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JUNE 2021

Trump Speaks Out On Syria Conflict In 2013 And In 2018: Feel The Difference

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The recent events have clearly shown that there is a quite big difference between the stance on Syria of US President Donald Trump and just businessman Donald Trump or presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Lets check an example.



Interesting? Here you have more from 2013:

Meanwhile, in 2018:

Or 2017, after a cruise missile strike on Syria’s Shayrat airbase:

Main Scenarios Of Possible Military Escalation If US Strikes Syria

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Michał Hunicz

What the fucking absolute joke. Just like someone started controlling him.


He is a coward. It is feared he may be killed by deep-state making the end of JFK.

Ivan Freely

There’s no guarantee that Trump made the Tweet. The Intelligence Community can access any account.

paul ( original )

This is hardly surprising. Indeed it was to be expected. For sure Trump is
a total disappointment. No swamp draining visible here.

One point others might like comment on is this. In terms of the Eastern
Mediterranean Russia is probably far stronger than it was in 2013.
They now have land and sea bases that are well established. However
the us navy is probably only at the same level as in 2013. So perhaps
there is a shift in the balance of power. Anybody care to comment?


Yeah well, once in power…..

Boris Johnson used to be quite critical of foreign policy against Russia and Syria when he was just an MP. Then he became foreign secretary and immediately started to spout the same bullshit as everyone else. And I doubt that upon becoming foreign secretary MI5 (or is it MI6?) came by him with a big briefcase full of new information and said: Mr. Johnson, it’s time you learned the truth.

First Lastname

comment image

Jews. Not even once.


This annoys me to no end. Why can’t politicians just stick to the philosophy that got them elected? Why must they always be so weak-willed and let establishment warmongers brainwash them?

This whole affair is basically black-pilling me into losing all my remaining faith in democracy. Why bother voting when the same people (neo-con/liberal warmongers and globalists of the deep-state) will just end up in charge anyway? It’s the same farce everywhere in the Western world.

It’s like an un-treatable cancer at this point. I just don’t see anyway to prevent these kind of people from retaining power.

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