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Trump Suggests Kurds To Resettle In Syria’s Oil Region, If They Want US Protection


Trump Suggests Kurds To Resettle In Syria's Oil Region, If They Want US Protection

Image by Kurdistan24.net. Click to see full-size

On October 24th, US President Donald Trump said he had spoke to Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces commander General Mazloum Abdi and said the Kurdish should go to the oilfields on the eastern bank of the Euphrates river.

“He appreciates what we have done, and I appreciate what the Kurds have done. Perhaps it is time for the Kurds to start heading to the Oil Region!”

On the previous day, Trump announced that he would be lifting sanctions on Turkey, as the temporary cease-fire in northern Syria would be “permanent,” due to absolutely no credit of the US.

“The sanctions will be lifted unless something happens that we are not happy with,” Trump said at the White House.

He said that the five-day cease-fire announced on October 17th will “indeed be permanent,” though he noted that “you would also define the word ‘permanent’ in that part of the world as somewhat questionable, we all understand that, but I do believe it will be permanent.”

He also used the chance to fire back at his critics, who said that the US abandoning of the Kurds was a political mistake, which it clearly is.

“Let someone else fight over this long blood-stained sand,” Trump said.

“The same people that I watched and read giving me and the United States advice were the people that I have been watching and reading for many years. They are the people who got us into the Middle East mess, but never had the vision or the courage to get us out,” Trump said. “They just talk.”

He said the announcement of a permanent cease-fire “validates our course of action with Turkey that only a couple of weeks ago was scorned.”

The “permanent” ceasefire was actually a result of a Russian-Turkish deal that saw Russian troops patrol northern Syria, starting on October 23rd. Essentially, Trump is attempting to hijack a very clear and obvious Turkish and Russian international policy win as his own.

On October 23rd, Kurdish commander General Mazloum Abdi allegedly praised Trump for all of his help in protecting the Kurds from the Turkish.

It happened on the same day when Mazloum spoke to Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, with a Russian and Syrian flag behind him, thanking Russian President Vladimir Putin for all he had done.

The point of the matter is that Mazloum and the Kurds are willing to praise anybody that provides any sort of “out” from the entire situation, since the alternative is the Turkish military operation.

The Kurds are essentially traitors, regardless of what their true motives are. The SDF and other Kurdish groups very publicly betrayed the Syrian state. In the most precarious situation, they abandoned the Syrian nation and made a pact with the US, the foreign power that seeks to undermine the country’s territorial integrity and also never hid its desire at a regime change.

There were ought to be consequences and the Kurds suffered them. Washington abandoned them, when it was deemed of higher value to enable Turkey to carry out its offensive, than to protect them.

The US is clearly not leaving Syria. It is remaining, specifically in the seized oil fields on the eastern bank of the Euphrates river, naturally they need help protecting it from all the competing factions.

If the Kurds move to the oil fields to protect them, what guarantee is there that the US won’t abandon them in the future, and would the Syrian Arab Army, by way of a Russian guarantee, once again, bail them out.




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  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    why would they do that when russia and syria already are protecting them? who do you have in mind to protect the kurds? american soldiers? from turkey a NATO ally?hahahaha i really feel like i am living in a twilight bizzaro world where nothing makes sense anymore

    • Sasan Jamshidi

      Kurds wont be fooled Arab-Kurdish alliance is happening thanks to turkish dogs. but i like hoe trump is honest that he wants oil lol

      • Mustafa Mehmet

        Jam shit Cockroaches

        • Sasan Jamshidi

          Turkish Mongol Donkey Daesh

          • Mustafa Mehmet

            Jam shit Cockroaches

    • zman

      Oh, for sure nothing is as it seems. The old smoke and mirrors thing still works.

  • Rob Centros

    So… “move to the desert and eat sand so you can be our shield while we steal Syria’s oil.” Yeah, that’s going to work, Trump.

    • Feudalism Victory

      Itll work because if theyre by the oil they’ll get enough of a cut to keep them loyal
      Everyone understands of course that both the us and kurds will drop each once its opportune to do so.

    • jorge

      Yeah, Trump is going to export the oil by plane or by submarine!

    • gustavo

      Yes, Trump thinks he a genius.

  • Dawn

    What a fkin arrogance! USA raises hatred wherever they go!

  • Jim Bim

    The US gives the traitors a new assignment to the Syrian oilfield, after having trow them under the bus.
    The traitors will take the new assignment.
    once a traitor….allways a traitor.

  • King_GeorgXIII

    Bomb the Oil fields don allow this warcriminals to steal the oil!

  • Jose

    Al Pacino style…

  • alejandro casalegno

    “Go to the oil fields”…………leave the turkish frontier…………………the Erdogan weat dream!!!!!

  • klove and light

    lololololololololololololololololololololololol………resettle 2 Million kurds into the desert ontop of the oil fields…a couple of Million tents….a couple of Million of pans to capture the rain water……and Maybe a KFC or burger king around the Corner……….you couldnt make this up! lolol

    • Joao Alfaiate

      Think how well that sort of an arrangement has worked out for the Palestinians….

  • jorge

    Trump thinks that the kurds are cherokee.

    • occupybacon

      The truth is funny some times

    • gustavo

      Not, Trump thinks that Kurds are stupids, … hummm, I am not sure yet about that.

  • Tudor Miron

    As I said before – this Omar oil fields is a classic honey trap for US and Kurds. If Kurds are stupid enough to obey this US order than they deserve what’s going to happen to them. US is about to suffer another image blow (fairly soon) if they try to keep control over that oil area.

    • jorge

      Yep, it’ would to be an upside down Alamo.

  • Robert Browning

    Why can’t they go to Israel? It is were they belong, with their own kind. Ditto half the commenters on this site.

    • verner

      nah palestine belongs to palestine but they can join the jews and get green cards for the unhinged states of A and settle there – no one needs the jews and no one needs the kurds.

      the idea to settle the kurds in and among the oil fields is just plain stupid and they wouldn’t hold it down for a week. remember what happened in kirkuk. they ran as fast as rabbits.

      • Robert Browning

        Puerto Rico then.

  • Veritas Vincit

    The US is acting as an organised criminal entity (with its own media arm/Western bloc MSM).

    1. Theft
    – “We want to keep the [Syrian] oil, and we’ll work something out with the Kurds so that they have some money, have some cashflow. Maybe we’ll have one of our big oil companies to go in and do it properly,” [Donald Trump]

    – “Representatives of the US administration do not hesitate when it comes to breaking fundamental principles and norms of international and regional law as they seek to unseat the legitimate President of Venezuela. Aggressive rhetoric against official diplomatic representatives of the Venezuelan government, recognising appointees who appeared out of nowhere, illegal takeover of diplomatic property, financial assets and other acts of this kind are all reminiscent of gang warfare rather than what professional politicians and diplomats normally do.” [Maria Zakharova, Spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation]

    2. Bribery and extortion
    – ” The US State Department is openly using organized crime tactics, including bribery and extortion…..” (US proudly admits to bribery & extortion of Iranian oil tanker captains after open piracy fails, RT, 5 Sep, 2019)

    3. Kidnappings/hostage taking (including extrajudicial renditions):

    – “Washington stole the buildings of the Russian Consulate General and the residence of Russia’s Consul General in San Francisco, the Russian trade mission in Washington, the residence of the Russian Consul General in Seattle, along with two Russian diplomatic facilities in Maryland and New York…. However, what is way more significant, it kidnapped a large number of Russian citizens from third countries.” [Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova]

    – “Not aiding the reconciliation cause is the ongoing “hunt” for Russian citizens abroad. Lavrov said Moscow is not afraid to retaliate when Russian nationals get arrested in third countries and extradited to the US – but will do so in accordance with international law, unlike its rival’s “gangster-like” habits.” [Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov] (The US is also engaging in politically motivated arrests of Chinese and Iranian individuals clarifying in the process increasing criminality of US judicial institutions)

    4. Torture
    – “A report presented to the 10th meeting of Human Rights Council of the United Nations in 2009 by its Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism showed that the United States has pursued a comprehensive set of practices including special deportation, long-term and secret detentions and acts violating the United Nations Convention against Torture.” (How China Views America: The Human Rights Record of the United States in 2009, Xinhua – 12/03/2010)

    5. Protection racket:
    – Trump Suggests Kurds To Resettle In Syria’s Oil Region, If They Want US Protection, Southfront, 25/10/2019

    6. Collective punishment:
    – “Between 1 million and 1.5 million Iraqis have died from malnutrition or inadequate health care resulting from economic sanctions, said Halliday…… the United Nations Security Council member states … are maintaining a program of economic sanctions deliberately, knowingly killing thousands of Iraqis each month. And that definition fits genocide,” Halliday said.” (Former UN official says sanctions against Iraq amount to ‘genocide’, By Mark Siegal, Cornell University Chronicle, October 1, 1999)

    – “Signs of starvation and death in North Korea indicate that US diplomatic strategy works fine, says the secretary of state…. “over a 100 North Korean fishing boats that have drifted into Japanese waters. Two-thirds of the people on those boats have died,” Tillerson said….. “[The North Korean fishermen] are being sent in the wintertime to fish because there are food shortages. And they are being sent out to fish with inadequate fuel to get back. So we are getting a lot of evidence that these [sanctions] are really starting to hurt.” (Dying North Koreans a sign US diplomatic strategy works, Tillerson says, RT, 19 Jan, 2018)

    – “The analysis, compiled by Mark Weisbrot and Jeffrey Sachs at the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), found that the sanctions have increased hunger, disease, mortality, have displaced millions of Venezuelans and exacerbated the country’s economic crisis. Overall, the report says the measures have caused “very serious harm to human life and health, including an estimated more than 40,000 deaths” between 2017 and 2018….. The sanctions in fact “fit the definition of collective punishment of the civilian population” as described by the Geneva and Hague conventions, as well as being “illegal under international law.” (Civilians are the real victims (and targets) of Trump’s Venezuela sanctions, RT, 25 Apr, 2019), etc……

    The criminality of successive US governments (and much of Western bloc mainstream media that seeks to obfuscate the crimes of this bloc) is well established. This criminality exposes the hypocrisy of those who claim to champion a ‘rules-based order’.

    • zman

      Excellent post, thanks.

    • Ceasar Polar

      Plus Iran, their economy shrunk by 14% between 2018/2019, many also died as a result of lack of ressources/medicine, all that was caused by unfair sanctions on the Iranian nation, its citizens are the 1st ones to be hit, just like Irak, Venezuela, N-K.
      Even tho Trump didnt start any war, but his Sanctions have caused more death than any war, and worst it slowed down the world economy, now from where i stand, everyone seem to be in recession. f**** Trump

      • zman

        Hopefully, these sanctions will in the longer run, be responsible for Iranian survival…ala Russian sanctions. Sanctions were good to go at first and devastating. Russia’s only option, since the US/EU showed no remorse or desire to ‘get along’, was to diversify and reach out for new partners…which has strengthened their economy and basically made it impervious to western sanctions. Sanctions have become self destructive tools. Ask European farmers and corporations what they think of sanctions now. That Russia and China reach out and help provide alternatives to Iran, Syria, Venezuela and others for self preservation, also degrades sanctions to worthlessness. It won’t be tomorrow, but the west has already lost, they just won’t admit it, trying instead to take what they can, while they can. Very short-sighted.

        • BMWA1

          Yes, looks what sanctions do to Russia! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxIosUx6K2g

        • Ceasar Polar

          Yes it is true, however in the short run they are consequences to sanctions, will be short-lived but annoying consequences. What Trump has succeed in doing with his sanctions is to cause the death of thousands of poor citizens, and to erode US’s soft power. After that not only the sanctioned countries but the whole world will start working on a sanction-proof systems, and implement them, starting with Russia/China, also the BRICS countries. Also besides eroding soft power, he is making everyone think/work on de-dollarization of their economy. Now that is the ultimate weapon against sanctions. It takes time, but it is the only true freedom from US/anglo-saxon empire’s sanctions. That and getting back to Gold Standards. Russia and China are already buying and hoarding loads of gold monthly, and diversifying their foreign currencies on non-dollar currencies…

          • zman

            Yes, quite right. That Trumps policies are as homicidal as his predecessors is apparent. The deaths of ‘those people’ is just an inconvenience to be overcome by ignoring them. It seems that the deaths of innocents will also be Trumps legacy, not that he is bothered by it all. Trump supporters have been saying all along that Trump represents true American values. Either they are woefully uninformed…or they really believe we have the right to slaughter willy-nilly anyone, anywhere…as long as we get paid. After all, the US is a capitalist country and everything is for sale…including honor, morality and trust. They’re mere commodities.

    • gustavo

      Great analysis.

  • zman

    Well, it took a week or two, but the result I expected has finally come out. All this blather about how Trump was going to bring troops home (eventually) is just that, blather. This is election year BS, the same every time. The only fly in the Syrian ointment is the SAA and Russians taking control of areas before the Turks do. Trump never intended to leave Syria, just consolidate their positions…in the oil fields, while the US and Turkey agree on a ‘safe zone’ (under Turk control). This was the plan all along anyway. It’s not like the Turks and Kurd factions haven’t worked together with the US/NATO/Israel to rape Syria. Now Trump shows his true face, to send armor to SE Syria (from Iraq, another problem) and invite the duplicitous Kurds there, to save them…LOL. The Turk/US/Israeli plan is alive and well…and the Kurds? They’re being the Kurds (puppets). They need to have a serious talk with their leadership and run out the Zionists that are taking them to the slaughter. Strange though, that Trump failed to mention the Iranians in all this…a big part of the reason the US is still there, to please the Israelis. I still say the Russians and SAA should continue to take control of the entire border and close it. Prevent the US and allies from using Syrian airspace and they’ll have to leave, even without locals providing hit and run against them. That might take a while, but telling them to leave just ain’t gonna work and attacks will only let the US claim they are still fighting ISIS (that they totally destroyed?). The outlier? The whole plan collapses if the Kurds actually turn to Syria and dump the US. Don’t hold your breath on that.

    • Ronald

      Excellent post Zman.

      • zman


  • Ceasar Polar

    Best way for Kurds to get out of this quagmire is to sign with the SAA whatever they offer them, and make sure ALL Kurds cooperate with the agreement.
    Any other deal than that is poney tails and unicorns.

    • zman

      Pretty much on the money there.

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      i wonder if their peabrains have realized yet that US will abandon them again after they have used them to “secure” the oil

  • Hassadnah Abraham

    SDF are bunch of fools. American ill make fools of them again

  • Ronald

    So that raises the question what is happening in the oilfields.

  • John

    Yeah right, that will not work.

  • World Wisdom

    US proved once again that they are there not to fight Daesh (US and UK and Israli creature), but to fight the Russian Ally Assad (Syria) and Iran. US and UK both use terrorists AQ and Daesh against Syria.

  • JustPassingThrough

    here we go again.
    if the kurds buy this BS, it will set a record for stupidity.
    this betrayal by the murikans started some 50 yrs ago.

  • Xoli Xoli

    USA and Kurds used to airlift ISIS and sabotaged Syrian Government forces liberation of Syria. Kurds,USA, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia,UAE and Israel were suppressing Syrian government from gaining access to oilfields to generate oil revenues. Including gas field.

    Their unity plan was to deny Syrian government oil used and oil obtained from Iran to destroy Iran oil export and stop all Syrian Military and mobile operations.UN oil embargo is USA, France, Britain, Germany, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Israel drafted resolution and UN supported proganda to tear up both Iran and Syria economy.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Syrian government must disarm Kurds as their serve as USANATO tools for oil thief and ISIS airlift and change uniforms to do quick on battlefield integration and sabotage Syrian forces.
    Syrian forces should abandon their post to make way for Turkey air Assault on Kurds.

    It is a lie Kurds have never fought USANATO and Israel ISIS. Both Kurdish and ISIS were serving western terrorists coalition.

  • jhawk620

    Trump is batshit crazy. He thinks the US owns the oil, and invites the Kurds to come along for the fun. What he is doing is setting the stage for confrontation with the SAA. And when that happens all hell will break loose…

  • Joe Stevens

    if the Kurds are dumb enough to fall for Trump’s BS again, Russia and Syria should immediately give Turkey the green light to resume its offensive and smash the SDF in northern Syria.

  • John Brown

    How will the SDF get the oil out to Israel from the oil fields when they will now be completely surrounded by the Syrian army??? Will they fly it out?? That would cost 10 ten dollars plus for every dollar earned. It sounds like a good place for American slaves to die for their racist supremacist Jewish slaver masters as insurgents have a shooting and IED gallery with easy American targets. What soldier with any brains wants to be posted where they will be surrounded by the enemy?? It sounds like the Battle of Khe Sanh part 2 which the USSA lost. It is also like Dien Bien Phu part 2. That racist supremacist nazi Jew Mark Esper is basically saying fu-k those stupid animal beast American Goyim soldiers just like his fellow racist supremacist nazi Jew Henry Kissenger says about American Soldiers.