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Turkey: 950 km2 Captured, 3,291 ‘Terrorists’ Neutralized In Afrin Operation


Turkey: 950 km2 Captured, 3,291 'Terrorists' Neutralized In Afrin Operation

Members of the Turkey-led forces involved in Operation Olive Branch

The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have captured 950km2 from the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) since the start of Operation Olive Branch in the Syrian area of Afrin on January 20, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on March 11.

“To date 950 square kilometers have been taken under our control,” the president told the 6th provincial congress of the ruling Justice and Development Party adding that the ongoing operation is aimed at liberating the area from “terrorists”.

Erdogan contiinued claiming that Turkey’s 911-kilometer border with Syria has been harassed by both terrorist groups and the Syrian government.

“With these things happening in Syria, when will you, NATO, take our side?” Erdogan said.

Earlier on the same day, the TAF’s general staff said that 3,291 “terrorists” had been neutralized since the start of the military operation in Afrin.

Meanwhile, the TAF and the FSA continued their advance on the YPG-held city of Afrin rapidly gaining ground thanks to their advantage in manpower and military equipment.



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  • Skagos

    Turns out ISIS rats had more durability than PKK rats.

    • Barba_Papa

      I’m not surprised. The leaders of ISIS planned their rise very well, making sure they enjoyed considerable local support. The YPG on the other hand lives far above its means, and can only do so with the largesse and air support of the US. Remove those out of the equation and they are at the mercy of stronger powers like Turkey. Hell, even ISIS was kicking their butt until the US discovered them as their ‘boots on the ground in Syria’. Remember how they almost lost Kobani and US air power came to their rescue?

  • Joe

    Erdogan forgot that Nato only takes action if a member is attacked not when attacking others in another country.

    Anywhere let’s see how this will end . The Kurds should know that they can never beat the Turks unless the Americans steps in to stop it which will not happen.

    Their choice .. being under Assad or Erdogan…. the choice is obvious

  • Serious

    KARMA keeps backfiring.

  • Behold a Pale Horse

    Finger on trigger, rifle pointed at other soldiers. Possibly some of the worst trained soldiers in the World?

    • Ice Icegold

      The fat faggot in the pic can’t ran for fifty meters without losing his breath…lol

  • Davki

    3300 human beings murdered for no reason whatsoever. That’s a heavy bill to pay Mr. Erdogan. Add to that hundreds of civilians. Where is the Syrian air defense (supposedly oh-so good) where are Russian airplanes to interdict Turkey’s slaughter? Those murdered people will one time stand before your grave and accuse you of your misdeads.

    • Suliman

      No Reason ? Are you idiot or you are one of pkk rats ?

      • velociraptor

        Are you syrian, or turkey rat?

        • Suliman

          They want take piece of Syria like turkey, but I underst you are idiot.

          • velociraptor

            Answer the question, RAT!!

          • Suliman

            Cry more… Maybe I will…

          • Altay

            türkiyeden parça götürmek istemiyorlar. hedef anadolunun tümü ve istanbul. anadolunun islamsızlaştırılması ve tüm müslümanların öldürülmesi kaldırılması isteniyor. bu savaş 1071den beridir asla bitmedi

          • matt

            At that time Istanbul was called Constantinople and what you call “motherland”now was christian then, later stolen by the proxies of the mongols, the turks….

    • Rob

      Those that make US, NATO and Israel friends will be great losers. Write it in your personal diary.

      • Patricia Murrow

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    • Rob

      No reason are you joking. These traitors have joined US, NATO and Israel and have allowed them to occupy the Syrian land against the well of the Syrian nation. Now I am waiting that when President Assad will wake up to join Erdogan against this nice operation. Then US and NATO regimes cannot withstand against Assad, Erdogan, Putin, Rohani etc.

    • Jihadist Devshirme ErdoBot

      3300 less oxygen wasting scumbags is the right word.

  • Rob

    Erdogan is cleaver because immediately he woke up that what the hell US and NATO forces are doing in the North, East Syria they have completely occupied the 30% Syria via their proxies PKK (that is SDF, YPG etc) and creating a new country for these terrorists that is why Erdogan has started operation against terrorists in Syria but Assad is still does not want to wake up. His country is dividing and occupying by US and NATO forces and he is still sleeping. Let him to sleep. He does not have courage to defeat US and NATO countries which is not possible without Turkey support.

    • javid soltani

      I told you before that your rushing like women or like a satan , assad hes not sleeping hes busy on the other site the country with other terrorists oncehes done with est ghouta and idlib and maybe somemore parts then you will see Syria will turn to an other Iraq for usa , and same thing with turkey or whoeverels in Syria iligily

      • Rob

        I wish you are right but unity is strength.

      • Serious

        Assad is sleeping for 20 years.