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Trump Says Joint Actions Against Qatar Are “Beginning Of The End To The Horror Of Terrorism!”

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US President Donald Trump has reacted to the recent actions of Saudi Arabia & Co against Qatar. Now, it becomes clear that the US supports the anti-Qatari campaign in the Middle East.

In this case, Qatar has been likely choosen to be blamed for actions of the whole US-led block aimed at supporting terrorism in the region.

Earlier this week, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain, the Maldives and the Saudi-backed government of Yemen cut diplomatic ties with Qatar.

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Miguel Redondo

This man is going absolutely mad.

Joe Doe

This is the most misleading statement by Trump and other who have this view. Qatar has been thrown to the lions, just for Saudis and other to continue their crimes and support for ISIS.

This is the same tactics used by Colombian drug dealers. They sacrifice 60 kg of drugs to be caught by police in order to successfully transport 6 tons of drug. Same here


Everyone and their dogs know that QATAR was tottaly envolved in terrorism funding. Their “imans” are all over the places where terror attacks arise. There are Qatarian fingerprints everywhere. And, above all, the Syrian Civil War just happened because of the Qatar plans to create a gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe, passing through Syria (and Syrian government denied). It all explains why Turkey is directly envolved in the other side of the pipeline (would benefit directly). Now everything goes under the light. Even the Turkey-Qatar defence agreement. BUT, they messed with RUSSIA… That normally doesnt ends well… They’ll pay. Do not expect mercy now…


As if Saudi is not also involved in terrorism among their kinds.

Gue Bjuen

wake up man! who is blaming qatar for funding terror? the whores of jews and israel, “the saudis and the US”, are blaming qatar for that. oh man the world isn’t that simple. open your EYES use your ability to think critical and ask your self some questions before deciding to make your final opinion.

Justin Ryan

Glencore and qatar bought 20% EACH of Russian oil energy company Rosneft back in 2016 because they saw the writing on the wall and decided to hedge their bets that if they failed with regime change in Syria, they would still go on to profit from Russia’s existing market to Europe (which Qatar and the USA were planning to steal). But qatar and Iran share the same gas reservoir and they realised that iran’s planned pipeline would benefit and qatar’s would not. So again qatar has decided to invest with Iran since the regime change in Syria does not look like it will happen. Therefore it is in Saudi, Israel, USA and many other nations interests to point the finger at qatar (and it is true qatar were heavily involved in financing Isis) so that they can pressure of even overthrow qatar or force them to back off with alliance with Iran. Qatar will be seen as the founder of Isis solely! Disgusting but likely.


Did Trump just throw Qatar under the bus? HAHA


I have divided feelings about this situation. One can’t avoid feeling content because the proverbial chicken have come home to roost. Qatar has directly contributed to 10000s of deaths all along ME and 100s in Europe. It was a willing slave and a useful idiot of all US/Zio schemes in the region in the last 70 years. They have almost singlehandedly sustained and kept the Syrian war going even when some other actors were willing to drop the whole thing. And it wasn’t about the pipe-line any more, since they’ve cut a deal with Iranians and start selling their gas to China, India and SE Asia. But now inbred morons are in hot water, being dropped by their own gang – serves them right. On the other hand, I can’t really believe that the whole mess was initiated by a hacked e-mail and some “fake news”. I have a feeling that the real war-lords of the ME sitting in Tel Aviv and Washington – OK, let’s stop kidding – sitting just in Tel Aviv – decided it was time to drag the rest of the Arabs into a never ending bloody and costly conflict. It doesn’t matter who will be left standing in the end – whoever that may be it will be a ruined country, a failed state and penniless. Their oil and $ spent on US weapons, mercenaries and intel. New jobs for US MIT and more available real estate for Greater Israel…


The Twitter-in-Chief misses the point again. Qatar has been funding the Muslim Brothers for a long time, and the West was very happy. Qatar was the main force behind the Islamist terrorists in Libya, and at the beginning in Syria. Yet the Saudis are the main sponsors of the ISIS branch, and ISIS is the most extremist and active nowadays. So Trump is as usually misinformed, or he feels confortable being misinformed, and he subscribes anything he is served and which may be of the MIC or the Deep state’s convenience.

Solomon Krupacek

only 1 thing is more dangeruous than beiing america enemy: if you are americas friend.

Reuben Brenner

What about Al Udid? We have around 10000 US troops there. Maybe it’s time to get out…. and whether we pay or not for that base, we pay workers and I’m sure supplies etc. So are we not indirectly supporting terrorism? Do we except “gifts” from terrorists? Time to pack it in. Time to start a new day in the mideast. Bring troops home and let’s practice what we preach. Just say NO to terrorists and those that support them. Time to take care of our family first …. the USA.

George King

Al Udid could become an invited in Russian port, how do you say surrounded in Arabic? Putin Out Maneuvers Puppeteers of ISIS, Declares War under UN Charter! https://www.opednews.com/articles/Putin-Out-Maneuvers-Puppet-by-George-King-Energy_Isil_Isis_Isis-Beheading-151121-284.html

Kim Jong

Cant believe to read this..

Miguel Redondo

If they throw Qatar under the bus , than the Emir has no other way than change sides. They need to sell their gas and oil. So from now on they have to do it inside the other pool , with Iran and Russia , serving the market in India in China. And for the Saudies the situation becomes more complicated , after Yemen with an open war , Bahrein with ist Shia mayority now comes Qatar? And as Reuben remarked… what to do with CENTCOM ?

Solomon Krupacek

quatqr ia nothing. can be occupied


of course! and with their billions, they are bunch of stupid people if they allow that to happen.

Solomon Krupacek

this is the goal, boy

John Whitehot

I agree with the author stating that they decided to put the blame on Qatar. They are probably trying to “make theirselves a new virginity” in order to gain international legitimacy and step-up their support to jihadists. Since ISIS has been taken out of the equation, and can’t be used to accomplish regime change in Syria, their only chance (in their opinion) is to give massive support to jihadists in Syria, prolonging the suffering of the Syrian people.

We’ll probably see (or we won’t, but that will happen anyway) many ragheads dropping both ISIS and Nusra flags and pick up Al-Sham and FSA ones once again.

Solomon Krupacek

look, big antizionists, how bows america before arab money :DDDD

saudis got also ultimatum

Hershel "El Muerte" Ezestein

Qatari thrown under the bus for Saudi Arabia….ain’t that a bitch.

Russell A Wilson

I really do not think this will end well for anyone.

chris chuba

CNN is on a rampage that Qatar’s isolation is based on fabricated news by a Russian hack. They are really yucking it up. The one thing that they won’t admit is that this means that even if this is true, this means that the other Gulf States are lying through their teeth. They said it was because of terrorist funding, not because Al Jazeera published a fake email.


Q was obviously very keen on their pipeline to Europe project and got roped into regime change and proxy wars on promises of glory. I believe Q has seen the writing on the wall since the liberation of Aleppo and have now done something that amounts to pulling the plug on their financing of insurgents in Syria – see developments in Harasta. Other monarchs are very pissed. This could mean regime change plans for Qatar. But if the Gulf monarchies are planning war on Qatar they should think again. They don’t have a good record of warring. The moment they threaten with invasion or bombing Q will switch to Iran camp, Iranian troops etc. will be invited to land to bolster the defence and the Straits of Hormuz will be shut and we will be in the middle of a big oil crisis again. Iraq and Iran do remember how Saudi money and western governments got them to kill each other and prolong the war. Isolating Qatar is driving them into the Iranian camp, no doubt about that. Whatever else happens the Gulf Cooperation Council is broken.


Interesting view, can you expound on Harasta?


Harasta in the E Ghouta area is occupied by the group called Faylaq al Rahman and they are, at least partially, financed by Qatar. They have suddenly started talking to the Syrian Government.


Aha! Make Qatar as the new escape goat of US terrorism in the middle east.

Omar Huss

They all going down,Qatar is first,Bahrain,UAE,kuwait and biggest Monster Saudi Arabia will follow.what the nice show to watch when Wahabbi puppets use their knives to fight each other!

Gue Bjuen

fact is qatar changed it’s pipeline plans and got closer to iran to sell their resources to the asian market. fact is qatar’s pipeline through syria and turkey would really harm the russian geo political strenght against EU and russian economy. fact is it’s not syria, lybia or russia blaming qatar for funding terror and pushing qatar towards a cliff. fact is qatar choose to quit trying the jewish pipeline dream in order to boost their economy so they tried to have a good deal with the iranian. this would be the real reason why they are raging against qatar. this perverted gang punks are showing everyone else what will happen if you get off the bus without permission from above. but i really don’t understand why egypt choose to be good budies with the whores of jews and israel again. i thought they were getting closer to russia and syria. maybe they just used russia and syria to get more petro dollars from the saudis.

Carlos Vera

ahora resulta…bueno que nos subestiman tanto que no saben que sabemos la verdad de la guerra en siria? acaso no son ellos que apoyan a estos grupos de mercenarios? xd,


Story on many other sites Turkey parliament debating troop deployments to Qatar? We will see? In short Qatar is guilty as hell in supporting Terrorist. The fact that its accusers do the same is simply Ironic. The death of the pipe line helps Russia’s position. This is not a two sided conflict, it is much larger. Looks like a pack of dogs feeding on a kill, sooner or later those dogs will turn on each other. Thats what we have here.

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