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Trump Thrives On Tensions With N. Korea, Suggests Japan, S. Korea To Buy Sophisticated Military Equipment

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Trump Thrives On Tensions With N. Korea, Suggests Japan, S. Korea To Buy Sophisticated Military Equipment


US President Donald Trump has found a way to thrive on tensions with North Korea.

The US president claimed on Tuesday that the US would allow South Korea and Japan to buy more “highly sophisticated” US military equipment in response to the so-called North Korea threat.

Trump did not reveal what kind of equipment he had in mind. However, the White House said the president was willing to approve the sale of “many billions of dollars’ worth of military weapons and equipment” to South Korea.

Trump’s statement followed North Korea’s six nuclar test that took place on Sunday. The US president also claimed that the US was ready to use its “nuclear capabilities” to defend itself and its allies.

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Dod Grile

In the War Racketeer protection business this is known as “the Raytheon flim flam.” First Murder Inc threatens to raze Pyongyang to the ground. Then it offers to sell to Tokyo, at an exorbitant price, Raytheon’s shoddy fifth rate products. Will wonders ever cease.


The US military-industrial complex needs to move its merchandise! If there’s not to be a war with NK, then let there at least be a small cold war, where all those arms get dumped (for a substantial price, of course) to all US allies in the region. After all, the military-industrial complex needs to recoup all those bribes it sent.


A cold war is infinitely more profitable. Hot wars sell a lot of gear in the short term, but afterwards there’s less need for it and sales plummet. With cold wars you can milk your customers indefinitely.


its also a move by Trump to play against the deep state! By playing up and against the NK nuke threat, Trump then gets what he wants by playing the War mongering Neo Cons and the military industrial complex against the remainder of the deep state! How? By threatening sanctions against China which means all USA manufacturing corporations return to the USA. Its win /win! Either: a./ China subdues NK b./ China has sanctions put on it and companies return to USA c./ US military sales go through the roof and the Cold War starts up again Neo Cons can’t be seen to back down from threats therefore sanctioning China gets what Trump always wanted! its a Brilliant move! Not that I am for the USA! I hate the USA!


“By threatening sanctions against China which means all USA manufacturing corporations return to the USA.”

If manufacturers do move they have the whole world to choose for a new location. High taxes, environmental regulations and high labour costs in the USA mean that it’ll be among the last on the list of moving locations.

Trump can’t sanction Chinese manufacturing. It would throw the world into a deep depression and hurt US corporate earnings as much as it would hurt Chinese manufacturing industries. Companies that rely on Chinese parts or sub assemblies would also be hit as would energy markets as Chinese demand weakened.

Sanctions are the 21st centuries equivelent of a naval blockade. A naval blockade is considered an act of war. Trump has to tread very carefully with sanctions on China lest he crosses a line that can’t be uncrossed. China isn’t Iran, North Korea or even Russia who is so used to being sanctioned by the west after the revolution and the cold war that they just shrug them off. Sanctions will hurt China and China can fight back.


You said it ; China is already the economic center of gravity on the planet . The American and Chinese governments just have not realized it yet .


China has been Sanctioned before! Perhaps u are too young to remember this?

And When China was sanctioned the US did just fine! You say that these US companies can go anywhere right? Wrong! The free trade agreement is ending! And the taxes companies will need to pay to sell the goods to the biggest consumer market (the US market) will force those companies to bring manufacturing back to the USA!

He stated all this clearly in his Presidential campaign! IT IS WHAT HE LITERALLY RAN ON! “We’re bringing jobs back”!

This was a difficult task when u are up against Globalist corporations but the NK threat brings this all back into his advantage and creates a Quagmire for the deep state!

YES I agree that trade wars are a threat / act of war but so is nuclear missile tests with icbm’s across the land of Japan right?

look at the Fortune 500 and count how many of those corporations are USA corps! China loses! Call it what u will, a threat a blockade! Yes its all those things but he will have the support due to a hard stance and FORCING US companies back to its shores and blame it on China for supporting a nuclear threat!

On top of this Japan (3rd biggest economy) they will also sanction china! Next, South Kore, 4th or 5th biggest will also sanction China Germany (may not like it but….. they will also sanction China (Because Germany is occupied by US forces and their biggest market is the USA)

Dude, like it or not, USA wins in the trade war!

U can believe all u like in weather or not China has a bigger economy than USA but without Japan, USA, Germany, South Korea and u can believe many, many more…. CHINA IS FUCKED!!!!!

And countries like mine (Australia) brings its manufacturing back or perhaps hands it off to Vietnam and Thailand!

So wether these US corps go back to the USA or over to another nation, China loses! The USA does not need China, China needs the USA and its allies who will back the USA without question when the call is made! All nations will fall into line!

I hate the USA! But they win in this! Sure the world is fucked up by it, but the USA wins!


“China has been Sanctioned before! Perhaps u are too young to remember this?”

Not all sanctions are equal. China was sanctioned before but in the form of arms embargos, never were sanctions against ALL countries doing business with Chinese manufacturers as Trump is proposing and China’s place in the world is different today than it was in the past. Today China is the largest economy in the world and a manufacturing superpower in a global marketplace. Everyone in the world is tied in some way to Chinese manufacturing.

“IT IS WHAT HE LITERALLY RAN ON! “We’re bringing jobs back”!”

You have to understand the difference between dreams and reality. Trump promised during an election he was going to bring jobs back to the USA. The value of election promises is ZERO….nada…..nothing. That dream has no basis in reality. In order to bring those jobs back to the USA you are going to have to pay the difference in cost between what it costs to manufacture the same goods in China and in the USA.

On top of that you have the cost of infrastructure. New factory buildings, roads, sewers. You have to understand that corporations exist to make money for their shareholders……either they pass on the costs to you or go broke. Are you willing to pay to move a manufacturing operation to the USA as well as the difference in labour costs between the USA and China if it makes the cost of your TV or clothes double or triple what it is today?

“U can believe all u like in wether or not China has a bigger economy than USA but without Japan, USA, Germany, South Korea and certainly many more nations! CHINA IS FUCKED!!!!!”

That is if you can even get these countries to go along with sanctions. Germany for example is currently refusing to go along with US sanctions on Russia. They simply aren’t willing to pay 2x more for US LNG than they do for Russian natural gas. Is every nation in the world willing to go through a depression then wait for a plant to be built in the USA that will result in them paying twice as much as the same product made in China? Do you really think the rest of the world cares enough to go through this kind of pain and insecurity just to ‘Make America Great Again”?


I know Merkel said “no” but its a different matter when big daddy tells them to do so!

U can bet Japan will!

America is the Biggest Consumer market! China the Biggest manufacturing!

China is a slightly bigger economy but only because of its manufacturing base (not its consumer base)! But this manufacturing base does not exist without US corps being there! And even if Trump didn’t bring them back, they can be sourced to South American nations (where its even cheaper)! OR Thailand, loas, Cambodia, Taiwan etc etc!

Trumps reality!

He stopped TPP!

He’s only been in office for 8 months and he has done plenty so far! His problem is bringing these companies back! These sanctions will help with that! import taxes also! Companies want to make money but they can’t when it costs more to import them back into America than it does to make them in America!

These are the laws he is introducing! The only way they can stop it is to kill him!

They are trying to stop him at every pass (the Russia BS) But now the USA is at heads with Russia and China, it doesn’t stick so much! Now that China is seen as aiding a nuclear threat to Japan, SK and USA, the sanctions will aid his plan to bring jobs back!

OR, ship the same jobs off to South American nations which has already been implemented due to China’s work force already becoming too expensive!


If you look closely at the bottom of U.S. sanctions, just at the very bottom right, you will see the stamp. MADE IN CHINA.

While one can admire your enthusiastic diatribe cutting off your head to get ridd of a headache may not be the best of ideas!


Trump is no more than a hustling second hand car dealer who encourages his customers to buy break down insurance :)

Red Tick Alert

The shear arrogance of them, infuriates me… I mean “I am allowing Japan & South Korea to buy a substantially increased amount of highly sophisticated military equipment from the United States.”

Gee thanks Daddy.


Like sophisticated weapons really helped the US in Syria or anywhere else. A bunch of SAA soldiers armed with AK-74s, RPGs and Syrian flags outfought them.


Isn’t that the story of the US military?

They’ve never fought a war that went according to plan. I’ll bet a pentagon Christmas party ends up costing a trillion dollars, lasts 8 years longer than planned and ends in defeat.

The entire Russian air wing in Syria costs less than a pair of F-22’s and they achieved a sortie rate 4 times that of the coalition and kept it up for 2 years sending home aircraft as they ran out of targets.

Sometime I think Amway is behind the US MIC.


Would you like to hear about my new business opportunity? If it’s the pentagon, it’ll be a Hanukkah party mate

Harold Smith

“US President Donald Trump has found a way to thrive on tensions with North Korea.”

After raping and then beating up or killing the victim, why not go through her purse and help yourself to the cash she was carrying?

Langaniso Mhlobo

Just from the very beginning selling of weapons to South Korea and Japan were plan by USA by making North Korea a scapegoat.Succes in military field in or any field in North and South Korea is to the benefit of all Koreans.South Korea should grab the opportunity and expels instigator USA and strive for brotherly love and peace.Drop all sanction obstacles and sign for peace with North Korea.Only acceptance for one another without interference and with out bogus threat will bring everlasting peace.Any war in this Peninsula will only affect China,Russia,Japan and Koreans because of Wind flow and this is what USA wants.USA/ NATO and UN will be silent just like in Syria.USA/NATO and UN must be force to go and restore the peace and rebuild Iraq,Libya,Yugoslavia, Afghanistan,Yemen, Syria and Lebanon.

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