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Trump’s Maximum Pressure Campaign Lives On Under Biden’s Command

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The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps received 340 new speedboats during a ceremony at the southern Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas.

The delivered speedboats are co-produced by the IRGC Navy and the Defense Ministry and are capable of carrying various types of missiles to attack enemy targets. The delivery took place alongside the celebration of the 42nd anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. These boats are to be actively used in the Persian Gulf, Sea of Oman, and the Caspian Sea.

The IRGC Navy is focused on smaller vessels, aimed at swarming a potential adversary. The newly-delivered speedboats were described as agile, maneuverable and equipped with radar-evading stealth technology.

Tehran is continuing to reinforce its positions and pursue its interests. This is prompted by the fact that US President Joe Biden’s vow to rejoin the Nuclear Deal turned out to be entirely hollow. Iran demanded that the sanctions imposed by the Trump Administration be removed, otherwise rejoining the deal meant nothing.

On February 8th, Biden confirmed that sanctions on Iran wouldn’t be lifted, with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki saying that such a “big policy change” wasn’t planned.

To show some “reduction in pressure”, the USS Nimitz carrier strike group was pulled out of the region, in a signal that an escalation with Iran isn’t planned. That happened as Tehran, Moscow and Beijing announced they would hold joint naval drills.

In response, US Central Command’s Gen Kenneth McKenzie said that Iran was the “Main Driver of Instability”, in his first public address since Biden became president. McKenzie repeated a usual a US accusation against Tehran, claiming that for more than forty years it “has funded and aggressively supported terrorism and terrorist organizations.” The “maximum pressure” campaign is simply “on hold”, but is not canceled.

Iranian allies in the Middle East continue actively operating, hammering US interests and those of their allies.

US convoys continue suffering regular attacks in Iraq, with two being subject to attacks on February 7th. In Lebanon, Hezbollah said that it would continue targeting and downing Israeli drones and more. Israel’s lack of activity in the previous days is quite notable.

The most significant success is being achieved in Yemen, by the Houthis. The Ansar Allah movement is pushing the Saudi-led coalition back, as it destroyed ammunition depots and weapons in Marib. Riyadh also intercepted a swarm of suicide drones attributed to the Houthis, but there was no confirmation.

Saudi Arabia is also remaining active in airstrikes, and violating the al-Hudaydah ceasefire, but with few results to show.

US and allied interests are being pressured all around the Middle East, as the Biden administration refuses to turn its back on any of Trump’s “maximum pressure” policies. The withdrawal of the USS Nimitz CSG is a likely a welcome sign, but the sanction regime remaining, surely, spoils the party.

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Laurent Parodi

Once you decide to apply maximum pressure strategy on several countries you show your real face and you show your real goals. The targeted countries understand there are no possibilities to have good relations with you and adapt to the new reality.

Maximum pressure strategy is impossible to reverse which means if the strategy is implemented it is a decision taken by the real power which never changes in the US and not by the president. So the maximum pressure continues with biden as expected.


With max pressure policy is fossilized…rendered much less effective. All moves are predictable…uncertainty and surprise is lost as well as any So-called Soft Power.

Just Me


Jens Holm


Cows there has only two tits.

John Brown

Wow you get it.

I think trump decided nothing the deep state did. So the maximum pressure continues with biden as I was expecting.

The deep state is the racist supremacist global Jewish satanic slave empire dictatorship whose capital is Israel.

Jens Holm

The deep state is made by You acting as creating information under Your bedblankets not even with a flashlight, is more true then any free information on internet.

No wonder You remain just above Ironage.

Julie Bronson

SICKENING! BOTH parties are CORRUPT, EPSTEIN GUILTY and serve our 911 MURDERING / Epstein RAPING BLACKMAILING / ISIS TERRORIST / Beruit NUKING / USS LIBERTY MURDERING PARASITE SATANIC SCUMBAG MONSTERS IN TEL AVIV. Get it? https://www.thenation.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/clinton-epstein-trump-img.jpg?scale=896&compress=80

Just Me

Jews have crawled up every orifice of US banana republic, just like what they did in Russia.


Jens Holm


Jens Holm


Julie Bronson

Not sure what this map represents or why 2 people thumbed it down????

Jens Holm

I just tell what all maps and statistic says. Its easy to blame others for corruption greens are leas corrupt then the red ones.

So focus might be at home for many here cleaning own gardens. That might include Yours !

When You have corruption its true all over, but its very visible, that free speach and good court systems also show much of it as well as lowering it.

By thats You have less deeep state as well as You have more in the red zones.

Im from Denmark, which for the momënt is number one i corruption.Corruption is not none but lower. So I actually know the difference and it works for us compared to others.

So I do get it and wont write shame on You . You probatly dont know what that is.

Julie Bronson

Since BOTH parties are EPSTEIN GUILTY and CORRUPT and I have consistently pointed this out, I think i’m good.

Hasbara Hunter

The rest of the World should Sanction USraHell…

Jim Allen

These countries aren’t exactly fighting independently.

Jens Holm

Thats right. We vote about it and try to make sober balances.

Some links for whats better would be nice. I see none here.

Hasbara Hunter

Only the top of the Pyramid in almost every Nation belongs to the Khazars…over the Ages the have Infiltrated every Top-Position..It is the People of those Nations who hold True Power…except they do not realize it…yet…

Jim Allen

I’m aware, this issue discusses countries that aren’t leveraged by debt to the Cabal, and are allies, militarily, and commercially. Also are without Central Bank. Iraq, must have Cabal debt, but this didn’t stop Nouri al Maliki from being the first Iraqi to stand on Russian soil, requesting a military alliance, and left with both trade, military alliances, and a bit of advice from Iraq’s new ally. The advice was accecpted, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Russia have these alliances, mutually. The Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal has weaseled it’s way in to every country in some way, or other, at one time, or other. Some countries twice, even three times. US Government is a wholly owned subsidiary of The City of London, so we in ‘Merica have an appreciation of Globalist reach. The handful that the indoctrination program didn’t stick to, or we’re old enough to have missed out on the start of the accelerated version. Not all Khazars are behind the Cabal, there’s all kind of dead bodies reflecting that. Khazars hate Russia, and Iran above all other countries, packing that grudge for 1,500(+/-) year’s, made several attempts to destroy these countries. Failed every time. The Globalists, oligarchs, Zionist Khazar’s, elite, or whatever, are arrogant sociopaths, and lunatics that somehow believe they’re superior to all us goyim. They’re not. If they were, they’d have reached their objectives centuries ago. The Cabal has gathered unbelievable wealth, and power over time, not because they’re so brilliant, but because they’re criminals, and found out the vulnerabilities, and weakness inherent in human beings, and used their wealth to exploit it at the Global level. “Forgetting” they’re equally vulnerable, to their own PsyOps, and propaganda. They’ve destroyed the world, if they do nothing else, the Gamma radiation leaking uncontrolled worldwide today is killing the only known environment in the universe able to sustain life as we know it quite rapidly. Fuckupshima Daiaichi alone is an existential threat, and there’s several other locations leaking as much, or more extremely high levels of Gamma radiation worldwide. Into the oceans, and into the air. Nuclear war at this point is superfluous. The Cabal failed to contain the countries it’s sworn to destroy, and they’ve become powerful military forces that possess advanced technology, and capabilities decades ahead of the Western military forces the Cabal depends on to protect it. Which the Cabal has chosen to destroy, as it’s advancing it’s Globalist agenda’s of one world Government, and the genocide of 90% of world population. China is the logical replacement for the US military, but it appears there’s issues rising between the Cabal, and the Chinese. The Khazars have been brutal to the Chinese from the moment it was discovered China existed. The Chinese have always quietly accecpted the losses, of people, resources, untold tons of gold. India as well. This last Zionist Khazar treachery appears to have angered China. Or, it’s fantastic political theatre, and Xi is playing the role of controlled opposition flawlessly. We’ll see.

Hasbara Hunter

Good story….:)

Jens Holm

You are minority rapport as some dwarf in high heels on a chair in the dark,


Iran is doing fine, they are enriching fissile material, building more ballistic missiles and drones, US forces are regularly attacked in Iraq, Hezzbolah is shooting down Israeli drones, the Houthis are attacking Saudis regularly….etc. Western desire to limit the Iranian ballistic program is a no go, and to go to JCPOA would require major unilateral concessions from US.


Iraq holds the key here……if the US gets evicted by the Iraqi’s, and Iraq can withstand US sanctions, then the SyRaq riddle can be solved in Iran’s favor. Currently though, this is not the case. Iran will not take responsibility for Iraq being sanctioned.

cechas vodobenikov

amerikans believe when emperor gates replaced the idiot trump with a dementia hair smeller they can delay the collapse of their disintegrating empire…the bewildered herd are oblivious narcotized by meth, holly wood transgender hamburgers they believe any CIA/NYT fiction published

Jens Holm

Again no substance. You keep Your low level well and this one gives a + +

Serg The Purge

Well duh!!!! Of course it will, and will get worse. Trump always kept himself from being driven to war, and trust me the deep State almost got their war with the killing of Seulami. The puppet Biden will say and do what he is told by his handlers…. war is coming.



Jens Holm

Salami got what he got too late.

Just Me

The real issue is that senile Biden is just a puppet of the Zionist scum that have total control over the deadbeat US banana republic. No amount of “maximum” pressure can work on Iran, it is a bridge too far.


Jens Holm

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/32885870f66c052982d0666863c293c8693c05c364a7acc02159f3fe91d4a061.jpg Hip Hip

Ryan Glantz

you guys realize that “biden’s whitehouse” he’s operating from is a movie set duplicate of the oval office in “Castle Rock, Studios, California,” right? You also realize the US military refuses to recognize him as president, right?


Biden is a mere stooge with no power and is living in a basement somewhere, perhaps California or Delaware. The Jews are pulling his demented fools strings and not too subtlety either.


Ryan Glantz

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fe63c153230510b75701652206f https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/33131d5e29ab7045d7585f9603dbd7c652477eb64f5ad1086756f4574dcde47e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/874660b931da1b70907a527725393c244ffb17667ddcc6b26289f002a91d249e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fe63c153230510b75701652206ff4d5d6a36ce9f05ecac767f3faae58c29e2c8.jpg

Jens Holm

He is elected. Putin is not

Jens Holm

Yerrh, his head is oval too.


Sadly to the detriment of the brainwashed US population, the post WW2 era has been completely hijacked by an insidious greedy Jew cabal of liar, plunderers, and charlatans who are hell bent on dragging US into endless wars for their Zionist goals. US taxpayer has literally been bankrupted by this small 1% criminal cabal of Jews and their asslickers in Congress and other government, media, business and academic institutions. Jews have wrought havoc with the US and the world.

Jens Holm

Im fine if we all in the western Economies are runned by Jews. Great succes. I have heard they even wrote the Choran to keep You down and Muhmmmed Economikcs as bonus.

So hip hip.

If You want to get rich outside the western world, You has to be more corrupt then the rest og make coffins.

In ME and North Africa svimming lessons might be a well paid job too.

Jens Holm

That not correct. Biden return to the “Obama Care” aand probatly updated. Trump was instabilty in this too.

Whatever people like him or not, we can trust him. There are systems. You can rely.

Assad must stay

yea smart plan biden, keep doing the same failed strategy trump did, LOL what a total schmuckass moron, iran will continue to prosper for thousands of years long after the decline of western civilization

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