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Ron Paul Liberty Report: “Trump Takes On Hillary’s War…Battle For Libyan Oil!”


A shock call from President Trump to head of the “Libyan National Army,” Khalifa Hafter, praising him for keeping the oil safe in eastern Libya, has upended US policy. Now the US supports both the UN-appointed government in Tripoli and Hafter’s forces fighting against it. What’s it all about? Iran, sanctions, Saudi Arabia, oil, and Israel.



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  • zman

    For heavens sake, who wrote this? Haftar has been a US and Mossad puppet before he ever returned to Libya in 2011 from the US. It was the US and Israeli SoFs and intel agencies that provided logistics, weapons and intel for him in the beginning and ever since…he previously lived in the US because he opposed Gaddafi and even became a US citizen. He has recently been talking to the Russians as well, but has always been owned by the US/Israel. Libya is a shit-show and fraud…as is the GNA.

    • Jens Holm

      Something like that.