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JUNE 2021

Trump Claims He “Never Said When an Attack on Syria Would Take Place” As Military Situation In Region Develops

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Twitter-style diplomacy news.

Now, US President Donald Trump says that he has never promised that an attack on Syria would take place soon.

This is a bit strange. On April 11, it looked that Russia had to be ready because “smart” missiles will be coming”.

SF recalls that on April 9 President Trump threatened Syria, Russia and Iran over the alleged chemical attack in Douma and promised “major decisions” within 24-48 hours, which had already expired.

Meanwhile, the military situation is developing in the region:

Despite all of these reports, the US Navy already has a notable naval striking group in the region, which may be involved in an attack on Syria.

In turn, the Russian Navy has very few powerful surface warfare vessels of significant displacement or capability in theater.

If the US strikes, the Russian defensive response will likely come from the few naval warfare assets present, electronic warfare systems that can hinder US cruise missile guidance/navigation/targeting, advanced air defense S-300, S-400 and Pantsir air defense systems that can interdict cruise missiles and aircraft.

Another tool of the possible Russian response is air superiority fighters armed with anti-ship cruise missiles and air to air missiles capable of intercepting US cruise missiles and aircraft.

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Promitheas Apollonious

This idiot remind me, of a wind mill, that turn where the wind blows.


A windmill does useful work.

neil barron

If you call standing there doing nothing sounds like a union worker to me.

jerry hamilton

Not all windmills are equal.


You are such a prize IDIOT- disseminating the narrative for the other side.

Originally the british sold the americans on the plan to arrange the circumstances for a massive blitz on Syria- a several day series of missile and bombing strikes that would be the most concentrated use of power yet witnessed by the Human Race. It’s intent to degrade the assets of the Syrian government to a quite striking degree.

It was assumed Russia would put up an effective diplomatic response, even as the intelligence agencies of the West did their best to counter him. But then Putin allowed NATO, in the form of Turkey, to invade Syria, and everything CHANGED.

Now MI6 smelled blood. The whole Turkish false flag- have Turkey shoot down a Russian plane, then win back the sympathy of Russia with a FAKE coup attempt seemed the longest of long shots. But Putin fell for it hook, line and sinker.

So MI6 started thinking that maybe the prize could be far greater than a simple blitz- maybe they could even win the invasion. But braindead US leaders could not be given false hope- so they were told MI6 was angling just for the blitz.

The blitz almost came a few weeks back, as we now, but that may have been the feint. Anyway the NEW 911, the nerve agent false flag was activated. Skripal was chosen since MI6 had recruited his daughter a time back- Skripal the elder was content with a simple life in the UK, but Skipal the younger had her head turned by MI6’s promise of infinite riches in a new life in the USA. Thus she persuaded her father to take part in the FAKE poisoning.

Just as 9/11 had featured as a plot in one of Rupert Murdoch’s american TV dramas earlier in that year, murdoch had likewise featured the novichok plot in one of his british dramas. Predictive programming – google it.

Stage one- demonise Russia with its ‘use’ of illegal nerve gas
Stage two- have a similar Russian sourced nerve agent kill women and children in Syria
Stage three- build whatever level of military response possible on the back of 1 and 2.

Russia FAILED at the UN- it’s rep a drunken cretinous letch caught on camera pawing and grabbing at America’s foul Nikki Haley before the debate- unable to control his pathetic sexual desires. I kid you not- the footage is online – GOOGLE IT.

Once Putin allowed his UN team to be this impossibly hopeless, Team Tony Blair realised their impossible dream was coming true. They had a real chance of of persuading the Americans to go for the invasion. But first Britain would have to prove that it could recruit everyone that mattered on the planet- and show each of these nations backed invasion.

THIS is why Trump has smirkingly tweeted what he tweeted. The invasion is 100% CERTAIN now.

So far far far greater forces are being assembled, and as anyone who knows about either Gulf War, this takes some time.

But let me tell everyone here something you do NOT know. Russia was a significant ally of Saddam just before Blair’s invasion of Iraq, and had significant forces in Iraq at the time. The West had to bomb around these Russians and avoid killing any of them- which they did. The Russians stayed put for a few weeks (for pride), then arranged with the West for a safe retreat- just as going to happen with Syria. During the couple of weeks the Russians were in Iraq as the invasion happened, Russian military intelligence leaked daily remarkable information about the inside story, includng the massive number of rapes carried out by the West’s forces.

Of course the biggest event of the invasion was Blair using a nuclear weapon on the main concentration of Saddam’s elite unit, the Republican Guard. This was alluded to by the Russians- the aftermath being a massive top soil removal effort to dispose of contaminated dirt.

The invasion of Syria will use these small nukes too, whenever a juicy concentration of SAA forces is located.

However Team Blair’s real and desired victory will be the utter and forever humiliation of Russia. Russia has now no choice but to plan the evacuation. It’ll continue to ‘willy wave’ for ‘pride’ until the West is ready to begin the strikes for invasion- but the exact moment the invasion is ready to go, Putin will announce Russia is leaving “for the sake of Humanity, to avoid WW3”


This is Trump, thinking he’s so smart.

His tweets are disinfo all the time! He just a puppet.

Only watch the military moves: are the navy vessels withdrawn?


Bwahahahaha…I’m Going to Attack the U.S…..
(Never say when)

Prince Teutonic

They will strike but facing potent AD they need quite some time for preparations…


This a game show it is entertainment!


Time to change the channel.

jerry hamilton

It sure as hell keeps me up at night.




Kids with nukes

Tudor Miron

Better say “monkey playing with grenade”


Donald J. Trump

I’m a complete and utter idiot…I am a Pussy..no..no that is not it…..I wanna Grab her by the Pussy. Never said when I’ll Grab her by the Pussy. I could Grab her by the Pussy very soon…or not so soon at all! Or I could never Grab her by the Pussy at all! In any event, the United States, under my Administration, has done a great job of GRABBING PUSSIES!!! Where is our “FUCK YOU America?”
12:15 – 12 Apr 2018

12.2K. 11.1K people are talking about this


I always knew Trump was on Our side…..


Lol USA stop, you’re embarrassing yourself!
Just go home and build a wall where your doors and windows are so that you can never get out.

jerry hamilton

They actually are building a wall.
The Americans think it is to keep the Mexicans out.
The Mexicans think it is to keep the Lunatics IN.

Gregory Casey

That wins Best Comment of the Week Award Jerry !!

Tudor Miron

Lol! this one made my day :)

neil barron

How would know what Mexicans think ? It’s obvious that they only follow their leaders and Obama told them come to the U.S. get free card. Now what where they thinking?
They aren’t they just do.

J Ramirez

Obama was your leader, you stupid white fuck. your people voted him in :}

jerry hamilton

I am trying very hard to believe you actually asked me that.


They need an actual dome so they can’t exit even by air or sea ways in ANY direction. lol

Lazy Gamer

i was thinking it will be on friday the 13th lol. More probably it will be when all defenses are relaxed.


Watch out for black cats crossing your path tomorrow…means bad luck…


2018=29=911plus Friday 13th.The satanic zionists love their numbers.


I love Burning ZioNazis

You can call me Al

22nd April – mark my words.


What an utter moron.


Thanks God that common sense prevailed. Is the best that could happen and we should all be great full for this change of mind, no matter the reason for this might have been. This might put him in danger and we should pray for him instead of calling him yellow or anything.

jerry hamilton

We don’t actually know that yet. He is capable of saying No and meaning Yes.
He could change his mind in an hour.
The Pentagon need to keep inserting tampons for him.

neil barron

You have that backwards Trump should be stuffing Maxi-pads in the Pentagons mouth then fire them and get our generals in not Obamas.


Watch UK and France. The orange buffoon is a useful idiot and a distraction at best.

John Whitehot

on their own they weigh only a few grams.

they’re there for spoils, which means to show zionists they care about them and that they don’t intend to stop betraying europe and christianity.

otherwise they just play their part in a deception script.

Gregory Casey

Looks to me as if DoD has finally accepted that the “Chemical Weapons Attack” never happened and was a media event stage by White Helmets and Jaysh al Islam. Donny has to accept that he’s not going to War in an attempt to save his sorry ass.

Brad Isherwood

Depends are just flying off the shelves now.
World is crapping itself…realize Fire Maelstrom doom is what Empire and Lunatic Parrot
Israel have to offer.

neil barron

Trump is not saving his ass it’s called common sense. If he had gone to war then he would have had to save his ass and ours of a country that let the deep state generals of Obama run with the mantra where a terrible country. So with the supposed Chemical Weapons Attack we should go get the evidence to find out how the world works first.


The MSM is crap as a source of information. None of us know what is going on in the ‘back channels’ and what is being said. Russia going on high alert and positioning its assets invites the US to play a totally different ball game.


But will come. USa now organizes coalition and then will hit hard. Within 2-3 weeks they will be in iverwhelming amount in Syria. Saudi jets already arrived in Cyprus. The machinery runs and war comes.

We well se, how good are russian weapons … And russian bravery.

Brad Isherwood

Syrian conflict revealed the weaknesses of Empire and it’s Retarded Parrot – Israel
Syria and Iran increased/matured in new Gen EM warfare…in logistic management.
Israel is kicking chairs angry that Iran has Ballistic missiles with strike accuracy like Russia Kalibr.
Has Area Jamming, mobile Jamming, Precision Drone Tasker /Strike, Jamming,Recon.
Syria’s People have shown that the Saudi Wahhabist cult is not enduring.
Is short lived hysterical experience …ending in suicide death.

Israel is @ting itself that nations like Jordan may flip 180 and go Insurgent on it and USA.
SISI of Egypt is a fence sitter…plays the global terrorist game.
Egypt however is not bought off puppet for Saudi Arabian Lunatic future vision.
The boards of this boat are rotted under the paint. ….
Israel needs to drive US/NATO towards its agenda. .
The World is waking up to how much trouble this shitty little Nation* …causes.

From Trump’s totally screwed up Presidency to the Ugly old lady of Britian whose people now realize is totally bonkers,
The Party is ending…
The Money problems now that sanctions have closed to many doors. ..
The World is not on board for Globalist Empire or Zionist Israel demand.

US will run the flag up the pole and do theatre to keep NATO and sheeple at home motivated.
It’s a signal of weakness however. ..
Like an employee who knows his company is going bankrupt.

Gregory Casey

They sooner they go “bust” and are shown to be morally, financially and politically bankrupt the better for all mankind

Gregory Casey

Brilliant !!!


And the Iranians hezbollah,maybe China and others,this will be the war to end all wars.


you must know, that hezbollah and iranians in syria are without plans and serious AD systems. they would finish like russian mercenaries in deir ez zor.


Haha no need to worry about Saudis they cant even deal with Houthis

John Whitehot

“Saudi jets already arrived in Cyprus”

Clownery. They’ve been in Turkey for years and dared entering Syria probably only one time.


Trump understood that The Russians will not back down, so he just backed down. I knew he was bluffing….

John Whitehot

the “madman theory” chances are increasing.


I just think he’s mad.

John Whitehot

then you have been convinced.

the real story is:

The president of the united states has no power over their foreign policy.

the rest follows.


Loose bucket more likely. He has hair and he has mouth. That’s it.

John Whitehot

yeah, i thought as well that he never had that button he was talking about.


Flip flopping wobble gob and his Zionist pals have made a small fortune on the stock market with the WW3 Hype…….. We are leaving Syria sooooon………. We are going to teach Assad, Putin and Khamenei a BIG lesson. “I am unpredictable”, “I am irrational”, “I am a Billionaire”, “I am the President of America”. And yes we have heard your little boasts on many occasions; but we know what you don’t, if you weren’t so fucking dangerous you would be the biggest laughing-stock on the planet………..


We have all been expecting a “CW attack” in Syria from the time the E Ghouta operation started. We know it was going to be blamed on the Assad “regime”. This was as predictable as the sun setting tonight. What I do not understand is why Russia allowed the Syrian airforce to operate over E Ghouta at all. Russia should have taken complete control over air operations in E Ghouta from the time that operation started and make it known to everyone. Even if fake CW attacks are blamed on Russia no country in the world would dare attack Russia, Syria is a different case. Why didnt that happen. Am I missing something here?

neil barron

The assessment pretty well on in the last days trying to get Jaish – al – Islam out the Russians did bomb their control and command and lesser interest such as gathering places, military storage areas. The biggest thing I read here is not one response here mentions the targets shoots back.
The biggest point is THE LIE now have we gone in and checked to see the evidence NO have we been invited YES multiple times we won’t even acknowledge the request so in the vernacular WHERE’S THE EVIDENCE.

Manuel Flores Escobar

ISIS on ground and USA on air and sea vs SAA…this is Syrian war….


What is this “claims”? He made a statement of fact. If the statement is false, provide the evidence which contradicts it. The quoted tweets are consistent with his statement.

Zionism = EVIL

Trump is a MORON. Period!


I must again apologize for the length I hope its the last time I have to do this, the Ipad generation needs to be spoon feed everything, incl food.

Yeah, sanity prevails at least for an while I hope longer than an brass fart.

Ironicly, and I mean it by every ounce of whatever you can attach to that word, the only sane person so far in that WHs, is now kicked out, was an Man called The Mad Dog.
You cant beat that.

Listen to you Generals, first, every sane dick on power trippin does that, so He knows facts at another level than from airmchair yapping shit heads whom knows war from Holloweed, yeah, what could possibly go wrong, everything.
Big things are just bigger targets, never forget that.

The second is the staggering absence of common sense, petty logic in all this howling from more death and destruction to somehow revenge previous deaths and destructions, with ever more death and more destrcutions.
Yeah, and blames Gas, yeah, my wife dues that to.
The fakeness is glearingly obvious, when I see military so called whatever ex. drool something, it makes me wounder, test your self, spray CS, I have done that in the force, and go out when its starts to burn and try to wash it off, that, is probably then is when you realise this, it makes everything much worse, cloths, off imidiatly, since they will continue to contaminate the envirioment and the victim, incl everybody coming close, if this was indeed sarin, everybody, and I mean everybody would die within some few minutes, the military f…. knows this, and do enlighten me if I am wrong.
And the nonsense inBritain is an insult to even an sheeps intellegence, and so idioticly made it had to be done by the same pack of drooling morons whom is behind this ugh….. coverage and makes this viral, when its nothing but war propaganda, period.
How f….. stupid do you think we are.

Syrian war is over, if the Turks dont gets the f….. out and the wankees the same in the next weeks, we know then they will never go, and may as well just nuke UssA to be shure, and evaporate whhatever the Strupid Turks where dreaming about, beat then to oblvivon, and anything else than uncoditional surender is waisting bloody time on this Turks and the same to the Brits, I dont care about the rest, f….. bitches.
This Trump, is the safes way you can survive on, is to be honest, the sole reason for you been there in the first place, make peace, and cut the chains to the corrupt rotten past, ( the hag from hell and the Bush clans, etc the real bottom feeders) then you will become what we hoped you where the man to be and have the cojones to do.
An real alpha male dont need to waive anything, because everybody else sees them, if you have balls or not, the real difference, is that you are your self, be the lion.

I know you know what is the problem economicaly, where the f…. did that go, flushed down the drain.
Get real, you where that once.

And kick ass, that FBI thing, is what should feed the gallows for an good time forward, that, was iligale to high heaven, no matter their reasons, hang em all.



Tension still building up as more NATO members repositioning it’s naval assets into Mediterranean.

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