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Trump Tests Positive For COVID-19, Hours After He Says End Of Pandemic “Round The Corner”

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Trump Tests Positive For COVID-19, Hours After He Says End Of Pandemic "Round The Corner"

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On October 1st, it all began with Hope Hicks, US President Donald Trump’s top aid tested positive for COVID-19.

Immediately, Trump who has repeatedly downplayed COVID-19 said he would self-quarantine.

Well, just hours later, Trump announced that he and First Lady Melania Trump both have tested positive for COVID-19.

The diagnosis amounts to the most serious known health threat to a sitting American president in decades.

“At 74 years old and obese, Trump falls into the highest risk category for serious complications from the disease, which has killed more than 200,000 Americans and more than 1 million people worldwide,” CNN reported.

Later, the first lady wrote on Twitter that she and her husband were “feeling good.”

Trump was last seen in public on the afternoon of October 2nd, returning to the White House after a fundraising trip to New Jersey. He did not appear ill, though he did not speak to reporters as he walked into his residence.

In a memo issued to reporters after midnight, the President’s physician, Navy Cmdr. Dr. Sean Conley, wrote that he received confirmation of the positive tests.

“The President and First Lady are both well at this time, and they plan to remain at home within the White House during their convalescence,” Conley wrote.

“The White House medical team and I will maintain a vigilant watch, and I appreciate the support provided by some of our country’s greatest medical professionals and institutions,” Conley wrote, without elaborating what assistance was being provided to the White House.

“Rest assured I expect the President to continue carrying out his duties without disruption while recovering, and I will keep you updated on any further developments,” he wrote.

Trump, notably, said that the end of the pandemic was in sight just hours after testing positive.

“The end of the pandemic is in sight,” he said during prerecorded remarks at the annual Al Smith dinner, held virtually because of the health crisis.

After announcing the President’s diagnosis, the White House issued a new schedule to reflect several canceled events, including a fundraiser in Washington and a campaign rally in Florida.

The scrubbed plans were the most immediate effects of the President’s diagnosis on the presidential campaign, which has centered largely on the pandemic and the President’s response to it. Trump has frequently sought to paint a rosy picture of the current situation, including just hours before he announced his diagnosis.

Trump has also repeatedly insisted the country is “rounding the corner” on the disease and claimed the virus would “disappear,” though even health experts within his own administration said those claims did not reflect reality.

Rather ironic, one could say.


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Oh, no!
God, not Trump, please!
I was looking for more debates and his eventual coup when some votes found in a ditch with his name on it as the proof for election fraud, I won!

Great Khan

Fat old orange man hides from debating senile old man with bad hair graft, that is the American way. Two old loudmouths hiding with a doctors note.


There is no democracy in America there has been a coup led by private military intelligence agencies, that’s who installed trump. The democrats are running dead in this election. So they are playing ball with the new dictarship. Um and Russia and china are playing along too. And israel is behind the curtain quietly celebrating. And to top it all off it looks like Gods going to flood the earth again or maybe something more final than that.


If it was Biden, Russia was blamed.

Concrete Mike

And you would be blaming putin.

Cup of tea?


I was not blaming, I was praising Putin

Jens Holm

He hides with CIA, Mossad, Westerns,Jews, Khazars and even Chairma Mao and Pol Pot almost invisoble ble behind this.

Its the selfcreated deep deep dark state and not funny with a comic Al with tanks in the background even We produced Armatras nnot even Russia can effort to use. comment image

If You move Your niqab with its build in black sunglasses the we all are visible sitting ducks like that and soon as predictions our eyes will grow higher and higher and see the world as in picklet. And see – we are not chickenscomment image as well:)

Potato Man

Is he just hiding like Bibi… Covid-19 give so many changes for this people to hide.
I want to watch another shit show called “debate” between a boomer (Biden) and orange boi (Trump).


Pres. Trump and his wife will do 14 days. Pres. Trump will be back out on the trail.


With thousands parading behind his coffin ?

Damien C

It actually comes at a good time for Trump believe it or not. It’s a good excuse for no more debates after the last debacle (visual shit-show) It’s better to add attack Biden with inuendo as there is nothing to factually attack him with in a debate which will only help the poll leader who at present is Biden.
A bigger concern is the New York Times is about to release another headline grabber regarding his finances next week and it gives Trump a reason to not face cameras and questions.

Concerning his well being regarding Sars- Covid 2 he is most fortunate that his entire entourage is repeatedly tested thus once a positive test is made by someone they are removed which in turn removes the possibility of repeated infection (as in the dosage of infection) it is the reason why so many health workers die from Sars-Covid 2 they suffer heavily from repeated infection so Trump should be in a better position than most


Yeah, positive tested, witch means what, more or less jack shit, then the test regime is so bad it creates false positives an mass, and do notice this days of hughe numbers of “positives” the death rate have plunged, but the MSM keeps the hype on going, and I have an challange to you all, take an look at what deaths do we have, where is the charts of Flu deaths witch comes annualy, the other pneumatic/respiratory issues, are they in this charts or have they just evaporated out of sight and then by mind, if you can find anything, since we are heading in to an new atum and winter, and so on.

96% of the tested never gets realy sick anyway, so this hypes are there to keep the scamdemic rolling, nothing else, and I am surpriced despite the fact that more and more docs even, are coming forth to say that this Corona hype is false, by all means created by using fake tests regimes, how many time must one tell you that, people die, yes, but by what, corona, huh.
Lies, dammed lies and Corona Statistics, witch one said is absolutelly true and most stil dont get that.

And read this one, and think about it, follow the eh…. virus/mooney, this scamdemic was planned years ago, and here it is.


Me&Myself None

And you believe the lie. Like the other politicians and celebrities before him who claimed to have caught that “virus”, only to come back a week later to tell us they are now free of it. I can predict right now, while he (Trump) fits the profile of those we are being told that do not survive this “virus”, but I can guarantee right now that we will be told later on that he miraculously survives it.


“miraculously survives it.”???
When over 99% of people survive it then I don’t think it is anything miraculous.

Me&Myself None

Trump is not any people; he is over 70 years old, grossly obese, therefore, if we were to trust all the info about this virus that we’ve been given so far, Trump should not come out of it, if he does, then the whole thing is a scam.


comment image


comment image


I’m working on my post election trip planning to Washington, DC. This includes flying into Dulles, VA and staying at a motel there for up to a week as my base of operations.

Fog of War

” staying at a motel there for up to a week as my base of operations. ”
Some of your posts sound, how shall I say it ? , unhinged.


What’s unhinged about traveling to Washington, DC to monitor the results of the election in the current insanity that we’re dealing with? Do you support the “new normal” of the scamdemic?

Fog of War

What do you mean monitor ? What do you mean when you post about your ” missions ” with night scopes, and other gadgets ? Whats the story with Bigfoot hunting ? I could go on.


Just like I monitored the Antifa and BLM civil unrest and rioting and the CHAZ/CHOP sedition project and helped get it shut down. If I go I’m planning to watch events on the ground as they unfold, post commentary with supporting evidence here, talk with relevant people and try to steer events in a positive direction to the extent that I and people that I communicate with are capable of facilitating.

As far as the rest of your comment:

“What do you mean when you post about your ” missions ” with night scopes, and other gadgets ? Whats the story with Bigfoot hunting ? I could go on.”

Sure you could go on and on with your poor grammar and punctuation misrepresenting what I posted on these topics, as liars like you commonly do to try to denigrate my work. Post copy and paste quotes or screenshots of what I’ve written with verifiable links if you’re interested in debating what I’ve actually posted, not your mischaracterizations. And I’ll debate those on an issue by issue basis.

Fog of War

Insult all you want, the fact is , you’re one strange puppy. For instance ” CHAZ/CHOP sedition project and helped get it shut down. ” , sure you did buddy, sure you did. Lets not bother conversing again, as its going to be a waste of my time.


Another dodge from a coward afraid to debate the issues. If you find that truth insulting. That’s your problem, not mine.

Like I said, you’ll either make a fool out of yourself by evading debate, or by posting stupidity. You’ve accomplished both. Someone like you calling someone like me strange when you refuse to even debate the issues because you know that you’ll lose. Is a case of consider the source of the characterization. It’s like trying to have a rational conversation with a street person on drugs and alcohol. It’s a non starter.

I have no problem debating the issues and supporting my positions with judicial quality evidence and the scientific method. You refuse to even debate the issues, let alone provide credible proof for anything that you post that you want people to take your word for.

Refusing to debate the issues only shows that you’re a coward, liar and truth hater. And I’m strange? I’ll debate the issues. You flee from it. So who’s strange wierdo?

If you ever grow up and decide to act like a mature adult. Then you can try supporting your false accusations with rational debate and credible evidence. Judging from your behavior so far, that’s probably not going to happen.


You’re gas lighting.

A rational person like myself willing to engage in a fact and evidence based debate using the judicial process and scientific method that everyone uses everyday to navigate their lives is normal. An irrational person like you who rejects that is strange.

The prisons, mental hospitals, and increasingly the streets in large cities are full of wierdos like you.


You’re an intellectual coward, or just plain stupid, who’s afraid to debate the issues. I assume that you’ll continue to evade rational debate because you know that you’ll lose and make a fool out of yourself. It’s a catch 22. You’ll make a fool out of yourself with evasion, or with nonsensical stupidity. It’s your choice.comment image



comment image


“Direct taxes, such as income tax, were officially eliminated in 1974 as “remnants of an antiquated society””

– Taxation in North Korea –



A whole lot of fear mongering for a virus that has only killed .0001% of the population and 94% of those had known underlying conditions and no telling how many didn’t die from covid19 in the first place.
Trump will be fine.


Hours after he said end of pandemc… He should never got tested. The test is ridiculously unreliable, produces 90% fake positives and can be tuned to increase or decrease “cases” like a volume control.

The ‘test’ cannot determine viral load. If you feel sick and get a PCR test any random virus DNA might be identified even if they aren’t at all involved in your sickness which leads to false diagnosis.

Now they have him in a hospital, Medical quacks feeding him drugs, and very likely could destroy his immune system in short order and kill him. He needs a trusted personal physician to be the only one prescribing medications.

Good luck dude….

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