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Tunisia, The Jasmine Revolution Has Failed. A New Jihad Generation?

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Tunisia, The Jasmine Revolution Has Failed. A New Jihad Generation?

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Written by Piero Messina exclusively for SouthFront.

Tunisia is one step away from chaos. Ten years after the fall of then Zinedine Ben Ali regime, the country is collapsing under the blows of the economic and social crisis. Democracy remains a dream, and for an entire generation of young Tunisians, the call to jihadism becomes stronger and stronger.

In the last ten years, per capita income has collapsed by 34 percent, the Tunisian dinar has lost 45 percent of its value against the main exchange currencies. Public debt shot up from 39 to 112 percent of GDP over the same period. In order to balance the state budget in 2021, the Tunisian government will have to find 40 percent of the missing budget somewhere, more than 20 billion dollars. It will not be easy, because both the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have already made it known that they do not like the political chaos that reigns in Tunisia. No funding for a nation that had promised the international community structural reforms that have never been implemented.

Over the past ten years, the leadership of the country has been entrusted to ten different premiers. In the last twelve months there are already four executives who have alternated in power.

Tunisia, The Jasmine Revolution Has Failed. A New Jihad Generation?

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Who pays the bill for the failed revolution?

Young Tunisians. Today we can call them the “no future” generation. In 2020 there were more than 1020 protests and demonstrations of violence in the country: when the state deviates, even ordinary citizens begin to show signs of intolerance. Sabotage of essential service networks, attacks on railway lines, damage of water pipes and means of transport, blocks of industrial production from Gafsa to El Kamour up to Gabes, general strikes in the towns all over the country. Not to mention the attacks by terrorist groups linked to Daesh.

The latest attack took place last week when three soldiers of the Dggn (General Department of the National Guard) were killed in three blasts ignited by its fighters near Mount Mghila and that a “spy” was beheaded separately by Daesh. Mount Mghila, near the border with Algeria, is adjacent to Mount Chaambi, which is considered a hideout for militants.

In the last ten years Tunisia has been among the main “exporters” of foreign fighters. Why are young Tunisians enlisting for jihad?

Money is more important than religion. Attractive salaries were offered to jihad candidates: between $ 400 and $ 4,000 per month For upset young people without work or hope of employment in the short, medium or long term, the attraction of high remuneration (which accompanies a “religious duty”) was a topic of Daesh marketing.

Furthermore, in the first hours of the revolution, the Tunisian prisons were emptied. Among political prisoners, a whole host of criminals have re-entered the economic fabric through trafficking and in particular border traffic.

A jihadist-criminal space was therefore organized with Libya. The Tunisian government has tried to stop the growth of Daesh and groups linked to radical Islam. There are almost 28,000 Tunisian aspiring jihadists whom the country’s authorities have prevented from reaching the combat territories. But Islamist militias made up of young Tunisian men and women, have reached the front lines of combat in Syria and Libya. More than 13,000 fighters around the Middle East, with sleeper cells were also sent to Europe.

Till the small country overlooking the Mediterranean is in danger of exploding under the blows of negative economic pressure, the only answer the young Tunisians see, to date, is to enlist for jihad.


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It appears that the USA is creating more ISIS terror recruits :)

Hasbara Hunter

History always repeats itself….the same Babylonian Magick Trick over & over again… AngloZioNazis create Division, Destruction, Death, Misery, Unemployment, Poverty, Inflation, Debt, Chaos, Starvation…Thus they create the perfect conditions & environment for the Recruitment of New Moderate Headchopping Mercenaries…

Pave Way IV

Now just imagine how much time and money the U.S. (and EU, for that matter) spends to create and fight head-choppers. We could easily hire every last Tunisian teenager by offering them a couple thousand bucks a month for simple, productive public works. Nobody would want to be a jihadi. Instead, we’ll throw that much (and probably more) chasing them down and killing them in some other country. Global shitholization followed by total jackboot control. It must have sounded good on paper at one time.

Hasbara Hunter


Offering Tunesian teenagers money?! That way the MIC won’t make a single penny….that is not how Capitalism works: It was never the Elites’ intention to create better living Conditions or more Equality for the Scum…Under the pretext of One Happy New World Order, they wanted to force another noose around our necks…The Elites want 100% of everything Total Control…no more…no less…


Yes, its the same pattern of manufactured depravity that is flooding the EU with migrants.
One could almost think that there is intent to destabilise the EU from within :)

Proud Hindu

Arabs will soon be islam free followed by asians and africans.

Jihadi Colin

India will soon be Modi free.

Proud Hindu

Sweet dreams paedophile worshipper.Btw why did muhammad rape aisha?

Narine Joa

The Problem with Southfront is that it is writing these articles to get clicks but atleast write something factual about the countries you are chosing.

But here you are Just chosing a random muslim country and apply alot of nonsense to them without actully checking it… I did some fact checking on the up..

1. Tunisia is open for tourism and gets alot of tourists due to it’s tourist destinations and it’s a very open society and welcoming.

2. It is relatively a peaceful country.

3. The Economy is much better then the so-called Terrorist state of them all IRAN. 13k USD per Tunisian is the GDP per capita and better developed country then most east-european countries.

Every country in the world has people who join global jihad. I mean everywhere and to be frank Russia provided most fighters overseas then anyone else.

This circle jacking article is pretty much yada yada. The only terroristic country in the world currently is Iran. Closed country and you can’t travel to it and stay safe. I hope to see more anti-Iran articles instead of picking on the free world countries

Hasbara Hunter

You didn’t answer my Question yet:

Do you know how many kids you have starved to death in Yemen?

Jihadi Colin

Hey hey CIA
How many kids did you drone today?

Hasbara Hunter

Sssttt….I’m hunting HasbaRats…one question at the time please…. HasbaRats easily suffer from mental short circuits and nervous breakdowns….before you know it they crawl back into their hiding places where the sun does not shine…

Fog of War

” Sabotage of essential service networks, attacks on railway lines, damage of water pipes and means of transport, blocks of industrial production from Gafsa to El Kamour up to Gabes, general strikes in the towns all over thecountry. ”

Sounds like the CIA insurgency playbook 101.

klove and light

“the only answer the young Tunisians see, to date, is to enlist for jihad….”

same old bs zionist propaganda…

so young men blow themselves up because they dont have enough coca-cola to drink and playstation to play.

bs zionist propaganda………….

klove and light

the same bs zion ist propaganda in the western world nations………
” dont blame the islamists when they blow your kids up, blame yourselves because you were not all helping these poor young men to integrate into society…”

bs zionist propaganda……

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