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Trump’s “Hybrid Plan” For Syria: Gulf States’ Force And Mercenaries

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Trump's "Hybrid Plan" For Syria: Gulf States' Force And Mercenaries

AP Photo / Hussein Malla

US President Trump is preparing to put in place his great ideas and “hybrid palns” on the conflict in Syria, according to the mainstream media.

Now, according to the Wall Street Journal’s sources among US officials, the Trump Administration is seeking to establish an Arab force that would replace US troops in the war-torn country.

According to the report, Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton allegedly held a phone conversation with Abbas Kamel, Egypt’s acting intelligence chief, to see if Cairo was willing to contribute to this plan.

The US had also allegedly requested Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE to allocate billions of dollars to restore the northeastern part of Syria and asked the countries to send their forces there.

The plan is allegedly aimed at preventing the “security vacuum” in the US-occpied parts of Syria if US troops withdraw. However, the US troops withdrawal still remains in question as the US military is establishing new bases in the country.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that Erik Prince, best known for founding the government services and security company Blackwater USA, now known as Academi, has reportedly said that some Gulf states officials  have contacted him to discuss the prospects of assembling a force in Syria.

Currently, Saudi Arabia and its allies are facing significant problems with their intervention in Yemen. So, it’s hard to expect that some force of the Saudi-led coalition may be deployed in Syria. On the other hand, Gulf states have enough money to pay US-linked private security contractors that may serve in the combat zone.

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Brian Minavi

when you have mercenaries that fight for money versus militias that fight for religion or an ideology, history has always been on the side of the latter. A current example is Yemen. I hope these Persian gulf arabs start this initiative and another black hole for their stashed resources

You can call me Al

They are for their unified Country, which should be added.


“According to the report, Trump’s national security adviser John Bolton allegedly held a phone conversation with Abbas Kamel, Egypt’s acting intelligence chief, to see if Cairo was willing to contribute to this plan”

Who is John Bolton ?


John Bolton and Disarmament through War

John Bolton, an extreme right-wing militant acting under the protection of Dick Cheney, was an insignificant undersecretary of State of Bush Senior’s Administration and expected a promotion under Bush junior’s administration. An advocate of the dissolution of the UN, he also favored the dissolution of the international disarmament treaties and encouraged the U.S. to launch “preventive” wars to control the Islamic or communist countries, beginning with Iraq, Syria and North Korea.

John R. Bolton was born on November 20, 1948 in Baltimore and at the university he was already a right-wing militant. He was also a member of Barry Goldwater’s campaign in 1964. Once he got his Law degree at Yale University, he started to work for a law firm and met Jesse Helms. He used his legal skills to found a parliamentary club that would be used to finance the North Carolina racist senator’s campaign by avoiding the law on political donations. For this, he was only given a $10 000 fine by the Federal Electoral Commission (FEC).

During Reagan’s first term, Bolton was appointed adviser to the US Agency for International Development (USAID). After that, he returned to his law firm and then again to the USAID as deputy administrator of programs and political coordination. In 1989, Edwin Messe, named Secretary of Justice by Ronald Reagan, appointed Bolton deputy to the Justice Department, as suggested by Senator Jesse Helms. Then, he conscientiously wrote off all instructions pertaining to drug dealing on the Iran-Contra case in which republican congressmen were involved. This marked the beginning of his political career. During George H. Bush presidency, he became first Secretary of State James Baker III’s assistant for intergovernmental organizations and then Lawrence S. Eagleburger’s.

When democrats returned to the White House with Bill Clinton, John Bolton quit and joined a law firm he founded with some associates: Lerner, Reed, Bolton & McManus. He especially strengthened his ties with Dick Cheney, the leader of the Republican Party. In 1995, John R. Bolton accepted the presidency of the National Policy Forum (NPF), a product of the Party with think tank façade (a usually political center of research, propaganda and spreading of ideas), free of taxes, which actually collected secret funds [1].

Due to a bank complicity, the Party got loans amounting to million of dollars from Forum that were never refunded. It especially benefited from Ambrous Young’s contributions, a multimillionaire from Hong Kong, and those of the Pacific Cultural Foundation, a front created by reverend Moon under the Taiwan government [2]. In 1996, he held a conference where pressure groups had access to republican congressmen. The admission was fixed at $25 000 and there were extortion complains [3]. John Bolton accepted annual fees worth $30 000 that came from Taiwan’s government secret funds to make studies on the relations between the UN and the «two» Chinas [4].

John R. Bolton worked also for real think tanks. In 1993, he was a researcher at Dan Quayle’s Hudson Institute. Later, Dick Cheney appointed him vice-president of the American Enterprise Institute where he actively participated in the conception of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), the group that designed George W. Bush’s first term program. As a result, after the victory, Dick Cheney imposed Bolton as undersecretary of state for arms control and international security and his special mission was to watch over Powell, whom the hawks did not trust.

Bolton, an educated man with a charming English style, has become famous for being forthcoming and for his anger. Whether in the Justice Department or the State Department, he always attacked international institutions, especially the (Permanent Court) of International Justice. A violent opponent of the UN he caused a scandal in 1994 when in a roundtable organized by the World Federalist Association he said the UN building and its 38 floors in New York were a nuisance and a dozen of them could be easily demolished. Along with Jesse Helms, he favored the U.S. withdrawal from the UN and encouraged republican congressmen to ignore such an institution.

Apart from opposing the international law, he has also opposed its right to sanction individuals. Therefore, he has been against the International Criminal Tribunal characterized by him as a «notion of romanticism of not only sick and naïve, but dangerous minds». [5]. Regarding foreign policy, he has been obsessed with the communists States: China, North Korea and Cuba. He also increased his statements so that Taiwan’s independence from China could be recognized.

In July 2003, during the negotiations of a group formed by six to discuss North Korea’s nuclear disarmament, he told North Korean diplomats that their president, Kim Jong Il, was a “tyrannical dictator” and “life in his country was a horrible nightmare”. The ambassador replied and told him he was a “waste for mankind and a leech”. After this «nice» exchange, the negotiation was ended and only resumed when the U.S. appointed another representative [6]. Finally, the experts were filled with dismay when he accused Cuban president Fidel Castro of developing biological weapons without having single evidences.

On the other hand, he has not been attracted by the Shiite revolution and during a parliamentary hearing he affirmed that Iran and Syria were threatening the world with weapons of mass destruction [7], an accusation that was denied by the CIA.

While acting as undersecretary of state for arms control and international security, he took out the U.S. from international treaties and involved the allies in systems of collective security. He sabotaged the Biological Weapons Convention [8] and in front of his stunned colleagues he exclaimed completely satisfied: «It’s dead, dead, dead, dead and do not count on me to bring it back!».

He demanded the U.S. unilateral withdrawal from the Disarmament Treaty with Russia and was pleased when President George W. Bush acted and brought the “Star Wars” program back. He imposed the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) on America’s allies to guarantee the control of the common spaces (seas, air) by the Anglo-Saxon coalition [9]. In January 2003, the Oriental press was stunned by Bolton’s statements during his trip to Tel Aviv. The undersecretary of state suggested, before Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu, that after the Iraqi war «it would be necessary to deal with Syria, Iran and then North Korea’s threats». [10].

John R. Bolton, an extreme right-wing militant, follower of the “disarmament preventive wars” would be appointed to important posts during Bush’s second term. His friend, Senator Jesse Helms, said: «He is the kind of guy I want to be with when the Armageddon comes».

[1] The National Policy Forum was founded by Haley Barbour (president of the Republican National Committee from 1993 to 1996). Initially, it was presided by Michael Baroody

[2] Guy Gugliotta: « Taipei Office Handled Gift to GOP Think Tank, Papers Show », The Washington Post, July 22, 1997

[3] See the report of the Senate Committee for Governmental Affairs: Investigations of Illegal or Improper Activities in Connection with 1996 Federal Elections Campaign, March 10, 1998

[4] All these was revealed in year 2000 when president Chen Shui-bian payed off the secret funds of the National Security Committee after colonel Liu Juan-chun’s tour through Continental China. See John Pomfret: «Secret Taiwan Fund Sought Friends Influence Abroad», The Washington Post, April 5, 2002

[5] Source: hearing of the Commission of International Relations of the House of Representatives, July 7, 2000

[6] «North Korea Bans Bolton from Talks», Associated press, August 3, 2003

[7] John Bolton withdrew his accusations during a conference at the Hudson Institute on August 17, 2004

[8] Robert-James Parsons: «Les États-Unis sabotent le protocole de contrôle», Voltaire, November 22, 2002

[9] «Le gendarme du monde veut contrôler les océans», Voltaire, December 4, 2003

[10] Ian Williams: «The New Age of Disarmament Wars », FPIP, February 20, 2003


lol man did you had to wrote this or just copy and paste the whole document.


I read it the other day. It is interesting.

Richard M

Bolton is the Evil Walrus! Goo goo ca chu!


The US, UK and France fake accusations and then failed attack on Syria indicates their frustration. Saudis, Jordanians, Egyptians, Lebanese and Pakistanis thoroughly observe the US misery in Syria. If Saudis say sorry to US regime that you are not a good player, so then I think that Trump and Netanyahu both will get heart attack.


I would think that few of Eric Prince’s thug with Western Training will be willing to face the Russian air power. There is no point in a big paycheck in the grave. Most pure mercenaries prefer to murder civilians or poorly trained troops.

You can call me Al

He is a typical Yanker war-mongering psychopath, he is sick in mind and soul AND I SHALL NOT LET YOU STATE “Bolton, an educated man with a charming English style”; there is F.A. about the scumbag that is English and especially not his scruffy, stupid moustache. – I want that removed NOW.

The latest polls to this vote are:

Question Would you remove any mention of the vermin Bolton to the anything English ?:

Yeah – 7,100,000,000
Nee – 1 …………that was Trump.


Southfront FAILS to mention that Putin also has agreed to work with the Arab League (Saudi Arabia)- and this was reported (in the kremlin press) BEFORE the story about Trump and KSA.

Trump and Putin have agreed to allow Saudi Arabia to put together an invading wahhabi army, to be sold as a ‘PEACEKEEPING’ force that will flood many regions of Syra to coincide with Putin’s announcement of national elections.

I’ve told you over and over, behind the scenes Putin has agreed to the partition of Syria. Why do you think Putin has saved the lives of so many key rebels from East Ghouta, and safely sent them to key regions in Syria?

Trump dropped planned sanctions against Russia on Monday- sanctions the USA had been crowing about all day Sunday. Why do you think that was? Just as sanctions were dropped, both Trump and Putin declared the SELF SAME THING. Arab League peacekeeping.

Of course, Putin is relying on the fact that you dumb-dumbs forget (or never knew in the first place) that the Arab League EXPELLED Syria. Just as Putin relies on you dumb-dumbs never noticing that Russia will NEVER sell the s-300 to Syria.

Nevins Harding

Your facts are wrong. Putin wrote a letter to the Arab League last week to have them consider contributing to the reconstruction of Syria. The Kurds will not accept this because the US promised parturition of Syria. The Kurds have been trying to give the oil fields to the Russians, but the US keeps bombing the advancing SAA. A large force is staging at Del Azor. As soon as air defence is in place, the move will be on. Russia wants to liberate the oil fields before taking Idlib so that revenue will flow. Stay tuned.

Albert Pike

“He is the kind of guy I want to be with when the Armageddon comes”

I would rephrase it:

‘He is the kind of guy you need that Armageddon comes’…



Richard M

So bring in the sponsors of Daesh and Qaida to run Occupied Syria. Who does Trump & Co envision to be their Quisling to carry out the extermination of Syria’s non-Salafists? I don’t see Egypt participating though. Why would they ally with Daesh and the other Moderate Rebels while Daesh terrorizes Sinai? The Ottomans and Zios will be eager to participate though.

Fred Dozer

But if a outside country (Russia) puts a post on Facebook ! They are interfering in Americas Democratic elections and sanctions are started against them, for starters.
But what applies to America stealing entire countries and murdering millions around the world ? Nothing. They have perfected the criminal process, mainly by formally owning every news source in the world. But now they are up against those , who can think for themselves with the help of alternate news outlets, showing true facts of what is really going on. It is a slow process to on-brainwash the masses. Seeing with their own eyes, once is not enough. They need to wake up and do their own research, on every major event.

Richard M

I’m not sure un-brainwashing is possible on such a scale. The Corporate Deep State and the Ministry of Propaganda MSM exist as a sort of metastasizing, symbiotic monstrosity of unimaginable malevolence, yet its’ pitiable victims see themselves as an enlightened and superior class. Goebbels would be envious beyond words to witness such power.


The movie Gangs of New York, was about American society.

jerry hamilton

Trump really is under the illusion that he control’s the world.

Gerry Hiles

My impression, overall, is that the Empire of Chaos, based in Washington, is getting desperate, what with growing chaos in the mainland empire, dissension in NATO and lack of military success. I find it hard to believe that the Gulf States and Egypt can coordinate enough to make up for failing US/NATO military policies, but nor can I see the hegemon backing down. If this does not all end in World War Last I will be surprized. Samson Option??


Samson option is a fable.These Yiddish hedonistic European settlers love life too much. German and Polish Ghettos will see a return of their original ghetto rat inhabitants – if any manage to survive the Iranian onslaught in the opening days of WW3.

Gerry Hiles

Of course Samson is a fable, like all of the Old Testament yarns, BUT, like Greek mythology, there’s often a profound principle contained in enduring myths/fables. In this case it’s the fact that, like some gamblers, people of a certain type will sometimes go “all in” in a last, desperate attempt to win.

Don’t confuse enduring truths with anti-Jewish sentiments (yeah, yeah I know all about Ashkenazi origins, Zionism and such like, so don’t confuse what I’m saying with some pro-Israel stance, or something, just broaden your understanding).


Yes no maybe, the Zionists who rule the Jews would sacrifice Israel, if it suited their purpose. Israel is really ruled by New York and London. Even during WWII, the Zionists sacrificed Polish Jews to the death camps, to get sympathy in Europe and America.

You can call me Al

I find it bizarre that Egypt would ever consider it now with their newly created links with Russia.

Gerry Hiles

Same here, but as far as I can gather they’ve only been approached, I doubt that they’d accept.


Just because the US plans to use Egyptian troops, does not mean that the Egyptians have been consulted. You have to understand American arrogance, they think the whole world loves them, and can’t wait to die for them.

Smith Ricky

Haha what a fail ?

Joao Alfaiate

Since Saudi Arabia has done such a good job in the Yemen Syria is gonna be easy. Bet the PMUs and the Tiger Forces are saying bring ’em on! We’re ready!


hope to see a slaughter party soon. Erik Prince’s dogs of war hung and strung from every mosque in Syria – Fallujah style. Egyptians, Saudis and other degenerates must see the same fate. I suppose USA redeploying to Israel to prevent Iran from doing a Zio massacre

Joao Alfaiate

Since israel is such an important ally of the United States, are they going to send some of their brave lads to the trans Euphrates region? Oh, sorry, I forgot, they all too busy shooting unarmed Palestinians.




One side Israelis are oppressors on Palestinian children so on the other side Saudi Kingdom is oppressor on Yemeni children and it is very interesting that Israel and MBS both have very worm relations. On 15th April, 2018 the 22 Arab leaders meeting in Arab Dhahran, Saudi Arabia took place. Trump have instructed MBS and Salman before meeting that don’t talk on US, UK and France attack on Syria or about Jerusalem and Palestine brutality otherwise I will f*ck you.


The morons of US, UK and France pretend that they are with Syrian nation but on the other hand they attack Syrian national academy research institutions their fuel, weapons and ammunition depots to weak the strength and moral of Syrian army and nation in front of terrorists. The moral and strength of Syrian nation and army further increased.


There should have been no deal with terrorists – bussing them out of liberated areas so USA can redeploy them in elsewhere in Syria and Afghanistan and to create instability. Slaughter these dogs then Saudis, Egyptians will refuse to do this dirty work for US.


Whilst I tend to agree, if Syria had not freed the F/UK/US mercenaries, many innocent Syrians would have died. As the mercenaries are cheap and easily replaced, killing them would have served no real purpose.


Yemen Explained: Saudi Coalition, Houthis and Famine

Yemen: On the brink of starvation – BBC News

How the Saudi Blockade is Starving Yemen

This is a real holocaust.

1. The Largest Humanitarian Disaster.
2. 8 Million People Hungary.
3. About 11,000 people killed.
4. About 50,000 people injured.
5. Entire villages and towns have been demolished and erased from the earth.

Oh my God these are children have no food and dying due to starvation.
Russia, China and Pakistan could help to open blockade on Houthis, send them humanitarian aid in emergency. All world leaders should stand against Saudi and Israeli bastards that regularly bombing them like pesticides on insects. Stand against Saudi and Israeli oppression and aggression. Saudis tell to Yemen nation that accept Hadi as president otherwise you all will die and nobody will know. Shame


How the Arabian prince spend their money. This will be a shame history.

To see how Saudi prince get the girl. This will be a shame history.

To be honest if I had so much money as much these Saudi princes have and I was a Saudi king or prince then definitely there would be no war and no body would die due to starvation. I would never sell my raw oil rather I would produce thousands of products of this oil that is fabrics, plastics, domastic products, packages, fertilizers, cosmatics and so on and then I would sell in international markets but not in US dollars but in my own currency that is Riyal. I would set the conversion rate of my country currency Riyal myself.

I would produce and sell 5th generation fighter jets, commercial jets, tanks and other thousands of defence hardware to other friendly countries. I would produce bullet trans, nuclear power plants, ICBM, manned space rockets etc jointly with China, Russia, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan etc.

Majority of Saudi princes wasting their time and money on birds, women, nice personal aeroplanes and cars. So that is their priorities because of lack of proper education. LOL.

Nevins Harding

They all talk about a security vacuum. That vacuum should be filled by the Syrian government, but the press never brings up that topic.


The US getting out part I agree with. The non approved by the Syrian government forces replacing the US I don’t agree with. The Turks in a transitional dmz buffer zone as part of a SDF, YPG, PKK clearing operation being the only possible exception, depending on how it’s done.

Rafik Chauhan

Oil pipeline plan has not been abandon . east Syria to give in the hands of whabhi troops is like giving in the hands of terriost back that land. but its gud let this arab force comes.SAA and allies will deal with them. bcuz they are coward specially from Saudi army.

John Trudgian

Good Idea. Mercenaries and Arab Armies won’t show up as Pentagon body-count when the SAA rolls over them.

Joshua Paul

They will start fighting each other even before they get to Syria. I imagine KSA troops protecting kurds from Turkey. Egypt will not participate in this misadventure. What are they smoking there?

Semper Prudens

I think nothing of that will really happen, because there is not going to be enough time. If I understood well, the last 3 Russian transport ships which passed through Bosporus were carrying floating bridges, fast river patrol boats and personnel armored carrier designed for parachute air dropping. I see no other water surface over which they might be used but the Euphrates. Let’s suppose that Russian VDV can make an air desant to the remaining territory controlled by the Islamic State on the Eastern part of the Euphrates (next to the Iraqi border). SDF units located between As Suwar and Iraqi border would be found in a sandwich between Russians and the SAA in region of Deir ez Zor. They would have to leave that zone, as US coalition would not dare to provide air support, especially if stronger antiaircraft defense is deployed around DeZ. Americans would have to leave Syrian main oil and gas fields, just as they left Saigon in Vietnam.


Friend stationed in Tula (Vdv) RU may be going in then!

Promenade Press

The whole hybrid just shows how crazy and incompetent Trump and Bolton are. Beyond the most obvious issue of bringing a Wahhabi force–who are extreme Sunni Salafists–into a country overflowing with AQI, and a wide range of other groups. The real issue is contained in three letters: SOF agreements.
Trump is just flatly stupid. There will be no Status Of Forces Agreement. Syria is not a failed state. It is a sovereign nation with a functional legal system and government. Any US mercenary, Saudis or whoever would be subject to criminal trial. This works for US forces because they do not theoretically take part in combat and the USA is the USA and there is zero chance of getting away with charging a usa soldier with war criminals. Saudi or anyone would be a fool to fall for this suck plan.


Ha ha … bring it on ……. a no-fly zone followed by a merciless wiping out of GCC troops & mercenaries would be perfect karma to conclude Syria’s war against these foreign terrorists.


Vietnamisation? Good luck with that O yellow one.


If the Saudis try to occupy Syria, it would be a golden opportunity, Syria could arm the Houthis, and between them take Saudi Arabia, and bury the petrodollar once and for all.


bravo trump excellente idea! the saoudi and emirates soldiers and mercenary black water will be extermined but the egyptian and quatari i d,ont care!!!

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