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Turkey Abuses Migrants And Blames It On Greece

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Turkey Abuses Migrants And Blames It On Greece

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On June 19th, Turkey rescued 56 illegal migrants off Turkey’s Aegean coast, the state-run Anadolu agency reported.

Turkish teams rescued the migrants in a rubber boat near the Dikili district of Turkey’s western province of Izmir, the agency said.

Turkey accused Greece coast guard of pushing the back to Turkey.

In 2020 so far, a total of 11,076 migrants attempted to reach Greece via Turkey’s seas, slightly down from 11,710 over the same period in 2019, according to the latest figures released by the Turkish coast guard.

Alongside these accusations, Anadolu Agency also published alleged photographs showing asylum seekers stranded on the streets of Athens.

They were expelled from the Moria Camp on Lesbos Island in Greece after being granted asylum.

The group seeking shelter at Victoria Square, a public park in the capital, comprises of 66 people, including four pregnant women and children.

“They told us we have to leave Moria Camp. They said: ‘Go to Athens, finish your paper work and go wherever you want after that’,” a refugee said.

“I don’t get that. We are refugees. They officially left us here. Imagine that you came to Afghanistan and did not speak the language. And nobody guides you. How would you feel?” said another refugee who spent the night in the street.

A very emotion-filled video was also published of drone footage of migrants flocking the Turkey-Greece border.

Meanwhile, several videos were published online showing how Turkey actually treats the migrants.

The video below shows Turkish border guards beat a group of refugees, demanding them to sail to Greece.

This second video shows Turkish Coast Guard boats squeeze refugee boats towards the Greek island of Lesbos, where, by order of the Turks, migrants will flood their boats in anticipation of the Greek border guards’ rescue.

According to Greek border guards, Turkish Coast Guard ships escort boats with migrants to Greek territorial waters.

At the same time, on their territory, the Turkish authorities treat the migrants quite poorly and aggressively

Concentrated in Turkey, migrants have long become the “weapons” of Ankara, which it uses to threaten Europe, and particularly Greece.


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  1. cechas vodobenikov says:

    predicted from an amerikan colony

    1. Mustafa Mehmet says:

      poor greek

  2. M.A. Lamett says:

    Turkey has 5 million refugees already and has spent about 50 billion US dollars in order to take care of them. The main stream media (MSM) and even some alt-media turns somehow a blind eye to the fact that Turkey helps millions of refugees as we speak. If Greece claims to be a “civilized” and “European” nation respectful of human rights and democracy then it shall accept gladly some of those refugees. Claiming or advertising that Turkey abusing the migrants seems more likely to fit the political agenda of Greece. There was a recent video showing Greek coastguard opening fire on a migrant boat. On another video one can see “civilized” Greek border guards beating migrants with clubs at the Greek border. Greece would be the last country to have the right to criticize Turkey or any other country for that matter.

    1. RD-180 says:

      I love Turkey and the Turks. Turkey received billions of dollars from the EU in order to prevent migrants from entering Greece and other EU members. Therefore, the beating and terrorising, of those migrants in order to force them towards greek territory, by Turkish-Republic officers, is not only against the agreement that Ankara made with the EU but also against the penal code of the Republic of Turkey, the code of contact of those turkish officers, and basic rules of human decency.

      1. M.A. Lamett says:

        Not true. EU pledged (promised) 6 billion Euros to Turkey for the refugees but attached 72 conditions for it. EU claims that 5 conditions are still to be met and that’s why EU never paid this money to Turkey thus far. Turkey has spent around 50 billion US dollars from it’s own pocket in order to take care of these unfortunate refugees and the victims of west-created wars. On contrary Greece receives around 30 billion Euros a year from EU to survive (I don’t know where all this money goes). This seems to be a reason why Turkey won’t stop any refugees from the east transiting EU via Greece. In all honesty and considering “basic human decency”, part of the 30 billion euro aid to Greece should be going to handle the refugee crisis. In short, it is clearly the EU and their little brat Greece which is breaching “basic rules of human decency”.

        1. RD-180 says:

          Than go ahead and comply with the 5 remaining conditions! And please punish your officers that violate the rules of contact that are writen by your own politicians and bureaucrats!

        2. Benevolent Jinn says:

          lmao keep pulling numbers out of your arse, you’re doing very good. In fact it’s Turkey that has received 10s of billions of euros in “pre- accession assistance” funds over the years and still receving without being a member and without any serious intention of ever becoming one (they just keep pretending in order to keep receiving that money)
          “west created wars”? Hahaha more like Turkey sponsored jihad

    2. Benevolent Jinn says:

      First of all go grab yourself a mirror and start watching less of your state propaganda media(even the words you use, like “civilized”, betray the source of your lies). Second Greece has already accepted more than just “a few” fakeugees of those Turkey has been sending its way (on purpose) over the last few years, without having any means or any obligation to take care of those fake “refugees.” Third I really like how the claimed number of refugees who are supposed to be in Turkey and the money which Turkey has supposedly spent for them went up by over 1 million people and over $ 10 billion from last week. Of course we already knew turkish claimed numbers mean nothing.

  3. Icarus Tanović says:

    He’s just pissed of, and ask:Where’s my goat, is it on the boat, where is my goat, I sad where is my goat?

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