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Trump’s Anti-Iran Campaign & NDAA Clause Behind ‘Inhumane’ Detention of PressTV Anchor Marzieh Hashemi

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Written by Whitney Webb; Originally appeared at Mint Press

The government’s failure to comment on Hashemi’s detention makes it difficult to analyze specifically what her arrest means. However, her detainment should serve as a chilling wake-up call for journalists, Muslim Americans, and all U.S. citizens.

Trump’s Anti-Iran Campaign & NDAA Clause Behind ‘Inhumane’ Detention of PressTV Anchor Marzieh Hashemi

Marzieh Hashemi, an American citizen and journalist who has been living and working in Iran, has been detained without charge or justification by U.S. government authorities since Sunday, when she arrived at Lambert International Airport in St. Louis to visit her sick brother. However, her family was not notified until 48 hours after her detention.

Hashemi — an African-American born in New Orleans, who later converted to Islam and currently works as a journalist for the Iranian English-language news network PressTV — has since been transferred to a detention facility in Washington at the request of the FBI, according to reports from PressTV and the Associated Press. U.S. officials have yet to provide any justification for Hashemi’s detention.

Once Hashemi was allowed to speak to her family in the United States, she detailed a slew of abuses she had suffered during her detention, which were clear violations of her religious rights. For instance, Hashemi told her family that her hijab, or head covering, had been ripped off by prison guards and that she had been forced to pose for her mugshot with her hair exposed.

Furthermore, Hashemi was also only offered pork for food, even though the meat is forbidden under Islamic law. She was subsequently denied any other halal or vegetarian food after turning the pork down. Her daughter told PressTV that Hashemi has been living off of crackers since she was first detained on Sunday. Hashemi’s daughter also stated that her mother stated that she had been “shackled” and was being treated like a criminal, in spite of the fact that no charges have been filed against her.

While the FBI had refused to comment on Hashemi’s arrest at the time of this article’s publication, Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi vocally condemned Hashemi’s arrest, calling it “a blatant violation of human rights [that] shows the U.S. government does not adhere to any of the principles that it uses as pretexts to attack its critics.”

Qassemi continued, stating that “the abrupt arrest of a Muslim [U.S.] national and journalist and the U.S. government agents’ humiliating and inhumane behavior in abusing this lady, who is a practicing Muslim, are a clear example of behavior that an apartheid regime adopts against its non-white citizens.”


A long history of anti-Iran rhetoric

Hashemi’s arrest took place just as U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was conducting his multi-nation “Anti-Iran tour” throughout the Middle East in a bid to “get Arab countries to work together to roll back Iranian influence in the region and take on the militias Iran is backing.” Pompeo’s tour comes in furtherance of the Trump administration’s aggressive Iran policy, which has seen it not only withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal (JPCOA), despite Iran’s compliance, but also impose draconian sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

Furthermore, past and recent revelations have shown that top Trump officials, such as National Security Advisor John Bolton and Pompeo himself, have been working overtime to enact regime change in Iran, either by covert means or a “shock and awe” bombing campaign that could spark a much wider war.

This background has led some to suspect that Hashemi’s arrest was aimed at placing additional pressure on Iran’s government and the Iranian English-language network PressTV, which is affiliated with Iran’s state-funded broadcaster IRIB, as part of the Trump administration’s wider policy of aggression towards Iran. If this is the case, Hashemi’s status as a U.S. citizen shows that the Trump administration has no qualms about trampling the constitutional rights of American citizens if it furthers a foreign-policy objective.

Beyond the Trump administration’s aggressive Iran policy, there seem to be other hints that Hashemi’s detention is politically motivated. For instance, prominent U.S. news outlets have reported on the detention using headlines like “Iran Claims US is Holding Iranian State TV News Anchor Marzieh Hashemi” or “Iran’s State TV Channel Says Anchorwoman Held in US.” Such headlines downplay the arrest and imply that Hashemi’s detention is merely an unconfirmed claim being made by Iran’s government or its affiliates, despite the fact that the journalist’s arrest has been confirmed by her family.

These reports also deflect government responsibility for Hashemi’s unlawful detention and poor treatment by citing the fact that Iran is currently holding an estimated four American citizens on espionage charges. However, they fail to note that Hashemi’s detention without specific charges is a violation of her rights as an American citizen and is only “legal” by virtue of the controversial “indefinite detention” clause of the National Defense Authorization Act. As the American Civil Liberties Union has noted, this clause allows the president to order or approve the indefinite detention of anyone — U.S. citizen or not — if they are deemed “dangerous” by the executive branch.

The government’s failure to comment on Hashemi’s detention makes it difficult to analyze specifically what her arrest means. However, her detainment should serve as a chilling wake-up call for journalists, Muslim Americans, and all U.S. citizens.

Whitney Webb is a staff writer for MintPress News and a contributor to Ben Swann’s Truth in Media. Her work has appeared on Global Research, the Ron Paul Institute and 21st Century Wire, among others. She has also made radio and TV appearances on RT and Sputnik. She currently lives with her family in southern Chile.

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Luke Hemmming

Where is the Western MSM condemnation of this arrest against this violation of ‘Press Freedom’? The kind of condemnation that was publicised after Khashoggi and other journalists that have been detained, silenced or murdered over the years. Yet not a whimper about this from the Western MSM hey. #MuslimLivesDon’tMatter I guess.


What if……
She was really a US spy!
Her detainment is cover!
This would give her more clout within Iran and re-inforce her loyalty status!

Please tell me u have thought of this!
Women are the best spies!
And please dont say that you “know for a fact” she isnt!
i distrust the CIA so much that i wouldnt be surprised she was a spy!
Especially when detained without charge!

If she turned out to be a spy for the US, how would u feel about ur defence of her?
I want to know how u would feel about yourself!
Explain in detail how you would feel about yourself please! :)

Luke Hemmming

Well actually I watch her on PressTV a lot. She interviews the senior editors from veteranstoday.com. I like her. She is a no BS anchor. Hard hitting. Frankly your accusation of her been a spy is borderline outrageous and preposterous. I’m not going to entertain a response to that ridiculous conspiratorial nonsense that you wrote.


Wait a second!
only 2 years a go, a congressman was married to a russian women who turned out to be a spy! MARRIED!!!
Also, Diane Finestein was caught with a Chinese spy AS HER PERSONAL AID!

Also, Huma Abedine who has been Hillary Clinton’s personal assistant has been indicted as being a Saudi Spy! INDICTED! Her uncle is LITERALLY and OFFICIALLY the head of the muslim brotherhood! And she is the fucking aid to Hillary! And huma is married to a Jew! The Jew’s name? Anthony Weiner! What has he been charged for? Sexting underage girls!
What was found on his laptop? Information that proves Hillary clinton had a private server in her house and was leaking military and political intel to China!

GOOGLE IT! She has been indicted!
“Clinton Emails”!

So if the former first lady, sec of state and the person who ALMOST became president ended up having a spy and also willingly sold intel to china and US Uranium to Iran via Russia (google Uranium 1) …. then why would it be so surprising that this news reader could be a spy?

Because u like her?
thats why?

Dude, do u know what spies do? They deal in deception! THATS THEIR JOB!

So…. im just saying when i heard this story, i instantly thought “spy”!
Why the fuck risk going home when u are the anchor women for Iranian News channel! According to the USA iran is a “terrorist state”!
Why INSTANTLY arrest her?

You know what it reminds me of? When a pilot flies a mission and returns to base what do they do? They IMMEDIATELY go to the de-briefing room!

This women immediately returned to the USA and was “arrested”!


The problem is u trust too easily!
Your problem! Not mine!

Joe Kerr

So, now journalists working for a country that Israel and its U.S. colony don’t like are considered dangerous and will be disappeared. Pathetic, ludicrous and revolting in equal amounts.


These are the last days of Washington imperialism because of failed strategies and bankruptcy. That is why now they scared from foreign innocent people totally innocent people even from children and women they are afraid.

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