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Trump Races To Secure Billions For Hypersonic Missiles


Russian and Chinese hypersonic weapons are just poorly-made animations. So, there is no need to hurry up with producing own ones. Right?

Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

The Pentagon has requested a record-breaking $718 billion in its fiscal 2020 budget, a 5% increase over what Congress allocated for fiscal 2019, as per the Russian Times.

Trump Races To Secure Billions For Hypersonic Missiles

The White House published the details of President Donald Trump’s new fiscal budget request on Monday, requesting a massive $750 billion for national defense. About $30 billion for nuclear weapons programs under the Department of Energy.

The $718 billion budget includes a base budget of $544.5 billion, $9.2 billion for the border wall and $164 billion for foreign wars.

A sizeable portion of the funding will be used to operate multiple research and development programs, as the Pentagon is determined to mature and launch series production for new weapons and technologies, such as hypersonic missiles and fifth-generation fighters.

“With the largest research and development request in 70 years, this strategy-driven budget makes necessary investments in next-generation technology, space, missiles, and cyber capabilities,” Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick M. Shanahan said.

The funding boost is needed to “strongly position the US military for great power competition for decades to come,” he added.

Trump Races To Secure Billions For Hypersonic Missiles

The funding includes $2.6 billion for hypersonic missiles that “complicate adversaries’ detection and defense,” another $3.7 billion for unmanned and even autonomous systems suitable for “contested regions.

Trump Races To Secure Billions For Hypersonic Missiles

Hypersonic missiles cruise at Mach 5 or faster, or about five times faster than the speed of sound. As of 2019, the Pentagon doesn’t have missile defense systems that can stop a hypersonic attack nor has hypersonic missiles that are deployed with forces.

On the other hand, Russia last year sent its hypersonic weapons into series production and has already deployed missiles to its forces stationed around the country.

The threat of a hypersonic missile attack made the Pentagon cut the word “ballistic” from its recent iteration of the “Missile Defense Review,” which was published last month. The last review, in 2010, was titled, “Ballistic Missile Defense Review.”

“We are now recognizing the nature of missile threats to both the United States homeland, as well as to friends and allies abroad and our deployed forces go beyond just ballistic missiles,” said Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy David J. Trachtenberg said February 1 at CSIS.

It’s now clear that the Trump administration and Pentagon are urgently requesting billions of dollars in taxpayers funds to build hypersonic missiles before the next conflict explodes.



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  • You can call me Al

    Russian and Chinese missiles are shyte. Snel, snel spend billions to get them now.

    This is the time for a first strike. I know it sounds barmy, I know it sounds insane, but it is now or never andthe consequences are dreadful in either option.

    • James

      Perhaps it is. IF the US did get the advantage Russia now has, they no doubt would use that straight away to try and invade.

  • Tommy Jensen

    Exactly what I have said for years.
    If America wanna get great again and make world peace we need to act now and quick, in a situation where Russia and China´s hypersonic´s still are amateurish.

    • Jim Bim

      America make world peace……..you must be living in LaLa Land.
      The US only way to keep the USS Enterprise from rapidly sinking…..are endless wars and destruction.
      The US has been at War 93% of the time – 222 out of 239 Years – Since 1776

  • Promitheas Apollonious

    that is all they are good to do spending money into holywood scenarios and dreaming they are number one in the food chain. Morons……………..

  • John

    The US ain’t gunna do squat. That had decades and billions more in research money than other countries and came up with what? …….. nothing, absolutely nothing ………. It is a money rip off, that is all.

    SSN payments are scheduled to decrease to only 70% on value soon and they will just keep pushing up the military budget. Watch and see what happens with that. ;)

  • alejandro casalegno

    USA will be like the USSR, they will not lose a big war………..they will go broken!!!!

  • Joe Kerr

    With interest on the $22+ trillion debt about to overtake the Pentagon’s annual budget and Congress reluctant to increase the debt ceiling again, bankruptcy is looming just around the corner. From superpower to goner in 20 years, an exceptional record that’ll stand for eons.

  • TiredOfBsToo

    A few simple facts about the US regarding it’s budgets. It will always place money for it’s elites and friends over the needs of Americans. This fact can be seen whereby the government cuts social programs while providing billions to Israel and the military industrial complex. The government will continue to increase the base military budget into the trillions for foreign aggression until the reserve currency fails. Simply put, the government is incapable of competing on the world stage for goods and resources like the rest of the planet resigning itself to only wars of aggression and the never ending money sink which is the ‘defense’ (offense) budget until the country is bankrupted or the world is left an empty lifeless rock. The current President, which was hoped would end foreign entanglements as laid out by the Founders of the country, was proven to be swallowed by the Swamp he pledged to drain and is now one of it’s most fervent backers.

    • ruca

      Very well said!