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Trump Vows To Send Millitary, Close Southern Border To Block Migrants

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

As another “migrant caravan” has swelled to more than 4,000 hopeful “asylum seekers” marching toward the US’s southern border, recently prompting the Mexican government to dispatch 500 additional border guards to its border with Guatemala, President Trump threatened to send in the military and close the US’s southern border with Mexico in a tweet Thursday morning, after threatening to withhold aid from Honduras earlier in the week.

Trump Vows To Send Millitary, Close Southern Border To Block Migrants

After bashing Democrats for pushing for “open borders” and Honduras and Guatemala for having “almost no control” over their populations, Trump demanded that Mexico “stop this onslaught” at the country’s border with the US. If they fail, Trump threatened to (“in addition to stopping all payments to those countries”) “call up the US Military and CLOSE OUR SOUTHERN BORDER!”

The new caravan, which began in the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula with 150 migrants, has swelled in size. It’s the second caravan from Honduras this year.

Trump added that “the assault on our country…including the Criminal elements and DRUGS pouring in, is far more important to me, as President, than Trade or USMCA,” adding “hopefully Mexico will stop this onslaught” before declaring it’s “all Democrats fault for weak laws!”

It probably goes without saying that closing the southern border would be incredibly disruptive to trade between the US and Mexico, in addition to angering the most willing partner in the newly forged USMCA trade agreement. Then again, Trump is probably hoping that his staunch immigration stance will help galvanize his supporters to vote in the midterms, as reports about another migrant caravan have brought the immigration debate back to the forefront of the US political debate.

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Feudalism Victory

How nice of trumps opponents to force their unpopular agenda of population replacement by literally organizing human cattle drives directly into the us.

As stupid as warren proudly announcing her native american heritage as a rounding error. Dumb tone deaf.


Agreed. If the US is as bad as many try to say, why are people continuing to line up to get in?

It is too bad that Europe did not send their military to protect their borders.

In this situation it will be interesting to see what Mexico does. If Mexico lets them walk through their country and make it to the US border, then they should not be surprised if there are consequences.

Warrens exposure is priceless.

Feudalism Victory

I guess life living in poorly run corrupt countries is bad compared to americas renewed economic vjtality.

Well all theyll do is tip the lifeboat over. They have to make their own boat or suffer darwins revenge.

But i wish them success whereever they end up like in mexico.


Are you suggesting that America is not corrupt?

In the last short while the US has begun a program of rebuilding. Does that mean that it can magically take care of the worlds population? Does the US tax paper need their taxes raised again so that they can support the needs of strangers?

Are these people bringing skills and resources with them to help the US rebuild? If so, then there is a legal way to apply for immigration and not use the ways of invasion like we have seen happening in Europe.

Because the government is corrupt in your home country does it mean you can invade another country?

If Mexico is willing to take them as refugees it is a wonderful thing, but making the decision to let their country to be used as a highway to the US border then that is a different matter entirely.

Feudalism Victory

Its all relative for corruption. Otherwise I agree with you theres more sensible ways to deal with migration.

Alejandro Bonifacio

I strongly believe, the so-called mexican goverment will Let them in, unfortunately we have just a bunch of idiots inside the mex gov who just care in how much money they can steal and the new mex gov Will do nothing to stop this “caravans” in the future because they are going to keep stealing the mexican people

Feudalism Victory

Passing the buck and drowning in hypocrisy. Virture signaling people are ruining western civilization. Greatness is built on hard decisions.

paul ( original )

Bad as Tump may be overall, keeping out the immigrant tide is really the number one issue. I can forgive Trump a lot if he does this, and I am not even an American.

Feudalism Victory

Preventing instability from exporting itself should be an american national security concern. Its obvious and those arguing to let it happen are either stupid or treacherous or both.

paul ( original )

I will go with both. All I would add is that I think it goes beyond treachery. Treachery can just be a betrayal of the political system. Here we have a betrayal of the people themselves.

Carol Davidek-Waller

The tide of immigrants from Mexico are the direct result of US agribusiness and US trade policy. The US fully supported a string of Mexican presidents that did nothing to help its people cope with the invasion from the north.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Trump needs.to spend a week or two along that border with the rattle snakes, scorpions, javaelenas and cougar before he twits. Then there is the problem of which half of the US military he wants to string out along the border to no effect.

Joe Stevens

The U.S. has been ruthlessly destabilizing other countries for years. Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, just to name a few. Now Trump and his racist supporters are all whining, crying, and bitching like little girls because the same is about to happen to the U.S.


Mexican Riot Cops Deployed For Caravan Showdown After Trump Snaps Fingers



This just TALK by Trump as usual. Some bone thrown at his MAGA crowd to make them feel he is on their side, he is going to do something about this mass migration issue.
But, you can’t fulfill the NWO agenda on one hand and be MAGA on the other.
And where does he put all his energy, his ACTIONS? Hum…

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