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Tupolev Tu-22M3 Strategic Bomber: Russia’s Weapon Against ISIS In Deir Ezzor (Infographics)

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Since last weekend, Russian Tupolev Tu-22M3 strategic bombers have delivered strikes against ISIS terrorists in the area of Dier Ezzor four times.

The Russian Aerospace Forces uses Tu-22M3 bombers as a useful weapon against terrorist targets in central and eastern Syria. Let’s take a closer look at the warplane:

Tupolev Tu-22M3 Strategic Bomber: Russia's Weapon Against ISIS In Deir Ezzor (Infographics)

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maybe the russian need something like AC-130


exactly! tzjis category is totally absent

John Whitehot

or maybe not.


Ac-130 is slow and does not carry a heavy bomb load or cruise missiles to attack carriers. AC-130 is a byproduct of the Vietnam era. Vietcong and ISIS do not have many similarities and the terrain is in stark contrast.


They have to be able to avoid manpads an AC130 would be very vulnerable. That’s why the US gave ISIS manpads, to make it more difficult for Russia.


Can MANPADS even reach that high?

Bio_ Hazard

Any contender that can be converted to a AC-130 style aircraft? I’m thinking An 22 and some others.

An 22: Crew: 5–6 Capacity: 290 passengers Payload: 80,000 kg (176,350 lb) Length: 57.9 m[13] (189 ft 11½ in) Wingspan: 64.40 m (211 ft 4 in) Height: 12.53 m (41 ft 1½ in) Wing area: 345 m² (3,713 ft²) Empty weight: 114,000 kg (251,325 lb) Max. takeoff weight: 250,000 kg (551,160 lb) Powerplant: (Same one on the Tu-95 bear) 4 × Kuznetsov NK-12MA turboprops driving contra-rotating propellers, 11,186 kW (15,000 shp) each

Maximum speed: 740 km/h (399 knots, 460 mph) Range: 5,000 km (2,700 nmi, 3,100 mi) with maximum payload, 10,950 km (5,905 nmi, 6,800 mi) with maximum fuel and 45,000 kg (99,200 lb) payload

An 12: Crew: 5 Payload: 20,000 kg (44,000 lb) Length: 33.10 m (108 ft 7 in) Wingspan: 38.00 m (124 ft 8 in) Height: 10.53 m (34 ft 7 in) Wing area: 121.7 m² (1,310 ft²) Empty weight: 28,000 kg (62,000 lb) Useful load: 60 paratroopers (two BMD-1 armoured vehicles) Max. takeoff weight: 61,000 kg (130,000 lb) Powerplant: 4 × Ivchenko AI-20L or AI-20M turboprops, 4,000 ehp (3,000 kW) each

Maximum speed: 777 km/h (419 knots, 482 mph) Cruise speed: 670 km/h (361 knots, 415 mph) Range: With maximum fuel: 5,700 km (3,075 nm, 3,540 mi) With maximum load: 3,600 km (1,945 nm, 2,235 mi)) Service ceiling: 10,200 m (33,500 ft) Rate of climb: 10m/s (1960ft/min)

Leo Jansen

No no the AC-130 have not the capabilities like the Tu-22M3 and the AC-130 is slow compared to the Tupolev Bomber!

Daniel Castro

I can never get tired to see this airplane fly.

Russell A Wilson

For a warbird I think it it is the best looking plane to fly

Leo Jansen

I like this Bomber from the Russians even more it´s the Tu-160 https://sputniknews.com/infographics/20100615159430934/

And you can read about this Bomber here: http://www.techeblog.com/index.php/tech-gadget/tupolev-tu-160-is-world-s-largest-and-heaviest-supersonic-aircraft-here-are-5-cool-facts

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