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Trump: U.S. Is killing ISIS for Russia, Iran And Syria

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Trump: U.S. Is killing ISIS for Russia, Iran And Syria

U.S. president Donald Trump greets supporters during a campaign rally at Four Seasons Arena on July 5, 2018 in Great Falls, Montana. President Trump held a campaign style ‘Make America Great Again’ rally in Great Falls, Montana with thousands in attendance.

President Donald Trump said on Saturday that the U.S. war on ISIS is benefiting Russia, Iran and Syria while stressing that this military intervention should stop.

“We’re killing ISIS for Russia, for Iran, for Syria, for Iraq, for a lot of other places.  At some point, you want to bring our people back home.  I’ve been talking about this since the campaign,” Trump told reporters before flying to Dover Air Force Base.

Trump described the situation in Syria and Iraq before his presidency as a “total mess” before claiming the U.S. was able to eliminate 99% of the terrorist group’s forces in both countries.

“We have control of 99 percent and we’re hitting the rest of it very, very powerfully over the last three weeks,” said Trump.

Last month, the White House announced that all U.S. troops will be withdrawn from Syria with the end of the last battle against ISIS in the middle Euphrates River Valley. The surprise decision led to a backlash from the main stream media, prominent politicians and even senior officials in Trumps’ administration like former Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, who resigned in protest.

According to the recent reports, Trump is still insisting that U.S. troops should leave Syria. However, the pressure forced him to accept a plan that may stretch the withdrawal over four months. Some experts believe that this period could be extended even further.

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If Trump believe US is fighting Isis hes totally misinformed.


Crazy people believe all sorts of crazy stuff, that’s what makes them crazy.


Trump knows it’s just a waste a time being there. It’s only the hardcore Neocon’s that want to stay.


It is a clean up operation, since the failed Sunni policy has collapsed. Just get the top commanders out and slaughter the brainwashed ones.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Thats why US airstrikes vs SAA in Deir Ezzor 3 times….US airstrike vs SAA in Homs 3 times….US airstrike vs SAA in Raqqa..2 times ( included one SU 22 shot down)…


Thanks for reminding even the groggy journos who skip on this.


Trump is a sandwich short of a picnic.

Just the kind of ruler America needs.

Jim Prendergast

Anyone who fails to get behind this is being naieve.


the Man is Smart, Never take his words for granted.
If he Made a bold statement such as this You can be assured that he is not Mistaken and well calculated.

What does it mean?
The only thing I can draw from a statement like this is that he is seeking Russian support or Thanking Russian support in helping the US people.
Either way its very Cryptic.

Fred Dozer

You forgot about the US Trump, Syria missile strike. He is a coward like the rest. He knows dam well, Syria never used chemical weapons. He takes orders from Israel. His son-in-law is a huge builder of homes in the Golan Heights. Another criminal.

Jim Bim

He gets those soundbites from the crazy Neocons Bolton and Pompeo

Steven Howard

I’m pretty sure Syria, Iran and Russia would much prefer the US get of the way so they can deal with ISIS themselves.

Fred Dozer

“Who is going to pay for the wall ? ” Mexico. Who believe that line ? American Voters.
LIARS are your biggest winners in American Politics. And it gets a seal of approval, from those already elected. Trump has the power, so 800-thousand government employees, get no pay-check. But he is powerless to get us out of senseless wars. Why would he appoint John WarHawk Bolton to anything ? Because Trump is a puppet, and works for Israel.

Jens Holm

Should he work for someone like You. The unimployment rate for Syria is 50% and 10 in Turkey.

If I was an american, I would vote for a wall around You.

Fred Dozer

Sure you would ! The truth hurts liars.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Trump and Putin make a formidable team, they know who and what the real enemy is and how to beat them, I keep saying they’re on the same side in the REAL WAR, not the Syrian war which is just a byproduct of the REAL WAR, but allied together against a common enemy in the REAL WAR, the war all nations are facing and some have already lost, the US included.
But Putin’s going to help Trump return the US to its rightful owners, and kick out all those lipstick and dress wearing male freaks who now run both the US and Israeli governments deep states, some of them are already leaving because they can’t cope with Trump’s new way of doing things, like telling the US public the truth, which is something they’ve never had to do before, that alone’s driving them insane.
When a 10% minority can tell the other 90% how to live their lives and also accommodates to the 10% minorities every desire, there has to be a problem somewhere, but Putin and Trump are proving to be excellent problem solvers, it’s not going to be a problem forever.
I know exactly what’s meant when I hear the term new world order, exactly what it says, now the 10% minority gets to tell the 90% majority how to live life, bring up families, who to trust and believe, and just about everything else, which is the total opposite of the way humans have done things for the last 10,000 years, up until recently the 90% majority have always told the 10% minority how to live their lives, but not in some countries anymore, mine included, now we have a New World Order. Sadly most of us have already been brainwashed by the lipstick wearers and don’t even recognize there’s a problem, but Putin Trump and even Xi Jinping do, lucky for me.
I see both Putin and Trump as saviours of the world, and for all their faults I’ll forgive them just about anything, so long as they stop the New World Order from taking over and forcing me to wear lipstick and a dress, go even harder boys, and when you win make sure none of the guilty escape retribution, you just have to finish this little war first.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

We can fully agree that Something is very messed up, deep state and all that.

Humans have been subdued by warlords, chiefs, rich men, government and religion for thousands and thousands of years.
The Romans showed just how corrupt and blind a government can be and “still work”.

The rightfull owners of North america is the native, the indians among others , those who respected the land and never took more than the land could bare.

And what is the REAL WAR?
The war against the majority being subdued by rich men, warlords, chiefs, government and religion?
Then that is a war against human nature and humanity it self.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Roman Republic was a beacon to all men who wanted law and order to prevail over ambition and greed, and also a beacon for all men who wanted a fair say in how society ran, your thinking of the Roman Empire after the LGBTQI took over, that’s when things went downhill. The LGBTQI historians laud people like Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar as great military leaders, but men like me call them the first leaders of the western LGBTQI movement, they copied the practices of the Israeli Pharisees who had already learnt how to manipulate the old world order system. So you can’t just say the Romans, you have to distinguish between the pre LGBTQT Roman Republic and the post LGBTQI Roman Empire, the old Rome was a beacon of hope to all good men, the new Roman Empire created by Julius Caesar was it’s destruction.
The REAL war I’m talking about is the war that the person the Christians call Jesus Christ started 2000 years ago, when he rebelled against the sinister Oral laws the Pharisees were trying to convince their fellow Hebrews to obey in preference to the Old written laws, that’s the war I mean, the hidden war no one but me seems to see.
I call the New World Order the LGBTQI movement, and believe it or not, I sincerely believe they’re the reason this war in Syria began in the first place, but instead of looking at 2011 as a start date, I go all the way back to 2003 in Russia to find the seeds of this so called Syrian uprising.
The LGBTQI movement is thought of as being benign, just a proponent for the equal treatment and equal rights of homosexial people, but I see their sinister hand in everything bad with the world right now, for me they’re the REAL ENEMY, the people trying to bring about a New World Order, people like that NEOCON Zionist Warhawk John McCain, who fought his toughest battles for the LGBTQI movement, right up until the day he died.
Sorry if you find that offensive, but you did ask what I meant by REAL WAR.
And no, I’m not anti Gay rights, but I don’t see the LGBTQI asking for equal rights anymore, I see them demanding that I do what they want me to do, like calling another man Mrs even though he was born a man and still looks as ugly as one, or tell me little boys who feel like girls should be allowed to use the girls bathroom if they want to, and even if it makes the little girls who aren’t confused about their sexual identity uncomfortable, or the worst one, 2 men or 2 women can have a family together and bring up the children normally, I could go on but I think you get my drift.
The one thing Trump and Putin are hated for more than anything else in the world is, their stance on the LGBTQI movement, not their policies as such, not their personal flaws or even their mistakes, the main reason is their anti LGBTQI stance. The pro LGBTQI media are the worst offenders, some of the sick perverted things they do are just so repulsive that I think Trump should introduce new laws that would allow him to just shoot the lot of them, no more fake news then.
The deep state of the US and Israel are just like the Alexander the Greats or the Julius Caesars, they don’t care about using their own people to achieve the results they want, they’ll use them just as merclesly as they treat the people they want something from. But Trump’s wants to do the opposite, he doesn’t want to go out to kill and conquer and take things that aren’t his, he wants to bring the troops home and start doing business, unlike the warhawks from the other side who make money out of wars they instigate, Trump makes more money without having the wars.

“Then that is a war against human nature and humanity itself”

No the real war is against those who want to conquer, the people amongst us who carelessly ruin other peoples lives to gratify or profit themselves, whether they’re the leaders of nations or the local football club or even the boy scouts, some people just don’t care about harming other if they can get something out of it, those people should never be our leaders, but that’s what 99% of our leaders are, just callous cruel uncaring rapists like Julius GAYass Caesar and Alexander the Great fairy, we should all be working out how to exclude these sort of people ever getting into leadership positions. The Trumps and Putin’s of this world do a better job I think, at least that’s if you think less people dying is better outcome, and I do.
Do you wish you hadn’t asked, “And what is the REAL WAR?”.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Thanks for the reply, and no, i dont regret asking, i dont mind getting educated from persons who can base their opinions on facts and having a proper and mature discussion.

Actually, im glad that i asked :-)

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Thanks for that kind reply, it was the last thing I was expecting but much appreciated.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

You are welcome.


What; is Trump saying that they accept responsibility for their own creation? No wonder his partner ‘disappeared’ for a month.


“We have control of 99 percent and we’re hitting the rest of it very, very powerfully over the last three weeks,” said Trump.

Yank jerk doesn’t even have control of his own govt.

Jens Holm

Yes they have. They have lected him themselves. Yours probatly has lected themselves by themselves.

Icarus Tanović

Get the fuck out of here, you Zionistic scumbag.

Jens Holm

Those are my neighbors. Which is Yourscomment image

One of them drink whiskey and the other one smoke waterpipe with heroin.


They look like your family tho. Your mommy and daddy ?

Jens Holm

KInd of. My mommy shawe.


Yeah, and the US won WW II in Europe as well. Hollywood movies prove it.

stary ujo

Thank you mr.president Trumo , biggest liar all around the world !

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