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Trump Slams “Do Nothing Democrat Mayor Of Portland” After Wheeler Blames President For Violence

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

President Trump has slammed Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who placed the blame for nationwide violence squarely on the president’s shoulders on Sunday following the Saturday night killing of a Trump supporter on the streets of Portland.

Trump Slams "Do Nothing Democrat Mayor Of Portland" After Wheeler Blames President For Violence

“Ted Wheeler, the wacky Radical Left Do Nothing Democrat Mayor of Portland, who has watched great death and destruction of his City during his tenure, thinks this lawless situation should go on forever,” Trump tweeted on Sunday – adding “He tried mixing with the Agitators and Anarchists and they mocked him.”

Earlier Sunday, Wheeler blamed Trump for the violence.

When asked what his solution is to the violence gripping Portland, the mayor suggested that he’ll be pushing for criminal justice reform – which will be accomplished by “Re-imagining what local policing can look like.”


Trump Slams "Do Nothing Democrat Mayor Of Portland" After Wheeler Blames President For Violence

Trump has paid his respects to the deceased, Jay Bishop.

*  *  *

Update (1620ET): Joe Biden’s handlers have crafted a carefully written condemnation following the Portland shooting – which essentially boils down to “violence is bad.”

Trump Slams "Do Nothing Democrat Mayor Of Portland" After Wheeler Blames President For Violence

“I condemn violence of every kind by anyone, whether on the left or the right. And I challenge Donald Trump to do the same,” reads the statement, which continues: “We must not become a country at war with ourselves.”

Biden’s staff then took aim at President Trump, writing “The job of a President is to lower the temperature. To bring people who disagree with one another together. To make life better for all Americans, not just those who agree with us, support us, or vote for us.”

The former VP must have missed that ‘all Americans’ were enjoying the best economy in decades before the pandemic hit. Over 7 million jobs had been created, minority unemployment hit all-time lows, women’s unemployment hit a 65-year low, the stock market hit record highs, and the poverty rate fell to a 17-year low.

Life was better for all Americans until the pandemic hit.

The left has cheered Biden’s condemnation.

Read Biden’s statement below:


Also on Sunday, Politico reported that Biden is going to pass on visiting Kenosha, Wisconsin on Monday despite the fact that he is expected to travel. President Trump is scheduled to visit the riot-stricken city on Tuesday.

The thinking, according to these people, is that Trump’s trip to Kenosha could backfire on the president. The Biden campaign is ramping up its messaging that the unrest in the city and elsewhere is an outgrowth of the president’s rhetoric that inflames racial tensions.

Trump announced a trip to Kenosha as he attempted to claim credit for calm on the streets of Kenosha after he made a call to bring in the National Guard.

“Success: Since the National Guard moved into Kenosha, Wisconsin, two days ago, there has been NO FURTHER VIOLENCE, not even a small problem,” Trump tweeted on Friday. “When legally asked to help by local authorities, the Federal Government will act and quickly succeed. Are you listening Portland?” –Politico

The shooter in Portland’s Saturday night murder is still at large.

*  *  *


An alleged Trump supporter was shot dead in Portland late on Saturday as protesters from rival groups clashed in the northwest U.S. city, which has seen frequent demonstrations for months that have at times turned violent.  Sounds of gunfire were heard in the area of Southeast 3rd Avenue and Southwest Alder Street, according to the spokesman’s statement.

Police said in statements that both the death and protest violence occurred in downtown Portland. However, they did not immediately link the shooting death to the protests.

“(Police) responded and located a victim with a gunshot wound to the chest. Medical responded and determined that the victim was deceased,” a Portland police spokesman said in an emailed statement. A Homicide Investigation is underway.”

The police said they were not currently releasing suspect information.

The New York Times and the Oregonian newspapers reported that a large group of supporters of President Donald Trump had traveled in a caravan through downtown Portland, with a pro-Trump gathering drawing hundreds of trucks full of supporters into the city. The Times cited two unidentified witnesses as saying a small group of people got into an argument with other people in a vehicle and someone opened fire.

The man who was shot and killed was wearing a hat with the insignia of Patriot Prayer, a far-right group based in Portland that has clashed with protesters in the past, according to the New York Times. Reuters could not independently verify this.

When asked by Reuters if the shooting was related to clashes between rival protesters in the same area, the spokesman said “it is too early in the investigation to draw those kinds of conclusions”.

Meanwhile, Twitter is labeling this advertisement ‘manipulated media.’

* * *

Update (1220ET): New footage has emerged suggesting that the shooter may have been in a vehicle.

* * *

Update: (0300ET): Portland protesters are now celebrating the man’s death:

Trump Slams "Do Nothing Democrat Mayor Of Portland" After Wheeler Blames President For Violence

A large effort is underway to identify the shooter, which – if he’s the man in the below clip (unconfirmed), was misidentified as a black male earlier in the evening.

Meanwhile, Twitter is full of hot takes and condolences:

Meanwhile, “We burn them the fuck down”

Live cams:

*  *  *

A man was shot in the chest and killed in downtown Portland Saturday night as violence broke out across the city between a participants in a pro-Trump caravan and a protest organized by several opposing groups, including Antifa.

Police are investigating the incident which occurred at around 8:45 p.m. when officers responded to the sound of gunfire.

Trump Slams "Do Nothing Democrat Mayor Of Portland" After Wheeler Blames President For Violence

According to The Oregonian, police found “camouflage gear with infidel and thin blue line patches, which commonly indicate support for law enforcement, while the New York Times reports that he was “wearing a hat with the insignia of Patriot Prayer,” a right-wing group which has had frequent altercations with Antifa over the past several years.

Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson showed up to the scene of the shooting, and was promptly chased down the street by orotesters. Gibson took refuge in a gas station.

Police eventually cleared the scene.

Earlier in the day, pro-Trump supporters and left-wing protesters squared off. At one point, a man reportedly filming the license plates of conservative attendees was beaten. As he falls, you can see his arms fly straight forward in the ‘fencing response,’ suggesting possible brain damage. He was later interviewed speaking coherently, however.

Trump Slams "Do Nothing Democrat Mayor Of Portland" After Wheeler Blames President For Violence

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Jens Holm

I dont understand, why they cant remove P. Trump.


Trump is here to stay, otherwise the left wing lunatics like in Europe will take over. I saw the riots in Malmo 2 days ago, Muslims attacking policemen. You had that in Denmark too. When I was in Stockholm all I could see on the tram and public transportation were immigrants, almost no Swedes. Also many Arabic speakers.

Concrete Mike

Oh noooo other people than white people!!!

Ohhhhh the humanity!!!


Because they nobodies


GO TRUMP! Don’t back down to the anarchist BLM.


Trump’s biggest mistake is his support for Jews and Israel. It’s why America is in the mess that it is. If there were no American Jews and America didn’t support Israel. It would be much better here and the world would be a better place. The way to solve this problem is to outlaw and abolish Judaism so that Jews and Israel go extinct.


bla bla bla


You sound a left wing anarchist too, the police needs to treat you the proper way like we do it here.


I voted for Trump and America First. With reservations about his Jew nexus. If he was a genuine patriot who cared about America and the American people like I do. He’d move to outlaw Judaism, severe ties with Israel, stand down the US military to allow a regional coalition to clear the IDF out of the occupied territories, and work to make America Jew free. I’m really disappointed with his Jew support.


If you vote Trump then you need to accept the fact he supports Israel and it’s a deal package. If you don’t like Israel or Jews then vote for Biden, but if you vote Trump then know he is on our side and don’t complain about it.


I’ve voted twice in the last 40 years. For Trump in the general election in 2016, and for Culp in the Washington governor’s primary in 2020, Culp came in second and is the republican now facing Islee who came in first as the only democrat against about 20 republican candidates.

I’m disinclined to vote for Trump again because of his swing towards Jews and Israel over the past 4 years. Prior to the election his position on Jews and Israel was conflicted with bifurcated statements and acts on the subject. Once he got in office he threw Americans and America under the bus in favor of Jews and Israel. The current disaster that the US is in is a result of Trump’s betrayal of America for the vermin Jew.

Trump is either a very confused politician, or he hates America and Americans. I’m not sure which.


Then vote Biden, in that case you will be in the same boat with the other 90% Jews of the U.S, lol.


They’re both Jew world order candidates. What needs to be done is to get rid of American Jews by outlawing and abolishing Judaism here. So that they go extinct. The US and the world will be much better for it. And with the looming collapse well under way that they’re largely responsible for. The opportunity to kill two birds with one stone exists to do that. By dejudification in the US and ending Israel without it’s Jewmerican benofactor.

Zaphod Braden

The greatest betrayal of Christ Jesus since “The KISS” of Judas Iscariot. Trump’s “SUPER SUPERIORITY” Executive Order for Jews. The order will effectively interpret Judaism as a nationality, not just a religion, to trigger a federal law penalizing colleges and universities, and soon (((lawyers))) will expand it to cover Worshiping CHRIST since Judaism has hated and attacked Christ for 2,000 years. For the first time since Emperor Constantine recognized Christianity in the 300th Year of Our Lord, Christians are relegated to SECOND CLASS CITIZENSHIP. 1700 years and JUDAS trump ISCARIOT again betrays CHRIST. The first step in legalizing State sponsored Christian Persecution. Trump has set the legal precedent for the subjugation of Christianity. Trump just set the legal foundation for the TRIBULATION so many fret about. Crosses on Churches ALREADY “offend” Jews . … so do Nativities, Carols, Trees …. Where do you think the “War on CHRISTmas” originates? Jews refuse to acknowledge Jesus or the NEW Testament and Trump just handed them the weapon to attack. example: https://christiansfortruth.com/jews-demand-that-bible-be-censored-because-it-portrays-them-as-they-really-are/?unapproved=21401&moderation-hash=a2fc83371a947207efce98bd20d6efe0#comment-21401 Talk about “War on Christmas” … Like King Herod attempting to murder the Baby Jesus, King Trump has launched an attack on CHRISTianity by Officially Legalizing the elevation of Judaism ABOVE Christ, just 13 DAYS before CHRISTmas. Dec 12, 2019 a day of Shame. The USA has a National Menorah but NOT a National Nativity There is a “christmas tree” but that is nothing but a DECORATION . Passing an executive order that prohibits First Amendment freedom of speech and religion on college campuses, elevates Zionistic Judaism to de facto state religion status, makes every Christian and non-Jew in America second-class citizens and prohibits any criticism of all things Israel on college campuses—which by implication prohibits the reading of the New Testament It gets biblical because he is establishing the Legal Precedent which will become “anchored in Law” and lasts forever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPby6C6BSrU Chuck Baldwin roasts Treasonous Trump https://chuckbaldwinlive.com/Articles/tabid/109/ID/3995/Now-We-Know-How-Germany-Let-It-Happen.aspx Donald Dump names May “Jewish American Heritage Month” ….. when is “CHRISTIAN Heritage Month” https://www.bitchute.com/video/1Uq8y3wicW2i/


Liberals are bunch of softies incapable to manage such situations. They might be good at a more peaceful time, now is not a peaceful time.


Trump, is an trojan horce, nothing else, all sound and no glory, absolutelly nothing, and in foreign policy, an scumbag galore, and domestically, an bitch for the NWO, never ever think anything else, Trump is simply not trustwurthy at all, period.

https://thuletide.wordpress.com/2020/06/09/blm-antifa-communism/ This should be an tour de force in what is coming, the neo-Boolshevik wet dream. And how they do it in and on our schools, the indoctrination process. https://blmdeception.wordpress.com/ But the problem is, the oposition is in no way any better, and to me, when we tread along, both, the Bideet and Trumpstein is the same shit just wrapped differently, and the Americans, the only reason I infact stil is in this shit show is because I know our only hope is that the f…. idiots whom we call the American people one day awakes up to realise that their nation is been raped, plundered and highjacked by the Tribe.

And now the imperial banana republic is crashing, and an cornered animal is the most dagerous one, unpredictable and can lash out on everybody/everything, and becomes totally irrational, and totally paranoic, sees everything as an national security threat, and have legitimised theft of even multinational corps, and poaking an gun into the foreheads of anyone whom tries to save their own nation from the leauge of Robber Barons whom runs the banana republic. The sad thing is AmeriTards, it dont matter whom wins, you and the rest of us will loose, Trump is just an puppet, an knuckledragging vilage idiot from NY and is pimped by the same people whom is behind the BLM, because the end goal is to create an state where they control everything, and by that, everything imaginable, from cradle to the grave and if not chipped, you will simply starv to death, like millions are on it way to do as we speak.

And to round it up with the latest admittion from the CDC in case you missed it. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm I cant see anything that is standing up to the Tribe, nowhere, Europa is gone and dying as he Tribe have total control over most if not all nations in the EU, just look in what they have done lately, and if WE the People dont stand up, we will fal. Blessed be the peacemakers, never the less.



Wheeler is grossly incompetent and a domestic terrorist. He needs to be removed from office and replaced with someone who will do the job properly.

Tommy Jensen

The Liberal Mayor of Portland just emphazised that it is the Trump State Department who should be doing something to stop the Corona, we not! But they failed because Trump was dizzy all the time smoking herbs in secret.

As a Liberal I refuse to let Trump’s violent Police State into Portland, we can do without it because this dont make peace between ourselves. Trump should act upon a disaster like green Corona and the Clima virus, and he didnt do anything and a shit! I just wanted to point that out, so the public can see, that we have urged Trump many times to wake up and do something, but in vain! That means WE have acted and he not!


This video explains how 94% of US virus deaths are comorbidity deaths, like gunshot, cancer, heart attack, etc. deaths. Only 6% of deaths have Covid 19 as the only cause of death. This video can be watched by clicking on the link below the screenshot.




This video explains the Jew world order “vaccine” bioweapon attack that America is being prepped for. The video can be watched by clicking on the link below the screenshot.



Zaphod Braden

Why should YOU, the Taxpayers, pay for the Injuries, Arson, Looting, Police Costs, Damages, and then add in the Fear, Trauma, Lost Wages, Lost Jobs, Lost Taxes, caused by Terrorists? Home Depot gave BLM money ….. send the Police into Home Depot’s stores and TAKE all the buiding materials and clean up supplies to rebuild. Sue the HELL out of the DEEP POCKET Corporations and Celebrities that are funding this Terrorism. Civil Forfeiture of the assets of the Corporations and Individuals Funding this. BLM has received MILLION$, maybe BILLION$ from “celebrities” and corporations. SUE BLM and sue those supporting the rioters. Sue TARGET for $5BILLION for arson damage. Same with all the hoity-toity Liberals providing material aid and support to the Terrorists. Sue the Hell out of them. Then start Jailing them for being accessories to the physical assaults THEY have been FINANCING. TAKE the Ford Foundation’s $BILLION$ to pay damages and TAKE the personal assets of those who RUN the Foundation. https://headlinewealth.com/cash-for-commies-ford-foundation-funds-blm-and-antifa-militants/?utm_medium=email For the past four years, the foundation has waged a campaign of aggression against law enforcement across the country to advance a Marxist agenda. The Ford Foundation has been funding both Antifa and Black Lives matters groups to administer justice to America whose history began with “the genocide of indigenous peoples and continued with the enslavement of African people, whose free labor built the wealth of countless white Americans,” according to its website.

Just naming a FEW of the Deep Pocket TERRORIST FUNDERS: Airbnb ($250K) · Cisco ($2M) · Intel · Square Enix · Slack · Ubisoft · DECIEM · Fitbit · Ganni · Anastasia Beverly Hills · FILA ($100K) · Lipslut · Glossier · Fashion Nova · TOMS · Spanx ($100K) · Aritzia ($100K) · RMS Beauty · Degree ($100K) · Biossance ($100K) · Billie ($100K) · Boy Smells ($10K) · Lululemon · For Love & Lemons · Gatorade · Marc Jacobs Beauty · The Sill · 23andme · DoorDash ($500K) · Dropbox ($500K) · Hourglass · Nails Inc. · Floyd · The Pokémon Company International ($100K) · Living Proof · Loloi Rugs · Microsoft ($250K) · Devolver Digital ($65K) · Stitch Fix ($100K) · The Future Perfect · Tinder · Casper · Bravado · DevaCurl ($50K) · Herbivore Botanicals · Kosas · Miyoko’s Creamery · NYX · GoodRx · Urban Decay · Bad Robot Productions · Billie ($100K) · Ritz Crackers ($250K) · Thrive Market ($50K) · Saucey · Axe ($250K) · Youth to the People · Brooklinen · Bungle · Juvia’s Place · Skillshare · Semihandmade · Weldworks ($5K) · Thatgamecompany · Ilia Beauty ($25K) · Hu Kitchen · The Body Shop ($25K)

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