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Trump Tweets Sensitive Aerial Image Of Iranian Space Rocket Launch Site

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The U.S. has nothing to do with the recent failure of an Iranian space rocket launch, President Donald Trump said on August 30.

“The United States of America was not involved in the catastrophic accident during final launch preparations for the Safir SLV Launch at Semnan Launch Site One in Iran,” Trump said on Twitter.

The U.S. President went on to wish Iran “good luck” in determining what happened at the launch site, in a move that was described by many observers as “trolling.”

Trump attached an aerial image showing the damaged Iranian launch site to his tweet. The image’s high resolution sparked a controversy on social media, with many observers doubting that it was taken by a satellite. Others accused the President of leaking a classified material.

The failed launch, which took place on August 29, was the third this year. Last January, Iran failed to launch a Simorgh rocket carrying a satellite, dubbed “Payam.” A month earlier, a Safir-1B+ carrying “Doosti” satellite also failed.

Earlier this year, the New York Times revealed that the White House has accelerated a secret program to sabotage Iran’s missiles and rockets.

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Toronto Tonto

Putin is selling them some old junk is he .

Zionism = EVIL

Post in English Jew PUNK :) Russia, Putin is that all you know arsehole?


Just simply ignore “it”, that rats don’t deserve your time & energy.


The iranian space / missile program is based on Iranian technology not Russian. The iranians are Persian not Arab. They have a large educated population, are good at science and engineering and have an industrial base. They buy few weapons and make their own.

Until 1980 their weapons were supplied by the USA, not Russia. Most of the weapons they copy, like their aircraft and the missile system that shot down the US drone are improved copies of US technology … not Russian.


You’re replying to a troll. No point in countering his wild statements with actual arguments. Either ignore his post or make a funny disparaging remark. Anything else is just a waste of your time.

Daniel Miller

OMFG THE MEME IS BACK HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YESSS. Finally i will be able the entertain myself. Did you finish sucking off your fellow kikes?


Again what has Ukraine done to its rocket program since it became independent, like its economy it flushed down the drain. You stupid on note troll.

Zionism = EVIL

Accidents are very common in space programs, luckily no one was hurt as it was just a rocket on a launch pad being fueled.


Yes indeed and even the US has had many launch accidents.

Zionism = EVIL

Absolutely, NASA has killed more Americunts than any other space program, however, this doctored photo appears to be from a decade ago when Semnan was at a very embryonic stage with temporary gantries and scaffolding and most Iranian rockets were liquid fueled as the old gasoline tanker clearly shows. The moronic CIA can’t even get its fake timelines right even :) India, Russia, and France have all had accidents in their space programs recently, India even lost a satellite on its ill-fated Mars probe, but no idiotic tweets for poodles.


I agree. There seems to be a universal problem in ALL intelligence services these days , where inaccurate data /images are displayed, seemingly without ‘fact checking’.

The problem may be due to talented digital technicians being employed to construct data presentations. It appears that very few of these digital technicians have any historical knowledge and in some cases have even displayed images from computer games as factual reality :)

Such failures of ‘content’ are then exacerbated by nations such as the US and UK when childish fantasy plots are created by people still thinking in the early 20th century propaganda bubble of absurdity.


That pic looks fake as hell. Seems rather small for an orbital rocket to boot.

Zionism = EVIL

I believe from the the fake photos of Semnan launch site, it is indeed a FAKE doctored photo of an earlier Iranian accident at the time of President Ahmadinejad’s era. Today, Semnan has more extensive buildings and elaborate launch structures and gantries. It also shows the desperation of the Americunt losers as they have failed to even make a dent in Iran’s rapidly growing space and missile programs. With a childish retard like Trump, almost 100% of the “intelligence” that comes out of US is fake and doctored.


One should never be in rush to believe what MSM says, since nothing was launched in the first place check this out. https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2019/08/31/604925/Iran-satellite-launch-Azari-Jahromi.

Looks to me that the CIA are sending harmful waves from Satellites in space to set off combustible materials. The fix for this is simple. Iran is loosing money and time anyway with these failed launches. Iran should contract with Russia for Russia to build Iran one very high tech deep space satellite. And It should be launched from Russia. I am not saying Iran should do this regularly. But Iran should get one extremely high end satellite from Russia into space. After that Iran can continue with their own launches. Also, in the contract Iran should not have to pay till the Satellite successfully makes it into its stable orbit.

Iran can trick US CIA run sabotage satellites. I believe the CIA targets certain waves to set off combustible materials. In the future Iran should have 5 such launch sites. Iran should prep each one as if it is going to be the actual launch site used. A seemingly real launch rocket should be set up at each one. But only one launch site will contain the actual rocket and satellite to be launched. Perhaps the CIA will not be able to target more then 1 or 2 sites at a time.


Childish “behbehbeh”… at any rate, nobody denied these failures take place. It can happen. Trump somehow tries to garner credit for something the US has probably no hand in. That’s how desperate he’s become. Puerilism and new media. Welcome to the present.

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