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Trump’s 2020 Budget Asks For $500 Million To Counter “Russian Malign Influence,” Raises Military Spending Again


Trump's 2020 Budget Asks For $500 Million To Counter "Russian Malign Influence," Raises Military Spending Again

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In the Fiscal Year 2020 budget proposal, US President Donald Trump asked for $500 million to counter Russia’s “malign influence.”

“Counters Russian Malign Influence. The Budget provides over $500 million for assistance to Europe, Eurasia, and Central Asia to: advance shared security; safeguard the territorial integrity  of U.S. allies; support partner countries’ efforts to transition away from Russian military equipment, particularly through Foreign Military Finance lending; and address weaknesses in the macro-economic environment that the government of Russia seeks to exploit, such as dependence on energy and trade,” the document reads.

Trump also asks for an allocation in the amount of $8.6 billion to build the border wall. Prominent members of the Democratic party immediately vowed to block the financing of the wall.

The POTUS’ budget plan also calls for an 5% increase in funding for US military spending and a 5% reduction in non-military spending on the country, but it does not include budget cuts for popular health and pensions programs.

The draft budget provides for the reduction of discretionary non-defense expenditures by $ 54 billion (9%) compared to the current face value, to $ 543 billion.

The most significant reductions affect the Environmental Protection Agency (-31%), the State Department (-23%), and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (-16%).

Following the reduction, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that everything Trump does is to the US people’s benefit:

“Today, President Trump has requested 40 billions of dollars for the 2020 fiscal year for the budget of the State Department and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID),” said the statement by the US foreign minister. “This request confirms the president’s commitment to protect our country and put (the interests of) America first.”

In FY2020, military spending is proposed to increase from $715 billion for 2019, to $750 billion.

“My budget is asking for 750 billion dollars for national defense, which is more by 34 billion dollars, or 5%, compared to the rate adopted in 2019 year,” the document says.

The funding for the Department of Defense will be used to provide the necessary resources to “defend the homeland, the preeminent military power in the world, ensure balances of power in key regions remain in America’s favor, and advance an international order that is most conductive to US security and prosperity.”

“The Budget enhances the military’s readiness and lethality, prioritizing strategic competition with China and Russia. The Budget also sustains efforts to deter and counter rogue regimes such as North Korea and Iran, defeat terrorist threats, and consolidate gains in Iraq and Afghanistan through a resource-sustainable approach.”

The Budget proposal completely fulfills the National Defense Strategy across DOD, and “supports dominance across all domains.” It also fully supports the creation of the US Space Force, as well as its command structure – the US Space Command. The Space Development Agency will be established in 2019 and is to foster innovation.

The POTUS also asks for $9.6 billion to bolster cyber security in 2020.

Furthermore, under current law, defense spending is scheduled to fall by 11% in 2020 as recent spending increases are replaced with sequester-level caps. The President’s budget calls for avoiding these cuts and instead increasing defense spending and additional amounts over the next decade. To avoid raising the 2020 discretionary cap on defense spending, the budget funds this year’s defense increase through the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) account, which is designated for war spending and not subject to the caps.

The gimmick is also repeated for 2021, after which the Administration proposes to fund almost all defense spending through the ordinary budget category.

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget analyzed the budget and concluded that:

“Unfortunately, like the previous two years, the budget relies on some extremely rosy economic assumptions and budget gimmicks that inflate its savings and distract from its actual policy reforms. The budget assumes real GDP growth will average around 3 percent over the next decade. This is substantially higher than estimates from other mainstream economic forecasters – who project growth rates closer to 2 percent per year over the next decade.”

And despite the FY2020 Budget planning to reduce debt from 78% of GDP to 71% by 2029. However, that is unlikely and by using realistic growth estimations, debt would rise to 87% of GDP by 2029.



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  • Saddam Hussein

    This is the most imp point in the article : “The most significant reductions affect the Environmental Protection Agency (-31%), the State Department (-23%), and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (-16%).”

    In other words, more homeless Americans and more environmental issues.

    • You can call me Al

      It is absolutely shocking. The majority of the US of A is already a shit hole in dire need of money and now this…. I wonder if the infrastructure budget has even been considers since Trump’s promises ?.

      It also now looks like more force as opposed to diplomacy is coming !!!!.

      The US Department of State functions as the diplomatic wing of the federal government, handling matters of foreign affairs with other nations and international bodies. The State Department’s primary job is to promote American foreign policy throughout the world.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    Our Founding Fathers are quite upset I am sure about these anti-American bastards.
    American was suppose to be different from other nations, have alliances with no one ever. Mind our own business. Never get involved in foreign wars. And be able to say whatever we want to.

  • Pave Way IV

    $500M AGAINST Russian Malign Influence
    $38B FOR Israeli Malign Influence

    Cost for running the country like your own private little labor camp to enrich your cronies and serve the interests of foreign nations:


    • Justin

      Dont forget, Russia DID collude with Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump!

      Dont argue with me on this! If u do, i will have the last laugh!

      • Pave Way IV

        Trump and Clinton crime families both collude with Khazar Mafia on a continuous basis – I don’t care where they claim to live. Russian Jewish oligarchs are not the Russian state. It’s just illegal to call them by what they are in the US, so we have to just say ‘Russians’.

        • Justin

          Agree. In fact it was the company that owned rosatom that made the deal. Kremlin signed off on it. Putin gave trump the info on this. Trump and Putin working together on Uranium 1. But what U left out is that these Jewish oligarchs U refer to gave the Uranium to Iran. Don’t forget that part. And don’t speak out against this too soon. This news will be dropped soon.

  • hvaiallverden

    Intresting B. Franklin, is from the same line as I am.
    Hap. G. V
    And for those that dont get it, HapG I is Khazars, and they drool about been european, they are not, maybe Bulgars/tartars, from the times before what we know Bulgaria to day, an name witch is not what it represents to day.

    I may have sound harsh when it comes to Russians, the people isnt my consern, Politics is.
    And if you think you know the roots of Russia, I will give you an hint, I dont know how much Goolag covers this name, but this name is the origin of what is defined as Russia/ns, their and my homeland is the same, all tho we had our own “gov” witch consisted of an organ of elders, read about Bjarmia (the white sea region) and all Russians knows this, the norwegians refuse to aknowledge it, but their language (old norse, is islandic) comes from old Finnish, aka Quen/kven land ( you have no idea of how deep rooted the weird hate they have against Finns, some even refuse to realise they dont know jack shit about anything, other then repeating hate propaganda invented by the so called Norwegians coming from the scums called Khazars, whom lies about everything all the time), but I am from an people even older, I come from an line where there is just some few remaining enclaves left, as an Skolt-lap I have the same genetics as the Basque, witch to day is the largest group of original europeans, and then we have the Berbers(shepardics are Berbers).
    Next time, I will show it to you.
    Muhammad was from that line.
    And so was Jesus.
    The parahos was also europeans, and the mediterain sea was never African, that is 100& bollocks.
    Wounder why they never debate boats, do you, sea faring wessels where made over 7000 years ago, build in the same manners as to day, we call in Spant built aka frame, stone carvings etc, going back to time immemorial, but not an word, nothing, 10 000 year old ruins in the far north, 8000 -9000 year old graves, etc, to runes, Finnish runes are thousands of years older than the ugh… viking runes.
    And on top of it, why do you thing they where called Norsemen, not Northmen, because they where Norris men, Finns.
    Present Norway is like ISISrael, an invention, the North Sami, 100% scam. Not all, but just the North Sami. since their so called Sami language isnt Nordic, its an Hungarian dialect, they look like ugh…. natives, we, I, dont, I could go to Catalonia, and slip straight into the crowd, incl my brothers to.

    Tell this to an Norwegian I can shure you, He will go insant bonkers.