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Trump’s ‘Full’ & ‘Rapid’ Troops Withdrawal From Syria Appears To Be ‘Slow’ & ‘Smart’

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Trump's 'Full' & 'Rapid' Troops Withdrawal From Syria Appears To Be 'Slow' & 'Smart'

Donald Trump

On December 30th, Senator Lindsey Graham said that US President Donald Trump is switching to a withdrawal from Syria that is “slow” and “smart.”

Following a White House meeting, the Senator said that Trump hadn’t vowed to reconsider the withdrawal completely, however he would reevaluate the plan to immediately withdraw and rather do it slowly, so that to ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS, deterrence of Iran and protection of the US-backed Kurdish militias.

CNN cited the Graham:

“After discussions with the President and (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph) Dunford, I never felt better about where we are headed. I think we’re slowing things down in a smart way. But the goal has always been the same. To be able to leave Syria and make sure ISIS never comes back.”

“I think we’re in a pause situation where we are reevaluating what’s the best way to achieve the President’s objective of having people pay more and do more,” he also said.

He said that the POTUS had not reversed his decision of withdrawal. “He has not reversed his decision” to withdraw troops from Syria, Graham said. “The pause is to assess the effects of the conditions on the ground.”

According to Graham, during Trump’s surprise visit to Iraq on December 26th, the troops there told him that ISIS is “not completely destroyed.” The President reportedly said that it was an “eye-opening experience for him,” which appears to be the cause for the decision to slow-down.

“The President assured me he is going to make sure he gets the job done, and I assured him that nobody has done more to defeat ISIS than he has. We are inside the 10-yard line,” Graham said.

Graham strongly criticized Trump’s December 19th decision of a withdrawal from Syria, however following the lunch he expressed his optimism regarding the situation.

“I feel better about Syria than I felt before I had lunch. The President is taking this really seriously. The trip to Iraq was well timed,” he said.

This reinforces the reasonable version of the US withdrawal from Syria, which many believed would not mean the absence of US military personnel in the country.

According to an article in the American Conservative, named “Trump Scores, Breaks Generals’ 50-Year War Record,” authored by Gareth Porter, the POTUS fought an entire year with his national security team prior to announcing the US withdrawal from Syria.

Published reports of the policy process over the past year “show that senior national security officials and self-interested institutions have been playing a complicated political game for months aimed at keeping Trump from wavering on our indefinite presence on the ground in Syria. The entire episode thus represents a new variant of a familiar pattern dating back to Vietnam in which national security advisors put pressure on reluctant presidents to go along with existing or proposed military deployments in a war zone. The difference here is that Trump, by publicly choosing a different policy, has blown up their transparent schemes and offered the country a new course, one that does not involve a permanent war state.”

“The Syria withdrawal affair is a dramatic illustration of the fundamental quandary of the Trump presidency in regard to ending the state of permanent war that previous administrations created. Although a solid majority of Americans want to rein in U.S. military deployments in the Middle East and Africa, Trump’s national security team is committed to doing the opposite,” Porter concludes. “Trump is now well aware that it is virtually impossible to carry out the foreign policy that he wants without advisors who are committed to the same objective. That means that he must find people who have remained outside the system during the permanent war years while being highly critical of its whole ideology and culture. If he can fill key positions with truly dissident figures, the last two years of this term in office could decisively clip the wings of the bureaucrats and generals who have created the permanent war state we find ourselves in today.”

Despite Trump’s opposition of the hawks, the Pentagon doesn’t appear to be letting in. A part of this is Reuters’ report that US commanders want the Kurdish fighters in Syria to keep the Pentagon-supplied weapons. This would, in turn, likely require “specialists” to train them in using the weapons, which would lead to an indefinite presence of some US personnel.

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I think ordinary people with common sense recognize the distinction between a hoard of US soldiers in a region, and a “presence of some US personnel”. And Trump has repeatedly and consistently said he’s not going to publically telegraph details of planned military actions because that would be stupid.


honestly the man says one thing and does another, why would this time be any different? Why? Why?


1) ISIS is permanently destroyed. = you have to destroy SAUDI

2) Iran doesn’t fill in the back end, and = You have to destroy IRAN

3) our Kurdish allies are protected. = You have to destroy Turki , Syria & Irak

= Impossible to achieve = US occupy syria FOREVER

Mustafa Mehmet

Wake up you wake up you haveing a horrible dream again


never ever ever trust them jews and their slaves. period!!


The US backpeddling on a policy announcement? This has never happened before? Say it ain’t so?


Trump is well known for backtracking decisions – a slow withdrawal may turn into no withdrawal depending on events that unfold like more fake gas claims.

Zionism = EVIL

Actually it is naive to think that the Jew owned Americunts are ever going to leave Syria or the region unless forced to. The British planted Zionist cancer in the region as soon as OIL was discovered in Iran at Masjid e Soleiman in 1901 followed by the Balfour declaration a couple decade later and then the Americunts discovered oil in Saudi pimpdom followed by revolt against the Ottomans. The Americunts and their NATO stooges have two goals in the region:

1. Plunder and control of Arab oil as long as the west is dependent upon fossil fuels. 2. The preservation of the Zionist cancer in Palestine and its expansion by dividing the Arabs and fanning sectarianism. The support for corrupt puppet regimes is key pillar of the plan.

Anyone who thinks that without the destruction of the Zionist cancer there will be peace in the region or the world is smoking some really strong CIA grown Afghan red stuff.

Brother Ma

Just wait for the wind to change ..so will Trump’s decisions.

Tom Tom

Trump’s not in charge anymore than the Obomber when he destroyed Libya, and got the U.S. into Syria and Yemen. U.S. Presidents are puppets.


Trump is under pressure from pro Netanyahu terrorists.


US forces are in Syria as an illegal and imoral ocupation force, the Real ISIS.


All talk talk. Dec. 31, 2018: US Forces Withdraw From One Of Their Bases; He said that the POTUS had not reversed his decision of withdrawal. I doubt Trump doesn’t want to be re-elected. So he will go through with withdrawal.

Tom Tom

U.S. is actually withdrawing, leaving key units. The real issue is who is replacing them, and the mayhem the U.S. is about to cause in Iraq once they have their Sunnistan solidified in eastern Syria (if).

Zionism = EVIL

Turkey and the Americunts are both in the service of Zionism and playing good cop and bad cop. The Americunts are perpetual warmongers for Zionism and have no intention of leaving Syria or Iraq. The Jew owned dotard Trump openly said to Lindsay Graham that there is no intention of leaving and US is building more bases on the Iraqi border.


“however he would reevaluate the plan to immediately withdraw and rather do it slowly, so that to ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS, deterrence of Iran and protection of the US-backed Kurdish militias.”

We’ve heard this type of double speak over and over, what it means is the US isn’t planning to withdraw anytime soon. The only thing that in my opinion that will change this. Is for the SADF upgrade to be implemented, if it can be, to shut down IAF attacks from outside of Syrian airspace. Preferably by taking down IAF planes on as needed basis to make it clear to everyone that the Syrian partition project is hopeless.

If this isn’t done. The slow withdrawal in all likelihood will become no withdrawal with everything reverting back to pre withdrawal status. With the exception of the gains that the Syrian government coalition has made so far. Which they’l probably be able to hold onto.


Will Russia have everything ready for a complete no-fly zone (except for Russian-Syrian and Iranian planes) over Syria and Lebanon (if invited) and it’s international sea lanes when it is needed? Will the Russians go as far as total readiness to shut down any possible air attacks without providing serious retaliation? Being truly prepared to defend people and property is a laudable act – unless someone plans to take over from the outside or by inside harm – such parties would not like it’s plans to control (or direct) thwarted.


The no fly zone over Syria is largely in place now and is effective. The problem is neighboring airspace that’s being used to launch attacks. Securing that airspace is what the S-300 and other SADF upgrades is supposed to accomplish, but so far isn’t. Though it’s still early in the game with them just being recently deployed.

Hasbara Hunter



Why? Some of us were sure a withdrawal will not happen, this remains to be seen. In addition to that, I thought such announcement is to appease president Erdogan and at most, encouraging him to enter and do what he wants in Manbij.

Now why would a quick “withdrawal” becomes a tar-like pulling out of “some” of the forces? I think we all know the answer: The announcement and encouragement so far failed to put Turkey on one hand and Syria/Russia/Iran on the other against each other, so there won’t be any need to pretend.

I still hope to be wrong in this particular matter for the Syria and the region’s sake.

By the way, happy new year to you all, in case I kept quite for the rest of the day!

Lazy Gamer

I think Russia, Iran, and the SAA blundered by heading straight in front of Manbij. But then again, it was morally right. Now how will the Kurds repay this? lol

Brother Ma

Didnt the Kurds themselves invite them in?


I suspect that part of any ‘slowdown ‘ etc will be to prevent images of the US Military fleeing as they did in Vietnam.

Whatever happens , the seeds of US betrayal are now germinating in the minds of the US terrorist proxies. That is a bonus I think :)

Hasbara Hunter



You can call me Al

hahahaha, you are on form at the mo. Impressive, Capitals used as well.

Tom Tom

actually, most everyone’s about to die.

Hasbara Hunter

Well we all gotta die some day…..

Joe Doe

Never trust Americans the part of the culture is to lying and betraying

Tony B.

Bullshit. That’s Jewish culture which now rules in the U.S., not “American culture.” The real culture in the country is a combination of all the European cultures of yore plus the later immigrants. “Americans” have been the most generous people in the world until the total Jew takeover, always first to help out in some disaster, no matter where in the world. The talmudist/cabalist bunch have reversed that at the top but not among the ordinary people.


American culture was forged with the genocide of the Native Americans, the enslavement of the Africans, the theft of Northern Mexico (including California and Texas), and continuous warfare ever since. Jews had nothing to do with these crimes. Your hatred toward the “Jews” is only a family fight between Nazis and Zionist.

Tony B.

You are without the faintest clue. You listen to too much Jew owned and controlled media bullshit. Or else you are one of the bullshitters. Check the history of any nation in the world against its present occupants. Any one.


As long as it is in the frame of the 60-100 days I don’t mind.


CNN aid a zio owned organization and Lindsey Graham is a mule for the zionists, I do not believe that dissuaded Trump from his goals, the news coming out of CNN and zio mules is sheer garbage.


” do it slowly, so that to ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS”…anyone need a translation for this?

Brother Ma

To prevent Iran coming in the back end? Haha Does the Us really think it kept out Iran in Iraq? Lol One word from Iran and the Shiite Iraqis who welcomed the americants will rebel again. Americans failed stretwgically in Iraq. Sure they starve it and own it but they are hated and Iran is the informal leader there ..not america.


According to Sun Tzu, ”The Art of War”, the state of permanent war will lead a State to defeat. That is why is why Imperialism and Zionism will be defeated in the Middle East.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Trump can’t pull out quickly because if he does, the Turks will just move straight in, so Trump’s slipping off his Syrian shoes, but allowing the Russians and SAA to slip into them as soon as he’s out. There is no real threat from Isis, we all know that, that’s not the reason he’s slowing things down, the real threat is a Turkish invasion, that’s why things are slowing down, everything else is just propaganda and spin. The last part is telling us that even though Trump’s wanted to do this all along, the [LGBTQI] deep state of the US has been doing everything they can to hinder him, that’s why it’s been hard for him to match his rhetoric with his actions, he tries to do something with one hand, but the other hand is doing the complete opposite. Trump’s facing opposition in his own government which is continually crippling him, and he has to fight to get anything done, not against the Democrats as such, but against the embedded deep state that truly runs the country, the warmongers and NEOCONS who have their own self interests at heart, he’s fighting a domestic war as well as all the other ones, but the one at home is the most insidious.


What is wrong with everyone? Good leadership sets a goal, makes a plan, adjusts the plan and tasks as they receive updated information, always heading towards the goal until it is achieved. Not making adjustments is rigid and foolish and will ensure failure. Donald Trump is not a quitter, he is an excellent leader and always a Winner!!! Always!!!

Tom Tom

CIA has the beginnings of their Sunni-stan in eastern Syria now, all a precursor to their push into western Iraq all the way to Baghdad. Original CIA plan that made Saddam’s ex-Ba’athist military leadership the secret leaders of ISIS. ISIS, who they’ve discarded (along with the Kurds), of course, and the ex-Ba’athists will take over the leadership of the new country East of the Euphrates to the Tigris river. This is a long term plan of Israel to take ownership of the entire area.

Xoli Xoli

Unpredictable unbalanced double face double standard old living white ghost Donald Trump.Biblical goliath blow your Trumpet the false Trumpet.

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