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JUNE 2020

Trump Tries To Find Scapegoat For Pandemic, As Japan Announces State Of Emergency


Trump Tries To Find Scapegoat For Pandemic, As Japan Announces State Of Emergency

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On April 7th, the number of COVID-19 cases surpassed 1.4 million. Out of those, the US has almost a third, currently sitting at just above 400,000

On the day, the US registered 1,917 new fatalities, which also puts it at first place in terms of the tempo at which people are succumbing to COVID-19.

Trump Tries To Find Scapegoat For Pandemic, As Japan Announces State Of Emergency

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Currently, it has more cases than Spain, Italy and France combined, which are the three countries in the EU most afflicted by the virus.

Italy and Spain appear to have either reached the peak, or are very near it, since the daily numbers of their cases for several days now have steadily gone down, as a number, as well as a percentage of the total.

The percentage of daily deaths is also going down, which is a positive.

France was the country with the second most registered deaths around the world, with 1,417, and 11,000 new registered cases, meaning that it is still climbing towards the peak, and it is unclear when it might come there.

Russia, still has a relatively low number of confirmed cases, as well as a very low number of fatalities. It also has a very comparable number of COVID-19 tests per 1 million of population to that of the US, which suggests that Russia’s measures may have been undertaken on time, rather than late, as is the case with Washington’s policy.

Returning back to the US, President Donald Trump criticized how the World Health Organization was handling the crisis.

“We’re going to put a hold on money spent to the W.H.O.; we’re going to put a very powerful hold on it and we’re going to see,” he said. “The W.H.O. really blew it. For some reason, funded largely by the United States, yet very China-centric. We will be giving that a good look.”

“They’ve been wrong about a lot of things,” Trump said at the daily White House coronavirus task force briefing. “And they had a lot of information early and they didn’t want to – they seemed to be very China centric.”

Then just moments later when asked if he was really going to stop funding for the WHO, he said that “No, maybe not,” he replied, backtracking from his earlier remark. “I’m not saying I’m going to do it but we’re going to look at.”

Trump retorted: “No, I didn’t, I said we’re going to look at it. We’re going to investigate it, we’re going to look at it. But we will look at ending funding, yeah, because you know what, they called it wrong, and if you look back over the years even, everything seems to be very biased toward China. That’s not right.”

This isn’t something entirely new, as the Trump administration has called on reduced contributions to the WHO since February. In the budget proposal, it was suggested that the American contribution to the WHO should be reduced from an estimated $122.6m to $57.9m.

A model tracking the coronavirus pandemic in the US, received a massive influx of new data and predicted that fewer people would die, and fewer hospital beds would be needed in the country, compared to estimations from the week ending on April 5th.

As of April 6th, the model predicted the virus will kill 81,766 people in the United States over the next four months, with just under 141,000 hospital beds being needed. That’s about 12,000 fewer deaths and 121,000 fewer hospital beds than the model estimated on April 2nd.

A “massive infusion of new data” led to the adjustments, according to the model’s maker, Dr. Christopher Murray, who serves as director of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Finally, in Japan, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared a state of emergency to fight new COVID-19 infections in major population centres, and unveiled a stimulus package he described as among the world’s biggest to soften the economic blow.

Abe announced the state of emergency targeting the capital Tokyo and six other prefectures – accounting for about 44 per cent of Japan’s population – for a period of about one month. The other affected regions are neighboring Chiba, Kanagawa and Saitama, the western hub of Osaka and neighboring Hyogo, and the southwestern region of Fukuoka.

“We have decided to declare a state of emergency because we’ve judged that a fast spread of the coronavirus nationwide would have an enormous impact on lives and the economy,” he told parliament earlier.

“The most important thing now is for each citizen to change our actions,” Abe said in televised comments made at a meeting of a government task force.

“If each of us can reduce contact with other people by at least 70 per cent, and ideally by 80 per cent, we should be able to see a peak in the number of infections in two weeks,” he said.




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  • RichardD
    • Ashok Varma

      This whole virus episode is suspect and has Pentagon and Deep State fingerprints for global government police state.

    • RichardD

      – Dr. Birx Confirms Anyone Who Dies WITH Coronavirus, Regardless of Any Underlying Health Condition, is Being Counted as a COVID-19 Death –


    • Ronald

      Look at her body language ! She can’t look at the camera.

    • Peter Jennings

      Are americans really so gullible or have they just given up the quest for truth and freedom?

      They have bad times ahead because they keep electing bad people who use their contacts and money to usurp positions of power.

      • RichardD

        As a rideshare driver I talk with my customers at the former epicenter of the virus in the US every day about it. Most prefer the Jew and Zionist koolaid to looking at things objectively.

        When I explain my perspective most agree with it. But it’s not what they opined when the conversation starts. They want to believe that the government is doing the right thing, the msm is telling the truth, and go along with it. They don’t want to deal with the reality that they’re being lied to and victimised if they don’t have to.

        I think that it will be a similar transition to the forever wars. It will take further negativity before they open their eyes and turn against the msm and government political, economic and social repression.

        • Peter Jennings

          Most people like routine and can get very flustered if they are forced to think outside of their box. They don’t like bad news interrupting their day to day life, so they switch into goldfish mode.
          When argueing with those who are fast asleep, one finds that they all use the same terminology, logic, and counterattacks which have been burned into their brains via the constant brainwashing they receive from their TV sets.

          Many people get scammed and don’t even realise it because they can’t be bothered to spend a little time reading the small print.
          I fear it will always be so. The best one can hope for is critical mass.

          • RichardD

            Herding sheeple goes both ways. They can be lied to and mislead because they can’t be bothered to fact check sketchy disinformation. And it’s easier to go with the flow than against it. When the scammers get their way and the sheeple have been victimized out of their comfort zone and it’s less painful to reject the scam then to continue being victimized. Then the pendulum starts to swing the other way.

            Once it gets out to enough people that the whole virus deal is a scam for bad people in government, big business and the media to consolidate and increase economic, political and social control through repression and an order out of chaos operation. Then more of the population that has had their jobs, rights and freedoms taken away for no good reason will start pushing back to regain what they got scammed out of.

          • Peter Jennings

            There is nothing better for these gov’t psychos than for the public to welcome or demand their own repression. It saves them a lot of bother.

  • Ashok Varma

    Trump is crazy, even by low American standards of behaviour and is threatening India, China and even WHO with a funding freeze. US is a bankrupt country at all levels and should be careful not to make even more enemies by bombast and thuggery.

  • Ronald

    Lets look at the only numbers that appear to be reliable, the death count.
    The US is at ….12,800, from Sars-CoV-2
    The US had….. 33,000, from the common cold last year.
    Canada is at……….381, from Sars-CoV-2
    Canada had ….15,000, from the common cold last year
    Italy is at ………..17,127, from Sars-CoV-2
    Italy had …………24,981, from the common cold the winter of- 2017,(could not find last years).
    “Something is rotten in the State of Denmark”;..Marcellus

  • Saso Mange

    The dream of US superiority in every aspect has shattered. They are unable to cope with this crisis because their medical sector is polluted by rats, mostly because of neocon Zionist interests – Zionists rule USA and they do not give a fuck for American people.

  • Damien C

    Hi Guys,

    Please disregard any rubbish people post about Covid-19 being no worse that the Flu

    The Flu on average over the course of 1 year WORLDWIDE will kill as many as 290,000 (official number) but up to 600,000 – 700,000 unofficially because many deaths happen at home and thus are not recorded.
    This is factual figures taken from all health and Government bodies over a 14 year period and averaged out.

    Those Flu figures are for an entire year ! The Covid-19 hasn’t even got it’s boots on yet, the more modern Nations of the world with air travelling passengers have suffered from Covid because they were exposed earlier the under-developed nations have not had the same exposure yet and thus their numbers have not registered yet. Remember these are countries with large populations and little or no health care.

    These are only a few off the top of my head but remember we have in the western affected nations exercised strict social distancing and lock down if we didn’t our numbers would be 10-15 times higer due to the medical infrastructure being deluged … that’s exactly what’s going to happen in the above countries.

    We will come out of lock-down for a month then back into lock down for 2 weeks then out for a month then lock-down again for 3 weeks.
    This is to dissapate the vast numbers requiring medical aid and thus saving countless lives.

    This is only early April still May June July August September October November December to go. Then the second wave will hit us around November to add to our first wave

  • Peter Jennings

    The Trumpster is looking to save money, as he should now that the US economy is a train wreck.

    The US is worse than broke. Neocons have put every new born american for the next 20 years in debt so they can lord it over the world in their lifetime. That lording is now thankfully coming to an end, but the debt will remain because it gives their bank buddies the chance to fleece the next generations of americans.
    Perhaps they should have squandered so much of their wealth on the isreali regime.

    Abe doesn’t seem to realise that shutting down his country will have the devastating impact on lives and the economy. Japanese citizens are not going to be too pleased with Abe when the american economy collapses because he has swapped all their pensions for worthless american treasuries. That’s how much Abe cares.

    He can now blame the virus for his ruined economy and bankruptcy, along with just about every shyster gov’t who is hiding the truth from their people.

  • Free man

    This virus came out of China.
    This virus kills thousands every day and destroys the global economy.
    China will pay for it voluntarily or forcibly.

    • Peter Jennings

      The coronavirus has a US patent. They also had cases of it before China, but they blamed some other cause, as is usual for USadmins. Is it suspicious that the US has a high infection rate?

      So blaming China is a bit premature.

      • Free man

        No matter how you twist and turn it, the truth is known. The Chinese will be smart if they compensate the world, on their own initiative. If not the punishment would be much more severe.

        • jade villaceran

          what truth?

        • Peter Jennings

          Like the Germans did for the jewish lobby?

          • Free man

            A Jewish lobby in N_zi Germany? LOL.
            It’s funnier than China’s evasion attempts from its responsibility for the virus outbreak.
            Grow up.

          • Peter Jennings

            Grow up into a China bashing neocon like you, not likely.

            Wait for the facts to emerge, and keep the knee-jerking to a minimum, that’s the grown up thing to do.

          • Free man

            You don’t have to be an American / Republican / Democrat to know that the virus came from China.
            You have to be a fool to think that the Chinese can escape their responsibilities.
            Yes, you should grow up from believing in inane conspiracy theories like a Jewish lobby in N_zi Germany. I wonder if you think there was a Gypsy and Slavic lobby in N_zi Germany.

          • Ronald

            You must be referring to the New York Times story on the closure of Fort Detrick, because of ‘insufficient systems in place for the decontamination of waste water’.