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JUNE 2023

Tunisia To Strengthen Diplomatic Ties With Quake-Hit Syria

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Tunisia To Strengthen Diplomatic Ties With Quake-Hit Syria

Tunisian President Kais Saied with foreign minister Nabil Ammar. Source: the Tunisian Presidency.

Tunisian President Kais Saied has decided to strengthen diplomatic ties with Syria, the Tunisian Presidency said on February 9.

According to the presidency, Saied conveyed the decision to his newly-appointed foreign minister, Nabil Ammar, in a one-on-one meeting in the Carthage Presidential Palace. During the meeting, the president stressed that Tunisia should stand with Syria, who lost some 4,000 people in the February 6 earthquake that originated in Turkey.

Tunisia cut off all diplomatic relations with Damascus following the outbreak of the war in Syria. After that, Tunisia returned a limited diplomatic mission to the country in 2017.

Now, Tunisia will be appointing an ambassador in Damascus. Saied stressed during the meeting with his foreign minister that the issue of the “regime in Syria” is an internal Syrian matter.

“The ambassador is sent to a country, not to a regime,” the president said, adding that Syrians suffered “bloody days” because they refused foreign interference in their internal matters.

It’s worth noting that Tunisia was among the first countries to send humanitarian aid to Syria after the devastating earthquake. On February 8, two Tunisian aircrafts, one transporting a rescue squad and another carrying humanitarian aid, landed in Aleppo International Airport in northern Syria.

The Tunisian decision to strengthen diplomatic ties with Syria, which is currently experiencing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, could encourage other Arab countries to do the same.


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Jaafar Aziz

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