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Trump Unveils His “Deal Of The Century” For Israeli-Palestinian Question


Trump Unveils His "Deal Of The Century" For Israeli-Palestinian Question

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On January 28th, US President Donald Trump, alongside Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented the “Deal of the Century” to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Trump described that he had numerous meetings with Netanyahu, as well as with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, and Trump boasted that resolving the conflict is possibly the biggest challenge of all, since no prior president had achieved it.

Prime Minister Netanyahu was presented the “vision for peace” on January 26th.

In Trump’s words, the deal is 80 pages long and is the most detailed proposal, providing “precise technical solutions” to make the region safer for Israelis and Palestinians and presents a two-state solution.

A committee would be formed between the US and Israel to turn the conceptual map into reality. Under the deal, Jerusalem would “remain” Israel’s “undivided capital.”

“But that’s no big deal, because I’ve already done that for you, right?” Trump said.

Trump boasted the following:

“As everybody knows, I have done a lot of Israel, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing the Golan Heights, and frankly, perhaps, most importantly getting out of the terrible Iran Nuclear Deal,” Trump listed.

He then said that he had to do “a lot for the Palestinians” in order for it to be fair. Trump said that the deal would “more than double” the territory Palestinians get; the capital of the Palestinian state would be East Jerusalem and Washington would open an embassy there.

Allegedly no Palestinians and no Israeli would be uprooted and would have to move. The US would invest $50 billion in the future Palestinian state, and order would be established via joint work from the King of Jordan and the Israeli government. According to Trump, 1 million news job would be created for the Palestinians in their potential future state.

The Syrian Golan Heights is marked as a part of Israel in the map provided by the proposed document:

Trump Unveils His "Deal Of The Century" For Israeli-Palestinian Question

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Trump noted that the transition to the two-state solution will present “no incremental security risk to the State of Israel whatsoever.

“Peace requires compromise, but we will never require Israel to compromise on it security,” he continued.

Any possible Palestinian state would require the establishment of democratic laws, and ending any and all support of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, stopping funding of “Islamic terrorists” and discontinuing any aggression against Israel.

The “Deal of the Century” would be open for 4 years, and during that time the Palestinians would have the choice to negotiate it with Israel in order to reach statehood. And Trump urged Mahmoud Abbas to accept the “path of peace” and that the US, Israel and others would help it along the way.

“If they do this, it will work,” Trump said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked Trump for being the first world leader to recognize parts of Judea and Samaria as being under Israeli sovereignty.

He, too thanked him for recognizing that Israel “must have” sovereignty over parts of the Jordan Valley, Judea and Samaria.

“You recognized that Israel must have sovereignty in places that allow Israel to defend itself, by itself,” Netanyahu said.

He said that the deal meant “puncturing the big lie” of Israel not having sovereignty over its territory.

“For too long, the heart of Israel has been outrageously branded as illegally occupied territory,” Netanyahu continued. “Today, Mr. President, you are puncturing this big lie. You are recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over all Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria – large and small alike.”

Netanyahu said something that’s been apparent for a while regarding Trump:

“You have been the greatest friend that Israel has ever had in the White House. Frankly, we’ve had some outstanding friends in these halls, it’s not even close.”

According to the Israeli Prime Minister, the deal outlines that the Palestinians would need to recognize Israel as the Jewish state.

It would also provide for Israel to have control over the area west of the Jordan river, and have a stable Western border.

It also provides for Hamas to be disarmed, and Gaza be demilitarized.

It provides for the solution of the problems of poverty and humanitarian risks of the Palestinians, but outside of the Israeli state.

Then, it would recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, and it would be an undivided part of Israel.

Netanyahu said that the Israeli state appreciated that according to the plan all illegal Israeli settlements would be legalized and would fall under Israeli sovereignty.

The Palestinian leadership has rejected the proposal even before its release as the plan is expected to be favourable to Israel, and Netanyahu has hailed it as a chance to “make history” and define Israel’s final borders.

There were protests even before Trump’s announcement, and Hamas expressed rare support of Mahmoud Abbas, who is from the rival Fatah faction, welcoming his call for a broad meeting of Palestinian factions.

Saeb Erekat, the secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organisation, referred to the plan as a “hoax”. The Palestinian ambassador to the UK, Husam Zomlot, said it was “fraud on every count”.

Finally, it should be mentioned that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was indicted in three separate corruption cases for bribery and fraud and breach of trust.

Netanyahu has insisted he is innocent, calling the investigations an “attempted coup” driven by the left and the media. Under Israeli law, Netanyahu does not have to resign upon indictment. Instead, he only has to resign if he is convicted and that conviction is upheld through the appeals process.

This deal, which is incredibly biased towards Israel plays right into the hand of Netanyahu and in his support.




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