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JUNE 2023

Trump Says Bashar al-Assad Is ‘Brave Man’ Fighting against Terrorism in Phone Conversation with Egyptian President – Media Report

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Trump Says Bashar al-Assad Is ‘Brave Man’ Fighting against Terrorism in Phone Conversation with Egyptian President – Media Report

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi (L), Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, US President Donald Trump (R)

US President Donald Trump and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi held a telephone conversation on the topic of combating terrorism, the Lebanese Ad-Diyar newspaper reported, citing unnamed presidential sources in Cairo.

According to the newspaper, Trump promised to support the Egyptian President in the fight against terrorism and stressed that the US would fight terrorism in the Middle East. Reportedly, the US President also expressed his support for the Congress’ decision to recognize the Muslim Brotherhood organization as a terrorist group.

As Addiyar reported, talking about the wars in Syria and Iraq, Trump said that Washington intends to cooperate with Moscow in order to conduct joint military operations against terrorists on the territory of the two countries, as well as to continue to provide aerial support to the Iraqi Army, fighting against members of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group there.

According to the report, Trump said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a “brave man,” who remains steadfast in the face of terrorism. At the same time, the US President also noted that certain circumstances do not allow him to make contact with the Syrian President. Trump added that he is going to keep in touch with Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to coordinate joint military operations against terrorists, in particular, against the IS, on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, and expressed confidence that Syrian terrorists would be eliminated.

As the sources told Addiyar, el-Sisi told the Syrian President about the Trump’s words, as Egyptian President had perceived the words of the US President as a message for al-Assad.

Ad-Diyar is an Arabic-language daily newspaper based in Beirut, Lebanon. In its coverage of the Syrian conflict, the newspaper has a pro-government stance.

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Samin Siddiquee

Positive trends already. We all should rally behind Trump. A God send in an era of inaction and moral depravity.

This is good news. Let’s hope Trump increasingly warms to Assad and Iran, protectors of Christians in the Middle East.

Brenda Malcolm-Soloman

Iran is no protector of Christians.

Sure it is. Christianity is the fastest-growing religion there. There are over a quarter-million Christians who attend 500+ Christian churches in Iran. Furthermore, Iran via Shia proxies (Hezbollah, etc.) protects the greater region’s Christians outside her borders from Zionist and Sunni attacks.

Brad Isherwood


Yes, exactly. Everyone with their finger on the pulse of Middle Eastern affairs is well-aware of the fact that Christians and Shia in the region enjoy a relatively decent relationship, whereas the Zionist/Sunni tag team despises and targets Christians.

Jon Ganji -

Maybe you should take a look at how they treat Bahais and Balochis…

Jennifer Katona ✓MAGA

What’s to look at? Neither group are Christians.

Jon Ganji -

Wakey wakey half the planet are not Christians…

Jennifer Katona ✓MAGA

None of your statements refute, or even address, any of mine here. You’re just babbling red herrings.

Who cares about the plight of the Bahai and Balochs when the topic is Iranian-Christian relations?

Jon Ganji -

Well if you are a Christian and you support the persecution of others.. I would say you are actually not a Christian , but a hypocrite…

Jennifer Katona ✓MAGA

Yet another red herring.

Arthur Smith

Bahai is filth, Iran is right persecuting them.

Jon Ganji -

OK, I get it , if people have a different viewpoint it’s ok to persecute them…

Arthur Smith

Their “viewpoint” isn’t “different”, it’s an intrusion of other’s beliefs like with all the syncretic cults. They provoke punishment the moment they profane anything dear to recognized religions.


Iran is really the first fully literate Islamic nation , with a higher literacy rate than the US. It is home to the largest Jewish population outside of Israel . It is very friendly and hospitable , with an ancient heritage dating back as far as the Hindu’s .

Brad Isherwood

The MB…the MI6/CIA wrecking machine. If Trump is for real…..this is Danger will Robinson Danger ….for Sultan of sleeze ( Erdogan) Who is MB patron… Saudi would be concerned their Kook Dogs could turn on them. MB is a Frankenstein. … MI6/CIA have way to many decades invested in this game to Chuck it all in. MB are being used by greater powers…who now must create new tensions in Order…to keep the game going.

Did the Pope issue an Encyclical which ended the Angst between the Orthodox Church? Russia for several reasons was the old enemy… China and the Rise of Shia alter the game,….they provide opportunity. ..yet if Plans go wrong…it could be hundred years to recover. And there is Israel darting in and out from behind the Wizards Curtain : )

Arthur Smith

The Pope “made peace” with some Eastern Patriarchs on paper, but that hardly means anything as catholic mission still try to infiltrate historically orthodox regions like Donbass. The Schism will only be resolved once Eastern Ortodoxy grows some spine and really contributes to a modern global project of Soviet Union scale, providing a new concept of being human. But so far orthodox hierarchy mostly lacks ambition and surrenders the initiative to bolshevik-style neo-manicheists like this: http://en.inter-portal.org/sergey-kurginyan-interview

Brad Isherwood

Thanks for the link… The evolution of Fascism ….from its ancient legacy which existed from since The early Secret Societies. ..such as the Egyptian Shemsu Hor with Their Winged Disc Symbol… The Winged symbol also in Assyria,Babylon. ..forwards to an Eagle …inside a circle In Roman Standards. Today we have Corporate Fascism,…yet it’s just an aspect of the CONTROL** Which has evolved since the ages past. The Internet helps pull the curtain back on Secret Societies and there ART of influence. The Hebrews/Jews learned about this the hard way…as Assyria,Babylon and then Rome….smashed them to pieces. The Zionist are positioned in the game…….yet That Future is uncertain/Risk, To coin an Insurance term.


I am glad SF reported this (II do not read Arabic).


If this is really how it went, then it is a 16 in. round hitting for effect. I am paying attention to see what happens next.


Good steps. I am afraid of what will happen if Israel starts pulling his strings though.


if this is true the world is going crazy (or may be only trump) Israel likes Trump and trump likes Assad who hates Israel…………


That’s called a complex real world scenario.


I HEARSAY THAT SHE SAID THAT HE SAID THAT TRUMP SAID. I don’t think I buy this story. But it would be nice if it was true.


…Trump said that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a “brave man,” who remains steadfast in the face of terrorism. At the same time, US President also noted that (((some circumstances))) do not allow him to make contact with the Syrian President.

Jennifer Katona ✓MAGA

Exactly. Always beware the People of the Parentheses.


Interesting, sending the Egyptian as messenger to the syrian. Israel will not allow direct contact with syria. Since trump must obey israel, he can talk to Egypt and the saudis.

But this message upsets the saudis greatly. Saudis would be angry their five year anti assad efforts were wasted. if they are not angry, they must be promised the us israel and saudis were going to bomb iran. Only destroying iran would placate them with losing syria.

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