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Trump Vows to Create Safety Zones in Syria at Expense of Arab Monarchies

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US President-elect Donald Trump is going to create safety zones in Syria, using money of the Gulf States for this.

Trump Vows to Create Safety Zones in Syria at Expense of Arab Monarchies

President-elect Donald Trump wishing supporters a “merry Christmas” at the start of a rally in Hershey, Pa., on Thursday (Photo: The New York Times / Stephen Crowley)

US President-elect Donald Trump has promised to establish humanitarian safety zones in Syria and force the Gulf States to pay for this.

“When I look at what is going on in Syria, it is so sad,” Trump said, speaking to his supporters in the US ‘chocolate capital’, Hershey city (Pennsylvania). “It is so sad, and we are going to help people.”

Saying this, Trump reminded about the Gulf States, which have enough money.

“I will get the Gulf States to give us lots of money and we will build and help build safe zones in Syria,” he said.

In November, Trump told US reporters about the need to stop the “madness that is happening now in Syria.”

In a recent interview with the Russia-24 TV-channel, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad admitted that Trump can become a “natural ally” of Damascus.

According to the Syrian leader, Trump’s election manifestos on the fight against terrorism and nonintervention against states were “crisp and clear.” “This is good, but this depends on Trump’s will to carry on with this approach, and his ability to do that,” Assad noted, adding if the new American president overcomes all obstacles and starts to really act against terrorism, “he will be our natural ally.”

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What does he means by safe zone ?

Romulus Nicola

FEMA camps most likely…


That is the Clinton/Obama/Soros way of doing things.

Behold a Pale Horse

‘Safe zones’ just big and long enough to contain pipelines. Just a coincidence…I am sure.

Brad Isherwood

Once Uncle Sam goes in…..you can’t get rid of him. Safe zones. …Occupation….energy control/contracts.

Syrian Nat gas fields on the NY stock exchange soon.


The Syrian state already provides peace, security, government and services : utilities, schoools, medical and social services for 70 % plus of the population in areas under its control. “Safe Zones ” really means areas carved out by foreign aggressors to protect their favorite jihadi thug gangs. Well Syria does not want or need US/GB/FR warmongers in our land. Get out.


What about all those Syrians (jihadi-supporters or just plain opportunistic invaders) who were sent to Europe in the last couple of years by Erdogan and Soros? If you are “already providing peace, security, government and services”, then you need to take these Syrians back where they belong.


Erdogan wants to destroy Syria, Soros wants to destroy Europe. I wish EU had the guts to deport Syrian draft dodgers so they could be charged with deserting the homeland in time of war, then shot. In return I expect EU to take back all their filthy French, German, British, Bosnian, Albanian sicko jihadi killers, who after all are EU citizens. As for the Saudis who emptied their jails of the most vile dregs and sent them into Syria on a one-way ticket, well we will clip their tickets and stack their stinking corpses on a big bonfire.


Just one correction: Erdogan wants to destroy Europe, too.

Brad Isherwood

Syria has next to No Environmental laws. Oil = oil byproducts…such as plastic pellets for injection molding. Syria can now make colored garbage bins for the entire Mid east. Create Plastic/polyform industry and become Wal mart plastic Dollar store King. With so much open space …Oil process facility is viable…..just need steady water Supply. Syria is positioned well to be an energy manufacturer


Haha i love trump


A very good idea…send the ones from Europe back there too.

888mladen .

No safety zones on a territory of sovereign country by invaders. It sounds like Trump will create a safety zone by GCC money. His concerns about well being Syrian people sound very hypocritical.


Trump should stay in its own safe or sh*t zone.

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