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Trump’s New National Security Adviser Threatens To Change “Iranian Regime” By 2019 (Video)

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Trump's New National Security Adviser Threatens To Change "Iranian Regime" By 2019 (Video)

People’s Mujahedin of Iran logo

The new national security adviser of US President Donald Trump, John Bolton, promised members of the Iranian opposition that the Iranian regime will be overthrown by 2019 during a meeting in the French capital of Paris eight months ago, the Intercept reported on March 25.

“Before 2019, we here will celebrate in Tehran!” Bolton told members of the Iranian opposition group, People’s Mujahedin of Iran (MEK), according to the Intercept.

During the meeting, Bolton said that a regime change in Iran is needed because the current regime is not going to change its behavior and vowed to forbid the Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Khomeini from celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Iranian revolution, that’s on February 11, 2019.

The MEK , which has an armed wing, was a part of the 1979 Iranian revolution with Khomeini and even carried out some attacks against US interests in the country back then. However, after failing to gain the power, the group has become the main opponent of the Iranian regime.

According to Iranian sources, more than 16,000 people have been killed in violent attacks conducted by the MEK inside Iran since 1979. The attacks have included a series of assassinations and bombings, which have targeted Iranian officials and civilians.

Despite all of these crimes, the MEK has been spending millions of dollars during the last few years to present itself as a moderate group that’s ready to replace the current regime of Iran if the West decides to support a regime change war there, according to the Intercept.

Bolton’s endorsement of the MEK and his promise to overthrow the Iranian regime were not a surprise to most observers. Killing the nuclear deal with Iran is the least to expect from the new warmonger national security adviser, according to several observers, who also believe that a US war on Iran is steadily becoming more likely.

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Why the hype? He’s expressing the general opinion of Americans that Iran needs a regime change. Moving on…


And you find this agreeable. Well. let me say that I see a desperate need for a regime change in usa, israhell, france, germany, uk, the eu puppets, say by the end of 2018.

George King

The Saker on Anglo-Zionist Empire’s escalating lies & hysteria https://www.patreon.com/posts/17657399 Well spent audio hour, special points 45 minutes in and 55 minutes.


What, and install yourself as president of all of them? That’s the only way to make your kind happy.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

“Needs?” Because that’s what the Jews want?


Stop blaming the Jews for your crimes, time to man up.


Hey! Leave the man alone, there are two vets in the room.


Agreed, and most of the world is of the general opinion that America needs to be nuked out of existence, opinions.


That’s not funny at all.


The braindead troll who ‘thought’ patriot missiles hit any scuds during the first gulf war. Sez it all really. The Deep State can only find the lowest quality idiots to push their agenda online.

If Putin wasn’t a zionist appeaser, our side would have a trivial victory over the Deep State.


This Zionist fool will start WW3; I am calling it!

Nigel Maund

This guy is a NWO Anglo – American Zionist Bankster – Corporatist Cabal Warmongering Circus Barker of the first rank and downright bloody dangerous lunatic. Trust madman Trump to allow this maniac into a position of power. The scale of US lunacy just beggars belief as the maniacs are completely running the farm. So, yes, WW3 is certianly a distinct possibility now.


No, John Bolton is brought on board when the intention to begin the Iran War and then WW3 is already decided. This vile simple-minded jewish supremacist is simply a pure boot boy. The ‘brains’ are elsewhere.

The thinking (former) Trump lovers are now in mortal terror, having watched Trump put together a perfect Tony Blair approved neo-con team. When Blair last had such a team put together (after his failed Kosovo War), we got PNAC, then 911 (the new pearl harbour), then the Afghanistan War then the Iraq War.

Tony Blair’s protoge, Hillary Clinton, was supposed to have (easily) won the election and immediately confronted Russia in Syria with her “no fly zone”. If Russia had backed down and fled, OR confronted America militarily, either would have suited the Deep State. But Clinton lost, and a little time was needed to turn Trump. Now time’s up, and Putin the appeaser seen as the perfect stooge by the Deep State.


Actually Trump seems to do these things to out crazy the crazies. If Hitler was still alive, Trump would appoint him Secretary of State. But yes you are right, a war is coming, the Americans would rather be dead than not rule the world.

So give them their wish Mr Putin, may I suggest the 4th of July. It seems appropriate that America should die on the same day it was born.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Adolf died fighting against the Zionist-UK-Empire who gave Palestine to the Jew’s. Trump’s family is Jewish, not Christian. Adolf and Trump would fight one on one to the death. Then after Trump lost, Adolf would fight Benjamin Netanyahu one on one to the death as well. http://ihr.org/


The technological gap of Iran and those of the US and West have shrinking much over the last decades that there’s no walk in the park with it.

John Whitehot

The technological gap of Vietnam and the US in the 60ies was much larger.

The technological gap of the Talibans and the US since 2001 is even larger.

Do I need to add anything.


Just the tech gap between Houthis and Saudi is even more. The Houthis do not even have a decent boot to wear in the desert


Looney statements like this are going to help get millions of Iranians murdered. Iran has no means of self defense against the USA. All Iran can do is fire tens of thousands of ground to ground missiles at KSA or Israel. Saddam tried ‘attack’ as defense and you know how that ended up.


Iraq looks easy compared to the difficulties of invading Iran. 4 times bigger, over 500, 000 soldiers, another 430,000 reservists. Mountainous terrain, network of shia militias all over the ME ready to strike. S300s, anti ship missiles, medium & long range missiles. Iran would quickly be overwhelmed by US air power but they would excel at asymmetric warfare. The US would have huge casualities if they put their gender neutral soyboys on the ground.


Meat is murder go vegan. Soy is only one bean, there are many others. Tempeh is good fermented soy.

George King

Are you advocating GMO’s Don? Remember we are talking by hook or crook and defending against the divide and conquer “matrix”.


Just to be clear. the MEK is NOT opposition. It’s a terror organization supported by the governments of the US and France overtly and by others covertly, despite being known as a terrorist group by the UN and the governments of a lot of countries, including the US.

I’d say if the US and Bolton’s aim is to replace the Iranian government with the terrorists of MEK, good luck! Better to drain their money and energy on such a helpless and unpopular (hated is a better word) group of 3,000 people than to do something which actually may work, like working from within the government or something.

PS. It’s the mantra of anti-Iranian groups for 40 years: Next year we celebrate in Tehran!


The ONLY purpose MEK serves is ‘proving’ to the US people that a ‘legitimate’ opposition exists in Iran. Yes, I know to us that’s a total joke. But to the dumb-dumbs who willingly watch jewish BBC, CNN etc (and we all know such people as friends and family), such lies are accepted as the unvarnished ‘truth’.

MEK is but kindling to help start the fire. Once the fire is started, the lies used matter not one way or another.

The BIGGEST factor with the dribbling sheep of the USA is the ‘humiliation’ of the US embassay ‘hostages’ in Iran. When the vile warmongering USA sez “we are going to get revenge”, the sickos always mean it. Tis why Libya was doomed. And its the greatest factor in the doom of Iran.

The Iran War will be like nothing the world has ever witnessed before. America will wipe out EVERYTHING that makes Iran Iran. And most of this will be done with the ‘small’ nuclear warheads Russia and the USA have perfected since the early 1960s. Every facility in Iran, industrial, civil and military, will be nuked.

Remember Tony Blair’s NATO bombing campaign in Serbia. As the Americans got more and more angry at the Serbians for not crying ‘uncle’, how they extended the target list to every major factory, power station, hospital and TV centre. And that was what the West considers a teeny tiny insignificant war. The Iran War will be a million times worse.

And Iran is without any allies (certainly not the zionist appeaser Putin).


Really nukes on Iran – what have you been inhaling! how would the US sell that crime to the public & the world at large. The US would need a false flag pretext of massive proportions to pull this off. Attack likely using nukes NO


He’s not very off. Iran will be a tough nut to crack with conventional weapons and the usual US strategy. Having a pretext to go nuclear won’t be that hard for the crazies and the US (and the evil empire in general) has a looong history of conducting false flags.

Haven’t you seen or heard these psychopaths? See and hear for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpuYuMMIuig

They may not use the “tactical” nukes on the population this time, but would certainly use it on military and infrastructure targets, if they manage to start the war.


“In the game”??? Moral idiot this man.

Vince Dhimos

Well, Putin promised he would retaliate if anyone attacked his allies with nukes.

Olayinka Abdulgafar

Sorry sir because I believe you mean well, but Iranian planners are not counting on it.


The use of nukes on Iran has been on the drawing board for a while:

In August 2005, Giraldi wrote that US Vice President Dick Cheney had instructed STRATCOM to prepare “a contingency plan to be employed in response to another 9/11-type terrorist attack on the United States… [including] a large-scale air assault on Iran employing both conventional and tactical nuclear weapons … not conditional on Iran actually being involved in the act of terrorism directed against the United States.” The reason cited for the attack to use mini-nukes is that the targets are hardened or are deep underground and would not be destroyed by non-nuclear warheads.



You’re a strange person. One one hand you present the degeneracy of the situation sanely. On the other, you seem to climax attack the idea of the degeneracy (destroying Iran).


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They’re going to have to get a move on! And I’d expect Israel is running low on available mista’arvim by now (they keep getting killed in E ghouta)…..


Every country has its traitors, even Iran.


Bolton ought to apply himself to something productive that will be better for the US and humanity. Like the dejudification of Israel and the US to create a Jew free planet.



You are a dumb racist or a troll calling for genoicide correct? Those are mostly European and Khazarian blooded people in Isreal occupying Palestinian land. But we dont want genocide against the invaders. , we just want the Palestinians rights and land respected, even if it only means the 1967 borders. End military occupation of Palestine.


LOL, another moron who doesn’t understand English, look up outlaw and genocide in a dictionary and do a refresher course of how to get out of your diapers and stop sucking your thumb.


Meanwhile the other kremlin outlet, sputnik, is CHEERING the Saudi shoot down of the Yemen missiles (which is fake news, as we know).

John Bolton was considered safe to finally bring in once Trump had been convinced what a hopeless and ineffective APPEASER Putin actually is. Even today, the Russian embassy is on its knees begging Trump to put the UK straight- as if the Deep State is not a perfect unity.

The dreadful fire in Russia that ended the lives of so many poor children now typifies the jewish corruption in Russia, and how powerful jewish business interests never have to worry about small things like ‘health and safety’. How many russian jews became BILLIONAIRES after the fall of the USSR? Do you knw how many similar fires Russia has suffered over the last several years?

Putin’s fatal weakness is his love of jews, and belief they are the ‘master race’. But the jewish power structure serves the Deep State, as we all know (and as jews boast about every day). So zionist Putin can never be effective against the Deep State, by definition.

The Iran War is the final test. Jews hate Iran, as we all know. They see this persian state as the last hold out against depraved jewish/wahhabi hegemony in the region. Iraq was destroyed cos of its industrial potential. Same with Syria. Libya never worried the jews- that was an American thing. But Iran is the ultimate sophisticated industrial nation in the region, and thus must be wiped out.

And I should point out that both Saddam and Assad spent much time saying how much they LOVED the jews, as if that would have saved them.

Anyway Tony Blair’s best mate, John Bolton, doesn’t even try to hide it. His argument is simply “the jews hate Iran so America must do everything in its power to holocaust Iran”. He says this plainly and clearly. And the appeaser Putin responds by asking what can he do to please Trump and his mates.

Iran is royally effed. It cannot protect itself- its air defense systems are pure antiquated garbage. Its airforce awful. It relies on M.A.D., but the very ability of Iran to saturate Israel or KSA with ground to ground missiles is the very justification France, the UK and Britain are going to use to declare war on Iran.

Putin has promised Israel to do nothing to help Iran- and he intends to keep that promise. Meanwhile Putin is selling s-400 air defense systems to all the West friendly regimes in the region, so they’ll feel happier about the Iran War.

Putin the appeaser is not protecting us from World War- he is ensuring the world war cannot be avoided. Putin is the stooge the Deep State needs.


You’re a habitual pathological liar. You’ve been spewing this anti Russian garbage for months as the Syrian government coalition has racked up victory after victory. You’re a complete fool.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

You can bet the S400s exported cannot shoot down Russian aircraft.


Unlike American Patriot missiles, that have proven they can shoot down British aircraft. http://www.foxnews.com/story/2003/03/24/british-two-killed-as-us-patriot-shot-down-fighter-jet.html


Perhaps Iran should charge Bolton with supporting terrorism, and ask Interpol to arrest him. When he gets to Iran, he would get a fair trial and then hung.


& The Banksters march on: http://www.theeventchronicle.com/finance/three-countries-left-without-rothschild-central-bank/ John Doran.


I wish I was a Rothschild. I think I would be a better king of the world than the senile pieces of shit currently part of the dynasty.


“all European Central Banks are completely publicly owned. They are corporations with 100% Government ownership. They do operate as ‘independent’ entities, though. Before the ECB they set interest rates and managed the volume without Government interference. Nowadays this is done by the ECB, which in turn is owned outright by the national Central Banks.”

– Does Rothschild own all Central Banks? –



You seem to be unaware that the Gold Standard was usury. Started after 1694 with the establishment of the Bank of England, the deceptively named “Gold Standard” meant the Banksters could lend out, & charge interest on, £100 for every £10 they had in their vaults. Do the Maths: lend out £1000 @ 5% pa interest with only £100 in the vaults. = £50 pa payment. = Bank repaid in 2 years = £100. = every year thereafter = pure profit for the Banksters. It was the start of National Fractional Reserve Banking. It was a huge fraud on the public. A con. Book: Pawns in the Game, William Guy Carr. YouTube video 3.5 hrs: BILL STILL MONEY MASTERS John Doran.


You don’t have to explain fractional reserve banking to me. I know how it works and how derivatives daisy chain default works as well. I’m trying to explain to you without being offensive how not to publish obvious disinfo that makes you look bad. You’re a smart guy. But you put yourself in the troll category by posting clearly false material. If you want people to take you seriously, my suggestion would be to avoid that.


Try a one hour youtube video: Retired Head Of FBI Tells All Re the Banksters & their filthy games. Try a 3.5 hr youtube: BILL STILL MONEY MASTERS I’ll continue to post what I believe, based on what I’ve read & seen. If you can disprove me, be my guest: that’s the scientific method for advancing knowledge. If I’m posting “obvious disinfo” you should obviously be able to easily disprove me. If, on the other hand, all you’ve got is sly insults, you got nothing.


I’ve disproven you repeatedly and you’ve ignored it.


You’ve put your opinions forward, for what they’re worth. You’ve disproven nothing. JD. You’re becoming a pest, a waste of time to reply to.


No, I’ve provided quotes and links disproving the disinfo that you’ve been posting on these threads trying obfuscate the truth and divert attention from the Jew’s crimes.


No wonder VT kicked you off: you’re a nutjob screw loose Troll. :)


Your a liar, truth hater and false accuser trotting out the same old tired disinfo peddling obfuscation and blame shifting. I’ve disproved your lies, you’ve ignored the proof of that and haven’t disproven what I’ve written, because you can’t. You’re a moron and a loser.

You can’t win a debate with credible proof and evidence, so you just change the subject and add to your lies with more lies. I’ve seen it over and over from idiots like you.


HEHEHEHEHEHEHE Looking in the mirror much, Troll? The proof, in a peer-reviewed paper, that you’ve been demanding like a spoiled brat. :) http://www.wattsupwiththat.com/?=Trolls JD.


You’re evading the issue of your disinfo that I’ve exposed.

Copy and paste from what I’ve written, and from that link something that disproves what I’ve written, and explain how it disproves it.


Now it’s worse. The “Gold Standard” was a 90% con: 10% real money, 90% fiat money, imaginary money. Now it’s a 100% con: zero real money, 100% fiat, imaginary money. This was scientifically proved 2014. Even the 2 directors of the small German Bank did not realise they were creating money as loans, as debt, out of thin air. Dr. Werner proved this is how it works: http://www.dailykos.com/stories/2015/1/12/1357390/-Creating-money-out-of-thin-air Endless profits for the Banksters, endless slavery for the plebs, the serfs. John Doran.


Yes I know, but it isn’t done by Rothchild owning all but three central banks. Which isn’t true.


Have you read: The Creature From Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin ? Or: Pawns in the Game, by William Guy Carr ?


Prove to me with quality evidence that Rothchild owns all but 3 central banks and that the Rockefellers are Jews. You can’t because it’s a lie. As I’ve shown with quotes and links.


Your obsession with Jews blinds you to the reality that Religion is irrelevant to these people: they are a Khazarian Mafia set on Global Domination. They care not a fig for Religions, which they use to set one tribe fighting another: Jews vs Muslims vs Christians etc etc etc ad infinitum. You are a boring obsessive & becoming tiresome. John Doran. The Rockefellers & Rothschilds are effectively the same family through both business & family relationships.


You’re the one posting links saying that Rockefellers are Jews, when clearly they’re not. You’re the disinfo peddler, not me.


I’m not fan of the current Iranian regime, but the MEK is far worse. The US foreign policy is constantly replacing stable moderate regimes with stable radical regimes or replacing stable radical regimes with unstable radical regimes, or after that, replacing unstable radical regimes with unstable jihadist anarchy.

It is so fucking unbelievable and sick. Think of how much better Iran, and the middle east as a whole would be if 1) Israel was not created, 2) the democratically elected government of Iran in 1953 was not overthrown by the CIA and 3) The radical Wahabbi and the House of Saud were not bankrolled by western powers in the early 20th century. Of course I could list many more things, like Iraq, Gaddafi, arming the “freedom fighters” in Afghanistan, etc etc but those 3 are distinctly idiotic geopolitical decisions who’s ramifications are still felt and compounded to this very day.

Not only would the world be a better/safer place, but I would argue that even western countries like the UK, US, France, etc would be better off if they weren’t meddling in the middle east after WW1.

Gregory Casey

I absolutely agree with you. Not very many people know that the Shah of Iran had only held power for <25 years when overthrown and that he had been put in power by the CIA following the coup of 1953 against a democratically elected Arab-Socialist Government. Bolton is now the single biggest biggest threat to Iran, Syria & Yemen and to world peace.


Not exactly an “Arab-Socialist” government, but nationalist and Iranian. Otherwise correct statement.

I think John Bolton is a nobody, just a pawn like Nikki Haley and Trump himself. They are symptoms, not the cause of the problem. They only exist to say the words, execute the plans and serve the interests of others

S Melanson

I agree with you Garga that others behind the scenes run the show but the symptoms of the problem foretell the remedy. Bolton is not seen as a nobody given his consistent track record that earned him recognition as the most ‘dangerous man’ such that even some neocon hawks considered Bolton as scary. Trump’s crew sends a message that diplomacy will be at best lip service – for Bolton, he does not even bother with lip service. For him, diplomacy is a pejorative term unless you append gunboat before the word diplomacy. Boltan’s Diplomats will conduct diplomacy from inside the cockpits of fighter aircraft to convince the population of the need for regime change, i.e. you have two choices, either we install our puppet who understands who is master, else, we will bomb you into oblivion. Unfortunately, this is no joke. Foreign diplomats see Bolton as clear signal of intent to apply the Bush doctrine of preemptive ‘defence’ backed by enthusiastic cheer leaders like Bolton, Pompei and Nikki etc. Hello PNAC, goodbye to the silly notion of respect for international law and diplomacy.

You can call me Al

He was put in power to assist the exploitation of the Oil & Gas by big European and US firms – he was removed by the people because they saw no benefits themselves from said Iranian Oil & Gas fields.

Ariel Cohen

Mossadegh was Iranian, and was the first democratically elected government leader that Iran had ever had. His ousting was the main source of grievance of the Iranian people against the US, and it eventually broke out into an open revolution in 1979 . .Karma.

Real Anti-Racist Action

If the world cannot unite and liberate Palestine by 2019. Then all Goyim all over the world deserve to be exterminated by the Jews and replaced by the Jewish race. It is either us or them. There is no in-between. These are the rules of the game that Jew’s themselves made for the world to have to live by. https://dailystormer.name/vile-kikes-bombinb-gaza-again-because-hey-why-not/


How exactly is it that we “deserve” to be exterminated based on your timeline? You sure as hell don’t speak for me and you do not represent me.


Hey ruca, I love your avatar. LOL.


Thanks hamster!

George King

I believe this was a mixture of being factious with overtones of despair, truth and confusion between Jews as a religion rather than a religion being used as a tool by zionist.

Ariel Cohen

Can you just imagine if the incendiary rhetoric was coming the other way?

“Khamenei said that a regime change in America is needed because the current regime is not going to change its behavior and vowed to forbid US President Donald Trump from celebrating the next Thanksgiving”

Now you have some idea of how ludicrous these whack-jobs are. Bolton will keep kissing his Zionist masters’ feet (and arse) and they will continue to reward him for his misplaced loyalty. When his usefulness is over, they will treat him like any other goyim scum and cast him aside . .

Vince Dhimos

So when is Bolton going to do regime change in the terror supporting Saudi Arabia?

You can call me Al

This John Bolton creature has always been and will always be, one of those typical in-bred, Yanker war mongers that believes that the US is still exceptional. He is as mad as a hatter and thus very dangerous.


Don’t worry the MEK has virtually no support or backing inside Iran, not even 1%. They’re universally despised as traitors.

This video only proves what a clown John Bolton is, but we already knew that.


I doubt Mr. Boltons’ vision of the future will come true.


A military intervention is the culmination of an ideological war. In the case of Iran, the ideological war begun nearly two decades ago and thus, the military intervention will be proportional. One can only hope that Iran is ready to counter-attack (preferably with nukes) and/or can rely on Russia.

On another but related note, dropping the US dollar as world currency reserve may be another motivation for war and the reason why Russia/China may not intervene to help/save Iran.

Hide Behind

Bolton is certifiably a F’n religious nutcase, his religious and Fascist fanaticism is his main driving ideal, and he is a Hero figure of the Christian Zionist community, PNAC, and the Israeli lobby in US and Europe. The US military know he is a nut but they believe they can control him while he lavishly supplies their every military needs. They cannot as his backing by force comes from Intelligence sources. And let’s not forget there are powerfull figures in military that do want a war upon Iran and Korea, two nations Bolton still calls axis of evil. His evil being non Christian demon nations. Do not put M E K aside lightly, there is a lot more too them than just a bunch of flowing robed fanatics hollering Allah AKBAR while firing old AK’s. They receive military training by US and Euros at old Soviet military base upon Caspian Sea, US bought and gave to old Blackwater. Their leadership is centralized there but they have people who for years now who work upon US Brit, Canadian, Australian and Euro universities and within all their Dept. Of State and cultural bureaus. All learning neoliberal governing positions, so many that the millions the dumb as rocks wonder where they come from, of their slick propaganda sites, is but a pea in a bucket. They do now and then carryout terror attacks, both to keep Iran jumpy and to impress their paymasters. The same as does the Kurd specforces do within Iran to impress their paymasters. Dark state, non elected powerfull people’s. HE IS ONE DANGEROUS MAN IN THIS POSITION, BECAUSE ALL OF THE BALLESS MALES THAT TRUMP SURROUNDS HIMSELF WITH FEAR BOLTON’S BACKERS, MORE THAN Trump. Bolton was not chosen by Trump, Trump may know how to Buy good-looking wives and beautiful whores, but he is but a pimple on a real mans ass, Bolton was put in place by what we call Dark State.


(BOLT on) the asshat HAS CHANGED a REQUIEM he got Trump IMPEACHED!!!! his change IS NO MAGA ever. his pandering will not help trump . Trump is a LIAR that IS the whole STORY! end of story.

Richard M

I wonder if Wilford ran this idea by the Trumpster before outgassing publicly?

Don't read butthurt replies

This idiot looking for a death wish.

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