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JULY 2022

Trump Vows to Reopen 9/11 Investigation

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Trump Vows to Reopen 9/11 Investigation

Now, when Donald Trump won the presidential election in the US he has all chances to reopen the 9/11 investigation that will provide the greatest earthquake for the establishment.

Trump believes that 9/11 has not been properly investigated and he announced the plans to get to the bottom of it ahead of the presidetnial election.

“First of all, the original 9/11 investigation is a total mess and has to be reopened,” Trump said, speaking at a Republican rally in Henrico County, Virginia.

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9/11real Investigation = death to the system.

john mason

Opening a can of worms. Trump wants to be careful, both Kennedy brothers got assassinated for going against the establishment. Best he can do is replace high ranking security staff. Bush and Clinton would be enemies number 1 and 2 for starters.


No one (except Hillary supporter George HW Bush) knows why John F. Kennedy was assassinated. I expect they assassinated Robert to avoid being held accountable. But Kennedy was an imperialist cold warrior who was poised to launch a second invasion of Cuba on Dec. 1, 1963. Fortunately, he didn’t live to give that order.

George King

Actually he called off the CIA Bay of Pigs invasion by what he called secret societies and that is why he was murdered.

Peter Jennings

Pappa Bush, owner of the cia was in Dallas that day, although he has sworn on oath that he wasn’t, although photo’s of him clearly show him there, and also some police reports.

Tony Nobaloney

Lyin’ Papa said he didn’t remember where he was on that day.


EVERYBODY older than 5 knows where they were on that day!


He was also considering dismantling the Federal Reserve, very risky business.


I agree, he is going to p1ss off some very very powerful people. Revolutionary talk.


Wow, if true, I am impressed.


Sadly…all the stories lead to same source. If this is a truth it would be all over the media, MSM or not.

Klaus Grabler

You really believe that main stream media tells the truth and nothing but the truth


This piece of news is fake and it is irrelevant what I think about MSM. It is also irrelevant what I think about so called non MSM media like one that spew this so called info.


Source? Can’t find this anywhere official.

John Whitehot

what do you need? a mainstream media article? just google the title of this article and see by yourself.


I did, there’s only one website reporting it and the website is not credible. Where’s the source of this statement? When did he say it? Where’s the audio? If he had actually said this it would have been all over the net.

Sorry but it’s a fake news.

John Whitehot

actually googel returns ten pages of links and the first one is surely all made of sites that report this news. Of course, if you wanted Clinton as a president, the websites are not credible. But hey, cnn said Clinton would win, so they are the credible ones.


Dude stop talking nonsense please, I would drop dead before supporting Clinton. I would literally rejoice if this news was true but I don’t believe Trump would go that far, please post links to some credible websites reporting this news.

John Whitehot

I don’t post links. I already suggested to do a google search and even reported the results. The only nonsensical thing I heard is that you found only one site out of ten pages of links and it’s not credible. Then explain what makes a website credible to you and we can talk.


A credible source is one that backs up its claims with facts and proofs. In this case we just have a statement that Trump supposedly said with no video/audio proof and no widespread reportings. Once again show proof or it’s BS. Trump went out of his way to shill for the Jews when he falsely claimed that the dancing Mossad agents were Arabs, he doesn’t strike me as someone who cares about 9/11 Truth. I’m still waiting for proof but you don’t seem to be big on proofs and facts so we won’t be having a meaningful conversation.


Yeah, I too am eager to find a solid source of this. ALL sites I’ve found just repeat the same few quotes, most not even mentioning the “Republican rally in Henrico County, Virginia”. I want to see video. If it happened, it must exist. Still searching.

This was a very unwise thing to say, too soon. He needs to be in power and in a fortified bunker before he opens this particular can of treason worms. That he’s speaking of taking Rudy Giuliani on as Attorney General demonstrates Trump has no idea how deep and dank the treachery goes.

Maybe he said it in a moment of euphoria and now regrets.

John Whitehot

yaya sure. Everything you can’t see or hear does not exist. Or did not happen. It would be ridiculous to the point of hilarity that millions of folks reason this way (or better say, fail to reason) if it wasn’t something that causes huge suffering on global scale. I ‘ve said it in the past and am always more convinced, people has been brainwashed into avoiding to use their brains by the internet. Too many folks, especially west of the atlantic, believe that the internet has liberated the “facts”, and it’s just a matter of being able to find them (using search engines owned by zionists). Your “facts” are owned, no matter how hard you believe the contrary. If you can only speak english, the internet you can access is the biggest propaganda machine ever created. If Trump said the above, but nobody has published it, or nobody could take a vid because he was in front of mainstream journalists, then he did not say that. It’s just an example. Yet there is hope, as Killary can now tend to her nephews like grandmas do. It means that people still listen to their brains and hearts. About me, I don’t care about the kind of facts you folks are looking for. I have a functioning brain, and know and feel what’s good and what’s not. I don’t need “facts” to know that somebody wants to take over the world, using money and propaganda to get there.


Once again I would love for this to be true more than anyone but as I said in my previous comment Trump has proven time and time again that he is not a 9/11 Truther, in fact he’s an anti-Truther. I noticed you didn’t respond to that point in your response. In one of his rallies early on Trump brought a newspaper article that was written immediately following 9/11 and he read it out loud in front of thousands of people. The article was about the arrested dancing Israelis except it did not mention the fact that the dancing people were Israelis. Trump read out the article and used it as “proof” that Arabs were celebrating on 9/11. Not only is this not 9/11 Truth it shows that Trump is willing to go out of his way to spread more Zionist created 9/11 lies. If Trump had truly said what is being claimed he would have repeated it at some other point or at least shown some indication that he cares about this issue. He has gone out of his way to call The 9/11 insider Larry Silverstein “A great friend”. Another 9/11 insider Rudy Giuliani is one of his closest friends and potential cabinet members and I’m not even going to go into his extremely close ties with the ultimate 9/11 insider Netanyahoo.

I can show you hundreds of provable facts and indications that Trump is anything but a 9/11 Truther but the only thing you have is one statement that he is alleged to have said even-though no proof of it actually exists.


you still don’t get it dude, the West has started to lose credibility in the fifties. I hope Trump is a breaking point for that sorry phenomenon and some righteous, trustworthy, dignified people will slowly restore that credibility of the lying West. “Credible source..”? pffffft


This is what killed the Donald.

Peter Jennings

If Trump wants to deal a fatal blow against those currently ruining america then doing a proper investigation into who murdered over 2500 people on Sept 11th would go a long, long way in accomplishing that. Exposing all those behind this mass murder and excuse for world war is paramount. I hope american’s don’t forget about Oklahoma, JFK & brother, Martin Luther King, etc, etc, etc.

Marek Pejović

well, unless he gets shot, it’s a good thing, because this single-handedly deals with Bush part of establishement. FBI case against Clinton foundation should get rid of Clinton part. These 2 moves, and it’s like he’d have dropped a hydrogen bomb on establishment. and if he’s really worth his salt, he’ll pardon Snowden and Assange, give them medals and go clear up the rest, and be remembered as the best president since Roosevelt. If Trump is clever, he’ll strike fast and hard.


The media are pumping out a lot of disinformation. Trump should focus on the Clinton foundation and what’s on the weiner laptop.


Once he makes that official, Trump should not accept any invitation from the department of state, pentagon nor CIA to visit Dallas in a convertible limousine….


If this article is legit we’ll soon have a Pencidency… uhm Sorry Pence Presidency.


Well then, he’d better get the likes of Giuliani, Bolton etc. away from his transition team and his incoming administration appointments.

Tony Nobaloney

Not gonna happen.

America couldn’t handle the truth!

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