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Trump: US Will Withdraw From Syria “Very Soon”


Trump: US Will Withdraw From Syria “Very Soon”

FILE IMAGE: US-led forces at the Syrian-Iraqi border

On March 29, US President Donald Trump announced during a speech in the state of Ohio that the US will withdraw its troops from Syria “very soon” and let “other people” handle the situation in the war-torn country.

“We’re knocking the hell out of ISIS. We’ll be coming out of Syria, like, very soon. Let the other people take care of it now. Very soon, very soon, we’re coming out. We’re going to have 100 percent of the caliphate, as they call it–sometimes referred to as land. We’re taking it all back–quickly, quickly,” Trump said before a crowd of union builders in Richfield, Ohio, according to the Russian news outlet Sputnik.

When asked about Trump’s announcement, US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said that the department has no information on a US withdrawal from Syria.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova revealed that the US is actually increasing its military presence in its base in the al-Tanaf area near the Syrian-Iraqi border.

“We are still concerned about reports that the United States and its allies are consolidating their illegal military presence in the territory of sovereign Syria. In particular, heavy military equipment is arriving to the zone established by the United States around the settlements of al-Tanf in the southeast of the country,” Zakharova said at a press briefing according to Sputnik.

Zakharova’s statement and the comment by the US State Department led many experts into believing that Trump’s announcement is just a PR statement that has little common with the reality.



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  • jerry hamilton

    “We’re knocking the hell out of ISIS.”

    Good for you America. What would we do without you. You saved the day you hero you.

    • northerntruthseeker .

      Sarcasm will get you everywhere, Jerry!

    • Peter Jennings

      As US storybooks claim for both world wars. They’re consistent if nothing else.

      The same was said of Afghanistan and also the ‘mission accomplished’ in Iraq. I was surprised that they managed to get the banner spelt correctly.

  • peter

    Fantastic news from invalid duck , but we dont know, what speak hawk , Mc Cain !!

  • Владислав Ольхов

    At last Trump has some useful iseas. Just get the hell out of Syria, you’re not welcomed there.

    • BMWA1

      Great White Father speaketh with forked tongue Vladislav

    • Rüdiger Preiss

      Tell me which of Trumps ideas do you think are useful? Which??
      – The wall? – surely not.
      – Calling off the deal with Iran? What a f*ing waste of money – all those diplomats have worked hard on it for years only that some complete tosser called Trump comes along and ditches it??
      – Getting out of the Climate Deal? – well maybe. Once Manhattan gets swallowed up by the sea it might be a good thing actually (but please Poseidon, take Trump with you!) ;)
      – Showing off to the Chinese President how he sends 59 Tomahawks into Syria? I am sure Xi Jinping only laughed because he thought “what an idiot”
      – Arm teachers in classrooms to stop school mass shootings? well make sure to also hand out silencers so they wouldn’t be too noisy at school

      Ok, I found one useful idea:
      – Make friends with Russia. But it doesn’t help to have a useful idea when everything you do points the opposite direction. 60 Russian diplomats expelled = the most ever in history.

      Trump is so full of sh*t it beggars belief that he got 62.98 million votes. There is only one explanation: Clinton would have been even worse; However, with John Bolton as new National Security Advisor, it very much looks like Trump has been dumped into a swamp of war mongering Neocons, where Killary and BLiar only had a seat somewhere in the back row.

      • jerry hamilton

        I think he just means getting out of Syria.

        • Rüdiger Preiss

          I know. and I mean that whatever comes out of Trumps head is useless. Even when it appears useful ;)

        • Rüdiger Preiss

          I wonder whether Trump is sending some secret messages… 60(ish) Tomahawks, 60 diplomats … hmmm

          • jerry hamilton

            Lol. Here is a bit from 60 Minutes….

            Scott Pelley: I was in your office, all the magazines on your desk–
            Donald Trump: Well, I have a lot of covers.
            Scott Pelley: –are covers of you.
            Scott Pelley: All the pictures on the wall are pictures of you.
            Donald Trump: –well, it’s cheaper than wallpaper.
            Scott Pelley: What are we supposed to take from that?
            Donald Trump: You know, look, I’m on a lot of covers. I think maybe more than almost any supermodel. I think more than any supermodel.

  • Miguel Redondo
    • wp007

      yes, so the NATO will get involved directly

    • Rüdiger Preiss

      Haha, so he thinks that if the French take over, the Syrians will feel at home just like 100+ years ago :D?? LMFAO!

  • Serious

    Why “very soon” and not now. Just lies.

    • wp007

      no, but very tricksy

  • Serious

    Don’t trust Trump. He is a liar.

    • outer_rl

      He exists beyond the petty realm of truth and lies

      • Wanklord

        Report: Israeli stealth fighters fly over Iran – 03/29/2018
        Two Israeli F-35 fighter jets entered Iranian airspace over the past month, Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reported on Thursday. The act is a signal of heightened regional tensions, especially in light of recent Israeli military attacks in Syria, including against Iranian bases in the country.

        One more evidence that Russian-made S-300 systems operated by the Iranian military are proving to be totally inefficient (for not calling them useless)…now let’s have a seat and enjoy the responses coming from the confessed anti-Zionists of this propaganda blog.

        • EL ZORRO

          FAKE NEWS.

        • wwinsti

          We’ll put this one in the same folder we keep the:

          *Israeli F-35 destroys Syrian S-300*.

          I’m guessing you don’t even remember that one, do you?

        • Joe

          Where is the source of such news from a news portal?

          By now Israel would have boosted about it and how did that F35 planes able to reach Iran without refueling?

          News yet to be confirmed.

          Israel risks the F35 to be shot down?

          • Pave Way IV

            Israel had a few converted Boeing 707s with refueling booms for at least a couple of decades, Joe. I suppose it was all secret at one time, but even the IAF brags about its ancient, POS KC-707 Re’em tankers now in their Desert Giants 120th Squadron. They have nowhere near the refueling capability of a KC-10 as far as tankers go, but still plenty for supporting fighter/bomber sorties to Iran. Not that the fake F-35 story is real at all, just saying they do have the refueling capability for it.

            I just vaguely remember that Boeing wouldn’t sell them our refueling booms, and they had a hell of a time designing one of their own. And the 707 (in general) sucks as a tanker for a whole host of reasons. Maybe it will take out a few IAF F-35s for humanity.

            I’m also also guessing the Saudis no longer have a problem letting the IAF transit KSA airspace now to mess with Iran, but the Saudi government probably still keeps that secret. Can’t have the head-choppers rioting in downtown Riyadh. The entire kingdom would fall in a day if the average Saudi knew the extent of the ass-grabbing going on now between Israeli leaders and the al Sauds. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a leak exposing them (Hey Qatar, that’s your cue you evil fucks…)

          • wanklord , he is hasbara troll who got tasked into spreading the silly propaganda of overrated f35 penetrating iran airspace.

            whats the point of penetrating undetected and then boasting on media as if they are a superb military ? it is the same old propaganda designed to make israeli military a poweful force.. the lame propaganda that been disproven during israeli defeat in 2006

        • Mase fah

          Absolutly no way, what you think Iran is? Saudi arabia :) .. They can detect a stealth RQ170 drone and you telling me they can’t detect F35 especially isreali one. Its just more lies and lies they are bunch of pussies that can only give fake news out. Absoloutly not true

        • remember everyone , this wanklord disqus id is attributed to hasbara astroturfer who posted during tel aviv working hours.

          all over the net these hasbara been pushing this IAF F35 over iran hoax propaganda.. a desperate propaganda that so infantile and ridiculous.. if they really penetrate iranian airspace undetected. , why they boasted on then media ?

          only the most ignorant layman joe public would believe this , just as only a fool and ignorant would believe the myth of IDF

          • Peter Jennings

            He/she/it doesn’t seem to want to stick around to defend his propagnada. Maybe he/she/it has just started on the trolling path. Fur is no match against a thick skin.

          • Remember Hasbara Technique 101 , plant some ridiculous comment and watch people got distracted into trying to correct the hasbara troll..

            thus his mission accomplished , distracting the discusion from the topic at hand.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            only the most ignorant……………… now you spoke of 99% of western population. That is a lot of believers, dont you think so?

          • It’s been a widely known fact that most american are totally ignorant on real world issues and prefer to believe their govt propaganda instead of using their brain thinking ability.

            99% is correct , as a minimum baseline , of ignorant people in western civilization..

          • nshah

            hahaha.. ur right..! it’s just another dog we have here..!

          • actually he is just an ordinary israeli jew who worked for a living in government astroturfer / internet brigade spreading their own version / narrative and disrupting sites that reported truth and fact.

            that he work by lying everyday without remorse is his people’s forte and inherent skill , after all lying is their business for thousands of years.

        • outer_rl

          Kuwait does have a lot of connections with Israeli “media management” agencies.

          The f35 however is the most useless waste of money America’s ever built.

        • Steve Bell

          As an Israeli F-35 can be downed by a Syrian “bird strike”, Iran would have no problems at all in doing ditto… Hasbara trolling is amusing, just right for some light comic relief.

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          IF two f35 have entered iranian space that means, israel now has 3 f35s less counting the one they lost to syria as well. Slow as they are, are late to learn the lesson as their cousins in US that are even slower.

          But good teachers, must have patience, with mentally challenged degenerates.

    • BMWA1

      Let’s just say he uses his imagination over memory.

    • EL ZORRO

      Trump does not RUN the foreign policy, it’s run by the DEEP STATE(COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS).

      • Peter Jennings

        The Trumpster’s input isn’t needed or wanted at the CFR. They blow their treason straight into congress.

    • Rob

      You know liars make money by corruption.

    • He can’t help it.
      He’s an American AND a politician. Double damaged.

  • jerry hamilton

    They are however building their military in Syria.

  • Michał Hunicz

    Clearly a crap. The Zionists cannot just retreat after doing all that mess.

    • outer_rl

      The neocons and pro Israel war lobby are rich and influential, but they’re not in power.

      • Michał Hunicz

        They de-facto are, Trump is only a masquerade behind the deep state.

        • outer_rl

          He’s stopped the deep state starting ww3 for 15 months. Only 33 months more to go.

  • Michał Hunicz

    Macron claimed that France will send troops to Manbij. Hahaha…

  • wp007

    Read ist complete! Other willtke ist. Means, France goes to Manjib, Britain oes to Dair Ezzzor or Al Tanf, and Saudi Arabia also comes in.
    This given the possibility to expand it to a NATO-Russa war in case that one of these get attacked.
    The willed strategy, all looks like before WW I

  • Serious

    Don’t trust Putin and Trump. Two globalists that are destroyoing USA, Russia and the world.

    Soon, all of you will been monitored like prisoners and tracked with RFID chips implanted in your skin. By now, your passport, ID card and bank card have RFID chips and are monitoring and tracking you. Even your new smartphones you buy for 1000 dollars are spies and track you.

    Cars will be tracked also.

    Very bad days for your kids. You have know what freedom is, your children will never.

    • Rüdiger Preiss

      We all know you hate Putin, but he stands to what he says. Putin and Assad have more brain than all the presidents and prime ministers of the West put together. Trump is a complete lunatic, this has been obvious right from the beginning.

      • Serious

        I hate nobody. I give credit to people when they deserve it. I have no reason to trust Putin and even less reason to trust Trump.

        Trimp is not lunatic or whatever. Trump is fucking slave. He is NOTHING. He is not a human being and nobody will remember him unless like a slave.

        • jerrydrakejr

          Well, I agree. I do not trust Putin, but I will be glad to see his actions in my country, because my country is already under American boots. I do not want to be under Russian boots, but if it helps me get rid of the Americans, it’s welcome.

        • Rüdiger Preiss

          You are wrong there. Nero was a narcissistic psychopath just like Trump. That’s the only reason we remember him. Mark my word, we will remember Trump for a long time to come, he isn’t done yet.

          • Serious

            Nobody remember Nero. Everybody remember Caesar and not for what he acheived but rather because of how he died. Nobody will remember Trump. Those whose believed in him will hate him because he is a liar and those who hated him will keep hated him. Game over.

          • Rüdiger Preiss

            Really. Let that sink in. Then ask my 8 year old daughter, even she knows about Nero. Trump is the sort of guy who will do the most outrageous thing only to be remembered and he won’t even blink an eyelid if that means 20 Million dead people. For now he has been testing peoples reactions only.

          • Serious

            Your daughter went to school. That’s why she learned about useless Nero that she will forget in one year and two years.
            Trump is testing nothing. Trump is only a toy.

  • outer_rl

    This is good news, ww3 maybe cancelled for the time being

    • Serious

      Where is the news. I see just words.

      • outer_rl

        Words are important. The blog is mightier than the stealth bomber.

        • Serious

          Words are useless. Acts are important.

    • Rüdiger Preiss

      Trump is like a flag in the wind. He definitely is mental, there’s no point trying to interpret anything in what he says. one day he’d claim that “we’ll make peace” and the next day he presses the button to send some tomahawks. He might as well send a nuke somewhere. With this guy you simply don’t know!

      • outer_rl

        The Tomahawks were a smart idea, he looked though without actually harming the Syrian government. He’s mostly followed what he promised – dumping some trade deals, getting rid of environmentalism, putting pro lifers in the supreme court. Like him or hate him, he’s largely doing what he promised, plus being a bit unpredictable.

        • Rüdiger Preiss

          That was a desperate attempt of Trump supporters to bring some sense into this. He could as well have not pressed any button. The way he did show off in front of the Chinese President was particularly tasteless. Trump is a narcissistic psychopath

        • You’re correct (mostly) about his domestic policies. His foreign policies are definitely not what he promised. He promised to repudiate and end Obama and Hillzebub’s pro-terror, pro “Arab Spring” policies. Instead he is doubling down on them.

          • outer_rl

            I see no sign of doubling down. There’s been no support to anti government forces. He’s thrashed ISIS. Now he’s talking about leaving.

          • Yes, He is “farming out” the aggression against Syria’s people and government. Now Turkey, Israel and KSA will take the reins while Washington pours armaments into their war machines. You seem comfortable with that.

          • outer_rl

            That’s what was happening under Obama. Now the Saudis are bogged down committing atrocities in Yemen, Turkey is attacking America’s Kurdish proxies and Israel is flaying about without a plan or way forward. The Syrian government is sweeping up the remaining resistance.

          • Washington has abandoned the Kurds, as I’ve predicted for years. Glad you’re optimistic about the way forward. I’m more cynical. I don’t see KSA or Israel dropping their support of terrorists. The Turks may be the biggest threat of all. Erdogan intends to partition Syria. His lies about not having revanchist ambitions are just lies.

          • outer_rl

            Yes, the abandonment of the Kurds has been the only certainty though the whole of the war in Syria and Iraq. They never had any real international allies.

            In terms of Turkey, their behaviour has consistently suprised me. Is it all just a long term vendetta against the Kurds? Does Erdogan real see himself as a new Ottoman caliph? My current thinking is that Turkey’s land grabs are mostly about gaining bargaining chips in the peace negotiations. They they will offer to hand back the land in exchange for the Assad letting them pick some of his government ministers and having a say on the new Syrian Constitution.

          • Except the neo-Ottoman revanchism is not limited to Syria. His sabre rattling and outright aggression extend from Iraq to the Aegean to Cyprus. Not to mention his threats against EU and downing of Russian SU-24. I believe that Sultan Erdogan is just a typical bully. He is not facing any pushback to his threats and aggression, only appeasement and piteous whining. That will work as well with him as it did with /dolf, ISIS or Qaida.

            The Sultan’s battle lust is only matched by his paranoia. The engineered faux coup is just the sort of tactic that /dolf would use and understand. The Sultan has a rather impressive war machine and has painted himself into a “Use it or lose it” corner. Backing down now would mean electoral defeat and/or a real coup.

            Maybe you are right. I might be wrong. We will soon see!

  • Xanatos

    He really has no idea what the Pentagon is doing.

    • northerntruthseeker .

      OH, he knows… But is now lying outright to cover for the fact that the US Military absolutely runs every aspect of American foreign policies now…

      • Rob

        Losers will believe Washington, UK, France and their false flag states (Israel, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Kurdistan, BookoHaram). LOL

    • Ivan Freely

      I’m leaning towards “No Control” of any US institutions. In other words, no one is listening to him which is a bad thing.

      • jerry hamilton

        The Pentagon certainly isn’t.

  • northerntruthseeker .

    One of the biggest and most outlandish lies put out by the criminal US President..

    And for him to say that the US is beating “ISIS” is such a laugher, when you consider the fact that the US itself IS “ISIS”….. The US runs, operates, and pays for, all of the operatives and mercenaries that make up that fraud “terrorist” group..

    The US is not leaving Syria any time soon and will continue their ILLEGAL occupation of parts of that sovereign nation….And they are doing so in defiance of international law!

    • jerry hamilton

      The Pentagon are building up their forces in Syria and Trump often makes 180 degree turns.
      I recon we know nothing.

      • Pave Way IV

        Democracy thrives in the absence of knowledge among an indifferent populace. Either the Greeks or Dick Cheney said that – can’t remember which one.

  • Serious

    Trump only says what he is told to say. Period. Trump worths less than a puppet you buy in a store. He is just like ben Laden, Al Qaeda, SDF leaders, ….. They are not human beings. They are already dead.

  • Serious

    You can buy a puppet in a store and make it say whatever you want. It’s exactly the same.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yup, where to place Him, along the congregation of drooling idiots witch is been bitch slapped around and yaps what the senatwhores and prestitutes wants them to yap, like good Pavlovian dog, yeah, jump f….. and they jump, or been brilliant, I see both, but where will the pendulum swing, yeah, time will tell.

    But, the problem is trust, He have non, so far I am afraid.


  • javier

    just a continuation of american policy where words are all lies and actions speak for themselves

  • FSA – Democratic HeadChoppers

    He said he was going to cut the aid to the YPG and next day Pentagon stated that they won’t be cutting the aid at all and in fact they sent like hundreds of trucks loaded with wepaonary a few days later. I wouldn’t listen to Trump at all.

    • schiamachy

      The Deep State players ignored Obama too and in fact they openly defied him. I am however fascinated by Trumps defiant recent pro Russian comments saying it is better to be friends with Russia than enemies.
      Perhaps now that the congressional inquiry found no interference by the Russian State in the US elections, Trump can start putting his own policies forward even if the CIA and military ignore him. As the Commander in Chief he must have the power to dump those Deep State trouble makers for failing to follow orders. Now he has been cleared of collusion with Russia, the Democrat lackies have lost their ability to smear him. On the other hand I doubt Trump has the toughness or intelligence to take on the military industrial industrial state and their partners in the CIA.

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    lmao yea right, ill believe it when i see it, and by the way you have not been hurting daesh at all, you have been supplying them and airlifting them across the region, its russia SAA iran iraq hezb and liwa al quds that have been doing all the heavy lifting, YOU PUNK!!!

    • TiredOfBsToo

      And soon the US should leave Manbij so as to not become a casualty when the Turkish army meets French cannon fodder in Manbij -> https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/france-to-send-troops-to-manbij-to-block-turkish-invasion-report/ ANNNNNNNNNDDDDDDD

      • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

        Agree, US should leave all of syria

        • TiredOfBsToo

          As an American, I will celebrate that day when the Syrian people have their country back free of terrorists fed and supported not only by the US government, but the governments of Israel, Saudi Arabia, France, Britain etc. It’s the corruption of the US, British and Israeli governments, which has done nothing but provided horror and tragedy to the peoples of the Middle East and beyond.

          • jerry hamilton

            As a Brit, I agree. We have been evil.

          • TiredOfBsToo

            Our supposed governments certainly have.

          • jerry hamilton

            Yes. The buck stops with the sick individuals that instigate the evil.
            Not the people that have no say.

          • You mean the people who have more rights, democracy and civil liberties than any other peoples on the planet – the people who NEVER raise a voice in protest – not once – not ever?

            You mean those people?

          • Peter Jennings

            1 million march on London before the invasion of Iraq. Rights are being stripped away from Brits and have been since the 80’s. Go to court for not paying tribute to the bbc and see how civil liberties truly operates. There are cameras everywhere and our democracy doesn’t work too well, as experienced by those who marched on London and the millions of supporters at home who could not go because of other commitments.

          • “1 million march on London before the invasion of Iraq.”
            Yes. So we know they can do it – BUT THEY DON’T.
            Yes. Their rights are being “stripped away” – and what are they doing about it? …. Going with the flow.

            So don’t tell me: “It’s the gubmint, “not The People.”

          • jerry hamilton

            We DO protest.
            99% of the time there is a MEDIA BLACKOUT.
            Do not talk about what you don’t have a clue about.

          • Media blackout of your protests against illegal wars and drone-bombs? Really?

            Have you heard of RT and Sputnik?
            I don’t care about your rights and your values – that’s your problem – but I do care about your wanton murder of civilians in foreign countries and your destroying whole nations for not subscribing to your phucking amoral values!

          • jerry hamilton

            You are obviously tied to an idea and happy with it.
            Keep it.

          • I’d love to be wrong – prove me wrong.

          • jerry hamilton

            Your mind’s made up. It is not possible to prove you wrong.
            What happens in the name of Britain and America et al. is disgusting.
            You have every right to be disgusted in us.
            In your world there are no individuals, we all mass together as the Borg.
            Incidentally, do you have a clue how many Asian’s live here?
            How many Polish or Chinese?
            You don’t care how many of us support BDS because we are Western.
            We are not on this forum to oppose our countries, it’s just something to pass the time before we decide to invade NK or Iran.

          • …it’s just something to pass the time before we decide to invade NK or Iran.
            Yeah. And you will.
            Unless someone stops you – you will.
            And again, you won’t even protest it.

          • You can call me Al

            P1ss off, you are irritating me.

          • What – are you a child?
            It’s way past your bedtime?

          • You can call me Al

            You nailed it in “It’s way past your bedtime?” …..but I am old.

          • 2nd childhood huh?
            Nevermind – it only goes down from there….

          • You can call me Al

            OH gee, thanks.

          • LOL ….. :-))

          • You can call me Al

            “I don’t care about your rights and your values” – Fine, so don’t butt in and criticise, sort your own sh1t hole out first.

          • jerry hamilton

            Way to go Al.
            Actually I have seen other posts from her that are reasonable.
            If she is just premenstrual it is understandable.

          • Does the possible state of my hormones make it okay for you to bomb civilians in faraway countries that never ever harmed you or your country?

            You say “it’s understandable” – so explain it to me.

          • Your right are your business – just like Syrians rights are Syrian business and my rights are my business. British rights are British business, American rights are Americans’ business and so on for every nation on the planet.

            Attempts to interfere in other nations because you don’t approve of their rights is spurious political opportunism disguised as caring. It’s a lie. You care about Syrian rights but not Yemeni. You care about Syrians dying but not Somali. You never care about Congolese or Myanmar, Bangladeshi or Tibetans. It’s a game of political, resource raping, and strategic influence interest.

            And I see you have NOTHING to say about your role in the destruction of nations.

          • You can call me Al

            Are you insane ?, are you stupid ?……. Read my bloody comments and you will see that I am saying the same thing, over and over again.

          • Good!
            They why are you disagreeing with me?

          • jerry hamilton

            That’s the whole point. We are not disagreeing with you but you want to attack us anyway.
            You know nothing about us yet you accuse us of agreeing with what is wrong in this world.
            You do that because you are a racist.
            A South African racist drowning in Apartheid.

            See. Anyone can attack a person for any stupid reason they want.
            Please. Grow up.

          • “A South African racist drowning in Apartheid.”
            Aaah yeah – I’ve just seen those good ol’ days being played out on the Al Jazeera news screen. Sure brings back the memories. WHAT a bunch of scumbags we were….. we changed – so can you. (So can Israel.)

            Do what we did – OBJECT – PROTEST what’s done in your name.
            Else accept the accolades that come with silence and acquiescence.
            Because then – you deserve them.

          • jerry hamilton

            “WHAT a bunch of scumbags we were….. we changed”
            Some of you did. With an awful lot of outside help.
            Infact without Britain, the chances are you would not have changed.
            I would go as far as to say You never changed.
            Just look at how racist you are being with us.

          • You can call me Al

            mmm, oh, that’s a difficult one ?.

            Would a humble apology work ?

          • :-) Sure.

          • You can call me Al

            Well said, I forgot that point.

          • Peter Jennings

            You are correct to a point Shahna, however, when was the last time you saw over a million people marching on streets anywhere in the world over the past 20 years?
            One million was a conservative figure given by the bbc. So there were obviously over a million people in London. If you are in doubt as to what eventually happens when gov’t keep ignoring their people, go and take a look on youtube at the Poll Tax riots and others in London, Liverpool and numerous other places.

            The Brits are well renowned for their reserve and this tends to give others a false impression at times, even their gov’t gets it wrong, and so do the polls, as with Brexit.
            Those who are quiet at present are so because they are too busy busting their balls making a living. The bus will only tilt so far.

          • These are no more million man protests – there isn’t even ONE SMALL ONE about their destruction of whole nations!

            And puhleeze – if the “reserved” British cared enough to protest the war on Iraq, the education hikes and the Grenfell fire then they would protest their illegal wars, invasions and dronebombs – if they cared.
            They don’t.

            Everyone has it hard chum – and none have it harder than the people trying to live under your bombs.

          • jerry hamilton

            Please girl. Give it a rest.
            Do some research and then come back.

          • Why? You don’t like having it pointed out to you that the people of the western so-called civilised nations have no objection to the murder they do every single day for 16 years now? And because you have no answer and no justification for what you do? Nevermind the lies and spin that now reaches beyond the clouds of sublime you swallow and expect us to as well?

            You may rest when you STOP KILLING PEOPLE and you STOP DESTROYING COUNTRIES. That simple.

          • You can call me Al

            I’ll tell you then, it is not the f00king people. Unless we can get arms, we are impotent into doing anything. We do NOT go with the flow, we campaign, criticise and ha an army to go, but with what – PITCHFORKS ?

          • You can call me Al

            Funny you mention the march Peter, I stated it as well a few minutes ago on another post. The difference in beliefs and behaviour between the politicians and the people has never been further apart in the 35 years I have followed politics.

            DO you remember the farmers marching about the ban on things like fox hunting in he Countryside march ? – http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/2274129.stm …….the BBC says 400,000 but it as counted as close to a million – THE POLICE ABSOLUTELY BATTER THEM TO CRAP INCLUDING MY UNCLE.

            We need a revolution, it really is that simply.

            PS – I put the BBC link in, not to irritate you, but it was the first on the list.

          • nshah

            You mean those people?
            Yes, it is..!
            That’s how I understand it in plain cynical (sarcastic) English..!

          • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

            Agree 100 procent

          • TiredOfBsToo


          • MichaH

            Governments are guilty, not the peoples governed by them my friend, so it does not really matter what nationality, whether British, American, or German, Russian … et cetera

          • Ma_Laoshi

            A hundred times no. The rest of the world is sick and tired of being lectured about “values” and “democracy”. If the claim to live in a democracy has any meaning, then voters can also be held responsible. Tony Blair betrayed the British people in 2003–these things can happen, psychopaths can be notoriously charming. Tony Blair was subsequently re-elected, now British voters have a good beating coming–which they got of course with the London bombings etc.

            I’ve completely had it with the “boohoohoo, why do they hate us so much”. Give me a break, things will get better when your own behavior improves. Until then, you’re fair game. Western populations need to look inside themselves, only there can the answer to their own bloodthirst be found. They look with suspicion at Japan, with its latent nostalgia for the Hirohito Empire, but westerners aren’t much different with their own longing for colonial glory.

          • Daniel Castro

            You’re right, the level of hipocrisy in europeans is outrageous, they talk and talk and talk about human rights, France for instance, they lecture the world non’stop with their humanist bullshit, but when it comes to bomb Libia into oblivion they are the first to jump on NATO bandwagon, and their population does nothing.

            Screw the west, they deserve everything bad that is going to happen to them.

          • Sinbad2

            Yes as much as Americans proclaim their innocence, if a President doesn’t invade a country, he doesn’t get a second term, but if he does invade a country, and kills a lot of people he gets reelected.

          • Barba_Papa

            Actually Westerners do not get to long for their colonial glory, because if they did social justice warriors would be coming down on them like a pile of ten ton bricks. In fact these cucks are doing their utmost to tear down any sign of that colonial glory and use it to make us feel guilty so we invite in more brown immigrants.

            Overall Westerners have been made to feel ashamed of their colonial past at every opportunity, just like Germans have been made to feel ashamed of their Nazi past. In stark contrast to the Japanese who have never shown much regret at all for their crimes during the Hirohito empire. A past my own family got to enjoy first hand when the Japanese invade the Dutch East Indies

            Democracy, oligarchy, autocracy, communism, dictatorship, theocracy, it’s all the same anyway. They are just means by which a ruling elite justifies itself. Democracy just gives the public the illusion that their votes actually matters. Which considering the growing distrust in Western democracies between the public and politicians shows that more and more people are coming to the conclusion that its pointless to vote as politicians are going to do whatever the fuck they want too regardless of their vote. In the Netherlands we had an advising referendum against the EU treaty with the Ukraine, it came anyway. We had a referendum against a government plan to give the security services wide ranging powers to spy on us, the politicians have already said they will ignore the outcome anyway. And made sure it will be the last referendum we can hold as they removed that tool from law.

            In a system with proportional representation your vote matters little because the system produces an outcome that means that political parties enter into coaltion with other parties, so the negotiated outcomes can and usually run counter to what you have voted for. In the American and British system of first past the post a party can reach a majority to push through its agenda without opposition, but it comes at the price that it was only the biggest minority which voted for them. In the UK no government has ever ruled while getting a majority of the votes. Even a Tony Blair or Margeret Thatcher at best only achieved some 40% of the votes.

          • Ma_Laoshi

            The most annoying thing about the Russia-friendly press is when it calls the Empire “stupid”. The traditional thing empires do is to lock away leftist-antiwar opposition in camps. The AZ Empire instead has opted to make the opposition irrelevant by directing it into SJW’ism, with disjointed factions squabbling about language and gender and all that. So no you can’t openly refer positively to the colonial past, but so what? From Sarkozy to Macron, French presidents still look to get a poll boost by marching off to the old colonial playgrounds, mumbling some humanitarian BS. The SJW movement is either fully on board or has nothing meaningful to say about all this–remember, it’s *meant* to be toothless.

            I’m broadly familiar with the Dutch situation. They should have deposed their government when it wiped its arse with the “no” to the Lisbon Treaty, opening the door to an unelected EU superstate–that’s when you saw the lights go out right in front of your eyes. Of course, that’d have meant actually doing something, which is never the intention. It’s been the same story since: the Dutch voted down Ukraine association, PM Rutte predictably used that as toilet paper too, and then this gidsland-in-its-own-mind cheerfully re-elects that war criminal anyway. See, there was never any determination for their “no” vote to have any consequences–modern liberalism is only concerned with feeling good about yourself.

          • Barba_Papa

            Surprisingly good insights. I too have contemplated that the whole SJW activism gets too much of a free pass from successive rightwing governments, despite being ideological opposits. And that the only plausible answer to that must be that they are useful idiots who distract from the real issues.

          • Rubbish.
            The people of those countries give their loud or tacit approval.
            That’s how it works : No protest = OK, go ahead.

          • jerry hamilton

            Protests obviously mean a lot to your government?
            You sound incredibly racist. Where are you. Occupied Palestine?

          • Our so-called western leader nations have populations that protest at the drop of a hat: look at the US, UK and France. The people of these countries do NOT protest their active involvement in illegal aggressive invasions and wars against sovereign nations, their illegal occupations of sovereign nations and illegal drone bombing of civilians in 7 or 8 other sovereign countries.

            Everything else under the sun – but not that.
            Ergo you approve – or worse – just don’t care.
            So don’t tell me “It’s not the people.”
            It is the people – you are tacit murderers to your state crimelords.

            The US is the main culprit – the rest are spineless patsies or opportunistic poodles. (Take your pick.)
            •You all have civil liberties other people can only dream of.
            •And you all have VOLUNTEER armies.

            I am South African – so don’t think to lecture me on racism.

          • jerry hamilton

            Thank you so much for helping me realise what I am.
            Without you I would never have known.
            You however talk total crap, so taking your comments on board is a bit iffy.
            I am someone you have no clue about yet you decide what I think and do?
            I have never heard of an SA fascist pig before but you really are.
            And you dare to talk about racism? Racist.!!!

          • So now decrying your acquiescence to your daily bomb runs is racism?
            No end to western political spin and nothing too ridiculous for it either!

          • jerry hamilton

            I have fortunately never met a racist like you before.
            You decide what I think and do like no human has the right to do.
            I personally have no bomb runs and your suggestions that I do do is rather sick. Is that what you really want to be in life?

          • You personally don’t drop bombs but you collectively do not protest your govt doing so. Never. Not ever. Not even one little one. And on top of that I’m supposed to buy this shìte “It’s the gubmint – not the people.” Wrong. You the people are the govt. Your govt rules only with your collective permission.

            You have the RIGHT to protest – if you want to know what that means then ask the people of Bahrain.

          • nshah

            What the hell are you waiting for..?
            You just need to bring it down.. Get rid off those scum traitor b4 it’s too late..!

            It does not matter which country..? Those are the countries that trained, supports and armed those wahbabi.. as a matter of fact.. those countries created them.. with all sorts of brands.. hehehe..
            You blows alciada in Afghanistan but supports them in Suria.. hehehe
            Anglo-Saxon.. what can one expect..!?
            Robbers, looters, murderers.. and so on..!

          • TiredOfBsToo

            What I always state.

          • You do realise you are talking about the nation that has an army of more than 2 million – all volunteer?

          • TiredOfBsToo

            I’m not going to give you a one liner. As this is my last response for a few days due to an emergency, feel free to explore this topic with me when I return to these pages, that is if you’re actually willing to discuss the pros and cons.

          • The pros and cons of what?
            Dropping bombs on civilians and destroying whole nations to keep the populace in the style to which it has become accustomed?

          • Governments OF the people, FOR the people and BY the people?
            Those people are not responsible? Those people whose humanitarian bombs are bringing that same democracy to the poor benighted oppressed-and-bombed-by-their-own-govt people of Syria? Who brought it to Libya? And Iraq? And are still bringing it to Afghanistan? Then who is?

            “Govts are guilty, not the people governed,” is true for the people of say… North Korea and Saudi Arabia, but not for the people of democracies. What do you think democracy is? Just a vote?

            Well, it’s more than that. Way more. It’s also the responsibility that comes with that vote. You want the vote – but not the result.

          • schiamachy

            Our little puppy dog Prime Minister has also shamed our nation (Australia) by his secret involvement.
            I might add that our media has been appalling too.They are either liars or extremely ignorant of the geopolitics behind this fake invasion of Western paid militants.

          • TiredOfBsToo

            The people of Australia, like those of the people of the UK, New Zealand, Canada and the US (the Five Eyes), don’t really ever get the opportunity to be represented by their corrupt governments, because they are all controlled by the unelected members of the Deep State of the US. One other thing, to expect truth from the compliant corporate owned propaganda media of the Five Eyes is to believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

            I empathize with you, I also live on a territory of the Five Eyes and the constant 24/7 bombardment of BS is brain numbing.

          • BUT.
            They can still go out on the streets and protest.
            But they don’t.

          • TiredOfBsToo

            check out my other response to you.

        • RichardD

          And Afghanistan.

      • French

        The Marianne report linked in almasdarnews tells the contrary (no french troops).

        • Fred Dozer
          • French

            Only the Rojava representative says France is going to help. I wouldn’t say it’s reliable. I don’t see France sending troops, we are decreasing financial support to operations abroad (opex) and we are already involved in Mali where we have great economic interests. We had influence on Syria and Liban before, maybe siding with kurds against the expensionism of tukey is the only move possible to recover some as we can’t work with Assad because he’s viewed as evil, we can’t seriously change our position about him within a day. I’ve read Turkey and France had agreed in 2011 to create an independant kurdistan with access to the sea, I wonder how it has evolved.

          • nshah

            where we have great economic interests…. lol..!
            It’s economic extortions my friend, where most of ex colonies are still paying extortions money to French government till now..! As if they (the colonies..) doesn’t pays or agreed The mighty faggot French will destroy every infrastructures they built b4 leaving that country with their f****ng arses behind their balls (if they had one.. lol..)
            Just learn and look back into ur barbarian histories..!

          • Fred Dozer

            Probably would have worked if Russia did not intervene. Yes, I read Turkey went to France and formed a plan, to slaughter all the Christians and other outsider groups. Shocking , how little life is worth, to those thinking they are Gods. Just how many of these heartless bastards rule parts of the world ? Their the race that needs extermination, so the rest of us could live in peace.

          • Would we?
            Would we live in peace?
            Or would our wars just be smaller and closer to home?
            ….Would certainly be better.

          • “we are already involved in Mali”
            Yes. Western eyes are finding the ME more trouble than they expected and they are now turning those greedy eyes to African resources. Not long now and you’ll be invading, occupying and drone bombing us all the way to Cape Town too.

            Do you even know how may countries in Africa you drop drone-bombs on at the moment? Why don’t you know? Ignorance is preferred?
            And don’t tell me “France doesn’t drone bomb” because NATO does and France is NATO.

          • French

            You should share your informations, care to link a report about France drone bombing?
            We only have 3 operational US reapers drones in Niamey since 2015 for the Barkhane operation in Sahel, difficult to bomb many countries with that.
            We use fighters to bomb targets and it’s not something we can do without hearing news about it on this site and about all medias in the world.
            France isn’t like othel NATO countries, we are the only one without any US base, we withdrew from integrated military command in the 60s and only came back 10 years ago with Sarkozy. We are the less NATO friendly country in NATO, also remember we vetoed the invasion of Irak wich was the beginning of all the mess we can see now. France is the least “western” country in the West but it’s difficult to get our voice heard in the EU, even our pro EU president is ignored.

          • And what do REAPER DRONES drop? …. Leaflets?
            Why are you BOMBING CIVILIANS in northern Africa anyway??
            Or are you going to tell me you’re fighting the terrorists you and your American/UK allies create, arm and support to cause unrest to build your excuse to go bomb and drone bomb civilians in Africa?

            “France isn’t like other NATO countries” Whine Whine BooHoo!
            Bullshìt! You murder with the best of them!
            While you protest about labour reform but never about your illegal warfare.

            And hey look whose troops are ILLEGALLY in northern Syria now too!

        • TiredOfBsToo

          From the report…..

          ““France will send troops to the town of Manbij, alongside U.S. forces, in order to block the Turkish offensive on the city,” the Marianne report added.”

          • French

            I’m french, I read french thanksfully, Marianne say no troops.

          • TiredOfBsToo

            So at 2300 hours, Macron changed his mind….. Why didn’t you just cite the relevant block in the report and translate it. Will he change his mind again when commanded to by the Empire?

          • French

            France is decreasing funding of the military, the previous chief of staff resigned because of this.

          • TiredOfBsToo

            Sounds good….. too bad the US doesn’t do the same.

          • French

            I must add it’s only for the current year, the budget wil be increased regulary in the coming years to change our old stuff (some 40 years old), new ground vehicules, studies for new submarines and aircraft carrier. But for now we don’t have the money for military operations abroad.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      Don`t insult the punks please they did absolutely nothing to you, to compare them, to a degenerated pervert.

      • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


  • Terence Silvestre Jr.

    I’m afraid that since a long time ago, that man has lost all credibility and right to be believed.
    It is obvious that his statement is quite the opposite thing and more than ever Syria with all its allies have to prepare themselft to deal more than ever with those American scourges in Syria, and for a good and very long time.

    • RichardD

      He has a bad habit of telling people what they want to hear. And then doing the exact opposite by doing what they don’t want done. Like Afghanistan is a waste of money, and then wasting more money on it.

      • Peter Jennings

        The Brits were stung that way during toady blaar’s basterdising of parliament, and Major’s mess, and thatchers nightmare. Now we have May the muck raker. All tories, even blaar. He only switched sides for power and money, and not ideology or love of the country.

      • nshah

        Just like obomber.. similarities of potus of muricun(t).., fork tongue..!

    • Peter Jennings

      I share your views. However, to be fair to the Trumpster, he is up against a very deep state mechanism that has been borrowing into gov’t depts for decades and who now have a finger in every pie.
      Maybe some Russian generals are looking over the opportunity of testing their new weapons in Syria?

  • JEinCA

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Kolarov

    Haha yeah sure… he’ll do what Israel says

  • jorge

    Well, lets see what the appointed to Secretary of State will do, if he will be confimed as Secretary of State. Never the less, this show contradictions among the US rulers, and all these reinforcements steps of the yankees in Syria smell to intented provocations to desperately start a war without the necessary political support. By the way, people, lets donate, only 281 bullets per day for the budget are missing.

  • Fred Dozer

    Furthest from the truth. + France is increasing their efforts in Syria and Trump said he would do the same.
    US State Department says it is unaware of any plan to withdraw US troops from Syria
    Reuters , Thursday 29 Mar 2018


    “When asked about Trump’s announcement, US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said that the department has no information on a US withdrawal from Syria”…TRANSLATION…U.S State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said that the DEEP STATE(CFR/SES) has NO inform us that THEY HAS ANY INTENTIONS to withdraw from Syria.

  • TiredOfBsToo
  • Feudalism Victory

    TRUMP 2020

  • gustavo

    Just, a usual USA politician liar, nothing new.

  • Nice words, somehow I don’t believe them.

    While Trump is surrounding himself with known war hawks the prerogative is to waste as much on defense as possible.

    When Trump mentions US troops out then I fear they could be replaced by privately armies.

    Who are those ‘others’ that Trump mentioned?

    • Easy. The “others” are Israel, Turkey and KSA. Trump is just proposing to contract out the “Hit” on Syria.

  • Ricky Miller

    Hurting ISIS? That’s almost as big a laugh as Western claims about a “rules based” world order. The largest air force in the whole wide world has averaged something close to 1.8 strikes a day against ISIS in Syria. Clearly, ISIS is a weapon of the Pentagon and the CIA, a weapon that has been and still is being used to attack Syria’s people and steal both territory and resources. And that whole Trump statement here in Ohio today is a falsehood that no one should count on.

  • jerry hamilton

    Lol. Here is a bit from 60 Minutes….

    Scott Pelley: I was in your office, all the magazines on your desk–
    Donald Trump: Well, I have a lot of covers.
    Scott Pelley: –are covers of you.
    Scott Pelley: All the pictures on the wall are pictures of you.
    Donald Trump: –well, it’s cheaper than wallpaper.
    Scott Pelley: What are we supposed to take from that?
    Donald Trump: You know, look, I’m on a lot of covers. I think maybe more than almost any supermodel. I think more than any supermodel.

  • occupybacon

    He didn’t want to miss April 1 with this declaration.

  • Mountains

    Even if true. Turkey will be storming the eastern part of the Euphrates like a mad bull

  • Tommy Jensen

    We the sheeple believe this time the Americans are finally telling a truth, because we were hoping.

    • jerry hamilton

      While we are hoping, there is a large buildup of American hardware in Syria.

  • Joe

    Ya it is just hot air and everything points towards confrontations which in my opinion they have no way to be successful in staying in Syria. Appointment of Bolton is just one very glaring fact.

    Countries that are winning wars , do not just allow “words” from the US mouths to steal a country … just plainly impossible and foolish even to think it can be done especially in Syria where their arch enemy Iran can easily put in hundreds of thousands of fighters in days. Not to say there is Russia now ready for war.
    Hezbollah that Americans will fear to fight against.

    This speech can be Trump’s face saving grace ..in case he has to leave when the other side put their foot down.

  • Marcos Edder

    He’s pure double talk.

  • zman

    If i had to guess, I’d have to say that there are 3 possibilities. 1) The US is pulling out their people before a major strike against Syria, 2) Trump is going to declare eastern Syria another ‘country’ and refuse to leave there because the ‘gov’ there wants them there or 3) This Trumps way out, that he has flipped his lid and has to go, because no one else will know of this ‘plan’.

  • Antikapitalista

    It is not important that their withdrawal is announced.
    What is important is how swiftly the “accidentally-left-behind military advisors” are dealt with.

  • Looks like Trump plans to turn the Syria aggression over to America’s Ottoman, Ziostani and Wahhabistani “Allies”. You can be sure that all three will not want for war material. Trump’s foreign policy is looking as bad as Clinton, Obama or Bush.

  • oldenyoung

    Trump knows how to 1) LIE 2) Brag 3) Not pay people he owes money to…think this time is any different?

  • John Mason

    US needs to be encouraged to leave asap, try killing a few of them to get the message across.

  • Smaug

    One of the many times Trump said something in a speech that got everyone in trouble. Someone needs to write on some notecards and stick to them.

  • Poor trump , he act like his tweet means something.. his own military and intelligence people constantly undrmine him , and ignore him..

    even more stupid is those who voted trump and got a useless clown elected in WH who immediately succumb to neocon agenda

  • 1691

    Another nonsense coming out of Trump. English is not my first but I find his statement contradicting:
    ” We’ll be coming out of Syria”…. vs “We’re going to have 100 percent of the caliphate, as they call it–sometimes referred to as land. We’re taking it all back–quickly, quickly,” What is he really trying to say? Am I missing something?

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      To me he sound like a degenerated pervert, That he dont know where his ass is from second base. Watch his body language, you know what I mean.

      • 1691

        I do, I am concerned that his statement means that they intend to retake the caliphate- the islamic state of Iraq and Levant and he is openly saying it. The first part of his speech is pulling wool cotton over our eyes.

        • Promitheas Apollonious

          The attack by Uk/US against Russia with the bogus accusations only morons will believe, that automatically have the people thinking WW3 and getting focus on that is an old trick, to turn away global attention from the masses in what actually happening.

          If west and I dont only refer to the military arm, which is USA, lose the middle east war they also losing the Mediterranean war that is even more important than ME and the Balkans. If you see what is happening as a whole and not isolated events then you understand that europe is about to explode, along with the areas i mentioned, and most dont know this, as is never mentioned but Turkey and Greece are about to go down the war path.

          All it takes now is the right bullet to the wrong place and we are in a very catastrophic war no matter who wins if they be any winners that I very much doubt it.

  • RichardD

    Try finding a poll on the Afghanistan war. There’s obviously a cover up going on of massive public opinion opposition to this fiasco. That all of the polling companies are blatantly ignoring.

  • “We are still concerned about reports that the United States and its allies are consolidating their illegal military presence in the territory of sovereign Syria…. “ [Zakharova]
    Well – bomb them for an hour – then apologise and say “It was a mistake.”
    Should work – it is, after all, a tried and tested American method. Just remember – it’s very important not to say “Sorry” when you admit to your “mistake.”

  • AJ

    I wouldnt believe anything Trump says – why would the US leave if they are building up their camps at Al Tanf & the eastern oil fields area. Also crazy Bolton is not one to back down anytime Iran is in the picture.

  • Barry Warmkessel

    Sure he will!

    A false military pullback: Trump will ‘leave’ Syria like he ‘left’ Afghanistan

  • Redadmiral

    We have heard many such comments before. El Presidante says one thing and the Zionist deep state keeps doing what it wants. Al Tanf is an extreme provocation in Syria. What is happening in the Ukraine is also deeply worrying along with the Yanki naval build up in the South China Say. The NATO cabal are very busy around the world at the moment. Then we have, Teresa May and her lame duck Tory government engineering a false flag to target the Russians. Even with all the propaganda and lies it really does not seem to be sticking. Germany had to be arm twisted and kicked into expelling 4 envoys, however, they informed Moscow they can be replaced immediately. While my own little neutered country, which allows Yanki military flights to land in Shannon had to hum and haw for quite sometime before agreeing to expel one diplomat, “to show solidarity with our neighbour”. What a load of Bollix! While Turkey the second largest military member of NATO said fuck-off. We here have seen all this before in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan except this time it is much more dangerous. Yanks and their Zionist Fascist Mates are gung ho for a Big War. Expect something big in Ukraine along with Syria and the SCS before the end of summer.

  • “We’re going to have 100 percent of the caliphate, as they call
    it–sometimes referred to as land. We’re taking it all back–quickly,
    quickly,” “
    What is the chief Yankee Arse taking about here?

  • nshah

    Reading the title above.. made me rofl..! Yeah.. you right idiot..! You fork tongue will be kicked and chased away like dogs with tail between ur stinking legs..! Even Satan will laughs out loud with this idiot’s statment..! hehehe

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    I demand that the US withdraw from Israel and all of the ME immediately!
    Leave the Jewish winners of the First and Second World War’s to themselves.