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JUNE 2021

Tunisian Security Forces Eliminate Senior Commander Of ISIS-affiliated Group

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Tunisian Security Forces Eliminate Senior Commander Of ISIS-affiliated Group

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On April 1, the Tunisian Ministry of Interior announced in an official statement that the country’s security forces had killed “Shuqi al-Faqrawi”, a senior commander of the ISIS-affiliated group Jund al-Khilafah and had injured several other fighters of the terrorist group during a security operation in the Hassi El Ferid area of the western Kasserine province.

Security forces located al-Faqrawi and his fighters after they had sneaked out of their stronghold, the Selloum mount in the southern part of Kasserine. The Tunisian Ministry of Interior revealed that the security operation lasted for 72 hours.

Al-Faqrawi joined Jund al-Khilafah in 2014. Since then he has participated in a series of terrorist attacks against the Tunisian Army and security forces, including an attempt to assassinate a member of the Tunisian Parliament. According to the Tunisian Ministry of Interior, al-Faqrawi was wanted for 25 cases of terrorism.

Tunisia has  transformed into a heartland for different terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda and ISIS, following a success of the revolution in 2011. Some of these terrorist groups even managed to establish hideouts in the western part of the country, especially in the mountains of Selloum and Chambi, where they have reamined a threat to this day.

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Blah blah revolution blah isis blah. It gets old.


Good job boys, kill those Daesh commander fuckers before the US black hawks extracts them from there.

Gary Sellars

one more Murican terror asset now feeding the worms….

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