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Trump Tweets Sensitive Aerial Image Of Iranian Space Rocket Launch Site


The U.S. has nothing to do with the recent failure of an Iranian space rocket launch, President Donald Trump said on August 30.

“The United States of America was not involved in the catastrophic accident during final launch preparations for the Safir SLV Launch at Semnan Launch Site One in Iran,” Trump said on Twitter.

The U.S. President went on to wish Iran “good luck” in determining what happened at the launch site, in a move that was described by many observers as “trolling.”

Trump attached an aerial image showing the damaged Iranian launch site to his tweet. The image’s high resolution sparked a controversy on social media, with many observers doubting that it was taken by a satellite. Others accused the President of leaking a classified material.

The failed launch, which took place on August 29, was the third this year. Last January, Iran failed to launch a Simorgh rocket carrying a satellite, dubbed “Payam.” A month earlier, a Safir-1B+ carrying “Doosti” satellite also failed.

Earlier this year, the New York Times revealed that the White House has accelerated a secret program to sabotage Iran’s missiles and rockets.

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