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Tupolev-22M3 Crashed In Russia’s Murmans Region. 2 Crew Members Died

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Tupolev-22M3 Crashed In Russia's Murmans Region. 2 Crew Members Died

Tu-22M3. ILLUSTRATIVE IMAGE: avp23649.livejournal.com

UPDATE: A third crew member died en route to hospital.


On January 22, a Tupolev-22M3 strategic bomber crashlanded in a blizzard after a routine training flight in the Murmansk Region, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement. Collision with the surface caused the plane to fall apart. The bomber carried no weapons.

According to the statement, 2 crew members died while 2 others were taken to a hospital where they were set to receive the necessary medical assistance.

The incident took place at the Olenya miliary airbase, which is located 92km south of the city of Murmansk. The air strip’s length is 3,500m.

On January 18, 2 Su-34 fighter-bombers collided in mid-air over the Strait of Tatary in Russia’s Khabarovsk Region. Four pilots ejected. Two of them died. One was rescued. The fate of the fourth pilot is unknown.

Following the incident, investigators have initiated a criminal case of violation of flight rules.


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Mr Bray

When training for War accidents and mistakes can, do, and will continue to happen.

Fighter pilots practicing extreme dog-fights, bomber crews flying extra-long duration missions and not getting any sleep will all make a mistake at some point and/or equipment will fail.

Pushing crews and equipment to the limits and then finding those limits is a risk when preparing for War – especially against a real enemy who can and will fight back hard and cause significant losses.

The Russians know full well they need to be ready to face NATO anywhere in the World at any time, and are pushing everyone, Airforce – Navy – Army – Missile Forces – Civillian Support to the limit now to meet that challenge, when it comes (and it will come).

It is best to find the limits now and take any and all action during peace time to correct faults/errors/improve training etc (than be decimated at a time of war through not knowing human or mechanical limits).

May the people lost Rest in Peace and may thier family recieve comfort.

Promitheas Apollonious

may they rest in peace.

Manuel Flores Escobar

How do you know that israel killed 12 IRGC fighters?…

Manuel Flores Escobar

sorry it was another article..

Promitheas Apollonious

who says I know? read again what I wrote. I said the exact opposite of what you think I said.

Manuel Flores Escobar

I am sorry..I confused myself when I answered another article with this one!


Please delete your inappropriate comment from this thread …

Tudor Miron

“There is a distinct profession – defending your Motherland”(c) Eternal memory to those who gave their life serving their people.


Unfortunately in case of war, half of the Russian pilots will die in accidents instead of heroic battles. As Syria statistics shows.


I’d pay real money if you’d just STFU. What I noticed is that Russian equipment goes 5x the operational limits of western junk. By the time western craft fly a mission or two, they are down how long for maint? Russian planes fly multiples of missions while western junk is on the ground.


Do you have any source regarding your number (5x) or just pulled it out from your mother’s cunt?


Same place you got yours?


His mom cunt? no, thanks. I said as seen in Syria.

Tudor Miron

Take your time and search for actual statistics of aircraft losses in Russia/USA during last 20 years or so. You will find for yourself that hopes that hald of Russian pilots will be lost in accidents is just that – a groundless hope.


Wrong! I’m not hoping for that. That’s a fact.


You’re a cretin…a useless hasbara troll…you come on here to disrespect real men that you couldn’t hope to measure up to their shoelaces…dumbass dancing Jew…comment image


why did you upvote that cretin…


Due to invention of laser technology all military and civilian planes should carry laser detection sensors to show the sources of laser beams and shinny surfaces to reflect the laser beams.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I am very sad for the lives lost. And to a lesser degree I am sad at the money and equipment lost.
The Russian money seems to be stretched in enough directions already without needed to replace perfectly fine equipment.
I hope similar incidents are reduced for the future.
Rest in peace knights.


Russia has been having a lot of the accidents in recent years. There was a fighter that crashed in the Sea of Japan just last week, was it? Then most of the planes lost in Syria were labeled accidents, I would look into this if I were them.


All accidents are are worth investigating. But some known problems are just ignored to the detriment of the pilots as well as the whole plane, F-35 for example…..


TBH, I’m pretty annoyed that this sort of thing could happen, even in a blizzard. How were they not aware of their altitude? Accidents do happen, but to me this seems careless.


I bet the SU-34 pilots were fucking around!
i seen so many Russian pilots fucking around, getting close to other aircraft to show off their skills!
i know they are pro’s but i also think they are hot heads!
Russians seem to be dare devils (which i admire)
but they literally risk their lives (more than they already need to) when they fuck around the way they do in the air! They need to calm the fuck down!


TThe other day an Su-34 crashed in Siberia now this. Oh cmon wtf is going on, how there be so much crashes and casualties.RIP


There is nothing new within Russian aviation.




During past weeks russian planes fall like flies in autumn.

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