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JULY 2020

Trump Unveils His “Deal Of The Century” For Israeli-Palestinian Question


Trump Unveils His "Deal Of The Century" For Israeli-Palestinian Question

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On January 28th, US President Donald Trump, alongside Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented the “Deal of the Century” to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Trump described that he had numerous meetings with Netanyahu, as well as with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, and Trump boasted that resolving the conflict is possibly the biggest challenge of all, since no prior president had achieved it.

Prime Minister Netanyahu was presented the “vision for peace” on January 26th.

In Trump’s words, the deal is 80 pages long and is the most detailed proposal, providing “precise technical solutions” to make the region safer for Israelis and Palestinians and presents a two-state solution.

A committee would be formed between the US and Israel to turn the conceptual map into reality. Under the deal, Jerusalem would “remain” Israel’s “undivided capital.”

“But that’s no big deal, because I’ve already done that for you, right?” Trump said.

Trump boasted the following:

“As everybody knows, I have done a lot of Israel, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing the Golan Heights, and frankly, perhaps, most importantly getting out of the terrible Iran Nuclear Deal,” Trump listed.

He then said that he had to do “a lot for the Palestinians” in order for it to be fair. Trump said that the deal would “more than double” the territory Palestinians get; the capital of the Palestinian state would be East Jerusalem and Washington would open an embassy there.

Allegedly no Palestinians and no Israeli would be uprooted and would have to move. The US would invest $50 billion in the future Palestinian state, and order would be established via joint work from the King of Jordan and the Israeli government. According to Trump, 1 million news job would be created for the Palestinians in their potential future state.

The Syrian Golan Heights is marked as a part of Israel in the map provided by the proposed document:

Trump Unveils His "Deal Of The Century" For Israeli-Palestinian Question

Click to see the full-size image

Trump noted that the transition to the two-state solution will present “no incremental security risk to the State of Israel whatsoever.

“Peace requires compromise, but we will never require Israel to compromise on it security,” he continued.

Any possible Palestinian state would require the establishment of democratic laws, and ending any and all support of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, stopping funding of “Islamic terrorists” and discontinuing any aggression against Israel.

The “Deal of the Century” would be open for 4 years, and during that time the Palestinians would have the choice to negotiate it with Israel in order to reach statehood. And Trump urged Mahmoud Abbas to accept the “path of peace” and that the US, Israel and others would help it along the way.

“If they do this, it will work,” Trump said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Trump for being the first world leader to recognize parts of Judea and Samaria as being under Israeli sovereignty.

He, too thanked him for recognizing that Israel “must have” sovereignty over parts of the Jordan Valley, Judea and Samaria.

“You recognized that Israel must have sovereignty in places that allow Israel to defend itself, by itself,” Netanyahu said.

He said that the deal meant “puncturing the big lie” of Israel not having sovereignty over its territory.

“For too long, the heart of Israel has been outrageously branded as illegally occupied territory,” Netanyahu continued. “Today, Mr. President, you are puncturing this big lie. You are recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over all Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria – large and small alike.”

Netanyahu said something that’s been apparent for a while regarding Trump:

“You have been the greatest friend that Israel has ever had in the White House. Frankly, we’ve had some outstanding friends in these halls, it’s not even close.”

According to the Israeli Prime Minister, the deal outlines that the Palestinians would need to recognize Israel as the Jewish state.

It would also provide for Israel to have control over the area west of the Jordan river, and have a stable Western border.

It also provides for Hamas to be disarmed, and Gaza be demilitarized.

It provides for the solution of the problems of poverty and humanitarian risks of the Palestinians, but outside of the Israeli state.

Then, it would recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, and it would be an undivided part of Israel.

Netanyahu said that the Israeli state appreciated that according to the plan all illegal Israeli settlements would be legalized and would fall under Israeli sovereignty.

The Palestinian leadership has rejected the proposal even before its release as the plan is expected to be favourable to Israel, and Netanyahu has hailed it as a chance to “make history” and define Israel’s final borders.

There were protests even before Trump’s announcement, and Hamas expressed rare support of Mahmoud Abbas, who is from the rival Fatah faction, welcoming his call for a broad meeting of Palestinian factions.

Saeb Erekat, the secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, referred to the plan as a “hoax”. The Palestinian ambassador to the UK, Husam Zomlot, said it was “fraud on every count”.

Finally, it should be mentioned that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was indicted in three separate corruption cases for bribery and fraud and breach of trust.

Netanyahu has insisted he is innocent, calling the investigations an “attempted coup” driven by the left and the media. Under Israeli law, Netanyahu does not have to resign upon indictment. Instead, he only has to resign if he is convicted and that conviction is upheld through the appeals process.

This deal, which is incredibly biased towards Israel plays right into the hand of Netanyahu and in his support.




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  • ruca

    Too bad the stage didn’t collapse.

  • Azriel Herskowitz

    The Palestinians must accept this, but they won’t. This is their chance for peace, but they will deny and we will have no choice but to annex the rest of their territory. :-]

    • ButtonPlay

      at least you recognize that there is such a thing as “their territory” (and i dont mean Palestine=Jordan crap). This is actually some pretty moderate and forward thinking for a proud Zionist.

    • Pave Way IV

      “…This is their chance for peace, but they will deny and we will have no choice but to annex the rest of their territory…”

      Oh God… please let that be soon. The quicker Israel starts the war, the quicker Hezbollah can finish it.

      • J Ramirez

        God bless Hezbollah and may their aim be true !

    • <>

      They always refuse man, they love to cry to the world how poor they are.

      • J Ramirez

        I understand the Jews need a home, why don’t you talk to Poland and see if they can reopen Auschwitz. If it gets a little crowded, just turn on the ovens and Jew know what to do. I believe in you, you can do it ;}

        • <>

          Wrong comment man, wrong comment. Blocked.

      • Pork

        I hope you have a ‘ get out ‘ fast plan ready. I will say this, I guarantee you will soon be crying as the myth of your superiority is made irrelevant within minutes…bunkers, to busses, to ships.
        Bon voyage!

    • J Ramirez

      You can suck on a 12 gauge and pull the trigger, That is the deal of the century ;} https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7f737fc62a370f0c213a0a7838e3c0f1d918d0e2b5bbb1ceceb605a01003f69e.jpg

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Deal of the Century is DOA (dead on arrival). Hezbollah just said fuck off!


        BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:45 A.M.) – Hezbollah issued a statement
        condemning and rejecting the Middle East peace plan unveiled by the
        Trump administration on Tuesday.

        Al-Manar TV quoted a party statement saying: “The shameful deal is a very dangerous step, and it will have very bad repercussions for the future of the region and its

        The statement added that the settlement project, which is part of this
        deal, is aimed at ending the right of return and depriving the
        Palestinian people of their rights in their land, as well as aiming to
        liquidate the Palestinian cause from the memory of its children.

        The so-called “Deal of the Century” has already been rejected by the
        Palestinian leadership, with Mahmoud Abbas stating that “Jerusalem is
        not for sale.”

    • Luke Hemmming

      The Palestinians don’t have to
      accept anything that doesn’t include the land that was rightfully theirs before the zionist influenced western countries carved up Palestine. Israel since has been taking bit by bit, more and more land by force and with the help of the blackmailed western leaders. This is such a bad deal for Palestine. Trump promising jobs? Are you kidding? He cant even get the US economy ticking along consistently how the hell is he going to help Palestinians? Full of hot air. Actions speak louder than words. Like a typical politician that makes lots of promises to get the vote but when it comes time to deliver they can’t because they were never in control of this. Thats why I never vote. The whole system is rigged in favor of the elite, the 1% of the 1%ers. Dont sign anything with israel or the US. Dont sell your soul to the devil.

    • goingbrokes

      Lol! No no no. You’ve already annexed too much of other peoples’ territory with “we have no choice but…”. Be good and start giving it back, now that is the real solution!

    • Zionism = EVIL

      The CIA internal study, which has been made available only to a certain number of
      individuals, further forecasts the return of all Palestinian refugees to the occupied territories, and the exodus of 2 million Israelis – who would move to the U.S. in the next 15 years.

      “There are over 3,5 million Israelis with American and western passports and more
      than 500,000 living in the area of just California,” adding that those who do not have an American or Western passport have already applied for them.

      “So we believe the handwriting at least among the public in Israel is on the wall … [which] suggests history will reject the colonial enterprise sooner or later,”

  • ButtonPlay

    its allmost a respectable deal, but indeed i don’t think the palestinian authorities are ready to just suck it up eventhough the palestines are outgunned and increasingly without friends in the Middle east, except iran

    • ButtonPlay

      that being said i truly hope there is some sort of palestine leader that is big enough to swallow his pride but i am not optimistic.

    • verner

      it’s not -it’s as shameful as only an american jewish moron can think of!

    • igybundy

      lebanon? Syria? most of jordan holds large sections of palestinians who were cleansed off their lands. only the crypto jews put in charge of whabistan openly support this.. no one else..

  • Ayoosh Muhammed

    Oh hey! Never been a better time to state, ‘Yankee, go home!’ Yup…

    • verner

      particularly if you consider the downed bombardier in afghanistan and the cia middle east top-echelon being burned to fritters – who would have thought that a payback was so decidedly in the cards.

  • verner

    it’s entirely unacceptable although the jews are desperate to get some kind of deal going since the enemies of israel are getting stronger and more numerous and sooner rather than later the evil thieving and murdering jews will have to face the neighbours and after all. what 6million jews against say 50 to 60 million of neighbours prepared to send the jews into the next holocaust – of course they are in a hurry.

    heard anything from erdogan lately – no he’s sitting this one out since he hates the jews and netanyahu and will join up when the the middle east goes about eradicating the jewish settlements in palestine.

    the one great disappointment is that putin is bending over for netanyahu who will visit moscow the day after tomorrow.

    • ButtonPlay

      maybe netanyahu is betting on the probabillity that the palestines will not accept the deal, so that he can be remembered in the history books as the guy that tried to the right thing instead of this hawkish character that is facing trials and investigations for corruption?

    • ButtonPlay

      Also they got the Saudis on board allthough its a secret romance, since they both genuinly fear that Iran might have nuclear tipped ballistic missiles in the not too distant future, Especially Syria is right in the crosshairs over this broader conflict since the mullahs might use Syria as a forward launching base for shorter ranger but heavier (read : nuclear tipped) and still be able to reach israeli soil with very short warning time.

      I consider myself to be somewhat of a supporter of president Assad and its a shame that his country is used as the playground for proxy WW3.

  • Pave Way IV

    Doesn’t the illegal Israeli expansion (brown area + enclave rat nests) look just like the x-ray of the lungs of a dying nCoV-infected victim? It’s zCoV. Palestinians should have went into total lockdown in 1945. Once zCoV takes hold, your only hope is abandonment, enslavement or a shallow grave.

    • BMWA1

      No, I think the idea comes from General Government as prelude to Ostplan….https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warsaw_Ghetto#/media/File:Warsaw_Ghetto.svg

    • Omega

      Palestinians should have went into total lockdown in 1945.

      Sordid reality then.

      Following the 1937 Peel Commission (that envisioned 20% of Palestine to the Jewish minority (made sense since that what they were)), the Jewish Zionists – realizing they won’t get what they wanted (the whole land) – went on the rampage of the land with terrorism for an entire decade. They pretty much blew up everything (markets full of people (often using children), infrastructures, etc) and attacked everyone (Palestinian civilians, British soldiers, et al.). It was so bad the British army couldn’t contain it. It lasted until the last months of the British Mandate of Palestine where the same Jewish Zionist degenerates (whom were, for the record, trained by the more degenerate Orde Wingate*)) attacked and captured hundreds of Palestinian towns and villages (80+ of which were Christian) before self-declaring independence. When the surrounding countries intervened to restore peace, Israel squealed saying they were attacked for declaring independence. The feat repeated in 1956 and 1967 to steal more lands.


      The ideologies, mythologies, and geopolitical strategies of the State of Israel, down to the minutest details, are the handiwork of a handful of Britons. In particular there was Orde Wingate, a representative of the Amery and Rothschild interests in the 1930s and a top British intelligence officer in Palestine. Moshe Dayan recently said of Wingate: “I remember Orde Wingate. And I salute him. He taught me and many another Israeli soldier everything we knew.”

      Wingate was himself a religious fanatic who was known to enjoy loud mystical revelations while sitting naked and cross-legged on the floor. As the British controller of the Haganah, the main Zionist armed force prior to the establishment of the Israeli state, he taught his Zionist puppets both military doctrine and how to use “biblical” myths to brain- wash the population into obedience. Wingate believed himself to be a modern Gideon, charged, according to the Bible, to “go in this thy might, and thou shalt save Israel,” and his zombified Zionist pupils saw in him the source of all their ideas. Zionist leader David Ben-Gurion reminisced that Wingate could give a “military interpretation’ of the Bible’s historic events ” as if they had happened yesterday.”

      According to Wingate biographer Leonard Mosley, political intelligence officer Wingate had a “magnetic hold” over the Haganah brigades: “There was not a Jew in Palestine who would not do anything he said . . . . Certainly all the high officials of the Jewish Agency and the Haganah were ready to his bidding.”

      Thus it was Wingate, not Ben Gurion or Dayan, who began the Zionist military strategy of brutal “retaliation” against the Arabs. When Zionist militiamen balked at this strategy, fearing — correctly — that it could only worsen strained Jewish- Arab relations, it was Wingate who insisted that the Haganah’s special retaliatory Night Squads were proof that “the spirit of the Maccabees (Jewish nationalists of the second century B.C. — ed.) still lived” in Jewish youth — an argument that broke down dovish resistance to his schemes.

      Mosley writes the following account of a Wingate-led retaliatory action against Arab villagers in which Dayan participated. The following excerpts begin after an incident in which Dayan and another Haganah soldier had killed five Arabs and captured four.

      Wingate came back, carrying a Turkish rifle over his shoulder. He looked calm and serene.
      “Good work. You are fine boys and will make good soldiers,” he said.
      He went up to the four Arab prisoners. He said in Arabic: “You have arms in this village. Where have you hidden them?”
      The Arabs shook their heads, and protested ignorance. Wingate reached down and took sand and grit from the ground; he thrust it down (one Arab’s) throat until he choked and puked.
      “Now,” he said, “where have you hidden the arms?”
      Still they shook their heads.
      Wingate turned to one of the Jews and, pointing to the coughing and spluttering Arab, said, “Shoot this man.”
      The Jew looked at him questioningly and hesitated.
      Wingate said, in a tense voice, “Did you hear? Shoot him.”
      The Jew shot the Arab. The others stared for a moment, in stupefaction, at the dead body at their feet.
      “Now speak,” said Wingate. They spoke.

      Ben-Gurion later declared that “the Haganah’s best officers were trained in the special Night Squads” by Wingate. Trained terrorist Dayan added, “In some sense, every leader of the Israeli Army even today is a disciple of Wingate. He gave us our technique, he was the inspiration of our tactics, he was our dynamic.” And their ideological controller. Wingate would often begin special training courses for the Haganah elite by expounding, “We are establishing here the foundations for the army of Zion.”

      His contribution extended to programming every minute detail of military strategy for the Haganah, thereby providing the entirety of Israeli military orientations from the 1948 declaration of state-hood through to the present. According to Mosley, Wingate in 1938 authored “The Jewish State — Security and Defense, Transition Period,” which is to this day “one of the most treasured Israeli documents.” Mosley labels it a “brilliant forecast” of the needs of the state, how much these needs would cost, which “strategy and tactics the Arab states would use to upset the new state,” how these could be defeated, and “what measures should be taken to mobilize and inspirit the civilian popula- tion and grid industry and agriculture to the task of keeping the international machine in motion.” So successful was this strategy outline, Mosley reported, that Wingate’s advice has been followed, almost to the phrase, by the State of Israel. … It is still a practical paper which they constantly consult.”

      The British Spook Who Built the Army of Zion, p. 8-9

  • Christian S

    If real jews do not recognise the state of Israel, why should the world ? only the serpent ppl do and those that blinded by deception or ignorence. Of course this proposal will never be accepted will fit in yinon plan the process of partition of arab states will continue and with any new generation to come new annexations are forecasted. This is showbusiness. They will not stop untill shores of nile and tigres are annexed.

    • Raptar Driver

      Palestinians are not Jews but the are part Semite.

      • Zionism = EVIL

        Most Arabs are Semites. The Khazar AshkeNAZI scum are not.

        • Raptar Driver

          I agree, Arabs are part Semite and part Hamite but they aren’t Hebrew and neither are the fake modern Jews.

  • <>

    Palis need to take it, or risk losing everything. This is their last chance, we Israelis are willing to do it, but if they refuse again we will annex whole of the West Bank.

    • LR captain

      let them loose everything force them to accept being Israeli citizens. Then wait to next election to happen. Hell there is an arab party in israel already and the 300,000 Palestinian in east Jerusalem were already offered citizenship.

      but honestly a deal was already made long before this and by trump. this is really nothing more than bibi asking trump for another political boost before, he gets removed from office by gantz and spend 10 years in prison

    • J Ramirez

      Annex a dick in your mouth

    • Pork

      There’s no fear of your so-called ‘ annexation ‘…LMFAO!!!

      One way or the other israel will no longer exist in its current form. At this point in time, it can still be done peacefully and within International law.
      Needless to say, it is also within international law to defend oneself and state.
      Jews will exist peacefully within the region, as a minority. Zionism is OVER!

  • Z.P.


    I am (Jeffrey) “Epsteined” for good with teen sex pedophile tapes in IsraHell possession!
    And that is my”Deal of century” for Jews.
    I’ll give them everything they want!

  • BMWA1

    It looks like Israel with circumscribed ghettos…not two-states. The latter would be closer to the 1947 UN map.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Pisreal is unsustainable anyway as even CIA report concedes.

      A study conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has cast doubt over Israel’s survival beyond the next 20 years.

      The CIA report predicts “an inexorable movement away from a two-state to
      a one-state solution as the most viable model based on democratic
      principles of full equality that sheds the looming specter of colonial
      apartheid while allowing for the return of the 1947-1948 and 1967
      refugees. The latter being the precondition for sustainable peace in the

  • Selbstdenker

    and the plan gives the golan hights to Israel. Does anyone think such would be accepted?
    An idiotic plan made by an idiot. If he would have any history lessons in school or learned how to read, he could have got himself some background knowledge about the issue, startin with Un resolution 425, which Israel never fully implemented.
    Maybe it is because Trump rhymes on dumb?

    • Zionism = EVIL

      ZERO chance of the faggot Kushner’s written Jew “peace plan. My golf cart has more chance of taking off than this half assed Zionist scum land grab.

      • Saladin

        Do you have golf carts in Pakistan?

  • Free man

    For the first time there’s a real chance for a Palestinian state.
    Palestinians must not miss this opportunity. It doesn’t seem that they will get a better deal.

    • 1691

      What deal? They should have their land back, all of it!
      The parasites … well, there are so many ways to DEAL with them. Isn’t that so?

      • Free man

        1. “They should have their land back, all of it!” – Who will give them? The cowardly regime of mullahs?
        2. This is a good opportunity to remind you that you wrote this two weeks ago: “Honey, the black boxes were handed over to France last week! Write less ( nonsense) and read more! Woops, that’s what you are paid for! My bad.:)”
        3. So Honey try to keep up.

        • <>
          • Free man

            Throughout history, they have always refused. And the next deal they got was worse.
            This time there is a support from Arab states for this peace plan. Which in my opinion is not perfect but it is the only one on the table.

          • Luke Hemmming

            Good on them for refusing. It means they recognise a bad deal when they see one.

          • US-Navy Revert Shia

            Look blow job all-ways remember how you were humiliated by Hezbollah in the 2006 war-! Your days are done-! your “Merkava tanks are still left on the battlefield collecting rust, dry, and dead-! Living proof of your defeat-!

        • 1691

          Hard to keep up with the israheli’s crimes. The rest I can handle.

          • Free man

            Do you already know where are the black boxes of the Ukrainian plane? They haven’t arrived in France yet, maybe they got lost in the way.

          • 1691

            As a matter of fact I do.

          • Free man

            me too. The Iranians lied as usual and did not deliver the black boxes to France.
            The Iranians don’t want the rest of the world to know what really happened. Apparently the plane was shot down on purpose.
            So you also can’t keep up with the crimes of the mullahs regime.

          • 1691

            “Rumour” has it it was not the mullahs but the jews who downed that plane.

          • Free man

            The Jews in Tehran probably threw their kosher food too high. LOL.
            Write less ( nonsense) and read more! Woops, that’s what you are paid for! My bad.:)

          • 1691

            Can’t you say something original? Ha ha ha.

          • Free man


          • Luke Hemmming

            Definitely some sort of electronic interference occurred that would have had a foreign hand in it.

          • Luke Hemmming

            Israel lies all the time too so whats the issue?

          • Free man

            We continue a discussion that started two weeks ago. How does this relate to Israeli lies?

          • Luke Hemmming

            Who cares about black boxes. Iran kicked US ass and seems the US lost again in Afghanistan. Now as for Israel looks like you gotta deal with Turkey Now, a formidable force. Good luck with that. Tell Netenyahu to be nice to Bubba when he goes to prison, what bubba wants bubba gets. 🤣

          • Free man

            What is “Bubba” ?
            I also hope Netanyahu goes to jail.
            What do you think Turkey will do to Israel? They will probably increase the trade between the two countries.

  • igybundy

    A so called state under total blockade by israel only if they disarm themselves. but a sort of live can be had as long as israel allows it. See no ports in gaza.. and all access controlled by the zionist state. Kinda like some very large prison enclaves with 5 mil prisoners. Also all resources under israeli control and stealing lands form 2 other countries.

    • Selbstdenker

      if Palestine would also get the sea territory back under its jurisdiction, which would give them the natural gas resources found in the mediterian sea, it would make the deal somewhat interesting. But this was not even part of the plan, which makes this proposal a potemkin village.

  • John


  • Leon

    Mahmoud Abbas should give California and Texas to Mexico.

    • Alejandro Bonifacio

      We Will accept them 😉

      • BMWA1

        As far as Nueces River or do you wish Trinity River Basin (to Dallas) as well…it seems the Kuban leadership in Havana can give an unbiased peace map!

    • Steve Naidamast

      He should add in New Mexico and Arizona…

      • Zionism = EVIL

        The Jew parasites have sucked the dumbass Americunts dry anyway with plunder and endless lost wars:

        US budget deficit to hit $1 trillion this year: CBO

        The Congressional Budget Office sees US national debt rising to 98 percent of GDP by 2030, the highest level since 1946.

        US now also have a total national debt exceeding $23 trillion of over 110% of its economy, placing it in a more vulnerable position then Greece in 2008.

    • Robert Guttierez

      He should also return Alaska to Russia. How much would geopolitics change if Russia still owned Alaska?! I assure you the USA would not be as confrontational towards Russia if they knew there was a large Russian land force next door.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Mahmoud Abbas is a Shin Beth chosen pimp and like all Arabs, with the exception of Syria has sold the Palestinians out. The British installed uber pimp Abdullah and then his midget son Husein collaborated with the Zionists along with Egypt to sell the Palestinian people. Only Syria which really did not have a Palestinian population along with Lebanon bore the brunt of Zionist aggression and land grab. The only way the Palestinians will ever get anywhere is by armed resistance and unity. If the current pace of Zionist expansion with Americunt tax dollars keeps growing, there will be no land left in Palestine, except a few Bantustans. So “deal of the century” my arse. Pick the guns and fight for your land.

  • Robert Guttierez

    How can you tell it’s a bad deal? Look at the smile on Bibi’s face. We can all smile that much when he’s in prison.

  • Lazy Gamer

    I wonder why Netanyahu uses the words “you recognized” or “you have” instead of the “deal”. Somewhere in the deal must be small details that Netanyahoo does not want so he already sets Trump to agree to his interpretation of the provisions. Lol Anyhow, it does not matter if both parties do not agree since it is not “close”d. lol

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    Is this all a Fake Peace Plan from Kushner?

  • ZP

    Still the biggest concentration camp in the World, no contacts to any friendly nation and no direct sea access? Pluss it leaves the illegal settlements in place so Israelis can go deep into the Palestinian territory (like they do it now) leaving Palestinians without any means of tangible security options. Without even mentioning Golan, West Bank and the right of return for Palestinians, this is a BS deal. Of course Trump and Nutty know it, they are fishing for someone from the other side to bite and start “negotiation” for a better (minimally) deal

  • JoeAlpha

    This is very unfair for Palestinians. Look at the map! The land thieves even want to steal the entire Palestinian territory bordering Jordan! No wonder they want a two-state solution, they have surrounded all the Palestinian lands in the West Bank, if this is the case, even though Palestine will be recognized for independence they will still not be free as a state, because Jews have surrounded them from all directions. Surely later these land thieves will continue to expand their territory, they will definitely continue to build settlements under a variety of reasons that will be approved by the UN! And if that happens, the Palestinians will certainly not be able to protest again as it is today because two countries have been formed! The UN will definitely defend Israel when Israel screams out loud to the world that they are victims of an invasion by a Palestinian state. Hey Jews! We know your long-term evil goals! You are a parasite since long ago! It is already embedded in your DNA! Oh.. And what about Golan? This is really crazy!

    • <>

      Nobody asked you what to do Ruskie, don’t talk about things you don’t understand.

      • JoeAlpha

        I know what I’m talking about. Of course you will continue to defend your own people and our debate will not have a winner and also will not succeed in changing our mindsets. But that won’t be able to cover up the fact that you are a nation of thieves! You are just refugees from Europe given a little land by the British. Land owned by Palestinians since a few centuries ago when you were still scattered throughout Europe. You might claim that it’s the land that was promised to you. But you were not there for hundreds of years to make that land yours. You are a parasite, we know how the Jews overthrew the Imperial Russian power under the soviet communist mask! Soviet Jews who massacred millions of native Russians! You are a parasite and that is the true reality!

        • <>

          yeah yeah, just admit you hate jews and Israelis alike, be true to your own views. Anyway, you know just like me that we are not going anywhere, Palis better accept that deal or risk losing even more land in the future. And again, don’t mind our business I’m sure Russia has alot of other stuff to do in Syria so you can debate on that. After all you said you wanna visit Syria, then do it and comment on Syria not Israel.

          • JoeAlpha

            Of course, I hate all those who steal other people’s property. And I think that to hate thieves is normal, most people will also hate it. And of course I’m likely to be in Syria by the middle of this year. If I get the order, I will go wherever I am assigned. And you can’t control me in commenting, it’s up to me, it’s my right to comment either on Israel or Syria. You get it, little thief?

          • <>

            You can comment, but you are irrelevant. Just keep that in mind.

  • RichardD

    Given the Jew’s history of bait and switch, even if the Palestinians agreed to it, which they’re unlikely to do, it’s probably not worth the paper it’s written on. The Jews would circular file and break it at the first convenient opportunity.

    I’d put it in the same category as a US Indian treaty, essentially worthless. And a recipe for losing most of what little land that they have left. Just most of the tribes in the US did.

  • Raptar Driver

    Any deal coming from Americans is a deal only for them.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yeah, two state solution, yup, lock one down and free the rest, right, the problem is, that this will be done, and nobody is going to do anything with this, even our rotten scums aka the Norwegian Gov and our MSM is drooling something about two states, witch is the standard nonsense they say to cover behind doing nothing, because if you do, in most of the european nations, you are an anti-semit, now this comes and bites their asses, since any critic of whatever ISISrael do, is hate speach, nice move, right.

    And watch the quire of castrats mumble, and comes up with nonsensical statements witch means jack shit and thats the way its been for decades, while Palestina is shrinking, and ISISrael is expanding, and now, with the curtesy of an raving scumbag Trump, the final solution to the pesky Palestinians is arived the Bitch have done the biddings of his master.
    What two state, really, one part 6 feet under, and the Joohos above, right, that sounds like an briliant deal of giving the Palestinians their land.

    But nothing new, sad day indeed, the Joohos got what they wanted, Eretzh ISISrael, and why do you idiots think Syrian Kurds and Iraqi Kurds are an part of this, because thats what Trumpstein & Co is going for next, Balkanise the region and gives ISISrael full spectrum dominanse, just watch and Turkies and Putin the “saviour” will make it happen, while the Russians drool something about respecting laws, while they completely ignores what ISISrael do facto is doing, but the only good thing that comes from this, is that the hypocrasy is revealed and for all to see.


  • dez nuts

    Not too bad of a beginning plan for people to come together and stop violence against one another

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    Why not just give everyone dual Israeli-Palestinian citizenship, one state with two systems?
    One system for Jewish administration and the other system for non-Jewish administration.

  • RichardD

    Will a mutual defense treaty between the US and Israel prevent a regional coalition from clearing the occupied territories and standing up a Palestinian state? Not conventionally it won’t. Not with US and Israeli conventional obsolescence.

    Will the US nuclear deterrent do it? Maybe. I haven’t had time to think it through in depth. Though I’ll work on it. Is it worth the risk for your average American? Not in my opinion. I don’t think that a defense treaty should be given to the Jews. Most Americans probably agree with me.

  • J Roderet

    This is the same “deal” that Uncle Sam offered the Native Americans. The Palestinians will not be falling for it. Soon the USA will be so bankrupt that the Zionist regime’s occupation of Palestine will come to its inevitable end. The “State of Israel” will be relocated to New York, where it belongs.

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    Saudi’s are going to need a lot of service workers for Neom.

    If I were the Palestinians I’d seriously consider a regional relocation.

    Scandroid – A Thousand Years (Official Lyric Video)

  • goingbrokes

    Reading through this you’d be excused for thinking that this is really just an administrative problem, and moral issues are not at the root of this. [Sigh]
    It’s like, you know, someone murders a hundred people and the “solution” is simply to put the murdered people’s last wills in order while the murderer walks free and with impunity.

    • Dick Von Dast’Ard

      Problem is that ever since 1948, Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arab’s have simply never been able to coexist peacefully alongside one another in the Holy Land.

      Therefore there is no real solution to the problem other than a divided territory within a state.

  • The Israelis get the tourist revenue and mineral rights to the Dead Sea, the Palestinians get their drinking water from there.

  • Omega

    The Russian, Eastern European, European, et al Jewish colonists occupying Palestine — invented and known as Israelis — should be sent to Epstein’s island where the Temple is build and ready.


    • Jake321

      There are so many should’s in the world and so few who can make them happened, especially not hot airs like you. Now maybe give it a try. Get fitted for a suicide vest and practice a lot.

      • Omega

        There are indeed many should’s. One of them is: you should be less emotional and educate yourself. Suicide bombing was introduced to the Middle East (Palestine) by the Jewish Zionists. They would often using children to blow up markets full of people. I recommend Thomas Suarez’s archives-based State of Terror: How Terrorism Created Modern Israel on the matter. Besides, I am Christian. Suicide bombing isn’t our forté. We leave that to Zionists and Sunnis/Wahabbis – both of whom get along well.

      • Omega

        The Epstein island/Temple reference was in good humor. Not sure what makes you say that I am a “hot air”. The invented people known as “Israelis” are indeed made of foreign colonists from different countries/regions. The earliest mass-migration of Jews from Russia (mainly Odessa began in the mid-late 1800s). WW2 took care of resuming the rest of it. Besides, it takes a special type of person, one who lacks either education and/or intelligence, to think that a Russian Jew, a Nigerian Jew and say a Yemeni Jew were once one people – who decided to make a U-Turn two thousands years later. All Jews, since day one, are converts – Judaism being nothing but a man-made invention (like Christianity and Islam). Modern forensic archeology has shown us today that the Biblical stories are nothing but myth.

        I agree, there are so many should’s in the world but people tend to ignore them out of convenience (especially criminals). Take today’s Jews for instance, they should educate themselves on their own history instead of blindly swallowing the Zionist version.

        You should (another one) that suicide bombing (something you repeat ad nauseam like a golem) was brought in to the Middle East (Palestine) by the Jewish Zionist. They would often use children to blow up markets full of people. I recommend Thomas Suarez’s archives-based “State of Terror: How Terrorism Created Modern Israel”. Being Christian, suicide bombing isn’t our forté, we leave that to the Zionists and their Wahhabi counterparts.

        I am neither interested in giving anything a try. The “Christian” (Jihadi-)Evangelicals in the US are impatiently waiting for Israel’s annihilation so that Jesus Christ returns. We Christians in the Middle East (the first and originals) don’t believe in such deviant British (John Neslon Derby) concoction. The comedy almost writes itself: the Anglo-Saxon ruling class distorted Biblical Scriptures to invent Christian Zionism (aka Evangicalism), waged the two world wars, created Israel and will seek its destruction. A prominent Jewish Romanian, Adolphe Stern, had made the observations in his letters (held at the Israeli National Archives):

        “This [the British-Israel World Federation] is a Christian organization from Great Britain and the United States, in other words, from the Anglo-Saxon world, which, by means of Biblical-historical, ethnographical, archeological and linguistic proofs, establishes the presumption that the British (English) are direct descendants of the ten lost tribes of Israel.”

        While the Balfour Declaration aspired to establish a national homeland and the writer of the Mandate even aimed for Jewish self-rule, the Federation saw itself as the exclusive heir to this territory. Neither the descendants of Ishmael – the Arabs, nor the Jews have any right to the land.


  • Xoli Xoli

    Trump world supreme idiot,dotart and foolish remote control speaker of Pompeo and Satanyahu.

  • What is about the lines on the map and the border to Lebanon?

  • verner

    there is no deal since a deal requires two parties in agreement. sure there are two parties on one side but the party on the other side, the party you negotiated the deal with, i.e. the palestinians, is missing glaringly and thus NO DEAL however much the main white house moron and his son in law, prime scumbag kushner with his botox bitch, wish that that is the case. thus not to worry.

    problem is that the thieving and murdering jews are attempting to snare putin to accept the deal, which would be a disaster since putin ought to be siding with iran, turkey, syria, iraq and hebollah with the ultimate goal to send the jews in palestine all the way to hell. they deserve nothing else than hell.

    a true deal of the century would be for the moron in the white house to offer the jewry safe land in the US to settle on. that would secure peace in the middle east which has been missing since the very day lloyd-george allowed the murdering jews to move to palestine (which he had no authority to do and which also is why it is an illegal settlement which must be discontinued).

  • Hide Behind

    When the Empires speaks its’ subjects must do as it says.
    There are no Rights, not even to live, only priveleges, the Palestinians will accept whatever rules they are placed under and recieve the priveledge of remaining alive.
    Much like the US in the past did to end the problems with their aboriginals, Israel with US advice is doing today; shoot them and place the survivors upon, what we thought at the time to be worthless, lands, and left them to breed themselves into poverty.
    Just as in US history every now and then some of the land once given was taken away in order to make room for settlers or to get the minerals, water and resources the settlers needed.
    In US there are no true Native Americans Sovereign governments,; all fall under one Federal Government Agency, BIA-Bureau of Indian Affairs.
    To save Israel, and their own governments money, a few European and US/Brit Powers placed them on reservations under the UN to help feed and shelter them.
    Now Israel wants their lands for new settlers the Palestinians must move.
    Best the Pals should hope for is an increase in their welfare checks.
    Biggest problems Pals faced is that a lot like US reservation systems those of own tribe chosen to lead are working only for themselves and their paymasters.

    • Jake321

      But the Palestinian leadership can get so much richer running all those new casinos. Look on the bright side.

  • verner

    this so called dela of the century is just another highway robbery in plain daylight and no one, no one, not even the european union would ever accept it – on the other hand it tells the unfriendly neighbours, turkey, syria, iraq, iran and hezbollah the need to close down the illegal settlement post haste, without delay and either send the murdering and thieving and lying jews all the way to hell or bury them 6 feet under, pushing up daisies (which would be the most useful a jew ever has done) to make the palestinian land flower again and prosper without the evil input by the jews,

  • Pork

    Oslo dragged for 30 years…fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
    This model process has worked, South Africa for example. Eventually introducing an amnesty plan that forgave all the zio-terrorists in South Africa ( yes! They are one and the same ). It also allowed the corrupt elite to continue their domination over South Africa’s finances.
    This won’t work in this instance. Israel has lost all leverage. The pendulum has swung and this is a last ditch effort to get israel on the map ” legally “. Israel is not accepted by the people’s of the region ( no matter their government ). It’s forced existence upon a people that have been civilized for millenia. It is cancer that will be surgically removed. US unilateral decisions are irrelevant. Israel’s only chance to exist is to become a minority people within a Palestinian state with equal rights…PERIOD!