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Trump Threatens Iran With ‘Very Severe Consequences’ If It Restarts Nuclear Program


Trump Threatens Iran With 'Very Severe Consequences' If It Restarts Nuclear Program

US President Donald Trump continues to show his negotiations skills over the Iran nuclear deal. [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action]

On May 8, Trump officially announced that the US withdraws from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action describing it as “horribly one sided deal that never, ever should have been made”.

The announcement sparked a wave of criticism of US President around the world, especially in Iran where lawmakers even burned a US flag. However, it should be noted that Israel warmely welcomed Trump’s move.

On May 9, Trump came with fresh remarks threatening Iran with “very severe consequences” if Iran restarts its nuclear program, which was suspended in the framework of the Joint Comprehensive Plan. The president claimed that Iran has to negotiate or “something will happen”.

“I would advise Iran very strongly not to start nuclear program. If they do, there will be very severe consequences,” Trump told media.

Thus, Trump demands Iran to avoid enriching uranium, despite the US withdrawal from the deal. However, it seems that this logic has some gaps.

According to experts, Washington is going to make an attempt to force Iran to accept new terms and conditions to re-implement the nuclear deal. The problem is that Teheran does not look like it’s ready for further concessions over the issue.



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