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Trump Releases Official Statement On Khashoggi Murder. Iran Is Guilty


Trump Releases Official Statement On Khashoggi Murder. Iran Is Guilty

US President Donald Trump

On November 20, the administration of US President Donald Trump released a long awaited official statement on the murder of Saudi opposition journalist Jamal Khashoggi in a Saudi consulate in the Turkish city of Istanbul, which was carried by the Saudi government on October 2.

The statement comes just a few days after CIA-linked sources revealed that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had ordered the killing of the journalist.

The main points of the statement:

  1. “The world is a very dangerous place!”
  2. Iran is guilty of destabilizing the situation in the Middle East
  3. Hezbollah is also guilty
  4. The Houthis are very guilty that they are resisting to the Saudi invasion in Yemen
  5. Bashar al-Assad – as always… bloody “dictator”, “who has killed millions of his own citizens”
  6. Israel – a great country
  7. The crime against Jamal Khashoggi – “terrible”
  8. Mohammed bin Salman ordered the murder? – “maybe he did and maybe he didn’t!”
  9. Multi-billion deals with Saudi Arabia – remain in force
  10. Sanctions against Saudi Arabia – what sanctions? Washington already sanctioned “17 Saudis known to have been involved in the murder”. I.e. made no practical steps to punish the Saudi regime.

 A full text of this example of Washington’s double-think and hypocrisy is below (source):

The world is a very dangerous place!

The country of Iran, as an example, is responsible for a bloody proxy war against Saudi Arabia in Yemen, trying to destabilize Iraq’s fragile attempt at democracy, supporting the terror group Hezbollah in Lebanon, propping up dictator Bashar Assad in Syria (who has killed millions of his own citizens), and much more. Likewise, the Iranians have killed many Americans and other innocent people throughout the Middle East. Iran states openly, and with great force, “Death to America!” and “Death to Israel!” Iran is considered “the world’s leading sponsor of terror.”

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia would gladly withdraw from Yemen if the Iranians would agree to leave. They would immediately provide desperately needed humanitarian assistance. Additionally, Saudi Arabia has agreed to spend billions of dollars in leading the fight against Radical Islamic Terrorism.

After my heavily negotiated trip to Saudi Arabia last year, the Kingdom agreed to spend and invest $450 billion in the United States. This is a record amount of money. It will create hundreds of thousands of jobs, tremendous economic development, and much additional wealth for the United States. Of the $450 billion, $110 billion will be spent on the purchase of military equipment from Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and many other great U.S. defense contractors. If we foolishly cancel these contracts, Russia and China would be the enormous beneficiaries – and very happy to acquire all of this newfound business. It would be a wonderful gift to them directly from the United States!

The crime against Jamal Khashoggi was a terrible one, and one that our country does not condone. Indeed, we have taken strong action against those already known to have participated in the murder. After great independent research, we now know many details of this horrible crime. We have already sanctioned 17 Saudis known to have been involved in the murder of Mr. Khashoggi, and the disposal of his body.

Representatives of Saudi Arabia say that Jamal Khashoggi was an “enemy of the state” and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, but my decision is in no way based on that – this is an unacceptable and horrible crime. King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman vigorously deny any knowledge of the planning or execution of the murder of Mr. Khashoggi. Our intelligence agencies continue to assess all information, but it could very well be that the Crown Prince had knowledge of this tragic event – maybe he did and maybe he didn’t!

That being said, we may never know all of the facts surrounding the murder of Mr. Jamal Khashoggi. In any case, our relationship is with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They have been a great ally in our very important fight against Iran. The United States intends to remain a steadfast partner of Saudi Arabia to ensure the interests of our country, Israel and all other partners in the region. It is our paramount goal to fully eliminate the threat of terrorism throughout the world!

I understand there are members of Congress who, for political or other reasons, would like to go in a different direction – and they are free to do so. I will consider whatever ideas are presented to me, but only if they are consistent with the absolute security and safety of America. After the United States, Saudi Arabia is the largest oil producing nation in the world. They have worked closely with us and have been very responsive to my requests to keeping oil prices at reasonable levels – so important for the world. As President of the United States I intend to ensure that, in a very dangerous world, America is pursuing its national interests and vigorously contesting countries that wish to do us harm. Very simply it is called America First!



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  • Nationaliste Traditionaliste

    Put Trump in asylum ! He is insane !!!

    • Pave Way IV

      He already is. Washington DC is our open-air asylum for psychopaths.

    • BL

      He’s just reading his (((Teleprompter)))

  • progrespres


    • Kire Stojanovski

      Well described! Can’t believe what I read!

      • BMWA1

        Yes, I cannot imagine any statement having less logical content than this one from Krepec Trumpsky.

        • Zionism = EVIL

          The more Trump barks about Iran, the stronger it gets. Go to Press TV and check out the new Iranian MRAP video, very high quality and rugged. Ideal for Syria and Lebanon.

          Iran has unveiled a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP)
          military vehicle designed and manufactured by Iranian defense experts.

          The new vehicle, named Toufan (Storm), was unveiled on Tuesday during
          a ceremony attended by Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir
          Hatami and delivered to the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC)
          Ground Force.

          “The Defense Ministry’s strategy is to update defense equipment used
          by the Armed Forces through domestic capacities and non-reliance on
          other countries,” Hatami said.

          He added that the Iranian Armed Forces currently have a high deterrent power and a full defensive preparedness.

          He elaborated on the features of the new MRAP and said it has been
          manufactured based on the Armed Forces’ needs for a vehicle with the
          capability of moving with a high speed on steep slopes and breaking
          through barriers.

          • GRAHL

            That Toufan is cool, but what good is it against the US? MRAPs are more of an invader’s machine. Air defense is where their money is better spent.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      It should come as no surprise as the moron corrupt Trump and the tranny Kushner’s felon family have been on Saudi payroll for more than 3 decades. The Citigroup of “Prince” Waleed bin Talal ( of the Riyadh MBS created Marriot jail) fame has been Trump’s banker. Trump is just a loudmouth paid pimp of Zionism.

    • viktor ziv

      There are 450 billion reasons for official statement to be just like that “Incredible”‘ :(

  • stary ujo

    10. point , Trump is really psycho patient a danger for world !

  • bernie garland

    How the Sheeple can believe any thing coming out of that coonts mouth, is completely beyond me FFS

    • Ray Douglas

      This is spoof.

      • so

        Its 11th dimensional chess just like Obama.

  • Ray Douglas

    Just like something he would say alright. You might get a job writing his speeches.



  • seawolf

    Trump is the deep state, I hope many people in here realize it now.

  • AlexanderAmproz



    From 1945 until today – 20 to 30 million people killed by the USA

    by Manlio Dinucci

    It’s a fact, not an analysis, not even an opinion – the « free and open international order» promoted since 1945 by the United States has cost the lives of 20 to 30 million people throughout the world. No President, whoever he may be, has managed to slow the rhythm of this killing machine.

    • progrespres

      JFK tried. It killed him too.

    • Tommy Jensen

      British influence.
      From year 1765 to 1944 at least 55 million people in India died in famines during British rule, which was around 17% of entire population due the stupid British “survival of the fittest” theory.

      • BMWA1

        In Bangladesh about 6 Million in a year in 1940s, Churchill was better at Holodomor than Stalin.

        • Tommy Jensen

          As I have read it, Stalin was also one of the few who made the prices go down and salaries go up. This too was not popular in London.

          • BMWA1

            Plus he didn’t charge VAT like US Embassies receiving US made and delivered (to terrorists) weapons captured from (said) terrorists.

        • When will you all wake up? If you want really study this conflict study full chronological sequence of events USA and Israel is BEHIND all problems in the Middle East. They virtually ruined my country, supplied weapons to puppet government of traitors to fight the ISIS – muslims of sadam Regime who took their weapons and courage to take our country back – into hands of Muslims. And when we resist and our caring brothers kill the traitors THEY CRY like rats and jews after WW2. https://youtu.be/AHqA72PxrR0?t=342

          • Hasbara Hunter

            Are you Wahhabi?

          • Sunni.

          • Hasbara Hunter

            Do you have a problem with Shia?

          • No unless they attack us and cooperate with our enemies. Remember when the Assads ruined Saddam’s plan to attack Israel? They turned their back and even told them about the plan.

          • Hasbara Hunter

            You will find Traitors anywhere on this planet…good…Muslims should Govern the Middle East together….like Brothers…

          • Yes thats the goal to unite all people on the planet under one religion so there are no more wars and conflicts.

          • Hasbara Hunter

            And what if I have a different opinion or belief?

          • Then they will convice you that it is for greater goal which is noble idea. Even sacrifices are worth it, Allah talks about it in his book that blood of the righteous will flow in order to implement his rule.

          • Hasbara Hunter

            No one rules Me….I suppose you are a member of ISIS?

          • More ISI than ISIS. The old good ISI which became part of ISIS but ISIS overally deviated from the manifest of Abu Omar Al Baghdadi. They are even conspiracies that Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi was mosad agent to steal our revolution from the Iraqi people.

          • Hasbara Hunter

            Did you know that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is Mossad-Agent Simon Elliot

          • That was done only by few local individuals mostly in Syria. And ISIS stands for Islamic state in Iraq and Sham (this is coined by the WEST not US). Ad Dawla al islamiya fi Iraq wa Sham is the real name so there is not anything israeli in it. Rest is only conspiracy theory.

          • Hasbara Hunter

            Here a little Background information for you…
            All these ISIS, FSA, HTS, Nour al din al-Zenki, al-Qaeda. Muslim Brotherhood, Wahhabi Headchopping Terrorists are Created by the West: America, IsraHell, United Kingdom, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, NATO and some others… the plan was to Overthrow Assad… and to build a Pipeline from Saudi Arabia to Turkey to Sell “American & Israeli” Oil from Saudi Arabia to Europe… The Yinon Plan (a Greater IsraHell) was also part of it… they basically wanted to take over the Middle East including Iran…in 2015 the Russians came to Assist Assad…because the Plan was to Take down Iran and after that Russia… for Global Control by Elites & Banksters…. the Kurds first “fighting” ISIS had conquered a massive Piece of Syrian Territory from ISIS… if they had returned those Grounds to Syria they would have been Heroes… instead they Chose to Cooperate with Chief-Terrorist the United States & IsraHell and thus Betrayed the Syrians….a lot of Syrians were against Assad and a lot of Others Pro-Assad because they knew they would be Dead if Daesh or any of the Other Mercenary-Terrorist-Organisations would win… the Policies in Syria were not always as Friendly…so many Syrians Joined those foreign Mercenary Groups…For Syrians there should be Reconciliation to build a New Syria…Convict the ones who committed Evil Crimes later…but Foreigners that came to Fight are only U.S. & Israeli sponsored Psychopaths & Mental Patients… it is better when they Vanish….Most of those Headchoppers were divided over many pockets in Syria… the SAA & Allies (Russia, Iran, Hezbollah) crushed Pocket after pocket Headchoppers could chose between their 72-Year-Old-Virgin & Idlib during negotiations… that is How Idlib becam a Headchopper-Zoo…

            Some links… makes it easier for you to do more research… we were all betrayed…. for Centuries… that is the Common thread…


            Iraqi Intelligence on Wahhabism










          • I think its too simple to think like that. Yes USA is behind all evil in middle east and they funded many groups against each others or to create more chaos but this does not mean that all are the same. ISI was unique and special in some way. They hated USA and realized how evil they are, they killed many of their soldiers and USA also realized who is their enemy number one – those who want free country out of opressors and evil bastards. They died in large numbers (for them) and created negative public respose so they switched strategy. Now the play the “advisor” role and let the Iraqis die for their goals in thousands, yes its smart move for them. Nono im not talking about Syria or Assad, all of this happened much earlier and for different goals. George Bush is responsible for creating ISIS by his stupid actions.I mostly talk about their rule in Iraq i never been in Syria and don’t know what is happening there. Sorry but i trust more my family and friends than some random internet sources linked to other fabricated sources. There are good articles in Arabic but still every side thinks they are right. Even the puppets think that its best to have USA as their protector in robbing national wealth of their nation. And im not even talking about stolen Iraqi gold and the money from oil. They robbed our banks in the name of freedom and fight against terrorism which they created. Funny? Yes same thing happened in Europe when jews funded both sides of the conflict and profited most. Next is China and Iran. https://i0.wp.com/www.rojakpot.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/US-stole-gold-oil-02.jpg?resize=600%2C450

          • Hasbara Hunter
          • The number is highly inflated of course, but still part of that gold was lost on its way… guess where. And then as i said before their puppet goverment was forced to buy overpriced US military hardware, certainly not in the interests of Iraqi people. So directly the theft is small but indirectly it is big steal from the Iraqi people. I never talked about 20 trillion worth of gold. Probably its US invented conspiracy to cover up the rest.

          • People here are obiviously hypocrties or not educated well (no offense), they see only small fragment of the picture. I hope you know about Hafeez Assad betrayal of Saddam Hussein, he helped the jews alot. In response to the attack on Baghdad Saddam hossein hit Tel Aviv. Although missile could achieve other western targets but saddam had no real problem with the west ,he was always complaning of the Israeli bad treatement toward palestinians.20 years later Bush gives a free favour to Iran and to Israel by eliming their enemy Saddam. https://youtu.be/t6kjMk-BY7s Remember Propaganda will keep you uneducated and blind even if you care about seeing the truth. Learn history of the conflict fully not only from one point trying to explain it all backwards in time. Im not trying to say that ISI is perfect or ideal but this is our response to irresponsible actions of the greedy Americans.

          • Hasbara Hunter

            The Greedy, Massmurdering Americans should go back to America and stay there…that is best for the whole World… in the mean time Muslims should start to cooperate instead of sending Carbombs to eachother….that is all thanks to Western Imperialism & Their Divide et Impera Strategy

          • Yes.

          • Sinbad2

            “People here are obiviously hypocrties or not educated”

            You’re looking at a mirror.
            I hope English isn’t your first language, because your spelling and grammar is atrocious.

          • Jim Prendergast

            Dear Sinbad2 the comma between “language” and “because” is not correct. It is redundant.

          • Ace

            Allah should just implement his own rule but apparently he loves it when blood flows like a river.

          • Rakean Jaya

            Show me the Allah words then, which one, which part on the book.

          • PZIVJ

            You will be labeled infidel, and can no longer use foul language on the internet. :)

          • Hasbara Hunter

            I met her before….I think I have served her with some relevant information…. on ISIS…the Muslimbrotherhood….the Jewish House of Saud….& lots of other useful links….a river of info…

          • Feudalism Victory

            Fuck your goal and shove sharia where the sun dont shine.

          • Ace

            So everyone can live under Islamic ignorance and oppression. There simply cannot be enough FGM, wife beating, cousin marriage, and obscurantism. I can’t wait to go back to the official flat earth theory of the Koran.

          • Sinbad2

            No, the people who profit from war use religion to cause conflict, they also use race.
            Those who profit from war(moneylenders) know that people who believe in supernatural beings are stupid, so it’s an easy task to get those people to kill and steal for them.

          • AlexanderAmproz

            You will like this, it’s show how the worst Scoundrel
            did a giant fortune by spreading death for money during WW1 !
            The Today US medias are doing the same
            for the Military-Industrial complex….


            The Merchant of Death: Basil Zaharoff

            TAGS BiographiesWar and Foreign PolicyWorld History

            08/24/2007John T. Flynn

            If the Lord God Jehovah had not created Basil Zaharoff, some novelist sooner or later would certainly have got around to the job. Indeed, it is by no means certain that Zaharoff, as we have him, is not the joint product of God and the fiction writers.

            Lieutenant Colonel Walter Guinness, member for Bury St.Edmonds, committed the blunder against history of referring to Zaharoff in the House of Commons in 1921 as the “Mystery Man of Europe.” Having fixed upon him that fascinating label, the figure of Zaharoff became thereafter a costumer’s dummy upon which the news caricaturists of Europe draped whatever garments would vindicate his reputation.

            Mysterious indeed he is and still more mysterious he became at the hands of the sensational news portrait painters. The mystery begins with his birth. A French biographer, Roger Menevee? records that he was born in Moughliou, or Mugla, on the Anatolian coast. But a German, Robert Neumann, asserts that Zaharoff, testifying in a London court as a young man, said he was born in the Tatavla or poor section of Constantinople, and he notes that the Mugla nativity is attested by an affidavit of a Greek priest made forty-two years after the event and was based upon memory.

            It was never known with complete certainty to what country he owed allegiance. He was a Greek, born in Turkey, who lived in Paris. His right to the ribbon of the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor was questioned in the Chamber of Deputies and M. Clemenceau had to assure the Chamber that “M. Zaharoff is a Frenchman.” But also he was throughout his life the guiding genius of a great British armament concern, acted as a British agent, was a Knight of the Bath, known in England as Sir Basil Zaharoff.

            Journalists said he spoke fluently fourteen languages — which is probably an extravagant exaggeration. They reported how he had confided to a written record the story of his life, filling fifty-eight volumes which he ordered to be burned at his death, while others told how he had himself destroyed the record, two days being consumed in reducing it to ashes in the furnace of his Paris home. Extravagant tales were told of his habits, his amours, his dinners, and the exotic dishes brought fresh by plane from immense distances for his table. But, in fact, the reporters and the historians have produced but little about the personal life and affairs of the man. Searching the extensive but empty records, one fails to discover any documents or letters or speeches or records or meetings or conferences or instances in which the man is actually present. Always one hears that he is somewhere in the background, off in the shadows, pulling the strings, supplying the stratagems and the money.

            Yet it is certain that he remains the most considerable figure in that feverish world of the munitions makers that has had so much advertisement since the Great War. Only a few names take first rank among this dubious company — old Alfred Krupp, the cannon king of Essen, the Schneiders of Creusot, Thomas Vickers, the English gun maker of Sheffield, Skoda, du Pont de Nemours, the American powder king, Colt and Winchester and Remington and Maxim. They were all, as Messrs. Englebrecht and Hanighen have called them, “Merchants of Death.” But the mightiest “merchant” among them, the man who played the largest role in the “merchandising” of munitions, the greatest market maker, was Basil Zaharoff.

            It was his melancholy good fortune to come upon the scene when the world went in for arms on an unprecedented scale and it was he who, more than any other man, developed the international market for arms. He did not invent it, to be sure. Old Alfred Krupp had played off Turkish orders against his native Prussia when Zaharoff was a mere fireman in Tatavla. And long before either of them — centuries before — old Andries Bicker, Burgomaster of Amsterdam, had built and supplied and provisioned and even financed a complete navy for Spain when the Spanish king was waging war upon Holland. He then explained to the outraged Dutch that if Holland had not armed the Spanish enemy, the Danes would have done it and reaped the profit.

            But Zaharoff played a leading, if not the leading, role in that strange world comedy of the arms makers leading the double life of chauvinists and internationalists. They gave us the spectacle of Boers mowing down English regiments with Vickers’ pom-poms, Prussian surgeons picking out of Prussian wounded Austrian shrapnel fired by Krupp’s cannon, French poilus massacred by shot poured out of guns made in Le Creusot, English Tommies killed by weapons produced by Armstrong and Vickers, and American ships sent to the bottom by U-boats built on models supplied by American submarine builders. Zaharoff was the master of what one biographer has called the “principle of incitement,”under which war scares were managed, enemies created for nations,airplanes sold to one nation and antiaircraft guns to her neighbors, submarines to one and destroyers to another. He did what the cigarette people did, what the liquor industry, the beauty industry did — created a demand for his merchandise. The armament industry became a game of international politics, the arms salesman a diplomatic provocateur, the munitions magnates of all nations partners in cartels, combines, consolidations; exchanging plans, secrets, patents. He was the greatest of all the salesmen of death, and, as one commentator has observed, if you would see his monument, look about you at the military graveyards of Europe.

          • tapatio

            Most trolls who hate Shia are Jewish hasbara.

          • Hasbara Hunter

            Or Talmudic Wahhabis….

          • tapatio

            Given the fact that the Talmudic-Zionist Cancer and Wahhabism appear to be identical twins, it would seem that the stories about the Wahhabi being Jews might well true. But, I’ve never seen any solid evidence.

          • Hasbara Hunter
        • AlexanderAmproz


          Sorry it’s in French, but there is amazing Photos !

          Propagande et Holodomors oubliés

          par Pierre

          lundi 25 avril 2016

          Depuis quelques années, la propagande prend le pas sur l’information objective dans nos médias occidentaux. Les « experts » autorisés à s’exprimer dans les médias sont soigneusement triés pour que leurs avis ne s’écartent pas de la ligne officielle. Les autres experts n’ont d’autre choix que de se taire ou de s’exprimer dans les médias alternatifs en ligne.

          Les cibles de propagande sont principalement les pays qui refusent la domination économique libérale ainsi que leurs dirigeants.

          Cette propagande concerne aussi le passé historique de certains pays et particulièrement de la Russie à cause de sa période communiste et du modèle sociétal traditionnel et conservateur qu’elle veut à présent appliquer chez elle avec un appui populaire largement majoritaire. Ce modèle est en conflit avec le libértarianisme et le modèle économique libéral. Il est de ce fait sévèrement combattu par tous les moyens y compris médiatiques.

          • BMWA1

            Yes, can’t read French, but don’t forget also the present Ukrainian Cholodomor (if you read Russian, see set background on this recent report on Vesti News, who says Russians do not have sense of humor, if a bit dark in this case):


          • AlexanderAmproz

            Marechal Joukov did a disaster in Ukraine

          • Tommy Jensen

            Poroshenko may be a looser but as Russia admits, we Americans won again…………………….LOL. Because America is a winner nation.

            All the Ukranian people will have to pay usury to USA for generations and Ukraine will forever be a mill stone on the border of Russia…………………..LOL.

          • tapatio

            Don’t count on it. Russia has been very tolerant…….so far. But, tolerance has its limits.

      • Hasbara Hunter


  • Ron Wheeler

    VeteranToday leads a story that is proving that Trump ordered Jamal Khashoggi assassination with the assistance of Pompeo and Kushner. https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/11/20/more-proof-trump-ordered-khasoggi-murder-pompeo-managed-saudi-end-of-coverup/

    • Tommy Jensen

      Its plausible, as we know all actions of Israel and Saudi have to be approved by Washington or are directed from Washington and London.

    • BMWA1

      But that would be…..dishonest?!?

  • antoun

    trump= hyllary clinton and obama!! point!

  • R PLobo

    Trump is trolling the oligarchy. The bus boy of the elites is now in charge!

  • Carol Davidek-Waller

    Am pretty sure that fantasy was written in Tel Aiviv. Looks the Israel has dictated US ME policy once again.
    They prefer keeping the murderous MBS in place. Let’s see how long that lasts. Megalomaniacs usually have a short shelf life.

  • Ayauhteotl

    This narcissistic lunatic with no moral integrity and shame is a disgrace for all humans.

    We see through the thin fog of your ignorance. This narrative will not be accepted, never.

    • Sinbad2

      He is the ultimate American, rude arrogant and ignorant.

  • Ayauhteotl

    Iran can be considered as a regional power, a potent entity, dedicated in supporting countries in their struggle against the imperial triple entente Anglo-Yankee-franco agenda.

  • chris chuba

    I thought I was reading the Onion. If God doesn’t judge us for this obscenity then there is no God.

    • Tommy Jensen

      There is God. Our sun system is an extreme intelligent creation which has not been found by us anywhere else in the universe. Thus it must have been created.

      And God gave us the divine gift to choose. We can choose to connect our souls to the divined spirit given or with the evil end back to dust.
      As you see the great majority of the world are connecting themselves with the gold calf, so God´s judgement of them to be returned to only dust has already happened.

    • Hasbara Hunter

      God is impartial…. it is Man itself that has got to become a bit more intelligent….we could have finished Paradise on Earth by now….instead I’m sharpening me War-Axe…because there are a Bunch of Satanic Psychos running around…

  • S Melanson

    And all this time I thought it was the evil Zucchini beings from the planet Zoltan…

    • Snowglobe

      Now THAT is just plain silliness! ;-)

      Everyone knows that it was the Dwarf, Gnome, Drow, Goblin, and Troglodyte’s from Middle Earth.

      • S Melanson

        Actually it is Frodo… and he never did what he was supposed to do at Mt. Doom. He still has that ring…

        • Snowglobe

          Wicked little hobbit!

          On a slightly different topic…

          Can’t forget this: Joseph Mifsud was on Khashoogi’s payroll. This was no ordinary “journalist,” just like Mifsud was no ordinary “academic.” That Mifsud-Khashoogi connection is much deeper than many realize. I witnessed it in London.— George Papadopoulos (@GeorgePapa19) November 20, 2018

        • Snowglobe

          The gift that keeps on giving…

          Friend of Saudi dissident says he did not have a green card. For weeks the press has been telling us he was a permanent resident. They just made it up, to increase the sense that the US has a special moral/legal responsibility to take action. https://t.co/fNTXMCb1PO pic.twitter.com/nT5C4c0J58— Mike (@Doranimated) November 21, 2018

    • Snowglobe

      Since Mr. Trump excels in dishonesty, it is now up to members of Congress to obtain & declassify the CIA findings on Jamal Khashoggi’s death. No one in Saudi Arabia—most especially the Crown Prince—should escape accountability for such a heinous act. https://t.co/exQrZKybhk— John O. Brennan (@JohnBrennan) November 20, 2018

    • Snowglobe

      Look who came lurking out of the swamp to take the bait.

      Since Mr. Trump excels in dishonesty, it is now up to members of Congress to obtain & declassify the CIA findings on Jamal Khashoggi’s death. No one in Saudi Arabia—most especially the Crown Prince—should escape accountability for such a heinous act. https://t.co/exQrZKybhk— John O. Brennan (@JohnBrennan) November 20, 2018

  • John Whitehot

    11- you suck zionist d**k.


    But are we sure that we Democrats who have the principles of the French revolution, libertè, egalité, fraternité are right or rather are they Israel that in its state of the Jews denies these concepts to Palestinian citizens and likewise the regime sharia of the Saud? The American president seems to have denied Thomas Jefferson and married the most fascist and undemocratic ideas on the face of the earth.

    • Sinbad2

      WWI, WWII and the Korean war were all Democrat wars.
      The Republicans start small wars, the Democrats start big wars.


        What the hell, I do not mean the American Democratic Party that is just as criminal as the Republican, just see Kerry, what he did in Syria. I mean the democracy of us Westerners, from Socrates to Rousseau and also to Ghandi and Mandela, while the Zionists have invented a Jewish state that does not have the principle of equality and is more like Saudi sharia.

  • Hasbara Hunter
    • Sinbad2

      Now I know Trump is a moron, but he is actually a good thing for the free world.
      His insane actions are hastening the collapse of the evil American empire, it’s better to have an evil moron leading the forces of darkness than a smart evil leader.

      • Hasbara Hunter

        Yeah Trumpster definitely did some Absolutely great things…. Either he is the Best Actor & Trickster the World has ever known… or He is a Brilliant Clown That has Ruined the Deep State and everything that comes with it… Just with his remarks, actions and Funny Faces…

  • World_Eye

    Iran is guilty really..His CIA says that the Wahhabi prince was personally ordered the killing, now Iran is quilty LmAO. Stupid man.

  • Hassadnah Abraham

    Islam religion as being display by MBS are, ISLAM can murder people who he do not like, ISLAM can bombed other MUSLIM for different political ideology, Islam MBS will not be punish because he is American friend. WOW ISLAM version of MBS is great, as he can do any grave sin but its ok.
    MBS throw very BLACK picture about ISLAM RELIGION.

    • Islam existed in peace for 1200 years. Look at islam in indonesia or other countries.

  • Our corrupt puppet government buys outdated and used American aircraft for insane prices. They are milking the Iraqi people with poverty level rising every day and people lose jobs even the SHIITE traitors are now getting kicked out. I remember when i watched ISIS military parade in Mosul directly from my home, with my happy eyes. We lost our great Sunni revolution, our caring brothers are in paradise and those who survived are persecuted for their ideals. Our state is virtually non existant. Lets hope for new bright future https://youtu.be/WboqkGx74mc

    • Tommy Jensen

      I suppose CIA/M16 made this video happen in close cooperation with Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

  • Barba_Papa

    Iran did it?

    NAILED IT IN MY PREDICTION!!! Would have been really funny too, if it weren’t so incredibly sad at the same time.

  • Vince Dhimos

    Venezuela has more oil reserves than the Saudis, so why does Trump bash that country? He is totally politically motivated and that is a recipe for failure. But he won’t stop until he fails completely and drags the US down with him.

    • Kire Stojanovski

      Russia too

    • Sinbad2

      The US is reducing oil output from countries that are not American vassals and don’t deposit their income in US banks..
      The US needs high oil prices, over $70 to support the US economy, so the US stops Libya Venezuela and Syria from selling oil. The US is also trying to lock Russia and Iran out of the international oil market. These moves are designed to raise the oil price by reducing supply, and make sure all the petrodollars end up in the USA.

      All wars are about money, and oil is liquid money.

      • Vince Dhimos

        This is all true, but there is a new sheriff and the US has lost an enormous amount of its power by being a bully. A poll taken among Middle Eastern young people shows that they now trust Russia much more than the US. That is a reversal since the last poll. The trend will continue until the US is thrown out of the states that once supported it. This is also reflected in arms sales. Russia has sold arms to almost every ME state, incl those who were allies or partners with the US.

  • H Eccles

    re Iran from above.. “…trying to destabilize Iraq’s fragile attempt at democracy..”

    Would that be the ‘democracy’ that the Americans imposed upon the Iraqis after an illegal invasion?

  • John

    LOL ……. Whatever Mr. President.

  • Tommy Jensen

    Defined reality………….still running in Washington.

  • World_Eye


    • Sinbad2


  • Joe

    We are all children…

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    Trump… Imbecile Real Estate Schmuck.

    • Sinbad2

      “The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to
      think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing
      superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion
      that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and
      HL Mencken

  • Lena Jones

    Every word stinks of jew.

  • Empire’s Frontiers

    You know, now that you mention it…

    I’ll bet Iran also sneaked into the 9/11 commission all those years ago and redacted the evidence of its fundamental responsibility destroying the WTC buildings, framing Osama no less!. Right under the nose of the US Congress!

    Those sneaky Persians….

  • Drogba

    NUTANDYAHOO must have dictated this garbage for his Mafia Don puppet.The world is indeed a dangerous place,especially with warmongering zionist scumbags like this orange psycho.

  • occupybacon


  • Harsha

    “Saudi Arabia has agreed to spend billions of dollars in leading the fight against Radical Islamic Terrorism.” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6a517c3cae0c7b18f408a7d4c812e201a33a047598d13cd1eb43b453c18d546c.jpg

  • rudy

    The man is nuts !