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Turkey And Militants Stage Rallies Across Idlib De-Escalation Zone In Syria (Video, Photos)

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On September 14, thousands of people took at streets throughout the northern governorate of Idlib and in several regions around it to protest against the Damascus government and the Russian involvement in the conflict, according to Syrian opposition activists. The cities of Idlib and Maarrat al-Nu’man witnessed the largest rallies.

The protestors in Maarat al-Nu’man raised the flags of the Syrian opposition and Turkey stressing their support to the Turkish state. However, the protestors in Idlib raised the flags of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and al-Qaeda and chanted sectarian slurs while threatening Russia. Masked militants were also seen during the protests.

During another protest in the town of Kafr Jales, near Maarat al-Nu’man, Syrian opposition supporters raised a banner with the photo of Mevlüt Mert Altıntaş, the Turkish terrorist who assassinated Russia’s ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov in late 2016.

“With such people we will win … The Turks are our brothers,” the banner reads.

Turkey And Militants Stage Rallies Across Idlib De-Escalation Zone In Syria (Video, Photos)

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Syrian pro-government activists said that the number of protestors was lower than expected, especially that more than 4 million civilians are supposedly living in Idlib. Druing the early years of the Syrian crisis the opposition justied the low number of protestors by claiming that its supporters fear Syria security forces, which were not present in Idlib today for sure.

Most of these rallies were organized by Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups and local committees linked to these groups. HTS also organized significant rallies in its areas.

A day earlier, the son of Al-Qaeda co-founder Abdullah Azzam, Huthaifa Azzam, called on opposition in Idlib not to raise radical flags during the protests because international journalists will be on the ground.

These protest are likely a part of the ongoing Turkish propaganda camping aimed at opposing an expected attack by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies on the remaining militants in northwestern Syria. During the last few weeks, Turkey took several steps to achieve this goal, including boosting its weapons supplies to the militants and even deploying battle tanks south of Idlib.

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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

its Syrian land, they can always move to Turkey if they love it so much. After the terrorists have been liquidated


Turkey isn’t really Turkish land, they stole it from the Kurds and the Greeks.

Mustafa Mehmet

nooo I never knew thank you . Check your root bet you got ottoman Blood


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Tudor Miron

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who invited turkey to invade syria???
who gave the green light for turkey to invade???
who gave the ceafire again the last 5 days so that the fucking jihadi pricks can regroup and rearm and that the mainstream jewish media cann put up pressure?

so fuck your kids if you have any,,if not fuck your mum u stupid DONKEY

A one world government with jerusalem as its capital under satanic jewish leadership.
All countries that recognize the illegal satanic state of israel are part of the agenda.

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Tudor Miron

” u…where do live bro”(c) Little zio :) Do you feel brave behind your keyboard? Why did you ask where I live? Is there a chance that I can see you in person? I live in Moscow and I would love if you dare to repeat your rants into my face. So, little zio scum, are you ready to face me?

Let’s start with name, brave zio. Are you brave enough to reveal it?

Brother Ma

You are saying Very bad things my man. Very uncool.Never bring family into it. Were you not taught manners? This seems like Turco behaviour to me. You just may be a Turcotroll afterall?


Turkish inspired “protests”.


ofcourse…its their brothers…say ty to putin


hahahaha even holding up the picture of the turkish terrorist that killed russian ambassdor….morns and donkeys here…told u so..told u about the agenda…told u that all that recognize the illegal satanic state of israel are recieving ORDERS including russia..and usa,uk etc….
donks here…

al quaida

And I told you that you’d keep commenting when you said you wouldn’t bother anymore.
Crackpot narcissist.


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Tommy Jensen

What is the Turkish purpose. Influence? They ought to have a kick in their radical donkey arses to get on their way back home to Istanbul.


The Turks want more land, they want their brutal empire back.
Turks aren’t native to Turkey, they come from Mongolia, they invaded and pillaged their way west.

You can call me Al

I think he actually stated something along those lines regards the Ottaman Empire and the Balkans.

Joe Dickson

They are actually descended from the Uighurs of China.


Yes they are descendants of the Uyghur’s, and the Uyghur’s migrated from Mongolia to the Xinjiang region of China in the 9th century.

Joe Dickson

The Uighurs never migrated from Mongolia, they originated from the Tarim Basin.


The Tarim basin is part of the Xinjiang region of China.

“Uyghur historians viewed the Uyghurs as the original inhabitants of
Xinjiang with a long history. Uyghur politician and historian Muhemmed Imin Bughra wrote in his book A History of East Turkestan, stressing the Turkic aspects of his people, that the Turks have a 9000-year history, while historian Turghun Almas incorporated discoveries of Tarim mummies to conclude that Uyghurs have over 6400 years of history,[87] and the World Uyghur Congress claimed a 4,000-year history in East Turkestan.[88]
However, the official Chinese view asserts that the Uyghurs in
Xinjiang originated from the Tiele tribes and only became the main
social and political force in Xinjiang during the ninth century when
they migrated to Xinjiang from Mongolia after the collapse of the Uyghur
Khaganate, replacing the Han Chinese”

I also suggest you read


When you are looking so far into the past, it is difficult to know the real truth

Joe Dickson

The Uighers were originally an Iranic steppe peoples that settled in Khotan. The genetic markers are clear they came from the West 4000 years ago with 60% genetic markers of Eurasia. They are now a hybrid peoples that mixed with the East Asians who were going West and have 40% of those genetic markers.


Must say those “democrats” don’t look too enthusiastic. Al Qaeda slightly giving some points.

Brother Ma

What you don’t see- just out of photo frame -are the gun barrels pushed into the backs of the flag -wavers.


Protesters or ISIS and Al-Qaeda affiliates. LOL
The US and UK stooges (Terrorists) swap guns with flags for win.


It would have been the perfect time to bomb with daisy cutters.

Manuel Flores Escobar

these dogs are the true protector of Israel..because Assad cannot open a new front vs Israel knowing that many terrorist still survive inside Syria!…Israel would never have attacked constantly if there had not been a civil war vs terrorist!….so SAA have the moral duty to eliminate them!


Too many civvies or the Syrians bomb these crowds, no? Hell a wedding or funeral brings the F.uk.us bombers in Yemen. Here, terrorist central, safe as can be. Still no ground assault, seems like they can’t trust those psychopaths in D.C. Maybe wait till after the elections in the States.

You can call me Al

They should have started the attack, a week earlier before the Turks reinforced their front lines. It looks like we can categorically state that Turkey have double-crossed Russia AT THIS MOMENT.


Also possible they reinforced to tighten border or sucker F.uk.us. It’s a game of nerves, nobodies folding yet. Time and history are on the Syrian side. Plus legally it is their land no?

You can call me Al

If that is true, God bless you frankly, but I have my doubts. Let’s see.


These days there are very few things that seem certain to me. I had some time off from a broken toe, so back to work which is a relief. Would like to develop the idea about

You can call me Al

I am the same. Every now and again, I think I have it sussed and then BOOM, OK, let’s think again…… I agree, strange, aggressive and worrying times.

Enjoy getting back to work and enjoy peaoce of mind for a few hours.

Cheers, catch you next time.

Brother Ma

It also means that Erdogan was behind the killing of the Russian ambassador. “Plausible deniability”


hmmm…, seems a stretch. Putin saves him from coup then rewards with killing ambassador?


In my opinion this was a false flag and I doubt that any ambassador was shot. This was staged, just look at the photo of this article, it is more like a poster for a movie.

– during the speech of the shooter it is obvious the camera operator adjusts the angle. Who would do that when an armed killer is standing in front of you. Should he not run away?

– Then the shooter was neutralized, but his body is clearly another person than the guy who is speeching.

– At the ceremony at the airport it is obvious the ambassador is not in the coffin, because it clearly weighs nothing.

There is more, but I invite you to check this yourself.


A false flag would be when an event is staged but the blame for it is falsely attributed. If as you contend where true, would there be another name for it. A false false flag?

I often go to motive, what would the Russians gain by staging such an event? Sympathy? A reason to attack Turkey, who had already shot down a Russian fighter jet?


It makes more sense this comes from Erdogan. Because the shooter was shouting extremists views. Then more Gülen supporters, Kurds and IS can be neutralized without getting a negative view abroad. Also because Turkey gets billions from EU yearly and Europeans including Russians go to Turkey on holiday in masses. So now everybody feels good again dealing with a police state. And do not forget, Erdogan was buying oil from IS for years. Now he whitewashed himself with an attack by an islamist.


Putin just ignores getting a favorite ambassador not killed. So Putin is in on Erdogan tightening his dictator reigns. I am trying to follow your logic. Sometimes it just gets too complicated.


Yes, this was also where I came out. I remember Erdogan blamed the coup on CIA assets, so Putin just is courting a strong NATO member, which makes sense of the whole story.


Is that Syria? Looks like France

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Turkey needs to be snuffed out.


looks like the Syrian government has missed an opportunity to get rid of a large number of these slimy jihadists a cruise missile strike into that crowd would make the world a better place

Lazy Gamer

The answers to armed seccesion are non palatable


Well, propaganda, fropaganda… it’s what everybody does… Asad, Russia, Turkey, Iran…
There are certainly lots of people, not just ‘militants’ that don’t want Asad regime re-installed there. It’s Syria, that’s right, not Asadistan. The regime has no more legitimacy than any other mafia there on the ground. Having said that, people being associated with the Asad regime, e.g. those having family members serving with regime forces are being extradicted. I believe that the Turkish plan is to keep Idlib province as a kind of puppet-state. Ultimately, there might be a tripartition of Syria.
“Less than expected” is of course SF BS.

Brother Ma

No it doesnt. It seems most like the fact that Assad is the only one who could guarantee a united country and a secular culture. They may not like him but they know he is the Man!

Gregory Casey

There will be Elections held under the auspices of the UN post-cessation of violence. If Assad stands for Office of Presidency, he will win and comfortably. The Demonstrations that began in the Spring of 2011 were not seeking a more liberal western-style Democracy although a minority of those demonstrating did seek this. What was sought by 90-95% of those demonstrating was a Muslim Brotherhood style Government with Syria reverting to its pre-1973 Constitution or an updated version thereof, being a State with Islamic Law as the fundamental Law of that State. The protections afforded to all Religions and none by the Syrian Constitution, as is, would disappear overnight, at which point, Christians, specifically Assyrian Christians, Druze, Yazidi and adherents to a number of other small Religious denominations would either have to abide by living in a Sunni-Islam Fundamentalist State or get out ……… and fast!!
The notion that the so-called Arab Spring-style Demonstration that began in Syria in March of 2011 and continued and spread thereafter were led and agitated for by Secular Syrians is rubbish. We were fed a mess of pottage by our media here in Europe and America with US & Saudis leading the charge behind the scenes with nothing more in their minds than the disintegration of Syria and the creation of a number of smaller and far less powerful States ….. one in the North allied with Turkey; one in the North-East for the Kurds; a puppet-State for the Wahhabi-Salafists in Central and Eastern Borderlands with Iraq to ensure a balance of terror might continue long into the future depending on the whims of Washington, Jerusalem and Riyadh; a small State in NW & Coastal Syria and surrounding Latakia for Assad and his co-religionists and finally, a Muslim Brotherhood-led State in the area running from Homs in Central Syria south to Daraa and the Golan and including Damascus. That was the Plan. Ever so suitable for Turkey and specifically, Israel.
Syrian Christians (11.5%) together with Assad’s Alawite People (13%) Shia (3%) Yazidi (<0,25%) Druze (<0.25%) and a very large chunk of Sunni …….. probably close to 50% of them, if not more, will vote for Bashar al-Assad and the Baathist Party in any Elections post-conflict and all of Syria and all of its Territory will remain a Unitary Secular Democracy long into the future. The pity about the Middle-East is that there aren't MORE Democracies like Syria rather than Fundamentalist Islamic States!!
Western Governments and the people who live in the West and elect those Governments together with Western Media badly need to get this message drummed into their thick skulls Jerusalem needs to get a grip on itself and accept its neighbour and its Right to co-exist as a Democratic State on Israel's NE Border ……… a State incorporating ALL Territories of that State including the Golan where Herr Rothschild Herr Cheney & a vipers-rats nest of western notables purport to hold the rights to drill for Oil pursuant to Concessions granted to them by BiBi and his Criminal Cabal. That particular Genie is going back into its bottle never to re-emerge!!


stupid donkeys here…i wrote about everythng thats happening now 3 months ago…you folks still dont get the bigger picture of the AGENDA
A one world government with jerusalem as its capital under satanic jewish leadership.
All countries that RECOGNIZE the illegal satanic entity named israel are part of this agenda including usa,russia,uk,eu,china etc…

stupid donks


today… 5 hours ago, turkey sent 185 trucks to idlib containing arms and ammunition

Brother Ma

Russians should have torched the convoy! Why didn’t they? Another website says Russians torched a convoy protected by Turk soldiers only this morn because it was stealing Syrian gold. Why didn’t they torch these mongrels for transporting weapons!


turkey will attack tal-rifaat currently under SAA control,north of aleppo…..

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