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Trump’s UN Press Conference Goes Out Of Control Sparking Wave Of Memes

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On September 26th, US President Donald Trump came out at a rare solo press conference and spoke to reporters in New York, following his controversial speech at the UN General Assembly on the previous day.

“This is quite a gathering. Wow!” Trump exclaimed, at the start of 81 minutes of confusion, lack of notes, complimenting outlets, such as congratulating a Sky News report “over the purchase,” with which she had nothing to do, as well as disregarding questions.

A Fox reporter that asked about NAFTA, got the compliment “You do a very good job.”

He also continued his narrative of the New York times failing, when a reporter from the outlet said the newspaper was thriving, Trump responded with “Say ‘Thank you, Mr. Trump.’”

CNN reporter Jim Acosta asked President Trump whether “one of our female colleagues” could be called on after he questioned the president.

“What does he mean by that,” Trump asked.

In a series of crosstalk, during which Trump repeatedly asked him to “explain,” Acosta said he thought “it would be great if a female reporter would ask you a question about this issue.”

The president replied: “I wouldn’t mind that at all, no.” As Acosta began to speak again, Trump added: “Wouldn’t make any difference to me.” The president did call on a female reporter after Acosta concluded his questioning.

At that point, no female journalists had been called upon, and when he did, he sometimes talked over them as they tried to get a question out.

CBS News’ Weijia Jang tried to ask about how allegations that have been made against him have affected his opinion of the Kavanaugh situation. “You’ve been asking a question for 10 minutes. Please sit down,” Trump said. She persisted, and he said that the “false” accusations made against him “absolutely” colored how he felt about the Kavanaugh case.

In addition to the Brett Kavanaugh case, Trump commented on George Washington’s past. “If we brought George Washington here,” he said, “the Democrats would vote against him, just so you understand, and he may have had a bad past, who knows.”

“He may have had a bad past…Didn’t he have a couple of things in his past?” Trump said, seemingly amused at the speculation. George Washington would be voted against 100 percent by Schumer and the con artists. 100 percent. 100 percent. So, it really doesn’t matter from their standpoint.”

Regarding sexual assault charges he had the following to say: “I’ve had a lot of false charges made against me. Really false charges! “So when you say ‘does it affect me in terms of my thinking with respect to Judge Kavanaugh?’ Absolutely. Because I’ve had it many times.” Regarding the accusations, Trump said “You can check with Sean Hannity.”

Jim Acosta also asked him why he always sides with the accused, not the accusers, to which Trump went on a tirade.

“I was accused by four or five women who got paid a lot of money to make up stories about me,” Trump incorrectly stated; there are reportedly at least 17 women who have accused him of sexual misconduct. “[…] I’m a very famous person, unfortunately. I’ve been a famous person for a long time, but I’ve had a lot of false charges made against me. Really false charges. People want fame, they want money, they want whatever. So, when I see it, I view it differently than somebody sitting home watching television where they say, ‘Oh, Judge Kavanaugh, this or that.’ It’s happened to me many times. I’ve had many false charges. I had a woman sitting in an airplane, and I attacked her while people were coming on to the plane? And I have a number one bestseller out?”

He also claimed that he had always said women are smarter than men.

After getting a question from a reporter from Kurdistan, while interrupting him several times, he kept exclaiming “They’re great people, they’re great fighters, I like them a lot,” after which he referred to the reporter as “Yes please, Mr. Kurd.”

Regarding his ridiculed speech at the UN General Assembly, Trump said that it has been presented falsely by the media and that everybody had been laughing together with him. Despite during the speech he exclaimed “Not the reaction I expected,” following the laughter.

“They weren’t laughing at me, they were laughing with me,” he insisted, defending his comments that his Administration had done more than any other in US history.

Regarding Xi Jinping, Trump said that he would “tomorrow, make a call to him and say ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ Trump said with a smile after admitting that Xi “may not be a friend of mine anymore. They are doing studies on Donald Trump, they are trying to figure it all out,” saying that the Chinese respect him for his “very, very large brain,” referring to a Chinese expert who was “on a show,” talking about the administration’s strategy, which includes the imposition of a number of tariffs.

To end his odd questioning session, Trump ended by citing Elton John, interrupting reporters and refusing to even hear their questions. “Elton John said when you hit that last tune and it’s good, don’t go back,” he said, after which he went into vocal thoughts on what happens when a performer doesn’t deliver a good encore after a concert. “They don’t hit it and … everyone leaves and they say ‘that wasn’t a very good concert, was it?’”

On the same day, Trump also accused China of seeking to interfere in the US midterm elections in November, while he was chairman at the UN Security Council.

When asked for proof, the president later cited a Chinese-funded newspaper advertisement in Iowa, a battleground state in the congressional campaign, that the Chinese government had paid for, lobbying against his trade policies. Administration officials, who appeared surprised by the allegations were able to give few other supporting details and pointed instead to repressive actions by the Chinese government to suppress domestic dissent. The purpose of the UNSC meeting was to discuss the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, completely unrelated to any US elections or US-China trade war. He did not mention Russia.

“They don’t want me or us to win because I am the first president to ever challenge China on trade,” Trump said. “We don’t want them to interfere in our upcoming election.”

The Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi rejected what he described as “unwarranted accusations” against Beijing.

“China has all along followed the principle of non-interference,” Wang said. “We did not and will not interfere in any country’s domestic affairs. We refuse to accept any unwarranted accusations against China.”

It wouldn’t be uncommon for Trump’s aides to walk back on all of his claims during the UNSC and the following press conference press conference.

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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

I like Trump, and he stood against gliobalism. thats a good start


Tell him to walk the walk then. Like hands off Syria. Enough defending the salafist terrorist just for petrodollar pipeline.

You can call me Al

Chaplin, do you mean walk the talk?

Bobby Twoshoes

Lol, he “stood” right up until he was elected then he couldn’t get on his knees fast enough. Did you really believe that a business tycoon would be a man for the worker?


Yes, the US voter (the STUPIDEST creature on earth) will believe anything. We elected a ‘b’ actor didn’t we? We elected the former head of the CIA didn’t we? We elected a sex maniac didn’t we? Then we went downhill faster than a roller coaster.


He didn’t. He just thought that it could’ve been much simpler using all available blackmail and violence to the US.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

yeah he did, he said he rejects globalism and socialism, and embraces the doctrine of nationalism


If nationalism he endorsed he’d pullback from disastrous Middle eastern entanglement and have the Lockheed pay up the funds back scrapping the f35 program altogether.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

after midterms, the next changes he can make will be once re elected really, 2nd term in office the POTUS has more leeway. Hopefully after the midterms he can start sacking more people


Yeah sure just make sure you show your disapproval in the strongest terms possible if he in fact raising up your collective debt again.
Ask the Russian how they live through their times shouldering USSR debts. That will happen to you or to your successive children.


Yeah, just like GW and Obama did. Get real. The first one to sack should be himself. Unfortunately this will leave us with the scumbag fundamentalist that he brought with him. The world and the people in the US would be far better off if the US just collapsed.


You really should read more about a cognitive dissonance.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes



He doesn’t even know what socialism really is.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

its communism, dressed up


You can’t believe everything. It’s that simple. This is just a theatre for sheep (like you).

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

blocking you because you are a dick

Ivan Freely

Trying to undo the embarrassment at the UN; only to make it worse.


If they replaced him with robot and it malfunctions on the stage the robot would be much less of embarrassment.

Zo Fu

Trump should learn something about
“The Emperor’s New Clothes” fairytale.
USA are becoming a hellhole and the President is naked.
And people are laughing at him.

Bobby Twoshoes

People trashing Trump on Twitter? What is the world coming to? It’s this same self-righteous virtue signalling that irritated enough people to get a cartoon character elected in the first place.

Promitheas Apollonious

that is what happens, when you live in a Mikey mouse make believe country.

Bobby Twoshoes

They seem to be so proud of their arrogant ignorance in every other sphere, you’d think they’d be over the moon to have a leader that truly represents them. Maybe they seethe with such spite because deep down he reminds them how ugly they themselves are?

al quaida

Imagine if Yemen was given a fraction of this attention by the press.


Trumpster you are a Clown….that is why the People are Laughing you are a Fool…comment image


Totally agree.

Gemma Tell

comment image

Gemma Tell

Then again, you could end up with a closet gay, who lied about his birthplace, with a tranny fetish in the WH. Lol. comment image


Just get the fuck out Hasbara Whore…

Tim Müller

I’m still wavering. I am highly ambivalent. I’m not sure if he belongs to the globalist group or not. Valeriy Pyakin says Trump is a globalist – and everything is going according to plan. The USA has to retract itself as a control center of global influence (make America great again), to finally make the shift (with some detours) to China as the center of global control.

Tim Müller

southfront, if this is too delicate what I wrote, skip it!

Vince Dhimos

I am starting to feel about Trump the way I did about Nixon. I feel deeply sorry for the man. He is obviously suffering from an emotional issue.


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…


Trump is another political opportunist – the pre-election Tump anti-war rhetoric means nothing – for decades US has been owned by special interests in foriegn policy – nothing has changed.

leon mc pilibin

Lunatic in charge,,the trump WH are all zionist warmongering lunatics.


“DRUMPF BAD” Jesus Christ this is low hanging fruit, I’ve no idea why South Front covers tripe like this, this has nothing do with with Syria or Ukraine

Gemma Tell

comment image

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