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Trump Threatens Iran With ‘Very Severe Consequences’ If It Restarts Nuclear Program


Trump Threatens Iran With 'Very Severe Consequences' If It Restarts Nuclear Program

US President Donald Trump continues to show his negotiations skills over the Iran nuclear deal. [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action]

On May 8, Trump officially announced that the US withdraws from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action describing it as “horribly one sided deal that never, ever should have been made”.

The announcement sparked a wave of criticism of US President around the world, especially in Iran where lawmakers even burned a US flag. However, it should be noted that Israel warmely welcomed Trump’s move.

On May 9, Trump came with fresh remarks threatening Iran with “very severe consequences” if Iran restarts its nuclear program, which was suspended in the framework of the Joint Comprehensive Plan. The president claimed that Iran has to negotiate or “something will happen”.

“I would advise Iran very strongly not to start nuclear program. If they do, there will be very severe consequences,” Trump told media.

Thus, Trump demands Iran to avoid enriching uranium, despite the US withdrawal from the deal. However, it seems that this logic has some gaps.

According to experts, Washington is going to make an attempt to force Iran to accept new terms and conditions to re-implement the nuclear deal. The problem is that Teheran does not look like it’s ready for further concessions over the issue.



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  • Britturk

    Es ist doch nicht zu Verstehen wie ein Mann der 70 Jahre alt ist dann noch President von der USA – so viele Dummer Fehler machen kann

  • jerry hamilton

    The lobotomy didn’t work then.

  • Michał Hunicz

    Trump is a political terrorist.

    • Rob

      Russia and their allies Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan face serious provocations from US and Israel.

      • #’~A*Q@Xm(>NRmm]w?dU4v!=^%

        To put it mildly.

    • Ariel Cohen

      Nothing quite so glorious my friend. he’s just a plain idiot. They are cheap and dozens for the dime . .

  • RockyFjord

    Jesus, is Trump a fricking moron or what? He nixes JCPOA, and then threatens if Iran ‘starts nuclear program’ which they’ve never done. What kind of horror world are we living in when world leaders
    are really dumber than dogshit? BTW, General George Patton would never have gone to war for the

    • jerry hamilton

      He was murdered shortly after writing a letter to his wife telling her the jews were the problem.

    • Caesar

      Mind-boggling, is it not?
      I was pondering if he is really a thick headed imbecile comme he appears
      or something else.
      It should not be an attack in the relatively near future on Iran because it would be pretty much the start of WW3. Iran is not like Syria or Israel which appeared on the international scene only about 50 years ago together with some African and central american republics whereas Iran, Persia, was fighting against Romans and Greeks about 3000 years ago therefore I would say Iran would be a few size too big for US & Israel.
      They would be biting more than they could possibly chew.
      It seems to me that US & IL not as smart as they claim to be.

    • Merijn
    • eeriesponsiple

      But he would have taken out Stalin in a heartbeat, or less.

      • RockyFjord

        Stalin was flawed to say the least, but the Red Army won WWII, while the Americans
        were johnny come lately and would not have made it to Paris if not for the Russians.
        US mostly committed war crimes by fire bombing German cities. Trump & Pentagon
        have not defeated goar herders in Afganistan in going on 18 years, so how TF would
        Bolton, Pompeo, and that other criminal against humanity Haspel, defeat Stalin, hypothetically speaking?

        • eeriesponsiple

          You’re sadly misinformed, gullible and laughable too.

  • Garga

    I can’t imagine saying that with a straight face, right after President Rohani said that Iran will continue to honour it’s commitments under JCPOA.

    On a side note, I expected to hear from Saudi MbS by now, but nothing.
    Another poster a week or so ago pointed out that there’s no news from him, I can’t remember who wrote it but it made me to look for it everyday and I too, couldn’t find anything new from him (after the shoot out in the Saudi palace). Some Turkish website (the same one with the news of the Russian “huge” Tu-154) claimed that one hour after the shoot out, an ambulance airplane took off Riyadh towards Israel.

    Has anybody got any news?

    • FlorianGeyer

      Yes, MBS is silent. Lets hope there will be a funeral soon :)

  • Gregory Gregory

    Yeah, he’ll arrange a summit with Rouhani and squeeze his hand really hard like he did to little Macron.
    This is a real car crash we’re witnessing.

  • World_Eye

    Trump to whom are you barking, who listens to you anyway. Blah Blah Blah, just go fu*k off with you nasty admin. somewhere…You are boring man, the most boring and empty man I have seen In the world politicians.

    • Ariel Cohen

      He’s just another misguided goy leader, similar to Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Blair, May, Macron and Merkel. They all jump when their masters say jump. They roll over when their masters say roll over. They bark when their masters say bark. If they didn’t, they would end up like Noriega, or worse . . Salvatore Allende

      • #’~A*Q@Xm(>NRmm]w?dU4v!=^%

        No need to go as far back as Allende: Saddam and Khadaffi are more recent examples of the same ;-)

        • Ariel Cohen

          Quite right

  • Rob

    Those that scared from US, UK and French threats they are now in cemeteries. The world saw Iraq, Syria and Libya and now see North Korea.

  • leon mc pilibin

    trump is a rothschild terrorist.Thats who he works for.

  • Daniel Martin

    I sincerely can’t find another word but to describe the U.S government as being a true factor of instability to world peace, I mean that the only thing they seem able to do, is to create more and more problems across the broad spectrum of international relations instead if trying to solve them, it’s simply mind boggling to witness this reckless and dangerous behavior.

    • MOHD.

      Yes, you are absolutely right.

    • Fatime Oomyadin

      Peace does not promote arms sales, my friend….

      • #’~A*Q@Xm(>NRmm]w?dU4v!=^%

        Right, and that is the only thing what all these incessant wars are all about.

        • v76

          No, all these wars are about ensuring US dollar hemogony/dominance/reserve currency.

          • #’~A*Q@Xm(>NRmm]w?dU4v!=^%

            Which is what Fatime meant and I confirmed. Thanks for reconfirming.

          • #’~A*Q@Xm(>NRmm]w?dU4v!=^%

            True. In fact they are always about 2 things: money & access to markets and resources.

    • FlorianGeyer

      It is comforting that you now think as you do , because increasing million’s are realising the same thing now Daniel. Hence the rush for war.

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      they are the #1 threat to world peace

    • Ariel Cohen

      What do you expect, when the country has been taken over by the flesh-eating virus called Zionism??

      • #’~A*Q@Xm(>NRmm]w?dU4v!=^%

        It was created by that flesh-eating virus in the 1st place, and now it has been taken over by the Ziofascists that are a pure clone of their gurus the Nazis.

        • Ariel Cohen

          Well said buddy..

          • #’~A*Q@Xm(>NRmm]w?dU4v!=^%


    • Patrick Gibson

      America’s actions are not being ignored and one day they will come back to bite. At this present time, we are being viewed as a warmongering nation that seeks destruction for profit. This agenda is unsustainable as wars not only kill people; but the environment and habitat.

  • Merijn

    Europe is not even Going to follow Trump’s plan to End the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action… Your on Own..Told ya, Go play with Yourself Trump…Go Grab sum Pussies…Bye Bye see you later Alligator…Hey Deep State… Y’all Fucked…hehehe

  • MOHD.

    Every Muslim country must listen from American action against Pakistan, turkey now Iran next Saudi Arabia.

  • Floyd Hazzard

    America doesn’t want equals and has no respect for anyone…..I mean anyone!!! Even the Europeans. America wants the rest of the world to be their servants.

  • Jozsef Osztronkovics

    Trump the sick zionist israeli Luciferian evil puppet the useful sick idiot for zionist jews for use like a prostitute

  • Bob

    Trump-speak translation: ‘we in US are breaking our side of the deal, Iran however, must still remain compliant with all previous terms of the deal, or else.’
    Which changes US policy from negotiation into threat, with no upside or incentives for Iran, ie the US now wants everything previously negotiated from Iran without any US concessions in return.

  • Fatime Oomyadin

    This man – a war criminal (illegally attacked Syria twice) proves that his country, run by a sociopathical oligarchy, is terroristic to the core. The USA is not at all authorised to perform any sanctions on any country wich fullfils its legal obligations – like Iran does.

    • #’~A*Q@Xm(>NRmm]w?dU4v!=^%

      The US does not need that authorisation, the US is ‘exceptional’ so international law does not apply to it, those laws only apply to all other countries in the world.

  • Feudalism Victory

    Trump for the win. Us doesnt have to be bound by any agreement and Iran still has its stuff inspected and no nuke development.

    Yea really he just won the iran deal.

  • Rafik Chauhan

    who the hell is US to dictate terms to other country. US first abandon nucler weopeons and also tell isreal to abondond same then u can tell other nation. if any country follow US/Zionist whabhi plan then those country are slave and criminal in hand with this Zionist scum

  • Toto Pinoccio

    Putin is the worst homosexual gambler… interfered in US elections and got someone worse than he could have been pushing around..

    • Merijn

      And you are A Fucking Khazarian Hasbara Cocksucker..

      • FlorianGeyer

        And Toto is not even a clever troll :)

        • Merijn

          Most of’m are Retards… I always thought they had some IQ…

    • You’re not as smart as you look.

  • AriusArmenian

    So Trump threatens “very severe consequences” if Iran restarts its nuclear program, but he pulled the US out of the agreement because Iran has a secret program?
    So which is it? This is nuts.

  • FlorianGeyer

    All Iran needs to do is keep to the existing deal with inspections and not give Trump the excuse to attack.Iran has survived 40 odd years of this and China is now buying resources from Iran. China will continue to do so as her survival as a superpower is at stake if Iran falls. Russia also realises this as well.

    Without a war the US will continue to drown in her own debt and internal schism’s .

    • Joe Dirt

      The top export destinations of Iran are China ($14.5B)
      The top export destinations of China are the United States ($385B)

      The top import origins of China are Hong Kong ($285B), South Korea ($124B), the United States ($115B), Japan ($113B) and Germany ($85.4B).

      The top export destinations of China are the United States ($385B), Hong Kong ($287B), Japan ($129B), South Korea ($93.7B) and Germany ($65.2B).

      The top import origins of Iran are China ($17.8B), South Korea ($3.76B), Turkey ($3.62B), India ($3.13B) and Germany ($2.19B).


      hmmm I think China can afford to lose Iran!

      • Another Emery

        The real purpose has nothing to do with nukes. US hopes to deny China perhaps the most important leg of the new silk road.

      • How can Hong Kong be an export destination for China when it is part of China? It would be like saying Los Angeles was a top export destination for USA! Obviously most Chinese “exports” to Hong Kong are just going through Hong Kong and on to Wal Mart. So it’s just a bit of accounting fraud by the Chinese. To make it look as if the US trade deficit with China is only 3.5 to 1, when in reality it’s more like 6 to 1.

        • Joe Dirt

          Hong Kong is not part of China

          • Yup, and L.A. is not part of USA!

          • Joe Dirt

            LOL you should go back to the academy

    • #’~A*Q@Xm(>NRmm]w?dU4v!=^%

      The Ziofascist entity is working hard at provoking Iran and get it to respond so eventually the US will be drawn in and the JCPOA can be sunk altogether.

  • Spit

    If I was the leader of the Iranian people, I would do one simple thing.
    Openly and repeatedly order the Muslim brotherhood to back away from Europe.
    Tens of Millions of Whites will become sympathetic, knowing that they themselves are marked for extermination along with Islam.
    Pay special attention as to Why Turkey bought those S-400’s real quick…

  • Joe Dirt

    U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

  • Mountains

    I see fellow Americans come forward. It was about time. The Russian Bots on the comment section have failed miserable.

    • Sinbad2

      You don’t have to tell people you’re American, your appalling writing skills makes it obvious.

  • John Mason

    Trump is a wanker and someone needs to sit him on his arse, morons like him continuously threatening others shows that in the past he got away with bluffing everyone, not no more.

    • Sinbad2

      Let him go, a moron like Trump is a great asset to those who desire freedom from American tyranny.

      “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and
      more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious
      day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last
      and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”
      (HL Mencken)

  • Eyesore

    Pastor Popoff has just got to learn to stop scowling for his pic moments ahaha maybe sum miracle water might do him good lol

  • Didier Favre

    Weird. Iran is being accused of building nuclear weapons and now it’s being threatened if it restarts its nuclear program. We have here a contradiction in the terms.

  • Rob Centros

    Don’t you just love the way this loudmouthed lout “puts on” his “stern face.” I guess he just pretends he has constipation for this “look.”

  • Steve Bell

    Trump’s being pushed by Netanyahu and his U.S. lobby to bomb Iran, and Israel’s latest mischief towards Syria is part of this war agenda. If Russia can’t see this then it will only have itself to blame when NATO places nukes next door after Iran is regime changed.

  • Patrick Gibson

    Trump says what his handlers tell him to say. Surely it is clear at this point in time that he has little knowledge of the background of all of the conflicts that his backers promote. He is the puppet that lies when he opens his mouth and those who believe him are easily manipulated.