Trump Claims He “Never Said When an Attack on Syria Would Take Place” As Military Situation In Region Develops


Twitter-style diplomacy news.

Now, US President Donald Trump says that he has never promised that an attack on Syria would take place soon.

This is a bit strange. On April 11, it looked that Russia had to be ready because “smart” missiles will be coming”.

SF recalls that on April 9 President Trump threatened Syria, Russia and Iran over the alleged chemical attack in Douma and promised “major decisions” within 24-48 hours, which had already expired.

Meanwhile, the military situation is developing in the region:

Despite all of these reports, the US Navy already has a notable naval striking group in the region, which may be involved in an attack on Syria.

In turn, the Russian Navy has very few powerful surface warfare vessels of significant displacement or capability in theater.

If the US strikes, the Russian defensive response will likely come from the few naval warfare assets present, electronic warfare systems that can hinder US cruise missile guidance/navigation/targeting, advanced air defense S-300, S-400 and Pantsir air defense systems that can interdict cruise missiles and aircraft.

Another tool of the possible Russian response is air superiority fighters armed with anti-ship cruise missiles and air to air missiles capable of intercepting US cruise missiles and aircraft.



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