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MARCH 2021

Turkey Allegedly Eliminates PKK “Special Forces Commander” And Other Presumed Successes In Syria And Iraq


Turkey Allegedly Eliminates PKK "Special Forces Commander" And Other Presumed Successes In Syria And Iraq

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Late on October 8th, so-called “special forces commander” of the PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party), Mazlum Demir was killed in a joint operation by Turkish Armed Forces and the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) in northern Iraq.

Demir was wanted on red notice by the Turkish Ministry of Interior.

The Turkish operations in Syria and Iraq continue, targeting the PKK, with reportedly 5 members being eliminated in the Haftanin region of Northern Iraq, separately from the special forces commander.

Currently, Turkey has 3 operations that are on-going, and according to the Ministry of Defense, over the last 10 days have eliminated 147 PKK members.

Over October 7th, they reportedly neutralized 20 PKK members in a single day.

A video was published of 2 alleged PKK members being eliminated while trying to infiltrate a protected area of operation Peace String on October 7th.

Each day the Turkish Ministry of Defense praises presumed success in eliminating PKK members, and there appears to be a near-infinite number of PKK members to keep killing.

Many of the released videos are either old or simply a sort of “stock video” of a warplane taking off or a soldier shooting in a direction.

Notably, on October 6th, the Ministry released the following statement:

“We continue to enter the lairs of terrorists in Operation Claw-Tiger, which was organized against terrorist targets in the north of Iraq and continues successfully as planned.

Our Hero Commandos seized weapons, ammunition and living supplies belonging to the terrorist organization PKK in many shelters and caves they detected.

As a result of the search-screening activities;

– 1 7.62 mm PKMS Machine Gun

– 2 launchers

– 3 mines

– 7 IEDs

– 10 mortar ammunition

– 80 pieces of Dock ammunition

– 80 Zagros ammunition

– 2 cannon ammunition

– 4 howitzer ammunition

– 2000 cartridges

– 20 ammonium nitrate explosives and detonators

– Lots of life items were captured.”




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