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Trump Releases Official Statement On Khashoggi Murder. Iran Is Guilty

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On November 20, US President Donald Trump released a long awaited official statement on the murder of Saudi opposition journalist Jamal Khashoggi by the Saudi government in a Saudi consulate in the Turkish city of Istanbul on the 2nd of October.

The statement came amid reports from CIA-linked sources that it was Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who had ordered the killing of the journalist and the official stance of the Turkish investigation that the order to kill the journalists had come from the highest level of the Saudi government.

It was reasonable for the US administration, before making an official statement on this crime, to collect some important facts and intelligence. They are as follows:

  • “The world is a very dangerous place!”
  • Iran is guilty of destabilizing the situation in the Middle East
  • Hezbollah is also guilty
  • The Houthis are very guilty as they are resisting the Saudi invasion in Yemen
  • Bashar al-Assad? …bloody “dictator”, “who has killed millions of his own citizens”
  • Israel – a great country
  • The crime against Jamal Khashoggi – “terrible”
  • Did Mohammed bin Salman order the murder? – “maybe he did and maybe he didn’t!”
  • Multi-billion deals with Saudi Arabia – remain in force
  • Sanctions against Saudi Arabia – what sanctions? Washington already sanctioned “17 Saudis” involved in the murder and already detained by the Saudi government because it’s impossible to hide them.
  • No practical steps will be taken to punish the Saudi regime. It’s a “great ally”
  • “America First!”

Additionally, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held a press briefing saying that Washington’s relations with Saudi Arabia won’t be affected by the Khashoggi case because “this is a long historic commitment and one that is absolutely vital to America’s national security.”

So, kill journalists, invade other countries, support al-Qaeda, and order death penalties for witchcraft. That is all fine as long as there is some US “historic commitment” at your back.

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Promitheas Apollonious

“So, kill journalists, invade other countries, support al-Qaeda, and order death penalties for witchcraft. That is all fine as long as there is some US “historic commitment” at your back.“

Maybe the author of this article he cares to explain how is it that USA that have committed and is committing every single day since their creation, is going to now judge his allies in crime? Is one thing to make believe worlds where you are the absolute authority as uk and her colonies are attempting to impose and another to do so. Now they will begin to understand the error in their ways.


that about sums it up – but MBS might just be pi…ed off with Khashoggi if the purhase of Khashoggi’s uncle’s French chateau (at $250m) turned out to be seriously rotten and illadvised (just like the $450million purchase of the latest da Vinci painting if i turned to be a fake which it probably is)

mbs might hope for a better day and time – the interesting question is if he dares to visit his French chateau if the frenchies hangs around the place with an arrest-order.


MBS is a NATO “Puppet” following the US/UK/Israel roadmap ! Saddam was lured by the US to invade Kuwait…

What’s going on with Khashoggi Murder, still have to wait and see who enjoyed the Crime !

NB: There is an interesting map The US Grand Strategy

by Mikhail Leontyev

Mikhail Leontiev devoted his column on the first Russian television channel to Thomas Barnett’s theory. What appeared to be an intellectual lucubration in 2001 is currently being realized. Everyone must now rethink their vision of the wars of the past sixteen years. http://www.voltairenet.org/article198024.html

Titel Gogurion



Erdogan should eliminate all these hard core terrorists and soon open the roads and rail communications between Turkey Syria, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan. Also eliminate Israel to open roads and rail communications between Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Libya etc. which will bring double opportunities for the development and prosperity of the Mideast population.


Only Turkish people believe Erdogan being able to take on any long term project!

Minister of Truth

“…eliminate israel…” ?


U.S. Special Forces Support SDF Units Clashing With ISIS In Syria’s Deir Ezzor Province.

The US Special Forces or ISIS terrorists should not supposed to be there in Syria. For how long they will survive there and will hide from Syrian, Russian and Iranian forces.

Minister of Truth



On Iran, I notice it hasn’t been in the news much, but in the last few days the US got SWIFT to cut Iran out of the world banking network, probably because not enough other countries were buying into their more normal sanctions. This is probably stupid overreach in the medium term.

Iran is talking to Russia and China about workarounds using their internal SWIFT alternatives and cryptocurrency. You can be sure that Iranian trade will, one way or another, now not be done in US dollars. Other countries will be watching, and some may think it would be a good idea to “SWIFT-proof” their banking systems. So the dominance of SWIFT may begin to erode.

Minister of Truth



https://www.reuters.com/article/usa-iran-sanctions-swift/swift-system-to-disconnect-some-iranian-banks-this-weekend-idUSFWN1XK0YW https://www.ft.com/content/8f16f8aa-e104-11e8-8e70-5e22a430c1ad https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/11/swift-matters-iran-spat-181105172906627.html and some RT https://www.rt.com/business/443772-iranian-central-bank-disconnected-swift/ https://www.rt.com/usa/443794-steve-keen-iran-swift/ https://www.rt.com/usa/443789-max-keiser-swift-iran/

Minister of Truth

very good; altho rt?


Why not? They’re not reliable; neither is CNN. But they pay more attention to Iran.


…. The Yanker stupidity barrel really is bottomless.

Rodney Loder

I don’t think Trump is selling that message very well thought, listening to Steve Bannon it’s obvious the populist movement that swept Trump to power is gone stone cold, Trump will cop some curry now, it probably is a good idea if you have been encouraging him because he’s an idiot to move away in case he turns into a real cry baby that will rub off on others.


Thanks for my morning laugh, Southfront -Better than coffee

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