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Trump Says There’s No Evidence Navalny Was Poisoned, Says China Is “Much Worse” Than Russia

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Trump Says There's No Evidence Navalny Was Poisoned, Says China Is "Much Worse" Than Russia

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On September 4th, US President Donald Trump refused to condemned Russia over the alleged poisoning of Alexei Navalny.

“We have to look at it very seriously. If that’s the case, and I think we will,” Trump said when asked how the US should react.

“I don’t know exactly what happened, I think it’s tragic. It’s terrible, it shouldn’t happen. We haven’t had any proof yet, but I will take a look,” he added.

He said that there hasn’t been any evidence yet, and he then deflected the question towards China.

He emphasized that media like to point their attention towards Russia about everything negative, but maybe Beijing deserved some attention, because China was doing things that were “far worse”.

“It is interesting that everybody is always mentioning Russia,” Trump said to a reporter when asked about the Navalny poisoning, “and I don’t mind you mentioning Russia, but I think probably China at this point is a nation that you should be talking about much more so than Russia, because the things that China is doing are far worse, if you take a look at what’s happening with the world.”

He, however, did say that if evidence pointed that Russia did it, that would be, obviously, bad.

Trump said he would “not be happy at all” if the Russian government poisoned Navalny.

He defended his administration’s stance toward Moscow, specifically citing the decision to provide anti-tank weapons to Ukraine to fight off Putin-backed separatists.

But he also noted, “I do get along with President Putin.”

Trump’s public reluctance to condemn Putin is especially notable as other members of his administration have been quite vocal on the alleged Navalny poisoning.

“The United States is deeply troubled by the results released today. Alexei Navalny’s poisoning is completely reprehensible. Russia has used the chemical nerve agent Novichok in the past,” National Security Council spokesperson John Ullyot said. “We will work with allies and the international community to hold those in Russia accountable, wherever the evidence leads, and restrict funds for their malign activities.”

Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegun met with the Russian Ambassador to the US Friday and expressed “grave concern” at the poisoning with a chemical nerve agent, the State Department said in a readout of the meeting.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany called the poisoning “clearly reprehensible.”

“Russia has used chemical nerve agents in the past, and we’re working with our allies and the international community to hold those in Russia accountable wherever the evidence leads and restrict funds for their malign activities,” she said.

Meanwhile, to urge people to vote, anti-Russian hysteria is on the rise, such as the billboard below that attempts to claim that if Donald Trump wins another round of presidential elections, Americans would have to learn Russian.

Trump Says There's No Evidence Navalny Was Poisoned, Says China Is "Much Worse" Than Russia

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Porc Halal

The fucking merkel cow is behind all this shit…

Porc Halal


She’s a good friend of a very well known zoophile namely erdo fucking dog … maybe that is the reason of this weird friendship is because the Mongolian filthy scumbag is humping her well!…


My take is , that poisoning is of MI6 and CIA making. German BND could be a junior partner in all this.

Porc Halal

In fact the “case” has the imprint of BND all over it…BND fabricated this case…


OK why?

Porc Halal

Why they did fabricated it?

Porc Halal

What was your question about?


Yes and and all the rest… Why are you so sure that is them when 1st poisoning was MI6 for example and when the most motivated are the Americans-Deep State to get as worse image and hysteria of Russia as possible,

1)to block North stream 2 2)to use it as propaganda against Trump for the elections 3)for blocking of the sale of Russian vaccine

Porc Halal

Maybe because Mi6 was already compromised with the the Skripal case, it was decided that BND will step in…obiously, the entity behind this are the same people behind deep state…

Porc Halal

“Germany on September 2 said that toxicology tests provided “unequivocal evidence” that the gravely ill Navalny had been poisoned with Novichok“…i belive BND is german secret service…


Yes but Germany is also US stooges, US slaves… They were ordered to say that.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that they did it … They were merely used as loud speaker for the Anglo-Saxon Masters to announce scenario of already planned usual poisoning fraud

El Mashi

He may have been poisoned, but in Germany. Putin is smart: he would not have handed over to the enemy incriminating evidence. This is a CIA/BDN coordinated action to stop Nordstream 2. So obvious.

Porc Halal

Although I do not deny a joint venture between BND and Mi6 with a little bit of CIA flavour…

catalin zt

Well Germany is ruled by murican secret services since day one after ww2.


Thats right,they even employed quite a few former Gestapo and SS people and former Nazi hanging judges,Klaus Barbi was one,seems to me the third Reich is still in business but the HQ is now in Washingtons 4th Reich.


True, so it is understood that they work as CIA assistants. That also explains why CIA was always inclined to assist fascism around the globe. Specially after the war. Since they have incorporated many Nazi’s in their ranks under Allen Dules. And even tolerated that some Nazi secret service agents return in West German secret service when cold war kicked in 1950.


Thats very possible,they are capable of anything,but i have another theory,that he wasn’t poisoned at all.


Problem with your theory is that Navalny would have to trick hole team of Russian doctors specialists who have put him in induced coma due to the gravity of his conditions. And they couldn’t find anything, any poisonous substances or anything else suspicious inside him after long analysis.

Антон С

Who said it was a poisoning? Modern combat chemicals kills hundreds people by a drop. Old sarin killed 12 people in Tokio’s underground, 50 – injured, 1000 – temporary problems with their vision. And none is dead after using that “awful poison” “Novice”.


Since I do not have clue what the fuck it was I have said ‘poisoning” – I simply do not know which other word to use it ! Russian doctors have put him in induced coma – so it is obvious that he had serious problem of some kind : there are also medications, drugs “poisonings” if mixed in wrong way or taken in excessive dosage . The guy has diabetes and could have been killed easily with wrong prescription….so it could be fucking ANYTHING but that stupid Novichok !


So Trump does not agree to MI6 operation to poison Alexei Navalny? Hmm


Why would Trump get along with CIA (integral part of Deep State) and other security agencies NSA, FBI if they are against him from the 1st day in the office openly having their champion in Hitlery Clinton?

catalin zt

Bravo bro,indeed!


For the past 2 years he made it very obvious what he will make his campaign based on. no secret here.


What do we owe this great, sensible man for seeing through the threadbare German shananigans?


Critics have to admit Trump refuses to go along with the popular western narrative of bashing Russia, by calling him a ‘Russian agent’.

Lone Ranger

China is worse, but lets face it U.S. and UK are a lot worse than China. Do Americants even know the definition of self-critique?

johnny rotten

They use the lies of the past as a precedent to justify today’s lies, this is beyond bad faith, it is total manipulation that can only work with weak and sick minds, incapable of long-term memory.


Murican stupidty… the one thing in the world that you can always count on :-)


Yeah, the DemonCraut heads whines about Russia while the equally rotten RepubliCONs whines about China, yup, Trump have an credibility rate that is dwarfed by any Pakistani used car saleman, aka sub-zero level, and the Germs, well, what do you expect from an people whipped to submission for decades and is by now just pathetic drooling vassals for the Imperial banana republic, jesus they have made that crystal clear, and on top of it, do they infact think we acctualy belive their drivel about NavleNy, huh. Yeah, I find this to be more an tragic comedy that anything else, poor f…. shmucks. The Germ Gov have falled to even deeper that what I could imagine, and is now just crawling in cricles in the bottom of the pitt. Ush…… they reak.


Potato Man



I’m sure Trump must be on the phone telling Merkel a different story to use this to stop NS2. I find it impressive to watch some European politicians attempting to use something that happened within Russia, to threaten Russia with sanctions and prevent the completion of NS2.

Mind your own business comes to mind!

carlo cozzarin

Anyone with two fingers of a forehead knows that this is only the latest attempt by MI6 and the CIA with their assholes to demonize Russia and prevent/stop the Nort Stream II Of course the fools and morons who support the isolation of Russia are always ready to support these stupid things. Russia poisons it with plutonium, with polonium, with cobalt, with cesium, with uranium, with picachu, with goblin farts … Just missing an atomic bomb, what idiots are these lackeys In addition, here too Merkel and someone else sold in Germany does double play, as Zajarova rightly said, why if Germany is in a hurry to clarify the facts, did they wait until September 4 to receive the request from the Russian prosecutor’s office for assistance legal, slowing down the investigation?


They received a request for medical data from the germans on the 27th August i believe.

catalin zt

Imagine how it is to work(enslave) for this fascist illiterate capitalist….brrrrr

Tommy Jensen

A proof I was right again. China spread the corona thing all over the world, while they were making pool parties singing “Han, han, han”, making US a laughing stock in Intelligent warfare.

China is far worse than Putin who is worse enough! China has been fokking 24/7 the last 50 years to beat America’s population and economy. Someone suggest we should do the same to conquer China, no!

China has been imposing unfair competition on US, stole our Intellectual property, and try to outnumber us by 4 x population, stealing our ideas of swarm technique. This is International criminality!

What I say is, China must lower their population down to 330 million so it is equal business and fair trade. If they dont do it, China must pay a penalty for monopoly, $10 trillion, for eating all the worlds resources and for trying to destroy our way of living by their Confucious theories!


Worse enough!

carlo cozzarin

BS That’s s the anglo-saxon-mission Asians countries just know better how to deal with such kind of treats as they’re targeted many other times from the same scumbags Event 201 was in NY with all that scum From real press… “All European governments already knew from September 2019 what would happen and have received enormous clandestine funding (not officially declared), a real rain of money, certainly not to finance and strengthen health care and hospitals, but exclusively to declare the lockdown and to ensure its sealing through the massive strengthening of the Police.” https://www.databaseitalia.it/esclusivo-il-giornalista-italiano-bizzi-sapevano-del-coronavirus-dallo-scorso-autunno-il-presidente-serbo-vucic-ha-preso-i-soldi/

Tommy Jensen

Yeah. I know. They are dance to the tune of Finance.

Trap Is Not Gay

And Israel is the best ally.

carlo cozzarin

End of fried crap https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/09/07/breaking-navalny-comes-out-of-coma-proves-novichok-claims-a-hoax/

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