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Trump Ran Scared to Iraq, to Avert Coup Against Him

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Written by Finian Cunningham; Originally appeared on strategic-culture.org

Donald Trump’s visit this week to US forces in Iraq has to be seen as a highly peculiar move. Following his announcement to pull troops out of Syria and Afghanistan, which caused a split with senior Pentagon figures, it seems that Trump was making a desperate bid to reassure the military establishment. Perhaps even to forestall a feared coup against his presidency.

For nearly two years since his election, President Trump had not visited US troops in any active combat zone, unlike all his predecessors in the White House. His apparent indifference to overseas forces had engendered much consternation from political opponents and the media. In a recent editorial, the New York Times admonished: “Put Down the Golf Clubs, Visit the Troops”.

Trump Ran Scared to Iraq, to Avert Coup Against Him

Recall, too, the US media scorn heaped on Trump when, during his trip to France in November to mark the centennial end of World War One, he declined to pay his respects at an American war cemetery “because it was raining”.

Trump is therefore not the sort of person to put himself in discomfort for others. That’s why it seems all the stranger that on Christmas Night, December 25, the president and his wife Melania left the comfort of the White House, and boarded Air Force One for a 6,000-kilometer overnight flight to Iraq.

The journey to Iraq was variously described in US media as a surprise and “shrouded in secrecy”. So secret indeed that the Iraqi government was not even informed in advance of Trump’s arrival. A hastily proposed meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi did not take place because the Iraqis were only given a couple hours notice when the US president landed.

In total, Trump and his delegation spent only three hours in Iraq and a reported 15 minutes talking to troops at Al-Asad Air Base, near the capital Baghdad. The president then flew back to Washington, making a brief refueling stop in Germany. Talk about a whirlwind spin halfway around the globe – and for what?

What this all suggests is that Trump’s visit was a hasty, ad hoc event that appears to have been done on the spur of the moment, in reaction to the news cycle over the past week.

As the New York Times put it: “The trip, shrouded in secrecy, came… less than a week after Mr Trump disrupted the military status quo and infuriated even some of his political allies by announcing plans to withdraw all troops from Syria and about half from Afghanistan. The president’s decision on Syria led to the resignation of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.”

Mattis’ resignation, followed by that of another senior Pentagon official, Brett McGurk, showed that there was serious pushback from the military establishment to Trump’s pullout order from Syria and Afghanistan.

Not only that but Trump’s political opponents within his own Republican party and the Democrats were given extensive media coverage for their protests against his order.

As CNN reported: “James Mattis’ resignation triggered an outpouring of anxiety and anger”.

Senators were lining up to condemn Trump for losing “the adult in the room” and a “voice of stability”. Mattis was hailed as “a national treasure” and praised for his “moral compass”. The eulogizing hardly squares with Mattis’ record of war crimes committed while serving as a Marines Corp general during the siege of Fallujah in Iraq in 2004, nor his psychopathic humor extolling the “fun of shooting people”.

Not for the first time, Trump was being denounced as a “traitor” by political enemies in Washington and the media. It was reminiscent of the way he was vilified after holding a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki earlier this year. Trump was again accused of “giving a gift to Putin” with his plan to withdraw US troops from Syria.

This time around, however, the political atmosphere was even more seditious.

By ignoring national security advisors and “the generals” over his Syria and Afghanistan announcements, Trump had crossed swords with the military-intelligence establishment. There was also a strong sense that the usual anti-Trump media were seizing on the opportunity to whip up Pentagon dissent against the president by lionizing Mattis as a “great leader” and whose absence would sap morale in the ranks.

The brooding political and military climate in Washington over Trump’s singlehanded decision-making may be the explanation for why the notorious couch-potato president felt compelled to get off his backside and head to Iraq in the middle of the night – on Christmas Night too.

Donning a bomber jacket and sounding jingoistic, Trump seemed to be grandstanding for militarism while in Iraq. “We like winning against terrorists, right,” he crowed to the troops. “We’re no longer the suckers of the world.”

Significantly, Trump added a new dimension to his pullout plan for Syria and Afghanistan. He pledged that US troops were not leaving Iraq – despite nearly 16 years being there after GW Bush first invaded the country in 2003. He also said that American forces would launch strikes into Syria from Iraq in the future, if and when needed. Presumably, this rapid-reaction force applies to all other Middle Eastern countries.

In other words, Trump is not signaling a peaceful scaling back of US militarism in the region, as some of his critics and supporters have perceived. Trump is simply rationalizing American imperialist power, making it leaner and meaner, to be operated out of stronghold bases like Iraq. Notice how the Iraqi government was not consulted on this Neo-colonial plan, which speaks of Washington’s arrogant hegemony, regardless of who resides in the White House.

Trump’s rushed visit to Iraq seems to have been made in an urgent attempt to let the Pentagon and the military-intelligence establishment know that he is not “going soft” on pursuing America’s self-ordained right to wage wars anywhere it wants for the cause of US capitalism.

In the immediate confusion over Trump’s announcement on December 19 of a troop drawdown in Syria and Afghanistan – and the media deification of “Mad Dog” Mattis – a dangerous period fleetingly opened up for his presidency.

Running scared, Trump dashed to Iraq to let the generals know that this president is still a reliable tool for American imperialism.

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This article is a waste of time.


why – seems to be a legitimate piece in the puzzle necessary to get an understanding of what goes on in washington dc and the white house.


Fair enough. Read the title. Yes, that’s right. And then read the article. I know it is only an opinion but this opinion should be based on facts and I can see so many gaps that make me wonder what he is trying to achieve with this piece.1. confusion? 2. insist on the old song” Trump is the deep state” ?. deep state is still running the show? I am too lazy to go on. You get the picture, I guess.

Kelli Hernandez

Trump is deep state.
Bolton, Kushner Pompous.
This isn’t a radical change of heart but more maneuvering.
I’m surprised the author didn’t bother to tell us that Iraqi leaders were snubbed by Trump who refused to meet on the Iraqi side, a government now on the side of Iran who said Iraq would not be a jumping point to attack Syria or anyone else.
All of this followed by Iraqi leadership calling for the removal of US forces out of Iraq.
This really is hubris and extreme arrogance from the American side.
Btw, they still occupy NE SYRIA where Syrian oil fields are.

dez nuts

If you follow Q he/she provides insight of Trump and the war on the deep state. I dont think he is apart of the deep state. Could be another faction just as evil trying to take the other evil faction out.
Hopefully Trump has good intentions which so far it looks like he does, Q is the last hope we have

al quaida

I wouldn’t say it was a complete waste of time if one can look beyond the obvious click-bait title.
The final line of the article could perhaps be a more accurate title: Running scared, Trump dashed to Iraq to let the generals know that this president is still a reliable tool for American imperialism.


Well, we all know that Trump visited the troops in Iraq and Germany. We can all speculate why.

Promitheas Apollonious

and who exactly care to know this? STOP wasting pixel space.


Possibly that article serves by DISTRACTING us form actually think about WHY TRUMP is “pilling out of Syria” ?

IF Trump is sincere in his decision, with NO ulterior motives or tactics, then I support
him, however, personally I don’t believe TRUMP is leaving SYRIA because that was
one of his “Promises. Not-with-standing, it is a DISTRACTING tactic, he is leaving for reasons of STRATEGY, as evidenced by who OPPOSE his move, and that “Strategy” will be revealed in time. Could the STRATEGY be linked to Erik Prins and his nasty business concept of “Murderers for Hire” (Mercenaries)? Otherwise expressed TRUE REASON(S) for TRUMP “leaving “ Syria, From Jake Morphonios of “Blackstone Intelligence”:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBvEtQ9MpUE and Brendon O’Connell : https://www.youtube.com watch?v=AhtMnI7qkH4 and Jim Dean, of Veterans Today: https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/12/21/neo-trump-pulls-out-of-syria-why-the-surprise-move-now/ AND from ROBERT DAVID STEELE : https://phibetaiota.net/2018/12/robert-steele-mattis-resignation-most-helpful-reaction-of-congress-reveals-degree-to-which-all-members-are-bribed-and-blackmailed-by-zionist-israel-and-us-military-industrial-complex/#more-136864 and finally FROM Morris, a simple but informed ordinary man, who gets to the ROOT, like Brendon and I do, but is more Philosophical, which, Philosophical, comes with age ;-) https://youtu.be/4lnd2i8B1-w

Promitheas Apollonious

the only reason you said what you have is because you failed to understand why and for what purpose veteran americans of the war in syria and afghanistan are withdrawing from those battlefields. Watch what follows then you understand better then decided what is what.


I have already decided but thanks for stopping by.

Promitheas Apollonious

deciding for your self does not make you correct.


You’re welcome

Promitheas Apollonious

u 2 .

Feudalism Victory

Ive always got time for Trump ;)


We have seen it all over the world, the best time for a coup is when the head of state is out of the country. What a load of bollix. Less crudely put below by 1691 and Promitheas Apollonious

Tommy Jensen

I have seen this Western pattern before.

Every time someone takes the correct decision, the power sections are howling because they were the ones who took the wrong and stupid decisions.

Trump withdraw from Syria because its waste of money to keep US there. Obama wasted -$10 trillion on complete bs in all areas. THIS IS THE TRUTH.

Feudalism Victory

Terrible isnt it?

TRUMP 2020


You still working for the Clinton campaign?

dez nuts

Takes time. You cannot just pull the trigger on such powerful people. Waiting and building your case is the best move since all the elites are against trump.

Feudalism Victory

I sincerely hope this is the function of these sealed indictments piling up.

dez nuts

Plus Guantanamos expansion isnt finished yet lol. Once the extra rooms are done for these satanic cunts, then the arrests will roll, hopefully.

Feudalism Victory

God willing brother.

Feudalism Victory

Lol Wut?


Your comment is sensible – not in keeping to your normal sarcastic style and the LOL

Eskandar Black

A lot of speculations and assumptions rooted in nothing.

Where is the analysis? Sometimes South-front publishes good content, other times its pure drivel.

What would a coup against trump look like exactly? The best example of an anti trump coup is a continued use of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan to push an anti trump foreign policy. Withdrawing from these places and removing hawks like Mattis and Kelley is the best defense to a so called coup.

The author seems dim, unfamiliar with American domestic procedures, and foreign policy quagmires.

Kelli Hernandez

What does it look like?
The author fails once again to state the obvious RUSSIAGATE.

Eskandar Black

Russia gate isn’t exactly news. The democrats have tried and will continue to try to impeach the president. This is not news worthy.

Feudalism Victory

It isnt news at all. Its propoganda campaign to reverse an election.

dez nuts

Hahah if you believe Russia gate then your a moron. Just a tool by the deep state to rant about because they know they are about to be fucked when the indictments start rolling out

Feudalism Victory

As in an obvious trick? Nobodys been charged with what collusion? Theyll have to make new laws to charge people with that.

No the only russian involvment is thru the british spy steeles dossier paid for and used by hilary clinton.


Finian got the appeasement PR move part right, but I think he got the target audience part wrong. President Bone Spurs didn’t fly to Iraq to reassure the Joint Chiefs. He went there to reassure his closeted fascist Bircher supporters back home that ‘Murika was still in the killing Mooselems business.

The absurd story about AF1 being all blacked-out en route smells like more of the ‘Deep State War on Trump’ disinformation campaign. Was the moonlight reflecting off of Melania’s jewelry really going to give away their position to the marauding swarms of Commie-UN-Christmas-Hating-Atheist interceptors?

Kelli Hernandez

Sheldon Adelson ISRAELI billionaire bankrolled Trump’s campaign.
How Trumptards think this is a change of heart is as bad as those still under the Obama is wonderful and admiral spell, even after 7 countries in 8 years.

Andrej Kiska

Did Bini Nutanyahoo approve the trip?
it was not intended for domestic audience, people, or MSM or deep state.
it was a memorandum to Zionists, that they can still relay on him.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

If you are in Israel and Iraq, it is dumb to be simultaneously also in Syria.


Trump in military garb. He is a fat pig, maybe he is potus, potuspig.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Dont want to salute fallen soldiers because it was raining….
Yet this trash will still get votes = this trash and his voters dont even want to show a minimum of respekt to those who did what no one else dared.

That act tells more about him and his voters than anything else.

And does he really think that anyone trust him and USA anymore?
If they do they deserve what ever happens to them.

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