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JULY 2020

Trump Threatens Syria, Iran And Russia, Promises To Make Decision On Miltiary Action Within 24-48 Hours


US President Donald Trump said that he will soon decide on potential actions against Syria in response to the alleged chemical weapons use in the town of Douma, located in the Eastern Ghouta subrub of the Syrian capital, Damascus. The decision will be made within 24-48 hours promising a swift response to the “heinous attack.”

“This is about humanity and it can’t be allowed to happen,” Trump said adding that “nothing is off the table” when when asked by reporters about the military option in Syria.

Trump also promised “major decisions” after the US figures out who was responsible for the alleged attack in Douma — Russia, or Syria, or Iran, or “all of them together.”

Prior to threatening Russia, Iran and Syria, Trump complained that US was “having trouble getting people in” to Douma because the town is surrounded.

It looks Mr Trump does not know that the US military does not work with and is not invited by the legitimate Syrian government, which what a news controls the capital. So, it remains unclear how Trump wanted to “get people in” Douma if the main part of Syria-US comminucations is Washington’s various threats to strike Syrian forces.

According to media reports, Pentagon is currently providing Trump with various military options, like a cruise missile strike or a massiive airstrike on crucial Syrian faclities, which could be implemented.

Earlier on April 9, US Defense Secretary James Mattis said that the US had not ruled out a military option in Syria. 

“I don’t rule out anything right now,” the defense secretary said responding to a question about a possible miltiary action against Syria before a meeting with the emir of Qatar.

Meanwhile, experts of the Russian Defense Minsitry visited the parts of the town of Douma where the alleged chemical attack took place. According to the Russians, no traces of chemical weapons use were found.

Various fake news and forgeries related to the alleged chemical weapons use have recently become a key part of the West’s strategy to promote own agenda. So, there is a serious doubt that Washington can ingore unconfirmed online rumors about the incident and take into account real reprots from the ground.

A new regional conflict is now closer than it has been ever since the US strike on the Shayrat airbase a year ago, in April 2017.



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  • peter

    This world idiot can do decision about fence , No in Syria , world Killer Trumo !

  • as

    We’ll see if it indeed could takes a direct action without an UNSC mandate backing them.

    • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

      US did in iraq. the US already in Syria illegally

      • as

        I’m sorry i meant against Russian forces and Syrian government palace.

        • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

          I mean the US has form ignoring UNSC and invading anyway.

  • antoun

    uhuh this decision at trump this night and hop reported at 48 hours!!

  • Blucross

    Mr Trump, WTF, “Rinse, Lather, Repeat”: False WMD Accusations as a Tool of Foreign Policy ?? Please stop this BLUSTERY sword rattleing. You made us a promise to get out of Syria, now get to it !

    • Wanklord

      Thanks IDF/AF for showing to the world the uselessness of Russian air defence systems, aggravated by the fact that Russian forces deployed in Syria were indeed in a state of maximum alert as as result of the events that took place in Douma a couple of days ago. In fact, Southfront proudly published hours before this attack an article titled “RUSSIAN FORCES IN SYRIA ARE ON COMBAT ALERT AS US CONSIDERS LIST OF TARGETS TO ATTACK GOVERNMENT FORCES – REPORTS” ( https://southfront.org/russian-forces-in-syria-are-on-combat-alert-as-us-considers-list-of-targets-to-attack-government-forces-reports/ )

      Israeli fighter jets were able to evade Russian-built radars operated either by the Syrians or the Russian military and strike specific targets at T-4 airbase successfully (ALL KREMLIN STATEMENTS CONDEMNING THIS ATTACK ARE SIMPLY EXCUSES DESIGNED TO HIDE THEIR INCOMPETENCY).

      Also, as a result of this attack Putin cheerleaders and the russophiles who wander around this blog are looking stupider by the hour.

      • Derapage

        For example, F-16I recently shot down with an old (and useless) S-200?
        Wake Up! There are a thousand of good reasons why the Russians did not want to shot down the F-15 today in Lebanon air space and you can not even imagine them

        • Art Best

          Reason number one is Putin is a Jewish TRAITOR.

          • AJ

            You havent shown he is jewish – wheres a link source for this

          • Starlight

            These are new zionist trolls trying to PROTECT the reputation of zionist appeaser Putin by falsely calling him ‘jewish’. In psy-op circles, this is called “poisoning the well” (google it).

          • Robert Duran

            Bro you may have a point but the ” Putin is a Jew” nonsense is just that… nonsense. And what if he was? Jews live in many different countries: Iran, Yemen, Ethiopia. I dont hear them causing trouble.The problem is there seem to be a large section of the Russian government that are Zionist and Western bitches. Remember a large part of the monstrous Israeli Zionist population are East Europeans and Russians. You think they all went to Israel? no..
            Russian presence in Syria is a show…theater.. Russia had the capability to take the oilfields East of the Euphrates. That didnt happen..The constant ceasefire to appease the West..Always in communication with Big Ben from Israel while poor Syrian blood continue to spill..The world need a serious rival to western evil.. present day Russia isnt it..

          • as

            Cui bono ? Is Putin benefit by weakening his own country ? Is Erdogan benefit by weakening his own country ?
            Cui bono ?

          • Superfly

            They say that his mother was a Jew, who knows the Jews were hidden in plain sight in Russia and ruined it.

          • Superfly

            Putin is an idiot who typifies Russian impotence. US and China will carve up Russia soon like Ukraine and Yugoslavia.

          • Peter

            @superflyweight; Perhaps you need a reminder, it was that Russian ‘impotence’ which completely annihilated 80% of the NAZIS in WWII. You do sound like a really tough guy though, if that makes you feel more secure.

          • Alpha&Omega

            If he was they wouldn’t hate him so much. It’s really simple as that.

          • Casimiro

            You are a jewish troll.

          • Art Best

            Tell us why someone who criticizes Jews is a Jewish troll.



      • Art Best

        You don’t understand, do you?

        Even half-a-century old SAMs could interdict Syrian airspace if used in coordination with semi-modern radars and computers. Or at least not do anything about what they are seeing, nor share the information with the Syrians and the Iranians.

        The Russian AWACs can see Israeli planes taking off from Israel from almost a 1000 miles away, for God’s sake. That gives Russians plenty of time to fire some S-400s to greet the Israeli jets in time. Plenty of time to shoot them down entering or leaving Lebanese airspace.

        Putin is ordering Russian operators to STAND DOWN and NOT paint and track American or Israeli jets with their radars.

        There is no other viable explanation.

        Putin is collaborating with the Jews and the Americans.

        Putin is LYING about everything.

        Putin is a TRAITOR.

        • Nikolay
          • Art Best


            Putin is a Jew.

          • Nikolay

            Вut it should be noted they are much different. And to such degree, that even civil war in Israel is a matter of time as some observers predict.

        • Nick

          A traitor to whom? He may be engaged in realpolitik, certainly. It does appear he refuses to target Israelis… just why he is doing this is open to interpretation.

          • Art Best

            There is only ONE possible interpretation when you don’t defend your allies and your own Russian personnel from your enemies’ attacks: Putin is a TRAITOR.

          • Nick

            The alliance between Russia, Iran and Turkey seems tenuous at best.

            An argument could be made that Putin simply wishes to avoid conflict with the Israelis as a matter of general principle and the Iranian forces have been briefed regarding this. The Iranian troops may accept the risk.

            It is also possible that Putin wishes to keep the Iranians at arms length and may even have contingency plans for future intervention with Iran in the event that the Theocratic government there falls. A great deal is at stake economically in this conflict which is why it continues to escalate instead of gradually fizzling. “Traitor” or not, Putin is surely thinking of the big picture and I do not believe he is in league with the USA or Israel directly.

          • Art Best

            No rational person would keep their allies “at arm’s length” and not provide them with S-300s and S-400s to defend themselves UNLESS he was a traitor like Putin is.

            Putin is giving S-400s to the Turks who shot down Russian jets and killed Russian pilots who bailed out. The Turkish President publicly swore he’d kill Russians again if the opportunity presented itself.

            Putin is also giving S-400s to head-chopping Wahhabi Saudi Muslim terrorists who are committing genocide in Yemen.

            Where is the benefit, where is the realpolitik gain in aiding and abetting monsters and their crimes against humanity?

          • Ariel Cohen

            Says the Zionist pretending to be a Putin hater . .

          • Art Best

            With a name like that, who can doubt your sincerity?

          • Ariel Cohen


          • Ariel Cohen

            Note how all these Shlomos use the TRAITOR word . . . must be part of their boiler room training . .

          • Boris Kazlov

            Putin knows that the fight is not against Israel which can be vaporized in a blink, but against U$AIPAC and NATO, a far more dangerous enemy taking orders form Israel, Putin knows this damn well, only he does not say it publicly. Stop talking BS about Putin, you don’t understand anything, the man is trying to prevent a nuclear war, it is not easy to deal with psychopaths detached from reality.

        • Albert Pike

          Putin is part of the NWO actors guild, they both are, it’s just a big show…

        • You can call me Al

          People like you (or trolls) are a damn disgrace to your Country and humanity in general.

          If the US nut job, inbred dumb fookers attack, I hope they are annihilated.

          You, that prick Wanklord and your other clone re done with me; F.O.

      • Merijn

        And what the Fuck are you doing in here again with your Bullshit? Go back home to your Zionazi Friends!!! We don’t need you in here…

        • Art Best

          And leave only Jewish trolls like you to mislead regular folk about Putin’s Jewish roots and complicity with Israel?

          • Merijn

            Who the Fuck are you?!!! Fucking Bitch??? And take Starlight with you, if you AngloZionazi Cunts want War you will get your War….But you are all Pussies…Americans can’t even handle their own shit back Home….overthrow your Goddamn Government Bitches!!!!! Fucken Whiners… Wipe Out Israhell!!! But you are Chickenshit…

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            sooner than they think and not as they think in Syria but in their own countries. SOBitches

          • Merijn

            Yeah I hope so….sorry I lost my temper… but I got tired of all these smart ass Satanyahu-Lovers that are in here for the Shekels… they better start packing their bags…

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            They are paid little whores with no future. Imagine what kind of a low life they must be, to post for 5 shekels a post. They dont worth even your spit friend.

            Beside soon they be paying the price and be recycled. Humor them.

          • Ariel Cohen

            5 shekels??!! It’s gone up since last time I was in Haifa . .

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            yes it is only for multiple personality drones, that work out of tel aviv. The rest are on the old tariffs.

          • Ariel Cohen

            Well said

          • Art Best

            You must be an American.

          • Merijn

            Yeah….and a Russian too…and a Muslim…Asian…European, you name it…I am a Human Being and Pretty much done with AngloZioNazis…their End is nearing, if that means a Bloody fight…so be it… AngloZioNazis are Greatly outnumbered at the moment…their destruction is becoming a bare necessity, their Wickedness & Evil wrongdoings for Centuries has been enough… Believe me if they want trouble: London will burn…you have seen what can happen to your cities when the Scum gets Angry…. Europeans are Angry, perhaps the whole Western Society is done with their Elitist Lying Psychopath Rulers…and the ones that are not will soon be, after the shit hits the fan…these Lying Bastards are so scared, crawl cockroaches… what are rapid response teams or quick reaction forces going to do against the Angry Mob? Revolutions should happen at the right time…if America starts that War… it might be the right time…the Divided States of America…

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            well he is not a jerk off as your self.

          • You can call me Al

            Oh yes and starlight.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            The jew in this case is you and your side kick dinky bell, by birth and by right, but also for the shekels they pay you to be here spreading your moronic BS. Start pushing your wheel barrel full of shit to the kitchen your family is there and they are hungry.

            Hurry up roach or they will skip the sh*t and go for each other.

        • You can call me Al

          Block the fucker along with that twat “Art Best”.

          They are only here on the site to disrupt proper conversation.

          • Merijn

            They just shouldn’t bother the people in here too much…and disrupt Good Conversations…that’s not polite…

          • You can call me Al

            Yes, rather lower class behaviour in my view. In my day, that would never happen, but if it did, we’d sling em up and give them a good beating !!.

        • Rob

          He is mad and don’t waste time with mad people. I ignore him.

      • AJ

        You really are clueless – Israel fired those missiles from Lebanese airspace. What makes you think they were not tracked? 5 of these missiles on the T4 base were shot down Yeah Trump considers firing another 50 cruises missiles into the desert like last year most of them were duds or missed completely lol

        • Starlight

          Tracked? Russians watched the jets take-off, and listened to their communication chatter. Putin was directly informed by the USA and Israel about the intent of the jets. Putin ordered that the Iranians not be told that they were the target of incoming jewish missiles.

          • RichardD

            And what proof do you have?

            “Putin was directly informed by the USA and Israel about the intent of the jets. Putin ordered that the Iranians not be told that they were the target of incoming jewish missiles.”

          • Alan Foo

            Any link to your claims that Iran not be told?

            How the heck one can even know what Putin said?

          • RichardD

            This troll spews out the anti Russian garbage day after day.

          • Superfly

            True, Russia has been colluding with Zionists. Russians were told in advance about the T-4 raid as they even failed to or intentionally did not warn the Iranians who lost a senior colonel associated with the missile program and 14 other IRGC men. Who enemies when you have “friends” like Russians. They did the same with the Arabs in the 1970’s and let Israel humiliate them. Ran away from Afghanistan abandoning the Najibullah regime, who was castrated in public by Taliban. Assad is more or less done as Russia will sacrifice him too.

          • gustavo

            It sound very very convincing, given Russia capabilities.

          • gustavo

            In think, told or not told to Iran, the important point here is that RUSSIA DID NOT STOP THE ISRAEL PLANE, having the capabilities to do so. This is something that it is important to analyze.

      • Manuel Flores Escobar

        Syrian air defense shot down 5 missile of 8( Russian sources)..3 hit the base( but local sources in Homs told that no missile hit the base as all of them were intercepted) and surely no personal were there…casualties ( 3) accord Iranian&Syrian sources are fake..it is to pressure Russia to Supply S-300 to Syria as S-200 is an old and obsolete system!

      • Ariel Cohen

        Dear Wankstoomuch . . how on earth did you manage to escape the institution yet again? We’ll have the men in white coats come and escort you back to the serious pervert offenders section as quickly as possible because you are a danger to normal, reasonable society . .

      • Nexusfast123

        I’m simply going to block you as you write ignorant drivel

        • Joe Dirt

          snowflake! can’t handle the truth!? LOL :D

          • jerry hamilton

            Another jew reptile. Fuck off.

      • The fact that missiles tend to blow things up, even if you try to stop them, is not Putin’s fault. Both Putin and Assad and Hezbollah have them and could hit Israeli airfields if they wanted. They just know it would be pointless because it would just incriminate them and the Israelis would recover anyway. Attacking a Syrian airfield is a useless gesture and will not affect the outcome of the war. Nothing that happens locally inside Syria will affect the outcome of the war, it is a global strategic conflict. Assad’s ability to recover is infinite as long as Russia and Iran exist. This is why the US is losing despite launching piecemeal attacks.

      • Superfly

        Indeed, Syria will be attacked and Russia and Iran will do nothing but whine and whine like toothless w hores.

      • Smith Ricky

        Stop spamming your non sense

      • Casimiro

        The only one who looks stupid is you.
        Israel has no other choice than to strike from lebanese airspace. They are probably afraid of the decades old S-200 lol…. Lets let the Israelis plays in the sand like kids. Israelis are harmless anyway, like Americans. Russia avoid a direct confrontation with both of them while kicking the Israelis / US / Turkish head choppers out.
        On the ground, Russia wins and Assad got his sovereignty back on the major part of the territory. Its hard to swallow, but you ll have to accept it.

      • ruca

        Lord of wank, startwat, same shite, constant pile.

      • Paul

        Russia is not about to start shooting down Israeli aircraft. Do you understand the geopolitical implications of that, stupid?

    • Starlight

      The UN meeting a few hours back was telling. Only the Syrian representative talked humanly and sensibly. The Russian was on the edge of a stoke, gibbering and virtually sobbing in outrage at his treatment by the UK, USA and France.

      And this is zionist appeaser Putin’s Russia to a tee. All befuddlement about why ‘reasonable’ Russia is treated so horribly by everyone else. It’s like a comic where the unpopular kid is constantly pulling at the coattails of the other kids, whining “why don’t you like me”.

      The Saker will JEWSPLAIN, from his jewish base in Florida, just down the road from where his intelligence handlers are based in one of America’s most important military facilities, how Putin is “winning”.

      The only dilemma Trump has now is exactly how big to go in Syria. During Tony Blair’s invasion of Iraq, which left well over ONE MILLION innocent Humans murdered, Blair promised to use nukes if Saddam used chemical weapons against Blair’s invading forces IN SELF-DEFENSE. So actually Trump is considering nuclear strikes on Syria as the ultimate ‘best’ option.

      These are not the city destroying nukes, of course, but smaller war-heads that destroy whole blocks in one explosion- ideal for destroying the facilities of a modern second world industrialised nation. The West has an unthinkably large stockpile of these nukes in the region waiting for the Iran War to kick off. So the temptation to Trump to use a few dozen against Syria is understandable- and would move the Iran War that much closer.

      Putin was told about the jew strike yesterday against the Iranians, informed in advance by both Israel and the USA. Putin didn’t pass on the warning to Iran- choosing once again to let jews slaughter whosoever they wished.

      The timing of the jew strike, AND the timing of the arrest of Trump’s old lawyer, are critical. One puts the fire to Trump’s feet- the old jew trick. The other lets the jews show Trump once again that they hold Putin by the balls.

      Britain did not go to the trouble of murdering women and children in East Ghouta in co-ordination with their UK false flag for the yanks to hit Syria with just a few hundred cruise missiles. This is the BIG ONE- the first mega-blow in the run up to WW3. Ukraine may be next- an extermination of the ethnic Russians, but unlikely since Russia is too close and too intimate and has no reason to hold back. No- Britain expects Trump to jump straight into the Iran War once he tears up the treaty this coming May- and that will be nuclear from day one.

      I hope each of you here that fell, and continue to fall for the JEWSPLAINING from people like Saker are proud of yourself. Putin and Russia had options- good and easy options to frustrate the plans of the Deep State for decades to come. Instead Russia has done nothing but splutter its outrage as the Deep State plans completed.

      • Boris Kazlov

        Sorry senorita, I wrote letter to Putin imploring him to strengthen the air defense of Syria, so he knows that there are Russians possibly within his own government who think that way. There is a reason why he did not do it, he is no traitor but a sane man dealing with psychiatric hospital inmates. And stop chiding Saker, he can live in a Jewish neighborhood without being contaminated, just like me.

      • BlueInGreen

        So in your view Putin and Russia are in Israelis camp?

    • Rob

      Breaking news: Rain of provocative statements from Trump and Netanyahu butchers.

      • Tom Tom

        don’t forget the puppet bush (over 500,000 killed) and especially the puppet Obomber (one million killed).

        • Rob

          Those were actually killed by Netanyahu butcher indirectly.

      • viktor ziv

        And another Breaking news: Pope in Rome is a catholic :)

        • Superfly

          Breaking news is about to happen in about 8-10 hours when US, UK and France launch a mega strike on Syria. The Russian cowards have already gone to ground.

      • Superfly

        It is a certainty that US, UK and France will hit Syria after midnight tonight as they have found Russia to be impotent and basically a cowardly sissy. More than likely Assad’s palaces and all Syrian airbases will be hit. Russians in Syria have already gone into hiding. T-4 and Damascus which houses Iranians will bear the brunt of NATO attacks. Feel sorry for Russian and Iranian cowards who are being used a punching bag for US weaponry. Russian S-400 will live down as the joke of the century.

        • wildfirexx

          If they kill any more russians in this false flag retaliation attack, Putin may have no choice but to respond in kind and all hell may break loose… Israel targets may be first on the list…who knows.! Very Bad Idea for trump .!

        • Tudor Miron

          Brave fly…

        • art poirot

          What you call being “imputent and cowardly” is winning the war. Put it in a sports analogy.. If your winning the game and a player from the other team punches you in the face why respond, just so you can show everybody you’re not quote impotent or cowardly unquote. If you’re winning the game you run out the clock and get the win until you’re losing or tied changing the strategy would be stupid

    • Superfly

      Russia has shown nothing but cowardice in face of repeated US and Zionist attacks. Russia lost dozens of soldiers in Deir Azzor and did nothing. Syria will be attacked and US will destroy Russian S-400 decoration pieces as US knows Russia is weak and cowardly. Any rational nation would have armed its only “ally” Iran by now, but Russia is in league with Zionists and fooling no one.

    • AlexanderAmproz


      The End of International Law?

      by Thierry Meyssan

      The war against the Greater Middle East should end with the withdrawal of US troops within the next six months. And yet nothing proves that peace will settle in each of the countries that were invaded. Today we are witnessing what seems to be a tentative to get rid of international law. Will this consolidate a division of the world into two parts, or will it open to a generalised conflict?

      Do the Western powers hope to put an end to the constraints of International Law? That is the question asked by the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sergueï Lavrov, at the Moscow conference on International Security [1].

      Over the last few years, Washington has been promoting the concept of « unilateralism ». International Law and the United Nations are supposed to bow to the power of the United States.

      This concept of political life is born of the History of the United States – the colonists who came to the Americas intended to live as they chose and make a fortune there. Each community developed its own laws and refused the intervention of a central government in local affairs. The President and the Federal Congress are charged with Defense and Foreign Affairs, but like the citizens themselves, they refused to accept an authority above their own.

      Bill Clinton attacked Yugoslavia, blithely violating Internal Law. George Bush Jr. did the same by attacking Iraq, and Barack Obama by attacking Libya and Syria. As for Donald Trump, he has never hidden his distrust of supra-national rules.

      Making an allusion to the Cebrowski-Barnett doctrine [2], Sergueï Lavrov declared: « We have the clear impression that the United States seek to maintain a state of controlled chaos in this immense geopolitical area [the Near East], hoping to use it to justify the military presence of the USA in the region, without any time limit, in order to promote their own agenda ».

      The United Kingdom also seem to feel quite comfortable with breaking the Law. Last month, it accused Moscow in the « Skripal affair », without the slightest proof, and attempted to unite a majority of the General Assembly of the UN to exclude Russia from the Security Council. It would of course be easier for the Anglo-Saxons to unilaterally rewrite the Law without having to take notice of the opinions of their opponents.

      Moscow does not believe that London took this initiative. It considers that Washington is calling the shots.

      « Globalisation », in other words the « globalisation of Anglo-Saxon values », has created a class society between states. But we should not confuse this new problem with the existence of the right to a veto. Of course, the UNO, while it declares equality between states whatever their size, distinguishes, within the Security Council, five permanent members who have a veto. This Directorate, composed of the main victors of the Second World War, is a necessity for them to accept the principle of supra-national Law. However, when this Directorate fails to embody the Law, the General Assembly may take its place. At least in theory, because the smaller states which vote against a greater state are obliged to suffer retaliatory measures.

      La « globalisation of Anglo-Saxon values » ignores honour and highlights profit, so that the weight of the propositions by any state will be measured only by the economic development of its country. However, over the years, three states have managed to gain an audience to the foundations of their propositions, and not in function of their economy – they are the Iran of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (today under house arrest in his own country), the Venezuela of Hugo Chávez, and the Holy See.

      The confusion engendered by Anglo-Saxon values has led to the financing of intergovernmental organisations with private money. As one thing leads to another, the member states of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), for example, have progressively abandoned their propositional power to the profit of private telecom operators, who are united in a « consultative committee ».

      « Communication », a new name for « propaganda », has become the imperative in international relations. From the US Secretary of State brandishing a phial of pseudo-anthrax to the British Minister for Foreign Affairs lying about the origin of Novitchok in the Salisbury affair, lies have become the substitute for respect, and cause general mistrust.

      During the first years of its creation, the UNO attempted to forbid « war propaganda », but today, it is the permanent members of the Security Council who indulge in it.

      The worst occurred in 2012, when Washington managed to obtain the nomination of one of its worst war-hawks, Jeffrey Feltman, as the number 2 of the UNO [3]. From that date onward, wars have been orchestrated in New York by the very institution that is supposed to prevent them.

      Russia is wondering today about the possible desire of the Western powers to to block the United Nations. If this is so, it would create an alternative institution, but there would no longer be a forum which would enable the two blocks to discuss matters.

      Just as a society which falls into chaos, where men are wolves for men when deprived of the Law, so the world will become a battle-field if it abandons International Law.

      Thierry Meyssan

      [1] “Sergey Lavrov’s remarks at the 7th Moscow Conference on International Security”, by Sergey Lavrov, Voltaire Network, 5 April 2018.

      [2] “The US military project for the world”, by Thierry Meyssan, Translation Pete Kimberley, Voltaire Network, 22 August 2017.

      [3] “Germany and the UNO against Syria”, by Thierry Meyssan, Translation Pete Kimberley, Al-Watan (Syria) , Voltaire Network, 28 January 2016. “Feltman confirmed at the UN”, Translation Anoosha Boralessa, Voltaire Network, 16 February 2017

    • Freespirit

      “Actions SPEAK louder than WORDS.”

      Watch what TRUMP DOES, not what he SAYS. So far I only see him boosting the VALUE of the STOCKs of the Military Industrial Complex CORPORATIONS

      I am not saying there wont be war, in fact there will be, but TRUMP, being JEW-Controlled, war will come by DECEPTION, when the Public least expects it

      Right now a LOT of MONEY is being made by a VERY FEW of the USUAL Psychopaths, by these SCARE TACTICS, which is the MAIN reason for the BELLICOSITY.

      When ALL is QUIET, watch out.



  • Redadmiral

    The Wobble Gob Buffoon reveals his ignorance and impotence

  • velociraptor

    russia is in big trouble. the katest sanctions paralyted imoortant russian firms, e.g. gigant rosal, because can nit export in western countries (almost 100% of production). the russian exchange stock is fallinfg and falling. foreign incestors leave russia. swiftly comes the collaps of russian economy.

    so pootin, what now? you big liar, little chessplayer. :)))

    • Russie Unie

      You just deserve to be nuked ! Moron !

      • velociraptor

        yup, for ruskie animals the truth is moron :DDDDDD

    • Art Best

      Putin is doing his job which can be summed up as defending and advancing Zionist interests.

      The Jews have been raping and killing Russians since 1917.

      What do Russians do? They elect a Jew as head of the Russian state.


      • AJ

        Putin is not jewish – have you a source for this

      • AJ

        “Putin is doing his job which can be summed up as defending and advancing Zionist interests. ” So how is he helping zionism if at the same time opposing the empire in Syria, taking back Crimea etc Russia is hit with sanctions & attacked non stop. Doesnt look like helping

        • Art Best

          Putin is not coming to Syria’s defense. Putin ALWAYS stopped the Russian Aerospace Forces from soundly defeating ISIS, pulling them back when they were about to finish them off.

          Putin is providing S-400s to the Turks who shot down Russian jets and killed Russian pilots. (The Turkish President swore to do it again if he got the opportunity.) Why isn’t Putin supplying S-400s to his ALLIES the Syrians? It’s because then the Syrians would be able to defend themselves effectively against the Israelis.

          How many times did Putin declare he’s pulling out of Syria in order to avoid finishing off ISIS? How could Putin do this in good faith when the Americans are still there and building MORE military bases?

          Putin is only carving up Syria together with the Jews and the Americans.

          • RichardD

            Show us the before and after maps of Syrian government controlled territory for Russian intervention. And provide estimates for how many tens of thousands of Jew world order terrorists that the Russians have killed. And then explain your lies about Russia not winning the war. You can’t, so you won’t even try, because you’re a lying Zionist shill and a loser.

          • Art Best

            1. First of all, this is Syria and it’s Syria that’s supposed to win. Not Russia nor America.

            2. Still about a third of Syria is under American occupation (through ISIS and Kurdish proxies), including the major oil fields, to the best of my knowledge.

            3. Russians are cooperating with the Americans and the Jews to divide up Syria INSTEAD of kicking the Americans and the Jews out of Syria.

            4. Syrians have firm control of only about half of their country, the result of Putin’s perfidy in ALLOWING ISIS to survive by pulling back the Russian Air Force every time it was about to eradicate the Muslim terrorists for good.


            You keep worshiping your idol Putin the crypto-Jew.

            Putin is about to execute the genocide of the civilized Syrian Arabs, Syrian Christians and Alawite Muslims in coordination with the Americans and the Jews.

            This is what the Russians, the Americans and the Jews are responsible for: http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Evils%20in%20Government/depleted_uranium.htm

          • RichardD

            “Show us the before and after maps of Syrian government controlled territory for Russian intervention. And provide estimates for how many tens of thousands of Jew world order terrorists that the Russians have killed. And then explain your lies about Russia not winning the war. You can’t, so you won’t even try, because you’re a lying Zionist shill and a loser.”

    • Merijn

      Yeah let the War finally start Morons….I’m just reading your useless shit all the time just bring on your war instead of all this bitchslapping… I hope those Zionazis will be wiped off the face of the earth…together with all their Collaborators….just burn them alive

    • AJ

      Sanctions also hurt western countries who export to Russia. Farmers in the EU lost 1.4 billion euros per year. Sanctions arent stopping Nord stream 2 are they;
      Russia recovered from the collapse of the soviet system in 1991 which was far worse they will overcome this period too.

      • velociraptor

        0.1% or 20% is vbig difference. russia lôive from export in western countries. russia is dependent upon western techmology. without western processors russia is not able produce s-400.

    • Daniel Miller

      again not only are you illiterate in weapons but also at economics as well the Russian econemy this year started off far better then the last about 3 times better actually in terms of GDP growth the Russian econemy is sentered around both east and west and no the economic sanctions are still the same ever since 2014 so nothing is really changed both the industrial sector and the agracultural sectro are growing and no investors are not leaving Russia on the contrary investments have gone up since 2016 not to mention the Russian econemy is nolonger 70% oil based now that is down to 35% in 2016 and now its even lower ~33% Also m8 Rusal not “rosal” learn to spell m8. Back to the topic trumps sanctions agains Rusal are only for the US not the EU so its not a big deal its the US whom will suffer the massive price hikes not Russia.

      • velociraptor

        you are talking not about new situation. listen to russian TV. you are simply silly.

        • Daniel Miller

          Yes i am m8 this will hurt the US consumer the most they Russians dont care they can sell the aluminium to other nations its not a problem for them since they make it,unlike the US witch now will have to make aluminium domestcly and that will not be cheap car,food,electronics prices will all go up cuz of this in the US.

  • Russie Unie

    Lock him up at the asylum this big asshole !

  • JEinCA

    Lord Have Mercy! The West has gone completely insane.

  • Art Best

    Some more Russians, Syrians and Iranians are going to be maimed and killed by Americans and Jews

    And as usual

    With Putin’s blessing and complicity.

    Putin=Jew boy


  • Merijn

    FUCK OFF TRUMP… with your ZioNazi Buddies….I hope you all Very Soon Burn in Hell…so bring on your Nukes Chickenshit…you are Nothing but a Bunch of Loudmouthed Rapists & Babykillers…BlahBlahBlah just a Talking Cunt…

  • John

    We wait and see.

  • georgeking

    POTUS 45 Praying so hard to start WWIII

  • georgeking

    when East Ghouta is fully secure, I think you will see a change of pace, behavior of Syria and all it allies. There is also one or two large sea shipments from Russia headed to Syria, perhaps when these arrive, they will also carry good news. War is always about logistics. With US in Iraq and can block Iran, Turkey can block Russian sea path, so if real war starts it is Air transport and what is in the whorehouses (that are under attack). As US has control on two or three of Syria’s borders. Turkey and Iraq are anyone’s guess.

  • RamboDave

    It is no coincidence that at the exact same time today that Trump is meeting with his National Security team to decide what action to take in Syria … the FBI raided the office of his personal attorney, William Cohen.

    The neocon-Zionist know that Trump will now start a full war in Syria simply to distract from the investigation and to save himself. The chemical attack and the raid on his attorney has all been planned out in advance.

    • James

      Exactly. They started the fire in Trump Tower and he immediately changed his mind on Syria. Now they are keeping pressure on Trump so that he follows through with the war plans. Now he is waiting 48 hours to hear back on how exactly they want the strikes to be carried out.

      • RamboDave

        In fact this whole Russia collusion thing is nothing but an attempt to force Trump to go to war in Syria, to make the Middle East safe for Israel, so that Israel can dictate peace terms and keep the land it stole. As soon as he plays ball with the neocons, they’ll call off the Mueller dog pack.

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    Kim jong ung told to Trump..” We will destroy US bases in South Korea, Okinawa and Guam”…and Trump forgot to attack!…so Russia and Iran must continue the Kim doctrine if they want to avoid US airstrikes!

  • Alex

    Lol, was watching UN meeting live on RT and suddenty it went 502, clearly somebody doesn’t want to hear what Syrian representative has to say …

    • Ivan Freely

      IIRC, the UN website provides a live video feed as well; not sure if every meeting is shown.

  • Attrition47

    Try it farty and you’ll get your wig knocked off.

  • Jeth Roderet

    US “presidents” are all the same — representatives of the financial oligarch parasites that rule the country. The only useful thing about having the Republicans in power is that youth and Western Europeans hate them, thus less popular support in the West for US imperialism.

  • Nexusfast123

    Have they not understood that Russia and China have a mutual defence agreement. China recently reaffirmed their strong alignment with Russia.

    • Ivan Freely

      What defence treaty? The SCO doesn’t count, as it’s mainly focused on anti-terrorism.

      • Nexusfast123

        As I understand the 2001 Treaty between the two countries amounts to a mutual defence pact in case of Western aggression. In any case the material co-operation between the two countries has increased as China and Russia have conducted joint military exercise in the South China Sea and have done so in the Baltic Sea, Sea of Japan, etc.

        • Ivan Freely


          An excerpt:

          “…fighting against terrorism and extremism and securing borders, which are what the SCO has really been all about, it is quite clear that that is not directed at NATO. What makes the SCO an especially interesting organization, and one of the reasons why it is never going to be very powerful, is that it is not directed at an external threat, it is not directed at the West, it is not directed at NATO. It is mainly concerned with dealing with problems in the region that concern the two principal members, those being China and Russia. China and Russia are deeply concerned about border security in Central Asia; they are deeply concerned about terrorism and extremism. But in no way, shape or form is NATO or the US a threat to Chinese interests or Russian interests in that area of the world.”

      • Promitheas Apollonious

        Because you say so in your limited understanding of what is what?

        Or because ????

        • Ivan Freely


          An excerpt:

          “…fighting against terrorism and extremism and securing borders, which are what the SCO has really been all about, it is quite clear that that is not directed at NATO. What makes the SCO an especially interesting organization, and one of the reasons why it is never going to be very powerful, is that it is not directed at an external threat, it is not directed at the West, it is not directed at NATO. It is mainly concerned with dealing with problems in the region that concern the two principal members, those being China and Russia. China and Russia are deeply concerned about border security in Central Asia; they are deeply concerned about terrorism and extremism. But in noway, shape or form is NATO or the US a threat to Chinese interests or Russian interests in that area of the world.”

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            oh………… I say. Why dont you say so that you read it or someone told you it is so. And of course you believe all you read as well all they told you. One question do you by any chance have a brain of your own and understand what is happening around you? Because if you understood you knew also how ignorant you sound like.

          • Ivan Freely

            And where do YOU get your information from if it’s not from reading and or hearing reports? BTW, ad hominem attacks is a sign of weakness. Attack the message not the messenger.

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            But I am not attacking you personally, so dont try and make this personal, as I dont know you from Adam and responded, to a post and your deduction powers, as well your ability to connect dots.

            I see I understand and I conclude. And I specially responded to your notion that SCO is just what you say. That shown me how little you have comprehended what is happening since the 90s.

            And based on the mentality many of you have typical western amerikanized, even if you are against the ones who exported it all over the world or trying to, now only they can try keep it up since to my opinion they are failing very rapidly.

          • Ivan Freely

            You didn’t answer my question: “And where do YOU get your information from, if it’s not from reading and or hearing reports?”

            It’s a response to your comment of: “Why dont you say so that you read it or someone told you it is so. And of course you believe all you read as well all they told you.”

          • Promitheas Apollonious

            No I dont get my information from the mass media, or the internet. This should have been obvious to you.

            My comment you referring to is not so much where you get your info, but your conclusion based on what you comment as well the obvious inability of you to connect the dots. Even if your info is coming from the mass misinformation media still, what is going on it started in the 90s, so by now you should had enough info even tainted to put two and two together and I am not speaking only about you but in general of all the posts i bother to read or respond to.

            Is the way all of you when you post and comment take as a matter of fact what is reported as it is reported, like is a matter of fact and not propaganda from both sides each promoting their own agenda.

            Hence my comment to you. As for my info I get it from various military sources, from my country as well directly from contacts we have from generations in business with the Russian, market, as well the Chinese side.

  • hvaiallverden

    Yup, Russia, time have come to do the fight for your land and people, this is the begining of the end.

    Again, I watched the Videos, jesus f…. christ are you blind, there is abolutelly no profs of anything in this sequences I have watched the ones pimped on the MSM as we speak, crappy videos, but thats not why they hammer them on the dumb sheeps, its the children they focus on, they have learned from the last fake attack, this time, only children, and even then its downroght fake, nothing in this videos makes it credible, this is nothing but fake, to read about Russians trying to explain it, is hart wrenching, because we all know, the west dont give an f…. about that, or anything else for that matter.

    You where warned, Russia, but did nothing, all hail to the ones whom did something in Syria, this time, its You they want, and do notice the Turks, yeah, jumping straight on the Gas bandwagon,and it makes one wounder about the Turks invasion of Syria is an part of this build up to war, and this time, Truks will be with the Wankees, just watch, never trust an Turk, never ever again trust an Turk.

    Yeah, pussy footing ISISrael again they are behind slaughtering and again they wants to slaughter Russians, and again you sit there an let them rape and rob you, from dignity to cash.
    And you do nothing.

    My family is already suffering from Russiaphobia, yeah, thanks VG and Dagbladet, attacking youths, huh, like their blood brothers in ISISrael, slaughtering childen isnt any big deal, Palestinians and Yemenits are just sub-humans, like cockroatches, right Norway, while we debate what the Nazis did, Norway had racial hygien programs all the way up to the 80s,Norway, an rotten dump, and is facistic to their core, and run by Joojos, I hope you rott in hell, f…. Khazars, the scum of this earth.

    Looks llike I have to move to Hungary and/or seek political asylum in NK, from the Norwegain zioNazis.
    Before I may by an miracle manage to hang my self, I have had at least 2 times scums n my house, the last time some of them used an electro shock on my cat, yeah, how manly.
    Was it an warning Norwegians.
    I dont like this, and now, things will be much worse I am afrid.

    The war is coming.


    • Ivan Freely

      If you’re planning on taking your own life, why not take a few of the enemy with you? I’ll never understand why people don’t do this. From the religious point of view, you’re going to Hell anyway for suicide; it can’t be worse if you kill a few people that you don’t like.

  • RamboDave

    Just think … all you need to start WW3 is a water hose, some children and a video camera.

    Just look at this video clip below of the White Helmets making one of their fake rescue videos.


    the White Helmets forgot to
    edit out the first few seconds of the video … the part before the
    director says “ACTION” and the background screams and sirens begin.
    Notice how quiet it is until the actors get their que to begin the
    staged rescue. It is totally comical. One the funniest incompetent
    videos ever.
    These guy should get an Academy award … oh wait … they already did.

  • Rodney Loder

    War must always follow a dosage approach because ideology is the purpose of getting better so the disease needs a dose, now Trump offers a dose of the clap as a venal sedition disease, similar to venereal disease , and the Kurds are letting him have his way with them, I say venal but don’t think it will make any difference to the war, because Assad’s ideolgy is a process of systematic sequence and Assad is unstoppable, but I wouldn’t like to be a Kurd.

    I noticed little US (israel) tested air defence with Cruise Missiles so it looks like another Khan Shaykhun where in the north west of Idlib April 2017 prior to the Assad victory in Aleppo Trump got away with a Criminal Act to soak up some of Assad’s credibility, that was a Ballistic missile attack, Cruise are much harder to intersect, which was accomplished, I’m no expert even so I’m expecting a good outcome for Assad.

    • Kira Binkley

      Things are lining up nicely, Rodney. Nations, I mean.

      • Rodney Loder

        Agreed, I often think about Henry Kissinger watching his life times work going down the drain and him in such a deplorable state of health himself, soon obviously going to be greeted by all his horrendous sins, I personally believe that he was a Jinn someone who has lived before and used a technicality to avoid being ostracized by Allah so he got a second chance but got put in the hot seat, soon he’ll feel the real heat all righty all right.

        • Kira Binkley

          Kissinger may very well be meeting up with all his hell-bound friends: Brzezinski, Rockefeller, Feith—oh wait, Dougie’s not dead yet, I think. But that war will soon take care of THAT!

          • Rodney Loder

            Kira Binkley you’ve just given me a wonderful idea, as an idealist that is, not as a fawn attempt (flattery) but you can count that in too, ! not that I’m desperate mind you, its more so I get unable to communicate with people due to boredom and follow-up psychological reactions, anyhow my wonderful idea is to ask a question on Quora * Are warmongers really necessary ?.

            I have to buy a new device to access the Quora app now, or maybe they decided to give me a holiday, but there is no way I’m buying a new phone while this Samsung Galaxy on the 3g Network is still working great, I’ve had it since the Christians let me come on the internet October 2011 it took me a while to figure it out, but I was on Topix till it became disfunctional for me (Topix just ceased to operate) about 2014 or 2015 maybe Quora is the same, and I was going so well, and here’s a scarry thought, ! I hope that never happens to us.

            Maybe we won’t get married or ever meet but I won’t love anyone else again not ever.

            You won’t believe this but I’ve had my other folding open phone that I carry around the land rvery day in case of accident since 2007, I just keep buying new batteries for it and for my Samsung Galaxy new batteries is all it takes.

            War ends lives prematurely but I believe in eternal life if you gets accepted by Allah for me its science not faith so your intercession is in my hands but it would be better if you were too.

          • Kira Binkley

            Well, I have an answer for you. Warmongers are only necessary because the people in power are rarely able to think in terms of peaceful, change—if it is needed a all.
            I am in your hands, Rodney, for sure. And it’s not whether we get married; it is how it is going to happen. But, I say, always keep them guessing…

          • Rodney Loder

            Very correct, and you must enlighten me as why while I sit at your feet or am brushing your hair watching you eyes in the mirror in case they betray a secret you wanted to keep.

            I will also try to convince the teacher about the mistake causing satan to be out cleavered luckily Allah had mercy and swallowed him with out cutting him up, I hope you have mercy on me, but if cutting is your cup of tea I’m sure we can come to some arrangement.

            Second guess is a proposition since my proposal is finally accepted, jut hop on a plane take a week off and see if you like it, mainly what I have to offer you is here on the land a life style im probably not much of interest without it, so my best chance is for your to just have a quick look, send me a me a message on OPP and make an arrangement, but I think if you were serious you would ring me up.

            What’s the difference between romance and a need joining equilibrium ? One simple answer is a promise given and a compartment in a traveling plan, or, and a cell with bars on the windows, respectively.

            That’s selling travel, the teacher should travel to the student because the student is growing up to meet his teacher hoping to learn how to cut the bars on a window.

          • Kira Binkley

            I’d like a ring too. Third finger, left hand.

          • Rodney Loder

            Luckily I caught up with the Black concerto, yes it turned out to be a melody, but I wrestled him for it and got the message back, I went that well, a Wedge Tail Eagle change my name to Gentleman Rodney but I rejected that out of hand because it would have meant letting go of the message as I had the Black Bird by the tail with the other hand, now about the ring I have to get a divorce from Sue but I can’t spare any money just yet I need it for your wedding ring and dowry.

          • Kira Binkley

            I’d give you a ring, too, Rodney, but I was born and raised in America, and most, if not all, Americans don’t know how to make international phone calls. Can you give me some clues?
            You mean you haven’t divorced Sue yet? The mean one?

          • Rodney Loder

            Not willing to fork out 2k for a divorce, if you’re doubtful, but that’s not the problem, all my property is joint title with my son so getting married wouldn’t help you feel secure, to change the title is about $15 K Stamp Duty, my son is always broke with 4 kids so we’d have to save up or sell up, you probably wouldn’t want to sell when you see the property at Kangaroo Valley.

            I don’t know about international calls either, when my son is overseas he phones me up with a new number on the same phone, and I call back on that to save his credit.

            I don’t want to mislead you Kira Binkley I’m not cosmopolitan I will make an effort if you want to be an adventurer, I want to be a motorcycle racing star, I could phone my son and ask him about international calls but only if I have to, it encourages his boxing club plans and costs a small fortune, can’t to ask someone at the library, ? and please hurry up.

          • Kira Binkley

            I had a window with bars on it once, too, Rodney. Literally. And now I’m sad.

          • Rodney Loder

            Creation is a prison, I can say for sure the Reality was Created in sorrow, Allah as the Aspect of Possibility understood stagnation and Space there was nothing else, known as Fate, some say in the after life that the Alien made it known to the Aspect he imposed himself on Space, sometimes I agree because why would you leave the perfect existence for the sorrow of Creation just because Space was sad, ?.

            If you want to know the truthful answer you just have to tell me that you love me as much as I love you, and don’t forget I’m the Messiah coming to save you.

          • Kira Binkley

            Do you suppose, Rodney, that we, and other aspects of God/Allah’s creation, were made to share with God in the self-actualization of our universe? That is, the universe of space-time-material reality?
            I don’t know, just as any human cannot know the purpose or plans of Allah. We can only speculate.
            But why is perfection so important to you? If all was perfect there would be no need to change anything. And I believe another reason for “our” creation is to change things. A universe of change. Why else would God/Allah create time?
            “Ooops, time to make time”, God said, glancing at his watch as he created the Big Bang (or the Big Bank, as some like to call it.)

          • Kira Binkley

            Joy-shots are abounding!!

          • Rodney Loder

            Kangaroos you mean, I think that is true, rarely do kangaroos fight, not like men fighting over a bird on a bike, don’t they look good, harken ! why you would bother ? could be because hopping is an idiom in Idealism as everything is and hopping or bounding is being tied up making it impossible to crawl unlike the dead man walking in Saudi Arabia crawling to US homosexual tendencies.

        • Kira Binkley

          Never forget about me, Rodney.

          • Rodney Loder

            Sounds ominous and my avatar going down, still not to worry this life is only the prelude to life creating life, I won’t ever have another partner other than you Kira Binkley.

          • Kira Binkley

            I’ll never find another you, Rodney. If I believed in soul-mates…

            And maybe I do:

            A soulmate is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity. This may involve similarity, love, romance, comfort, intimacy, sexuality, sexual activity, spirituality, or compatibility and trust.

          • Rodney Loder

            Agreed, ! souls has mates and memory is souls, cos spirituality is only what you can remember due to the fact that at the beginning, or rather, just before the beginning of time (relationship between moving particles and their spiritual history as in memory) Allah was reticent to collude with Fate and Space against the imagined Prophet Particle because this was before perception creating perception as a cognitive event, after all how can perceived substance be comprehended before it’s been created?.

            Anyhow to overcome this quandary Allah jettisoned His memory and ever since even though He got it back when the Prophet exploded as per an agreement with Space who was looking after it so outcome could be appreciated by Allah, memory has been the key,so don’t forget about me Kira Binkley.

          • Kira Binkley

            Only Allah can know the future, Rodney.
            No perceived substance can be comprehended before its created by any human. Only God can do that.
            I once read a definition of “timeless” as: all the moments of time in eternity, with no beginning and no end.

          • Rodney Loder

            That’s cul-de-sac thinking, Allah can influence the present to effect the future, it has to be done in only 2 ways , 1. Using temptation to judge worthiness as far as we are concerned, and, 2. By prior arrangement with Fate.

            Now, ! If that’s weren’t absolutely true animation would be a major component not (P) Abraham’s Religion which it is not.
            And time is only a relationship between one part of substance and another part, Space has only 3 dimensions not 4.
            Sorry to rain on your parade but some things are so important that the have to be stated outright.

          • Kira Binkley

            What can I say?

          • Rodney Loder

            Exactly, there is only one credible explanation, Time is connected to space as a sequence of events, so a compacted universe gets so cluttered up it cleanses itself by blowing up, absolute rubbish, because energy can’t be used twice the loss of initial kinetic energy going out couldn’t be regained coming back, so that sequence of events is clearly not credible.

            The real credible sequence needs to be discussed intimately because Allah doesn’t want everyone knowing so much.

          • Kira Binkley

            You say time is only a relationship between one part of substance and another part. Wouldn’t that then imply all parts of “substance” have boundaries, borders, or limits? Then time could cause a shift in those boundaries.

  • RichardD

    This type of irrational behavior by Jewmerica is baked into the cake. The evil Jews commit a verifiable crime against humanity with the Good Friday mass shooting massacre. Where 758 unarmed demonstrators were shot leaving 20 dead. In the worst mass shooting of unarmed people in Palestine in decades. And the Jew infested US, France and the UK and their tag alongs ignore it. And then jump on a fabricated false flag band wagon against a true anti terror coalition to try to salvage their ongoing defeat in Syria.

    • RamboDave

      This was all planned in advance. It is no coincidence that at the exact same time today that Trump is meeting with his National Security team to decide what action to take in Syria … the FBI raided the office of his personal attorney, William Cohen.

      The neocon-Zionist know that Trump will now start a full war in Syria simply to distract from the investigation and to save himself. That is his only option. The Zionists have backed him into a corner. The chemical attack and the raid on his attorney has all been planned out in advance.

      As soon as he starts the war, the Mueller dog pack will be called off.

      • RichardD

        That makes a lot of sense and would just be a continuation of the unprecedented opposition that Trump has faced from the beginning of the primaries against America First.

      • Lazy Gamer

        An old man under a long time threat of Mueller’s damocles sword. How can he be functioning without undue influence?

      • RamboDave

        Remember that movie a few years back …. “Wag The Dog” . It is about a President that starts a war with Albania to save himself.

        • RichardD

          I don’t remember it. But this could also be an attempt to shut down the Stormy Daniels porn star debacle that William Cohen is involved in. With some of these Washington machinations, what you see with publicly released information is only part of what’s happening. At this stage I don’t see conclusive information to formulate an opinion on what is likely really happening.

        • RichardD

          “Wag the Dog is a 1997 black comedy film[1] where a spin doctor and a Hollywood producer fabricate a war to distract voters from a presidential sex scandal. It was produced and directed by Barry Levinson, and starring Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro. The screenplay by Hilary Henkin and David Mamet was loosely adapted from Larry Beinhart’s novel American Hero.

          Wag the Dog was released one month before the outbreak of the Lewinsky scandal and the subsequent bombing of the Al-Shifa pharmaceutical factory in Sudan by the Clinton administration, which prompted the media to draw comparisons between the film and reality.”

          – Wag the Dog –


    • Joe Dirt

      Do you Nazis ever sleep?

      • RichardD

        Everyone knows that you’re a lying Zionist shill.

        Exposing and condemning Jew crime and evil like pedophile raping 1,000 of their cult babies during vile blood sucking rituals by diseased prostitute cannibals every week, infecting them with venereal disease, brain damaging and murdering them doesn’t make a normal honest person an antisemite, hater or Nazi. It makes sick and twisted liars like you objecting to the exposure of Jew crime and evil false accusers.

        In NYC alone:

        “metzitzah b’peh — requires a mohel, the person performing the circumcision, to suck blood from the incision on an infant’s penis. …

        According to the Health Department, 24 cases of herpes have been linked to circumcision since 2000. Two of the infants died and two others suffered brain damage.”

        – New case of neonatal herpes caused by Jewish circumcision –


  • RamboDave

    Now is the time to read this excellent article by a career CIA agent with the link below, because it is happening again, right before our very eyes.
    America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars

  • RichardD

    Alex Jones is claiming at the beginning of this video that Trump didn’t make the tweets calling Assad an animal, etc., and that those were made by someone on his staff:



  • Nigel Maund

    The fact of the matter is the West is extremely evil, dishonest, duplicitious, crooked and malevolent. Israel is the worst of this dreadful bunch which is totally backed and headed up by the world’s most dangerous family in history – the Rothschild’s clan. Britain is almost the equal of Israel.

  • Tom Tom

    The fire in the Trump Tower must have really scared the Donald regarding his family. Ok, NOW we’ll have WW3. Sheesh, what took the illumined ones so long? They’re losing their grip. Most of them will cannibalize each other when they run out of food in their bunker/caves.



  • Floyd Hazzard

    Russia put themselves in that position by sitting on their sorry ssa while their allies were bombed continuously and with tacit approval, sometimes even entertaining the miscreants in Moscow. Well enabling doesn’t get you respect all it does is embolden bullies. They didn’t even protect Russians in Syria. Their idiocy is biting them in the ssa now.
    You don’t sleep with snakes, you stomp on them.
    I don’t fault anyone for exploiting weaknesses and pressing advantages.

    • RichardD

      Russia is winning the war big time. These attacks by the Jews are in desperation as their terrorists are being defeated every day.

  • as

    USS Donald Cook repositioned to Syrian north coast without escort.
    Report they’re harassed by Russian warplanes.

    • RichardD

      Do you have links?

    • BMWA1

      Most perturbing. How irksome for them.

    • AJ

      Maybe time to to fry their radar again with electronic warfare like last time if the accounts are true.

      • velociraptor

        again? never happend. you masturbate in fake news. :DDDD

  • RichardD

    After looking at the msm here in the US, my take is that the US is going to attempt an attack on Syria to slow down or stop the Syrian government’s progressing victory, and to drag as much of the Jew world order scum along with them as possible. Using their obviously pathetic chemical weapons false flag fabrication as a fig leaf justification. Which even here in the US a lot of people aren’t buying, having seen this Jew world order horror show repeated over and over again so many times in their lives.

    Whether it can be deterred will depend on what type of response the US thinks it will receive from the Syrian government coalition, and whether that’s a price to high to pay for impeding the Syrian government coalition’s victory over the Jew world order in their failing terrorist regime change war. For the evil Jews, an ongoing war is preferable to peace, even if it damages the US and others in the process. The other option for avoiding a US strike, is if Putin pulls another diplomatic coup, similar to the Syrians ending their chemical weapons program a few years ago.

    Absent either one of those scenarios, today’s circumstances look a lot like the lead up to the Iraq war. When the UN was forced to pull it’s weapons inspectors out of Iraq 48 hours before the war started. Rather than allow them to prove Iraq compliance with WMD resolutions.

    The difference here is that I don’t see any significant contribution of American, or other Jew world order tag alongs providing ground forces. The attack or attacks will simply be about degrading as much of the Syrian government coalition’s capability as possible to slow down or reverse the huge gains that they’ve been making.

  • Drogba

    The satanic zionists should be banned from the UN as they only use it to promote their lying war agenda across the middle east and beyond. The countries who support freedom from zionist oppression need to Unite and break this genocidal cycle of wars for the benefit of the bankster,warmongering so called elite few.

  • §âm

    I expect these threats to be psychological war and nothing else, if something does actually happen it’ll be probability limited to save face and prevent major escalation

  • ruca

    You sunk my battleship!

  • as

    I’ve seen quite many of comments alleging that country such as Russia or Turkey is in a secret collusion to undermine both Syria and Iran (in Addition Palestine) for the benefit of the west or Israel however absent the reason of why and for what goals in their allegation.

    Do ask them of why, for what ends, and whose benefit the alleged conspirators do what they do.

    • Art Best

      The reason is to divide up Syria between them and kill as many human beings and create as much mayhem as possible because Putin, Trump and Netanyahu are all sadistic psychopaths as are the majority of the American and Israeli populations. Not so sure about the Russian people, but Russians indeed are stupid and self-defeating as evinced by their cooperation in their own rape, enslavement and mass murder at the hands of the Bolshevik Jews and their descendants. Jews have committed and organized the murder of more than 20 million Russians: http://truedemocracyparty.net/2012/05/most-banned-book-in-the-world-200-years-together-aleksandr-solzhenitsyn/

      • RichardD

        Show us the before and after maps of Syrian government controlled territory for Russian intervention. And provide estimates for how many tens of thousands of Jew world order terrorists that the Russians have killed. And then explain your lies about Russia not winning the war. You can’t, so you won’t even try, because you’re a lying Zionist shill and a loser.

        • Art Best

          Google and look up your maps yourself. I’m not your servant.

          I provide facts and cogent arguments for intelligent discussion.

          Anybody who claims that he won an argument because he couldn’t order somebody around is an idiot.

          We’re talking about you.

          • RichardD

            Then explain one simple fact, that you’ve continuously avoided. How can Russia and company be losing the war when they’re sending industrial quantities of terrorists to their grave and the government footprint grows everyday at the expense of the regime change terrorists?

            And then tell me whose the idiot idiot.

          • Art Best

            Only if you’d quit putting words in my mouth…

            The Jewish oligarchs and their equally-oligarch buddy Putin are NOT losing the war.

            Putin and the Jewish oligarchs are WINNING the war along with their Israeli and Anglo-American counterparts.

            “Industrial quantities” of both Jihadi headchoppers AND normal Syrian Arabs, Christian Arabs, Alawite Arabs, Kurds and Yazidis have died and continue to die. So the people of the region are losing the war. The majority of Arabs, Russians, Muslims and Christians; the little people, the salt of the earth are losing the war in Syria–and in America and in Europe and in Russia and in China and in India.

            The ruling classes everywhere are winning the war everywhere.

            Merkel=Putin=Netanyahu=Trump=Macron=Iranian mollahs=Jewish rabbis

            The people suffering in these pictures are losing the war: http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Evils%20in%20Government/depleted_uranium.htm

          • RichardD

            That’s a dodge, you didn’t answer the question:

            “How can Russia and company be losing the war when the government footprint grows everyday at the expense of the regime change terrorists?”

          • Art Best

            1. Just because an idiot is making the mere assertion that I have dodged a question does not establish that I have in fact dodged a question. A normal, intelligent and sincere person would explain with a cogent argument WHY I have dodged a question. Hint: we’re not talking about you because you have not done that.

            2. The “footprint” of the government is not systematically growing in Syria. The Syrian government just lost (again) a good chunk of northwestern Syria to Turkey: AFRIN. The Syrian government lost this territory with the blessing and cooperation of the Russian government under Putin. No one can claim that Turks are on friendlier terms with the Syrian government than the much weaker Kurds. Nor can anyone reasonably expect the Turks to turn over Afrin to Syria. The Turks are on the record stating that only regime change is acceptable to them and that they will never recognize the current Syrian regime. Like they did with Hatay next door and northern Cyprus, the Turks are in Afrin TO STAY. Again, with RUSSIAN COOPERATION and BLESSING. The Turks NEVER could have taken Afrin if the Russians had not opened and conceded SYRIAN airspace to the Turks.

            3. The majority of the remaining ISIS terrorists from the areas where the “footprint” of the Syrian government has grown, have been transported in air-conditioned buses along with their arms and wives to the province of Idlib adjoining Afrin in Syria and Hatay in Turkey. Again, with Russian cooperation and collusion. The Russians also have an understanding with the Turks regarding Idlib whose control and occupation by the Turks has been agreed to by the Russians. Idlib now has a very large population of Muslim Terrorist head-chopping ISIS types complete with their weapons and backed and supplied by Turkey that has a border with Idlib. In other words, Syria LOST Idlib as well to the Turks and ISIS. Again, thanks to the Russians.

            4. Even though Syria has just de facto lost about a quarter of its territory to Turkey and ISIS, you are claiming that Syrian “footprint” is growing in Syria therefore Russia is winning.

            5. Thus, you are an idiot.

            6. P.S. Prepare for an immediate large scale massacre of Syrian regime forces and the ensuing loss of large swaths of Syrian territory to ISIS which is the same as America and Israel.


            With Putin’s Russia’s blessing.

          • RichardD

            Look moron, any idiot can see that the Syrian government footprint in Syria has been massively growing since the Russian intervention. Your denial of it just shows that you’re a liar.

          • Art Best

            So losing Afrin and Idlib in the space of a couple of months is enlarging your “footprint” according to this idiot.

            By the end of this week, Syrians will lose thousands of lives and more territory to ISIS and the Americans.

            Thanks to Putin.

          • RichardD

            The Syrian government coalition gained territory in Afrin when the YPG/SDF/PKK withdrew to stop the Turkish advance. And any US strike on Syria could result on a strike on US forces east of the river and advances there as well.

          • Art Best

            1. You are lying because there aren’t ANY Syrian forces in Afrin now. Only Turks and their ISIS allies rebadged as the Free Syrian Army.

            2. Putin never attacked Americans or Jews. Putin has ordered Russian forces to stand down when Americans or Israelis attacked Syrian coalition troops.

            3. At this point, I would speculate that if the Russian military is able to retaliate and cause significant damage to NATO assets, it will be AGAINST and IN VIOLATION of the standing orders issued by that treasonous rat Putin.

            In other words, successful Russian military operations against the Americans and their allies would only come as a result of MUTINY on the part of the Russian personnel on the ground in Syria.

            Yes, this is *speculation* on my part. However the fact remains Putin personally PREVENTED victory by Assad’s coalition everytime they were close to achieving that.

            At this point, it is clear that Putin is a traitor, for any sane and rational military planner would immediately order preemptive strikes against ALL NATO-aligned forces in the region because 1) The Americans are yelling and screaming that they are coming to extract “a big price” and 2) Russia could only hope to level the playing field by hitting first and causing massive damage to the NATO Coalition of Psychopaths because Russia is militarily much WEAKER than NATO.

            Anyway, I think both Russian forces on the ground in Syria (as distinct from, and NOT the same as the Jewish oligarchs sitting pretty in Moscow) and the Syrians themselves are fucked. The final nail on the coffin will be a betrayal by the Turks who will side with NATO just when the Russian and Iranian forces will need them the most.

            The die is cast.

            The Americans and the Israelis will attempt to commit genocide in Syria and most likely succeed UNLESS rational patriotic elements in the Russian army revolt, launch a preemptive strike against NATO (including Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia) after having deposed Putin and the parasitic Jewish oligarchs.

            I don’t believe there’s a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening. The Russians are by now a neutered race of slaves whose real God is Vodka so much so that they can’t even make babies anymore.

            We shall soon watch Russia’s first resounding historic defeat at NATO’s hands who will finally succeed where Napoleon and Hitler failed before.

            The fault lies with the Russians themselves for having coronated the crypto-Jew Putin as their virtual king after a century of rape, torture and mass murder that the Russians suffered at the hands of the Jewish Bolsheviks and their descendants like Putin and the Jewish oligarchs.

            Watch the price of gold crash to three-digit prices if that happens as predicted.

            And I’ll be getting off the internet and living my life in a secluded place with a minimum of human population after that.

            As the human race is a disgrace.

          • RichardD

            You either don’t know what you’re talking about, or your lying, or both:

            – Pro-Syrian government militia move into Kurdish-controlled Afrin despite Turkish warnings –






            Syrian Army Enters the City of Tell Rifaat


          • Art Best

            Yes, I’m not a lying hasbara troll like you.

            1) The date on that piece of news is February 20, I believe. A few members of a particular northern Syrian tribe who were allegedly friendly with the Kurds drove into Afrin on a couple of pickup trucks carrying a few Syrian flags. These people were most likely paid by the Americans to put on a show to make people believe that the Kurds had some official support.

            No sir, Assad doesn’t support the Kurds. No sir, there are ABSOLUTELY NO REGIME FORCES in Afrin now. Those mythical tribe members who went to Afrin for misleading propaganda purposes DID NOT STAY IN AFRIN. They are long gone. They were gone long before the Turkish army entered deep into Afrin.

            Had those imposters stayed in Afrin, they would have been MASSACRED by the Turks and their FSA allies.

            And you are an insidious moron for claiming that any Syrian forces or allies are still in Afrin.

            2) The Russians are lying like everybody else. Kurds are not leaving anywhere unless they are forced to leave, period.

            Did you recently visit Tel Rifat to verify who withdrew and who’s still there? Did the equally idiotic Kurds withdraw from Afrin until they were massacred to the tune of thousands of their best fighters? No, they did not. Is there ANY reason to believe they would withdraw from anywhere without putting up a fight? No.

            Now go eat your falafels, creature.

          • RichardD

            You haven’t disproven anything that I’ve written, while I’ve disproven a lot of your anti Russian disinfo that you’ve been spamming these threads with. And you make false accusations and habitually lie like a filthy Jew. I’m assuming that you probably are an evil Talmud rabbinical Jew pedophile mass rape cultist.

            I’ve provided copious quantities of credible verifiable proof that the Kurds allowed government forces into their so called “Rojava Afrin Canton”, including Afrin City, and have turned the Tal Rifaat area over to government control in an effort to stop the Turkish advance. Which expanded the government foot print into previously YPG/SDF held area.

            All that you’ve proven is that you’re a false accuser, liar, head case and idiot.

          • Art Best

            God bless you.

            Don’t forget to feed the cat.

            And use more vaseline, for God’s sake. We know you’re not big but still it’s a small creature.

            Love knows no boundaries.

          • RichardD

            You’re sick in the head.

          • RichardD

            “Putin personally PREVENTED victory by Assad’s coalition everytime they were close to achieving that.”

            You’re a complete head case. The Syrian government coalition has racked up victory after victory since the Russian intervention. And massively expanded it’s foot print in the process.

          • RichardD

            What was the so called Kurdish Afrin Canton Rojava is partially controlled by the Syrian government now in Tel Rifaat:



          • RichardD

            “Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said that Russia expects Turkey to bring the strategic northern Syrian town of Afrin, previously held by the People’s Defense Units (YPG), under the control of the Syrian government.”

            – Russia ‘expects Turkey to hand over Afrin to Assad’ –


          • as

            Look you can see that the US backed forces are not and no longer gaining an inch of territory.
            You alleged that Turks that took afrin in cahoots with Russia and the US while in reality they have put a 2-3 years setbacks in the rojava plans by taking the most stable region administered by the PKK. Other region are less cooperative than Afrin and would be less secure for high profiled diplomatic activity desired for a greater Kurdistan formation.
            Further the forces Turks uses are less cooperative with the US coalition forces much less with the Kurdish forces.

            You alleged that Putin and Russian oligarchs are sharing their profit from this but you failed to mention why then they’re target for sanctions which is unnecessary.

          • Art Best

            1. It’s stupid to suggest that the Turks didn’t take Afrin with Russian acquiescence because that amounts to denying reality itself. You cannot deny what are the facts on the ground without having a mental problem.

            2. We don’t know exactly what’s going on with the Jewish oligarchs. They could be made to look like they’re losing publicly while funds are being added to their Cayman Islands bank accounts via the Fed’s Belgian connection. Or

            3. Some of those Jewish oligarchs may be actually getting screwed by their fellow American or WASP counterparts. These are all PSYCHOPATHS for God’s sake! They like to make people suffer. They enjoy getting an ego boost from betraying and destroying their brothers and sisters.

            That’s the nature of the beast.

            Don’t be daft and openly wonder why the snake bites and a bullet kills. They do because it’s what they do if they exist.

          • as

            Would that be really make sense to you ? They’re emotionally driven ?

          • Art Best

            Like all of us, they are.

            Ask yourself, When was the last time you decided to decide something, anything?

            That’s right. NEVER.

            We are reacting to stimuli according to our nature which we have not created nor determined as a matter of fact.

            You don’t fire the neurons in your brain anymore than you make your heart beat.

            Men think they are God when they are not even nothing.

            This applies equally to psychopaths and regular Joe Sixpacks.

      • as

        That make sense to you ? Who benefits ?

        • Art Best

          The psychopaths who rule this world. You know, the creatures who choose and own your governments and your central banks. The creatures Putin works for.

          The bankers.

          The creatures who own and control the Fed and the BIS and the IMF.

          You are so stupidly asking me if this makes sense to me. Yes it does.

          The ruling class psychopaths are doing all this precisely because it doesn’t make sense. Where is the sense in raping, torturing and killing millions of human beings when anything that the bankers want, the bankers can get simply by printing money out of nothing?

          The bankers don’t need to print money out of nothing and pay their armies to kill people in order to steal whatever resources it is that they have. They can create money out of thin air and just pay people to acquire things from them without killing them.

          If it’s a gas pipeline through Syria that they want, all the bankers have to do is print electrons in their computers and buy out Assad and the Russians who are stupid and ignorant enough to accept these illegal (according to Article 1, Section 10 of the US Constitution) and worthless dollars (or euros or yuans) as payment!

          IF it was only the theft of things they wanted but it’s not.

          But that’s the whole point: they don’t only want to take your possessions or your country away from you. The ruling classes want to make you suffer. They want to see you suffer. Because they’re sadistic psychopaths.

          They are crazy.

          And all you idiots work, kill and die for them.

          And then you ask me WHY?

          Why do you jump when they say ‘jump’?

          Answer that question which really is the answer disguised as a question.

          • as

            Would Russian oligarchs would be willing to be put at the mercy of the western oligarchs ? What about Turkish dictator ? If they didn’t go out specifically to murder their fellow psychopaths like Bin Laden, Saddam, etc you may have half convinced me.

  • AJ

    With the Donald Cook moving into position off Syria coast armed with 60 cruise missiles it appears they are readying themselves. If the Syrians have any sense they will move all their functioning aircraft to Khmeimim base for safety. They may strike multiple airbases & fuel depots essentially Assads air capacity.

    • Ivan Freely

      If Trump allows this missile strike, the GOP and Trump can kiss the midterm and 2020 elections goodbye.

      • Art Best

        And what happens to Putin if he allows it again?

        Putin will get elected dictator of Russia for life.

        Russians are hopeless.

        Russians=slaves (Slavs, that’s what it means)

        • RichardD

          Your problem is that you don’t like the FACT that Russia and allies are kicking Jew world order butt and the FACT that the Syrian government coalition footprint grows everyday at the expense of the regime change miscreants. And no amount of your twisted spin can change that.

  • Olypious

    Don’t worry, guys! This is 11D Chess.
    Trump is doing all these weird and bold statements in order to make all The BAD guys & warmongers in his administration to feel safe and unmask themselves.

    Then – Ta Da – he will drain the Swamp. Q-Anon told us for months this will be happening.
    Trust him. Remember, he is a Genius!

  • Tudor Miron

    Looking at comments section :) Massive zio troll attack happening right now. Try harder creatures!

  • Don’t read butthurt replies

    If only there was such thing as a digital nuke to wipe out these reptilians trolls from the comment section or the entire internet, who are probably somewhere in Tel Aviv. Maybe I should get into hacking if that’s a possible way.

  • rudy

    The orchestrated False Flag in Douma !
    Amazing they didn’t found the pasports from Trump, May and Macron on the spot !

  • rudy

    NATO is at War, they
    don’t tell it at NATOmembers population!
    It’s a DIRTY WAR, the 3 main actors are
    USA, GB and FRANCE !

  • Freespirit

    “Actions SPEAK louder than WORDS.”

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    Dear Donald from all your biggest fans why do you disrespect all of the reasons that we voted for you.
    We wanted to end all of Bushes and Obama’s war for Israel, and instead of spending money on war we wanted a wall. So now you give us no wall, but instead choose only to fight for the Jewish master race.

  • Kira Binkley

    As they said in “Ghostbusters”: “Don’t cross the streams!” Or you will risk “total protonic reversal”. Right, Dubya?


    Although what really got me in trouble was this scene, at the end of which I said: “Get the point?”:


    And: “…what he means is, old testament, Mr. Mayor, real wrath of God type stuff…”

    And that’s when Dubya (Bush II) put me in jail, in Denver, Colorado. Remember, George?

    And that was in September 2008, when Saakashvili invaded South Ossetia. Of course, now the neo-cons are trying to convince the world that it was Russia and South Ossetia who planned the whole damn thing. But I know better. I was there. And went to jail for it. “A disaster of biblical proportions…” Get the point, Dubya?