbar!

Society thinks thats a crime.

James Kira

btw lashon hara is an unforgivable crime even in Islam or for that matter christianity.

And even to think its ok to spy on a Muslim is illegal.

And I never look into someones personal stuff even if it were in front of me even if they were an enemy.

So given you imply to be a Believer, then the consequences are twice as bad for you for lashon hara, implying its ok to spy personally.

And your style of redpill thoughtcrime npc etc is about as ghey as antifah.

And another reason why spying personally is such a big deal is because it ventures into infidelity, adultery, and is worse than porn because you are messing with another Mans sovereignity, that extends beyond this life.

Even God(swt) Himself(swt) forgives every sin outside of paganism, but He(swt) doesnt overide a Mans sovereignity.

Anyone who violates God(swt)s Laws is by definition, the npc that is actually you, so its the irony of the aliases that you freely chose upon yourself.

One day I will find out who you are on Judgement Day, and I will reserve the right over you.

Thats why you are assheadists, its not not even an accusation, its literally the result of an illegal, illogical, and ill intentioned alliance with nonMuslims against Muslims with epic consequences.

I call you assheadists because you are f7cked even if it looks like you are on the right side and winning.

So just remember that your comment in itself is where you f7cked up.

And I swear to Allah(swt) I will not forgive you for your lashon hara nor for matters of my sovereignity.

There are hundreds of Mujahed, and anyone Muslim or not who spies on them are subject before their Creator(swt), to whoever of His(swt) Believers that violates the sovereignty of another.

Another big mistake of you assheadists, even kikes are careful about this.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

if spying on a muslim is illegal then how do you follow suspects in a crime?
also what about cctv?

James Kira

^asks the npc

I dont even lock my door so that my Friends can come anytime, is how npc I see you as. I see security as the most cucked business of the jews, and you are that npc of the security business.

I gave you a chance to converse with moi, but from now on if it aint Islamic, you can go f7ck your npc self, because youre the dickhead, and you can read my lines from the sidelines.

Go and cheer for asshead.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

rotfl, asshead, lmao, pmsl, you are the funniest guy i have met, well done, you win the internet, pure comic genius.. asshead, gotta tell my friends that one…you are on sharp cookie

Ricky Miller

Alive and well. 105-110 million strong. And you are behaving like a troll, disrupting the conversation instead of adding to it. I had a professor of political science once who said about an upcoming essay test “aspire to brilliance.” Your comments here today certainly are not an aspiration to anything except bringing out the worst in yourself and asking others to do the same to their own voice.

James Kira

Yes I aspire for brilliance in all Humans, unfortunately most have no clue where I come from, and call me a kid or jew or agent because I dont meme anymore, something the deluded equate with brilliance, like how you equate nerd language with brilliance.

Im a Man of colloqial words because most english speakers are esl. Im also west coast raised and prefer this style, and am adverse to house nigger speech.

So just because you can speak like a c7cked house nigger, and I cant, doesnt mean I havent been to the best schools universities and even corporations to your wannabe ass.

Iran and Syria have an Islamic Culture Language and Philosophy, it all revolves around Religion, where a dunyaist is considered dead, and Martyr considered alive.

But I guess you dont understand.

Ive lived in Iran and Turkey, and supported Axis longer than most here.

I not zoomer nor boomer and take only the best from both worlds.

Im a GeoStrategist, not a c7cked professor of political science (ghey af).

So if you want to practice what you preach then show respect where its due, you f7cking zoomer.

Ricky Miller

Respect, for whom? You are a non-sensical self aggrandizing windbag. You might say some things I could agree with but I’d be hard pressed to give those views any public respect after that outburst. You remind me of people I knew in my long ago job in American CorporateWorld. They’d send out strongly worded e-mails defending their departments turf, telling others how it was all going to be and how this issue would escalate right to the top and all that nonsense. But get them in a conference room, look them in the face and they’d try and hide behind their boss. They could defend their turf like Hercules via a computer screen or blackberry but in real life they’d turn in to tinker bell. That’s you. No way you say that crap to my face. We’d have one conversation about your name calling and your demand for unwarranted respect and you’d close that mouth and or whimper something. Then, you’d talk to yourself all badass, all the way home back to your basement keyboard, where suddenly you’re all Hercules again.

James Kira

Im neither that corp guy nor the basement dweller, although Ive been in both high and low worlds, Ive been homeless and Ive worked for ceos.

And I do speak loud on the internet, and for many years, and I am a nice guy in real.

I dont preach in real nor even discuss GeoPolitics. And on the public street Im more street, but dont even hurt insects.

My point is that you think AlQaeda are rash bums, but they are the most Human and Compassionate Beings on Earth (unlike fake iranians or assyrians who ride the wave of popularity by pretending).

Im harsh on the net because its purely psychological and not physical.

911 was the biggest blow to the world psyche, it was jews vs Us.

We are Boanerges, and we laugh and smile when Thunder and Lightning Roars.

Theres not one iranian on this forum speaking up because they are afraid to answer to me.

Im like their rope hanging over a cliff.

If youre such an assheadist then try me and bring over an Iranian.

I spent years debating with zios and our duel per se ended with Haplos, that it cant be proven which bloodline is the Cohen Line, so even kikes cant prove where they came from any better than japs can.

And my dream is for sustainable insurance for unstable countries in True Christian fashion.

So yes, I have a tongue like a sword, because my name is James and I love Jesus(as) that much


Nahhhhhhhhh…you’re just a fruitcake…and you know it. That’s what makes you so entertaining.

Ricky Miller

You are Jens Holm. You write just like him. But, maybe his digital evil doppleganger twin. I mean, I had to check again and you really did call for death to Russia, America and Israel among others who don’t fit in perfectly with your worldview. That’s a lot of death, tossed out there casually. Can you give it to them, Frodo? Me, I want everyone to have security. A security for everyone, based on some degree of justice and respect. That doesn’t require “death to everyone.” Like I said, your arguments make no sense. You write and formulate your arguments like an evil, serial killing juvenile delinquent.

James Kira

Your sitting in uni is the economic opportunity cost of someone elses death, especially if its in a western cuntry.


James is like a sociopath, in fact.


LOL…on this we agree…


Funny you talk about Email ‘wars’.

Two managers were having arguments all day via Email at Lafarge Cement a few years ago and they had had adjoining offices :)

Ricky Miller

Crack me up.

AM Hants

Out of order and should not laugh, but, reminds me of a story. A friend witnessed an argument between two deaf people, who were shouting at each other using sign language. Not the Glasgow kiss version.

For some reason, it never dawned on me that deaf people got angry. Assumed they were genuinely peaceful characters, which was rather patronising of me.


Did the middle finger come into play, AM? :)

AM Hants

I think so, plus a lot more. To be honest I was so busy crying with laughter, owing to how the story was told and a long time ago, that I cannot remember the whole story. I think they were in a pub car park


Pub carparks are well known for hosting village idiots with attitude.

James Kira

Death to nonMuslims and Muslims allied to either america or russia (both war criminals).


death to muslims like you,sön of a pïg.

James Kira

Were you ever on ShiaChat with that ghey camera profile photo? And from the uk?


I’m not one muslim,you muslim swine.

James Kira

F7ckin kike brit.


I’m not even a jew nor a brit,you muslim pïg,but that’s something muslim little brains wouldn’t understand.

James Kira

Death to zoomers whose parents let them game all day.

Traiano Welcome

Clever tactic! Keep those Turks talking while achieving strategic objectives on the ground.

Xoli Xoli

Brilliant point and tactic.

James Kira

Death to negotiations!

Death is awesome! Lets do it!


Another useless ceasefire coming.


It’s always the same pattern. A ceasefire, which the head choppers break by attacking SAA or attempt to make a drone strike on Hmeimim, and RAF respond in kind.


Nop, cease fire agreement are very useful for Turkey and its terrorists, and very bad for SAA froce..


So they agreed nothing then.



They agreed to disagree. :)

S Melanson

The important thing to observe is how low level are the participants where before Erdogan and Putin would meet. This is very telling. These are not decision makers.

Tudor Miron

Good point

Xoli Xoli

Russian team should walk out from that rubbish Turkey terrorists protection meeting.

Xoli Xoli

Time waisting meeting.Erdogan side does not have note pads.




AS we can see Turkey is in fact in a weak position facing SAA advance. The fact Erdogan wants to negociate shows that he can’t escalate conflict with Syria. Very good point.


good tactic russian :)

Assad must stay

Why the hell they meeting with these bastids

Willy Van Damme

Erdogan going under screaming.

northerntruthseeker .

I still have a major question in that WHY in the hell is Turkey even in Idlib in the first place? They were NEVER invited into Syria by the Damascus government and therefore have NO rights in Idlib as it is still SOVEREIGN Syrian territory… The Turks flooding now into Idlib is nothing more than a full blown invasion of Syria by Turkey and an undeclared state of war between Turkey and Syria…

And as the Turks are illegally and immorally operating in Idlib, they can under every rule of war and international law come under attack by Syrians and Russians as they are INVADERS…..

THAT is fact and not fiction, and no matter how Turkey tries to cover their actions with increasing lies, they are still lies and the Turks have NO rights in Syria at all, period, end of story.

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