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Trump Sends Threats To Iran As New Commander Of Quds Force Visits Baghdad


Trump Sends Threats To Iran As New Commander Of Quds Force  Visits Baghdad

Brig. Gen. Esmail Ghaani. Source: leader.ir

On April 1, Brig. Gen. Esmail Ghaani, commander of Iran’s Quds Force, paid a secret visit to the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, according to RT.

“The commander of the Quds Force has been in Baghdad since this morning, he met with some Iraqi politicians,” a source told the Russian news channel, adding “Ghanni discussed with them the formation of the Iraqi government and Iran’s position on Adnan Zarfi, who is charged with forming it.”

Ghaani succeeded former Quds Force commander Brig. Gen. Qassam Soleimani, who was killed in a U.S. drone strike on the Baghdad Airport in January of 2020. Last month, the commander visited Syria, where inspected the frontlines in the northern governorate of Aleppo.

Following the reports of Ghaani’s visit to Iraq, U.S. President Donald Trump threatened Iran, vowing to response to any attack on U.S. troops in Iraq.

“Upon information and belief, Iran or its proxies are planning a sneak attack on U.S. troops and/or assets in Iraq. If this happens, Iran will pay a very heavy price, indeed!” the President said on Twitter.

The last few months witnessed a series of rocket attacks on Iraqi bases hosting U.S. troops. The U.S.-led coalition is now carrying out a partial withdrawal from the country. Most of the troops are being relocated to well-protected bases where air-defense systems are being deployed.

Ghanni’s secret visit and Trump’s threat indicate that Iraq may soon witness a new stand-off between Iranian-backed Shiite groups and U.S. forces. The situation could escalate very quickly. Washington is reportedly preparing for a war with Iran’s allies in the country.




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  • Opefeyitimi Oluwadara Mayokun

    Typical bluff of a coward warmonger, I really do hope Washington makes the mistake of repeating the strategic blunder of assainating a foreign military commander on foreign soil in peace time again…. Stupid hegemonic Westerners

    • this time, Iran won’t be so generous by just bombing empty runways or aircraft hangers. they will bomb the shit out of those demented rogue mass murdering cowards and ensure that no single bloodsucking vermin is spared. they will bring the war to the vipers from the pits of hell.

      • Jake321

        You tell them, kid!

  • rightiswrong rightiswrong

    Trump repeating himself.

    He already threatened Iran with destruction if they retaliated for the US murder of Sulemani.

    Iran bombed the shit out of the US bases in Iraq, and Trump did nothing.

    Why he thinks the Paytotrot missiles will work in Iraq, when they didn’t work in Saudi, is a sure sign of dementia.
    Or desperation. lol

    • verner

      the explanation from the dysfunctional morons re the saudi fiasco was that the saudi patriots were aimed in the wrong direction, towards Iran, whereas the attack from yemen arrived thus from the wrong direction which means the patriot doesn’t protect a full circle, just the direction it is aimed in. great stufffff.

      • rightiswrong rightiswrong

        Paytotrot can only fire missiles in a very limited arc, less than 180 degrees, far less I believe.
        S series Russian missiles can of course, turn through 360 degrees.

        After all, it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out that aircraft and missiles can travel in all directions.

        Which is why the Yanks built the Paytotrot. lol

        • Zionism = EVIL

          The Patshitriots could not even intercept a single WW2 era Saddam’s SCUD-B let alone the modern solid fuel precision guided Iranian missiles. Here is a Pentagon realistic assessment:

          A big concern in Pentagon is the recent arrival of precision weapons in the
          hands of various Iran allied resistance groups, Hezbollah and Hamas being the
          most immediate worry, but others, even Iranians firing precision missiles from
          Syria, Iraq or Lebanon posing a growing problem.

          There is an US suspicion the Ansarallah weapons that showed up in Saudi Arabia
          may have the equivalent of a TERCOM guidance system (used in long range
          American cruise missiles), meaning there was no need to rely on GPS for running
          the flight profile or fixing the target.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Americunts are like a toothless sick whore who threatens to bite, but can only suck as she has no teeth. These dumbasses are dying in the streets and begging for help but help “threatening” others. Literally shameless cunts.


      • rightiswrong rightiswrong

        That’s what loyalty to Jewhadis will do to you.

        Too late for him to realise what he was serving for, would lead to the lifestyle he ended up in.

        And he’s not alone.

        • Zionism = EVIL

          About 100, 000 Americunt child killers are infected with the Pimpeovirus and the Pentagon has ordered body bags and put a complete gag on all casualty figures. The Roosevelt is out of commission and bobbing in the Indian Ocean.

          Pentagon Seeking 100,000 Body Bags for rising body count in Crisis
          Captain of USN Roosevelt sends SOS, but is ignored as growing numbers of sailors fall sick.

  • good american

    Maybe it is bluff, or maybe they are telegraphing their dastardly plan to play while everyone on the home front is distracted and occupied, locked up under near martial law over the corona virus.
    It seems to be a dangerous moment in time.

    • rightiswrong rightiswrong

      Trump just took the stage with his military staff to declare a special operation in the Caribbean Sea to prevent “criminals from bringing drugs into American cities”.

      Sounds like the US is primed to start a war with either or both of Iran and Venezuela.
      They have ordered many USN ships to the area, along with troops on board.

      Al Jazeera ran the show live minutes ago.

    • verner

      or marshall law as your prominent senator rubio thinks it is spelled. and he’s in the senate where they appear to be about that bright, on average.

      • good american

        That old video with him dancing around on stage with other guys while covered in bubbles or whipped cream made me wonder if they have dirt on him. That guy has the makes for good puppetry.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      In the past the US occupation forces have been able to sustain enemy missile
      strikes because the weapons used, principally 122mm Katyushas and bigger
      missiles such as Fajr-5 and Zelzal, these were neither terribly reliable nor
      accurate. But the newer hybrid sophisticated weapons in Iran and flowing
      out to their surrogates makes the challenge to US and the Zionist regime more
      serious, because Iran could now more accurately target US bases and Israeli
      airfields, air defense systems, command posts and critical infrastructure
      crippling the Zionist regime in a very short time and launch an overwhelming
      ground invasion, considering its demographic superiority and regional proxies.

      • Jake321

        Try that and the Islamist Iranian leadership knows Iran will be turned into a glow in the dark parking lot. But look on the bright side, the very bright side, Radiation Treatment might cure Iran’s Pandemic.

  • Azriel Herskowitz

    Soleimani met his end when he least expected it. The US military is always watching. If I were Ghaani I would go into isolation. Soon he may hear a Reaper buzzing overhead :)

    • good american

      Iron Prion voting himself up.

      • Mike

        Maybe he is rustyzion, but he originally posted under jacob whul, before he got ferreted out for some internet scam. This guy is grade AAA class scum.

        • Zionism = EVIL

          He has a dozen fake accounts and has posted thousands of hasbara garbage as Jake123 and I outed this arsehole very early on, and then he started more fake accounts.

          • Jake321

            Nahhhhhhhhh…I have only one account. And my posting history is there to see going back many years. So as usual you are wrong, Adolf or Igor as the sorry case may be.

      • ruca


      • Zionism = EVIL

        These hasbara losers have multiple accounts but the BS is the same :) This in one is a war infatuated PUNK who posts from hooked nosed mom’s basement and wants to be a “soldier”.

      • <>

        No need to, this is my only account. But yeah, having Ghaani’s head on a spike would look cool.

    • Mike

      Go away jaco whul, I guess covid-19 hurt whatever internet scam you where cooking up lately you fraudster.

    • Ulricht

      There’s that stupid jew again.

      • verner

        yep that stupid jew from the leper colony – time to wipe them off the face of the world. doesn’t contribute with anything except more murder, more thievery and more lying – what to like – nothing nothing and thus they can go.

        • Jake321

          Well, at least you make great Hummus and olive oil beyond the Nabkas you bring on yourselves. Look on the bright side. When the time comes you will just love Jordan or Europe. But if not, there is always your Darwin Award.

      • Jake321

        That’s kind of rare. But not so much for your kind, AH.

    • Arch Bungle

      He expected it. He willingly came out in public. The US military is always lying.
      If they were always watching they would have known Ghaani was in town.

    • TTdr

      Ghaani is slapping the US face by visiting Iraq & Syria. He is proving to the world, USM dare not touch him & all Iran leaders.

      This is a psyops warfare.

  • fayez chergui

    the idiot in chief performs a monologue

    • Really!?

      So why did you wet your pants ?

  • Sofia

    America needs to stop with foreign interference

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Even a internal Pentagon report has stated that today:

      Provocative US military operations in the Persian Gulf and South China Sea increase risk of confrontation at a time of internal pandemic, think tank says

  • Icarus Tanović

    Empty threats.

  • Arch Bungle

    So Ghaani walked into the heart of occupied Iraq and the CIA and US Imperial footsoldiers missed him completely.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      As I have mentioned before Ghaani is far more deadlier and strategic planner than the kind and mild General Soleimani who was an old school diplomat soldier. Ghaani has spent his entire adult life in clandestine operations from Afghanistan to Lebanon is far more aggressive. He is fluent in Pashto, Azeri, Kurdish and Arabic.

      • Arch Bungle

        Come the man, come the moment …

  • Per

    A major imperial falseflag is in the cards…

  • Xoli Xoli

    We are actually in the time of pestilence and release of red horse which will eventually take away all peace.Erdogan,Trump and Satanyahu are taken over by insanity. This three stooges will bring terrible war to earth whereby all three will be defeated.God will give them over to their enemies. Rapture will occur get extremely ready saint of most High God.Please pray for me also I have seen this coming in the spirit realm.

    • roland

      Isn’t it the pale horse and the name that sat on him was death and hell followed with him that is the final end and any way the white horse showed up a little while ago and that is a sign that we were in big trouble already

  • Free man

    Iraqi Shiite jihadists threaten to kick Americans out of Iraq.
    The orange man threatens back.
    The jihadists, and their Iranian masters are shakened.

    • Concrete Mike

      And your sheckeled for that worthless post!

      • Free man

        If my post is so worthless, why was it important to you to respond to it?
        You better be careful, I’ve heard that social isolation affects the mental health of Canadian elders. Especially the seniles like you.

        • Garga

          S#it is worthless, but if somebody s#at on one’s car’s bonnet (that’s hood for you) one would respond.

          Moral of the story: Don’t s#it on people’s things, yo.

          • Free man

            Ok. So explain to me why you guys threaten US if you are so scared of them.
            It didn’t work well for Saddam.

          • Garga

            Because explaining things, engaging in logic discussion and providing proof to you in the past was so beneficial, we repeat it yet again and again?
            That’s the definition of insanity, yo!

            This wise Garga gave you 2 valuable lessons for free so far today.

          • Free man

            So your regime and its militias will continue to threaten the world’s great power. You guys will keep yelling “Death to America.” And at the same time your regime will beg for sanctions relief.
            As I wrote before, you guys have a unique logic. But I do not pretend to teach you anything. One cannot teach religious fanatics anything, after all you are messengers of Allah. You guys know everything. Allah Himself tells you what is right.

          • Garga

            Sure sure, let’s pretend it’s the way you said. Let’s pretend it’s Iran that attacks and sanctions countries who don’t obey it. Let’s pretend it’s Iran who occupies countries half way around the world. Let’s pretend it’s Iran that spends for military as much as the rest of the world and most of it’s soldiers and weapons aren’t even within it’s borders, it’s Iran that stirs unrest in many countries to regime change.
            And the icing on the cake would be some geniuses who have the gut to call us fanatics and threatening!

          • Free man

            I never said the Americans are angels, they are definitely not.
            I do say that the Islamic Jihadist Republic of Iran is ruled by fanatical religious who think the sun is shining from their a$$. Therefore, they threaten the world’s strongest power without giving a damn what are the consequences for their people. And at the same time, they are sending their children to study and live in the US.

  • TTdr

    Ghaani is slapping the US face by visiting Iraq & Syria in defiance of Pompee threat to assassinate Iran leaders as norm.

    He is proving to the world, USM dare not touch him & all Iran leaders. This is a psyops warfare well executed by braved Iranian.

    Gen Soleimani has miscalculated , he never think there are such fools in US Pentagon & WH that will assassinate him openly in official visit. Otherwise he will run a round of missile attack before his visit.

  • TTdr

    What the world should worry is US may provoke Iran to shut down Straits of Homtz. Its to stall Iran economy completely, and deny China oil supply for its industry resumption.

    China ability to fully contain USNato bioterrorism within 2mths have backfired on USNato.

    Now USNato has lost excuse to print $ from air saving their collapsing economy & stock bubbles, they are staging a West outbreak to justify $2.2T bailout free $ printing each in US & EU.

    Outbreak will continue to justify next $6T bailout of stock mkt bubble. ZUS Corps have taken $5.7T bank loan & plough 97% profits into stock buyback scam & bonus payout since 2008.

    Thereafter, its the $80B/day FED printing since last year to fill up cash dried banks. Fund institutions borrow heavily to buy bonds taking advantage loan vs bond rate different.

    All these are on top $800B/yr QE $printing in bond buy back scam since Obama started 2008.

    While Republican & Democrats pretend fighting, unanimously they support FED unlimited QE to fill the gawd chosen ones’ pockets in Wall Street & London.

    These chosen ones funds have already cash out $7T in global stock crash through Trumps info insider trade.

    Their $T paper gold scam has reach limit with no real physical gold.

    Their $T oil futures gear towards Goldman Sach’s always accurate oil price “predicttion” of $20~$10.

    Yet the next biggest coming one is their control over $T global commodities trading and future. Severe global food shortage will be created using COVID crisis to make the largest kill.

    China 1.4B people has only $14.8T GDP. These 14M kiki , 0.2% global population, control $150T.

    They control USNato, FED Petrol$ printing, Finance, all Central Banks, commodities, oil, food, trades, property, shipping, & Fortune 1000 with $15T revenue.

    Their Top 3 investment funds like Black Stone exceed $5T each. 6 kiki control 90% MSM. 5 kiki out of 6 Russia oligarchs that control all resources.

    Every 10yrs they plunder the World once with created global crisis. In 1918, Rockefeller spread similar pneumonia virus infecting 1B, killing 100M. In 2002 Rockefeller mooted “Lock Steps” and SARS started….

  • goingbrokes

    Soleimani travelled openly when he was assassinated. Even so US needed israeli intel for the Reaper attack. US killed many Iraqis in the same operation, it was a messy operation. Ghaani can come and go secretly in and out of Baghdad nearly at will, most of the population is on his side – there is nothing here that a spy couldn’t do. The assassination of Soleimani was largely a symbolic act, not a tactical necessity, as the official version bs says. All they managed to do was to push things better underground, and now they have almost no warnings about attacks at all. Really the assassination was a strategic bungle, so that zionist can thump their chests and look bad. It was a mistake.