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JUNE 2023

Turkey Still Aims To Capture Manbij Despite Syrian Army Deployment There

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Turkey Still Aims To Capture Manbij Despite Syrian Army Deployment There

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Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring has cleared the area of 1,000km2 in northeastern Syria from ‘terrorists’, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stold the 7th Summit of the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States (Turkic Council) in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku on October 15.

“As of this morning [October 15], we have liberated an area of around 1,000 square kilometers from the occupation of the separatist terror group,” Erdogan said.

Hinting to Kurdish armed groups in northern Syria, Erdogan said that “terror groups are the biggest source of threat to peace, tranquility, and stability in our region”.

He recalled the US support to the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in northern Syria saying that one terrorist group (the YPG in the view of Ankara) should not be supported to fight another one – ISIS.

Erdogan claimed that Turkey aims to clear northern Syria of ‘terrorists’ stretching from the city of Manbij to the Iraqi-Turkish border and to provide voluntary resettlement of around 3 million Syrians to their home.

The statement of Erdogan goes contrary to the situtation on the ground and sets ground for a further escalation in the region. Units of the Syrian Army and the Russian Military Police already entered Manbij and it is highly unlikely that they would handover it to Turkey. Therefore, any Turkish advance on Manbij will lead to a conflict with Moscow and Damascus.

At the same time, the US is in doubt what it really wants from the current situation. The Trump administration ordered to withdraw troops from northern Syria, but imposed sanctions on Turkey when it launched a military operation using the withdrawal.

The US rejected a request for help from its ‘local Kurdish allies’, but now it’s opposing to the implementation of the deal between the Damascus government and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces.

On October 15, President Trump spoke by phone to both President Erdogan and the head of the SDF and called for a halt to the Turkish offensive in Syria.

“President Trump communicated to [Mr Erdoğan] very clearly that the US wants Turkey to stop the invasion, implement an immediate ceasefire, and begin to negotiate with Kurdish forces in Syria,” US Vice President Mike Pence said.

Pence noted that he would travel to Turkey at the head of a US delegation to broker an agreement between the sides. This development is hardly possible in the current situation.


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Saddam Hussein

The muslim brotherhood (((sultan))) still thinks this is the ottoman empire.

S Melanson

Please address by the full correct title:

Grand Sultan Erdogan the Magnificent

Progress on resurrection of the Ottoman Empire, code named “Only in Your Wildest Dreams”: 0.01%, only 99.99% to go… almost there…

Other titles:

Messiah, bringing you the second coming of the Ottoman Caliphate, as foretold in the Holy Book of Fairy Tales, chapter Ain’t Going to Happen.

Hanny Benny

turkey = REAL ISIS !!!

Smith Ricky

Such an idiot ?‍♂️

klove and light

moslem brotherhood…Zionist controlled……..


Yeah, so much for Erdogan playing by Putins rules. He played both US and Russia. Now it will be shown, if Erdogan makes Russia look as impotent as the US, or if Putin takes a stand against Erdogan, if he further attacks the SAA and even Russian forces. If trump and putin could coordinate, they could together put Erdo in his place easily. Erdogan only has this influence in Syria, because both US and Russia did not coordinate and allowed to be played out against each other. But with the deep state in the US, and coordination between Trump and Putin seems impossible.. Still, a Russian no fly zone and air support for the SAA would instantly end this charade.


Not the balls to post an argument, but downvote like a bitch. I loove those.

Hanny Benny

since 15 hours the TAF have no more bombed inside Syria. game over



Kemal Büyük

I wrote about this a few days ago. We’ll atack Manjib and any other Terrorist occupied Syrian land without mercy. Those who wants to stop us, go ahead. We are determined and we are coming. No matter if it is Ruski, Americunt or Zionazi Kurdish puppets.


Your a blood thirsty idiot, do you speak for Erdogan? :)

Kemal Büyük

I dont support Erdogan on his political movement. But this operation is a must. We must clear our borders from those zionazi controlled kurdish terrorists. I wonder, would you let your own country’s border to be controlled by a armed ppl aims to destroy your country?


You could now just end the operation, as SDF has surrenderd to Assad and Russia. The agreement between them forced SDF to integrate into SAA under Assad and Russia control, Arms from US will be confiscated, and Kurds will have no autonomy let alone a state. If you would really care about your security, you would realize all your – rightfull – security problems are now adressed. Adana agreement could instantly be revived, as Putin has made clear. But in the truth it is about Erdogans political PR stunt, playing the strong leader that does what ever he pleases. And the biggest hypocrisy: You turks were the major ISIS supporter, and the logistical hub for all the weapons from NATO and gulf states. And even after that, you still support Jihadi terrorists in Idlib, Afrin, and now in their illegal invasion in north Syria. You are the major sponsor of Jihadis in Syria, otherwise you would have no seat in Astana anyway. AND YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT TERRORISM?

S Melanson

Once again well said. Why is Turkey still part of Astana? I suppose to pull Turkey out of US orbit, but Erdogan sees through this as you point out in one of your other comments. So how meaningful in the long term is a question mark, although buying the S400 is tangible results. Complex dynamics at work.

That said, with Russian military police in Manjib, Putin is drawing a line in the sand, one that is not to be crossed. Erdogan can talk tough to the West, but Shoigu will not be moved other than to give Erdogan a good spanking, once Assad is finished the current spanking and for Erdogan OUCH!

Now I read your comment below and would consider a different take on what has happened. This all seems a bit choreographed to be playing out by chance and it just so happens to serve mutual interests at latest to some extent.

Trump used these developments to get his was in pulling troops out of Syria to fulfil campaign promise as he is eying 2020. Assad leverages the combination of the Turkish incursion and US betrayal that seems to have surprised only the Kurds… again… to force the SDF to turn to Damascus in a weak negotiating position.

Erdogan plays tough for domestic audience and finds a useful purpose for the Idlib headchoppers – send them over as fodder for invading northeastern Syria while Turkish troops observe… how a professional army should not behave – but still getting the job done, sort of. I wonder what was offered Erdogan to play along, it must be significant if playing along means being publicly spanked, as seems to be the developing case. Offered to keep Afrin?

Putin gets to be everyone’s friend (enemy) at the same time. How does he manage to do that. Have to see how it all turns out.


Thanks for your feedback! And for a differentiated, balanced comment! IMHO the big question mark is: While Putins strategy of being everybodys friend and enemy at the same time (as you have wrote so well) seems to gain some positive results: Where is the red line? With someone like Erdogan, who has no real loyalty, you need red lines to enforce, otherwise he will take you for a ride. I ask myself: when ones of Putins partner countrys first declares to respect the territorial integrity of the other partner country, and then invades said country.. Then even passively Putin takes sides. In this case with Turkey. Putin will have to balance it out, and somehow pressure Turkey to do what it has promised: Respect the territoral integrity of Syria, dont attack the SAA, end the terrorists in Idlib, and revive the Adana agreement. In everything Turkey has promised Putin, Erdogan has not delivered, and even made things worse.

This has to end somehow. But unless threatend militarily, Erdogan would give a shit anyway, as he can always go back to milking NATO. So i ask: When will Turkey finally be held accountable, and forced to do what it promised?


With Erdogan, red line is not enough. Electrified fence is required.

Hanny Benny

the long plan was to drag turkey in the conflict, to get it out of the NATO and to shatter at long term.

i waited now 2,5 years for it and thanx erdoKhan the genious everythink runs at Putins plan. Cannot believe that this worked, but only because the aggression of this barbarculture is so absurd endless. See and watch how the “new Ottoman empire” takes there last breath ;)


Was the plan to make Turkey self-sufficient? Turkey will only come out of independent of foreign influence, unlike from before where Turkey was under America. I think you don’t understand. I think every major power that interested in Syria is spread out now and the bubble is about to burst. Except Turkey. They waited toward the end.

S Melanson

Your question is best answered in the context of the planned shift to multi-polar world from the old hegemonic USA led world order, to be accomplished on an accelerated time scale without blowing ourselves up.

We are in my view well into this transition and little chance the US can reverse the course – coming to terms now that they no longer play chess on both sides of the table and the days of dictating orders to the nations of the world is over. However, coming to terms is like the stages of acceptance with denial moving into the anger phase which is very dangerous. This marks the mid-point of the transition to the multi-polar new world order which is the most volatile and fraught with uncertainty that can lead to miscalculations that hurl us into global war.

So the NWO to me is the multi-polar world and not the globalist one world government – that is what is being thwarted – and note the US is the enforcer of global hegemonic rule under the rule of a cabal that is transnational in character. The globalist project came close to victory but in the end, could not have prevailed – the human spirit cannot be caged.

Putin made that clear in his 2007 Munich speech and I recommend any that have not read that speech to read the full transcript. The speech was nothing less that a declaration of war against US enforced globalist hegemony which is at the root of the demonization of Russia and Putin (Putin as leader of Russia, but also the man that dared to say it out loud – a modern Spartacus).

The Transnational character of the battle of the world orders is a consequence of the opposing sides being ‘two tribes’ of elites that are both transnational in make-up and each wants the swamp to be their swamp and so Trump is draining the swamp to make room for the new swamp. The new swamp will have its faults but in my opinion, better than hegemony at multi-polar world is more stable and more latitude for freedom and expression of multiple viewpoints – hegemony creates stagnation which whither the vine until nothing grows.

So nations have internal battles as competing elites struggle for control, the big prizes are where the struggles are most pronounced – de facto civil war in the US but also struggle in Russia, UK, EU etc. Trump has a purpose, to smash the globalists system of control centred on US power – and Trump is doing a smashing job of it literally. By this logic, Trump can be understood and if you have any doubts, listen to Trumps recent speech to the UN General Assembly. It is astonishing for its directness as a blunt warning to the globalist that they are losing control of the US and their project has failed.

There are many things I still do not understand about the dynamics of this project but the main goals are to dismantle the main globalist broad-spectrum instrument of power and that is the US – economic, military and other levers to punish the disobedient. This is why Trump is abusing the levers to force nations to seek alternatives to SWiFT, seek new alliances as US wavers on its allies – uncertainty rather than consistency is best way to undermine the status quo and Trump is good at that I must say.

So Russia pulling Turkey out of NATO becomes plausible under these conditions as alliances and allegiances become fluid and unpredictable and we are a stage where the fluidity is greatest until the new multi-polar world entrenches – the trick is to avoid major war that historically went hand in hand with shift in global power arrangements that have occurred many times in the past. But this latest shift is the first in the nuclear age and there is the problem and this is why I suspect the elites put in place some kind of plan to get through this transition without blowing ourselves up, or at least reduce significantly the risk of doing so.

So is what is happening in Syria choreographed theatre? Yes and no. The setting is choreographed but the specific dynamics playing out is fluid and unpredictable. So the answer to your question is that probably no one really knows other than the goal is to complete the transition to a new world order based on multiple great powers without starting a global war. With the powers involved in Syria being the major nuclear states, they may not intend to, but a series of miscalculations could hurl us into global war.

So far so good, the competing factions have neutralized each other to prevent escalation – calling off Iran attack for example. But the risk is always there and we need to get through this. Keep fingers crossed. Syria is one of the hot spots where risk is heightened so pay attention to Syria, and on the look out for other potential hot spots not identified.

Excuse the long windedness..


Most astutely put. Not many are aware and/or understand this.


A lot of the Russian MPs in Syria are Chechnians I think.

Damien C

Like Turkey did with Syria ?

Supporting the head choppers arming them and paying them! That type of terrorism or is there something else?

What about looting, Turkey stole 1000 factories from Aleppo that right you read that correctly 1,000 factories …. machines walls doors roofs stock, trucks

Anything that wasn’t nailed down and most things that were!


Turkish trolls always crawl out of their shitholes when SF writes about Erdog. ;)


It will be interesting to see what happens the next two weeks. I think you will have to eat your hat. But wait and see. Likely both US and Ottomaniacs will be gone or on their out.

Peter Jennings

When one invades another country without any agreement with that country, talk of ‘liberation’ is only skin deep. Erdogan will probably want to flood the whole area with his own Erdogan friendly groups who are armed to the teeth and politically motivated towards Turkish aims. Erdogan may need to tread lightly from now on or else he may find his brand new S-400’s not responding when he really needs them to.

The Trumpster used the Turkish invasion as an excuse to pull troops, albeit at a very slow rate, from the impossible position they created for themselves. The USadmin no longer has a dog in this fight but are trying their hardest to stay relevant by issuing the usual threats.


All Turkey has to do is to block the Bosphorus from Russia and Russia will be isolated in Syria. Don’t think Russia is King. They are Syria for their own survival. Nothing else!!! I believe Turkey has more card to play than Russia, they just have to realize it yet.


Let see : -we already swapping Turkey for Greece and building great bases there, because Greece owns practically the eagan sea to up miles from Turkey. greece can Block the Bospurus easily. -From all Turkish export up to 60% is “still “ bought by Europe but this can be reversed. – Form all Turkish working capital 60a 70% is owned by Europe, we can witdraw it. -With a frond like Erdogan nobody ( also not Nato) needs an enemy anymore. – Turkey has no friends it is only tolerated and everybody waits until the great boggy-men is gone. I do not see any asset that the Turkey off today has to respect it, a bully iman, without a stolen university degree, a dictator who is losing big by each new election, who jailed up to 150.000 intelligent civilians, who jailed more journalists (per head)the any idiot country, same for professors , judges, military, etc. A country that has 12,6% handicapt people because of incest and child abuse ( study last year publiced in the daily Hürriyet. Turkey is no match for Russia, Turkey wash a county in development but with the surrender to the fanatic islam (brotherhood of Islam) Al Sham,al Qauida, Nursa now rebranded to Nsa, Hts, etcand the “leadership” of Erdogan it became a third world country that needs a war to hide the picerty and mismanagement.

Peter Jennings

I’m afraid the Bosphorus isn’t the strategic advantage it once was. Turkey are going nowhere without Russian help and those of their neighbours. Erdogan has tried US/nato but they apparently tried to kill him in a coup. Unless Turkey wants to go it alone, Russia, China is their best and last hope of a relationship which is reciprocal.

The Turkish admin had a shit fit when Russians threatened to stay away from Turkey’s holiday resorts after a Russian pilot was killed by Turkish hands. Erdogan got on a plane to Russia immediately.

The Russian admin had all the plans of Turkey’s excursion into Syria beforehand. They allowed the Turkish advance because they knew it would force the Kurdish hand into seeking an agreement with Damascus.


uhuh police russian and SAA appared=stop avanced the turks force!!


lets hope so. If Russian troops let Turkey attack the SAA, Erdogan will use this weakness till there is no tomorrow. But if Russia pushes back, and puts erdogan into his place, this could end well for Syria. I guess the next days will be decicive.

S Melanson

Russia is making it clear they stand with Assad, see my post above


It’s a delicate balancing act, because if Turkey really got serious, they could overpower the Russian contingent on Syria. The Turks have several hundred capable modern aircraft while the Russians have only a few dozen in theater. Also Turkey can just close the Bosphorus Straits and Russia would have to use nukes to reopen them.


Remember, Russia has no land border with Turkey, so the Russian contingent on Syria is pretty isolated. Turkey has several hundred modern aircraft they can throw at Latakia and Heimenem while the Russians have only a few dozen in theater. Turkey could overpower the Russian contingent on Syria if they really wanted to. Also Turkey can just close the Bosphorus and Russia would have to use nukes to reopen the straights.

If Russia shared a land border with Turkey, we wouldn’t be having this discussion; Erdogan would have been behaving like a good boy from the start.

Luke Hemmming

Turkey will not attack Russia. Turkey is slowly been isolated by the international community through sanctions and such. Russia and Turkey have an agreement albeit an under the table agreement but with Russia selling the S400 system to Turkey I think Turkey will want to be on the good side of Russia. So no Turkey will not take over Manbij.

Rafik Chauhan

Erdogon want to create new border. with Syria on M4 highway new line . Erdogon is new terrorist ruling whole country and want to kill people. he is fascist like Zionist and liar

Dr. Puke Johnson PHD

I thought we had a lock on all that stuff!

AM Hants

Russia got there first.

Interesting how the ME are welcoming President Putin, who the West try to demonise.

Red Carpets Are for Wimps! How UAE Greeted Russian President Vladimir Putin… https://sputniknews.com/viral/201910151077055623-red-carpets-uae-russian-president-putin/#comments

Douglas Houck

Despite the fact that the American public has a hard time understanding that President Trump wants to get out of Syria, the actions of Turkey were fully coordinated with both US and Russia before and even now. Yes, the Kurds were thrown under the bus, but it was the only way forward, as President Trump has no desire to stay forever in NE Syria.

This action not only allows for Turkey to destroy the arms depots of the Kurds given to them by the US, but pushes the Kurds into finally negiotiating with the Assad government. Both were needed to really move forward on finding a way to end the Syrian war and begin the rewrite of the Syrian constitution, scheduled now for November.

Turkey is not going to fight with the SAA. Turkey, along with Iran and Russia are the guarantors of peace in the area. Turkey has two legitimate national concerns, attacks from the Kurds and resettlement of the Syrians who are currently within Turkey. This action should allow for both concerns to be met. When President Erdogan talks about resettlement he is not implying ethnic cleansing, but that by reducing areas of conflict the process of resettlement can begin. Continued strife does not benefit Turkey, or anyone else other than Israel.

While Turkey’s incursion into Syria looks chaotic, the “frightened” Kurds are only allowing for “joint” control of specific areas. They will need to be convinced that they can’t affect the US backing them up anymore, before they truly finish their negotiations with Syria. This should hopefully happen before the start of the UN managed150-member Syrian constitutional committee starts its work in November. By having this be a UN process, the US will have a voice, something they did not have with the Astana process.

It’s a lot of smoke and mirrors.


Agree with this analysis; Turkey may have to invade more parts of ‘Rojava’ before the Kurds are convinced to rejoin Damascus entirely. Amazingly, what the Kurds have suffered so far has not been enough to convince these idiots to come back into the fold. They’re still clinging to the belief America and the Jews will save them.


Pure theatrics, with not only the SAA there but also the Russians, Manjib is no go zone for Turkey.


Even Erdogan is not that stupid :)


No sense in drowning this rapid changing of realitys with nonsense, stay cool and await, this is just initital stages, and of course, Turks wants as far in as they can, but nothing happens so fast, the only thing that is an bit surpircing is how fast SAA got the foothold and this seems pre-planed, nothing in this scale happens over night, so until things starts to be more serious we have to await the theater for an more solid senery.

The Kurds have finaly realised their own cluster f…., and even, despite the hars words witch they deserve, and all the condemnations rightly imposed, have realised that Syria is their future homeland, they can live there as anyone else can and dont insult us with sniveling drivel about any rights more than what others have in that same region, people and tribes that pre-dates them for milleniums, but their destiny have been controled by scumbags, clan mofo chiefs and mafias, and I bet not every Kurds is in this, but hopes they sober up and can begin to plan an future, for their people and their children, after centrys of wars and civil unrest the future looks much brighter now than ever, and I belive when things calm down and the various happy head chopping rat packs are been hunted down, this groups witch we all know what created and founded by the ZATO forces and regional scums like the present Saudi-barbarians, and some others witch we dont name this time, but there is an Khan that should tread lightly this days, incl Sudan Janjaweed, among others. Once this f…. is gone/wiped out, peace will be instaled, and the players as we see them now, would not have any reason for staying there anymore, the only drawback is the insane UssA.

Yeah, so far, so good. And kurdos to an man, despite the massive onslaught, Trump, yup, maybe, just maybe, there is growing some balls in/on the man, huh, whom would expect that, hehe, the only real surpirce in this days of events, not much else, since its been there in the cards for an while.




Pence is like too effing late.


A no fly zone please ore is Russia gone force Syria to give North syria up to pleace Erdogan?


Erdogan thinks he is the Mahdi and tells (zealots, brotherhood of islam and jihadists that 2024) he will start the defeat of all unbelievers and te return of Allah. So is told me by some of his closer friends. But then again by then he might be locked up already and dictate the shrinks.


Good luck with dat

You can call me Al

It will be a Turkey shoot !!,

PS Sometime the old ones are still the best.


when the Serbs created their 20km wide security zone inside their own province of Kosovo & Metochia and stopped flow of armament and fighters from Albania into Kosovo the 2-faced West bombed them into oblivion. Little did we know it was their armaments and fighters crossing the borders into Kosovo and Metochia….


He didnt say this? He said “We are okay with regime holding Manbij as long as they drive PKK/YPG put of there”

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

I bet torkis were not expecting this hahhhaha


The author is contradicting with own statements: Erdogan is saying as long as Kurdish militia is moved out of Manbij Turkey has no reason to go in. And Turkey already holds Syrian territories (min 11km though) between Manbij and Turkey. Basically he is telling Assad to chop-chop and move Kurds out. If he doesn’t Turkey doesn’t need to risk a direct confrontation with Russia, they have proxies to do that.

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