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Trump Promises Powerful Response To Tehran Amid Reports On Iran Assassination Plot Against US Officials

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Late on September 15 and early on September 16, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out a large-scale strike on weapon depots and training camps of Turkish-backed terrorists in the Syrian province of Idlib. According to pro-government sources, over 30 Russian strikes hit the areas of Sheikh Bahr, Shaykh Dawud and Ma’arat Misreen.

This operation became the most recent in a series of strikes on terrorist infrastructure in the region. The Russian Defense Ministry is not commenting on the situation, but the reaction of Turkish propaganda and al-Qaeda terrorists demonstrate that the impact of the strikes is much higher than they are ready to admit.

In response, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham terrorists, the main Turkish ally in Idlib, shelled several positions of the Syrian Army and civilian targets in western Aleppo and southern Idlib. Local sources claim that at least 3 civilians were injured. Hayat Tahrir al-Sham-affiliated media also claimed that 2 Syrian soldiers were killed in the area of Ruwaiha.

Meanwhile, in northern Syria, Turkish proxies claimed that their forces killed 2 Syrian troops near the town of Ain Issa. The Turkish military and pro-Turkish militants have abandoned attempts to capture the town, but they continue to violate the ceasefire regime there regularly. A similar situation is observed near Tall Tamr, where Turkish militants regularly shell civilian targets claiming that they are destroying military positions of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces.

On September 15, a US military helicopter made an emergency landing in the province of al-Hasakah. According to the US-led coalition, the incident was not the result of hostile activity and led to no casualties. Emergency forces were  subsequently deployed to the area and the crew was recovered.

Pro-militant and pro-Israeli sources released a series of reports that a new Israeli strike targeted alleged Iranian positions near the town of al-Bukamal. These claims were not confirmed by any evidence on the ground, but their timing was interesting.

Just recently, US mainstream media alleged that Iran was planning the assassination of the US ambassador to South Africa, attributing the information to an unnamed US government official and another official who had seen the intelligence. This would reportedly be in retaliation for the January 3rd assassination of Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani, which had been carried out by a US drone strike in Iraq’s capital Baghdad. At that time media speculation led to the following comment by President Donald Trump that “any attack by Iran, in any form, against the United States will be met with an attack on Iran that will be 1,000 times greater in magnitude!” A small media victory over Iran in al-Bukamal fits nicely with these comments and avoids the risk of writing another lengthy explanation of why the world superpower is not reacting to a public Iranian missile strike on its military bases in the Middle East.

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The Russian Defense Ministry is not commenting on the situation, but the reaction of Turkish propaganda and al-Qaeda terrorists demonstrate that the impact of the strikes is much higher than they are ready to admit.

Poor Turds and terrorist turds ! They have suffered and that inflicts huge pain to my bleeding heart ! Next time they should be eliminated quickly and efficiently not to suffer lot poor sods !


“Trump Promises Powerful Response To Tehran Amid Reports On Iran Assassination Plot Against US Officials”

Is that the price he must pay to the “Deep State” to be re-elected….A war against Iran?!

Zaphod Braden

Yes. It is the ADELSON Administration . …. Bought and PAID FOR. Remember how “rich” Trump was “self funded” and therefore could not be influenced by contributions?”! Well $259 million bought him. Those funds came from Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, Paul Singer and Bernard Marcus, donors who have made no secret of their desire for the United States to destroy the Islamic Republic. Adelson, who alongside his wife Miriam are the biggest donors to Trump and the GOP, contributed $205 million to Republicans in the past two cycles and reportedly sent $35 million Trump’s presidential bid. Sheldon Adelson BRIBED Trump and the Republicans …. This does not include the “favorable and unusual” so-called loans granted Kushner and ?Trump? who is notorious for being in financial difficulty and is desperately hiding his taxes. Trump has lots of energy for defending his tax returns but very little for defending Our borders. Trump’s lawyers will appeal and fight this tooth and nail for his Taxes. But when some P.O.S. “judge” treasonously rules against defending this Nation’s borders from Invaders Trump just shruggs and submits. Makes empty threats about where to put the Invaders, and goes back to putting ISRAEL FIRST. Trump has diverted American resources to granting Sheldon Adelson’s every wish for a FOREIGN nation. Trump has NOT fulfilled his DUTY and Promises to the American People as he has focused on serving his Israeli masters FIRST.


“Trump has NOT fulfilled his DUTY and Promises to the American People as he has focused on serving his Israeli masters FIRST”

And it will only get worse in second term…

Zaphod Braden

I fear it also.


Agreed. But unfortunately Biden is even worse in this regard, so nothing good will come from the election.

Ivan Freely

I thought Adelson decided to not get involved in this election; not that it matter as there are plenty of other (((Billionaires))).


See trump giving the keys to the Whitehouse to netanyahoo

Jim Allen

That won’t end well for US.


You have no idea what you are saying. The Deep stats are mostly democrats and they love Iran.


Jews are integral part of the Deep State and Jews want war with Iran Trump is their man.

You are one of those AmeriCUNTS about whose opinion I do not care ! So back off!


You are nothing but a cockroach living in cockroach infested country.

Majority of Jews in US are liberal Democrats and they hate Trump and want him out.

You are nothing but a dumb cockroach.


Trumpet is Jew puppet. Just like everybody else. I can’t even be insulted by you, let alone anything else.


Except you of course. You can’t be controlled by Jews. You are so strong, powerful, and all knowing. Those Jews can’t compete with your tremendous brain power that is big and powerful.

You are the typical racist Arab antI-Semite loser that fill the entire Arab world. All 23 Arab countries combined equal 4% of world GDP. Arabs are nothing but useless losers who think Jews made them losers.


I am Christian . Fuck of AmeriCUNT imperialist pig !


Arabs can also be Christians, blacks, whites, etc. You are in the arab world and brainwashed to think Jews are controlling everything.


I am white East European Orthodox Christian. Jews are not controlling everything but they are by far main source of all the worst evil on this planet and AmeriCUNTS are their extension.

Now fuck off!


Now you fuck off!


U.S. is Zionist terrorist jihad supporting pile of shit state !


Sorry dude Iran is under the control of the European bankers look at the leadership of Iran where they studied and what associations they have in europe so Iran and israeI are in bed together they are cooperating on the belt and road. Another indication is these sanctions they are having little effect like there are luxury items in the shops on the high streets of tehran there is money floating around. And that’s because the European bankers who really run the world are ignoring the sanctions and happily doing business with Iran. So yea the deep state does control the Iranian leadership. There isn’t a government on earth that isn’t under the control of the deep state.and money is mostly how they control things.


You people are clueless for a start the deep state controls both Republican and democrats. The democrats are on board with the new dictarship in Washington. They are really on the same team as trump. All this rivalry is just a show for the cameras.

Ariste Arvanitides

two wings of the same bird say the American Indians


Netanyahu Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Italian Lawmaker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With Trump and Netanyahu now apparently being candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize, the Italian politician reportedly expressed hope that they both win this award. https://sputniknews.com/world/202009161080479431-netanyahu-nominated-for-nobel-peace-prize-by-italian-lawmaker/

Zaphod Braden

As a DUAL- American citizen, HANG Netanyahu for Treason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvDybYz9guk&feature=youtu.be

Potato Man

It would be funny if they got nominated for Nobel Peace Prize because of this “UAE, Bahrain and Israel sign historic accords at White House event”.

Image Wahhabi State did that for Trump and Bibi to win a Nobel Peace Prize LOL to save their asses.

Icarus Tanović


Zaphod Braden

Such a blowhard — he was just trying to assinate Assad, and god knows who else.

Pave Way IV

“Just recently, US mainstream media alleged…”

Oh, well then… as long as the source is authoritative…

Assad must stay

Yea just like how he responded after iran wiped out ayn al asad airbase? Hahahahaha trump is always good for a laugh

FANFARΟNE ? Year of the Pig ??

recent events teach us the worst that can happen to US officials if the iraniroaches strike would be a mild headache

Potato Man

US run like Zion State….BS coming out of their ugly asses 24/7…..they are in power for 75 years and show how much of pigs they’re really are….greed is ugly and it can destroy you. Like any other “empire” / “superpower” US time comes, but we can see the dying dog trying to stay in power so badly now.

Tommy Jensen

I said that years ago and again I was right. Qua our ATP (Attack To Protect) and our swarm concept we will send 1000 Tomahawk missiles and 1000 Super Duper bombs against anyone who dare to hurt an American Ambassador’s feelings.

cechas vodobenikov

u borg robots—“over-conformist semi-automatons” pr David Riesman and “everybody for themselves automatons”. Arthur Koestler—sexually repressed, stupefied puritans cannot feel—feminized cowards—u lose all wars…except against the mighty nation go Grenada. LOL

John Wallace

Someone asked Trump what the difference was between a chickpea and a garbanzo. He thought and thought about it and finally says “well, I’ve never had a garbanzo on my face!”

cechas vodobenikov

the LGBT empire w plywood villages where 180,000 small enterprises have just succumbed to covid fascism, these idiots believe they can consume missile burritos…..thes e dull witted beggars pretend that they can prevent Iran from signing a 400 billion trade deal with China planned for next month ….Russia and Iran are increasing trade, military cooperation….I suspect Iran will also increase trade w Turkey….these fake Antifa BLM right wing fascists have been vigorously campaigning for trump for the past 6 months….since their brilliant kabuki coma joe’s approval (9% lead) has been transformed into a 2% lead for trump….Soros money poorly spent

cechas vodobenikov

trump attack Iran? never his lgbt master oligarchs—bezos, gates, buffet will not wish to retreat to caves in Afghanistan


Before you all go on your Two Minutes of Hate, like [by The State MSM] well trained Orwellian machines, think about the Deep State that President Trump must appease.

– “We should have taken Syrian Oil” – “Pondered Assad Assassination”

and similar publicized sayings by him or about him are a necessary political tool, to futher his original agenda:

Trump pulls a fast one on imperialist oil oligarchs by allowing Syria to regain oil fields through Russia: https://fort-russ.com/2020/09/trump-pulls-a-fast-one-on-imperialist-oil-oligarchs-allows-syria-to-regain-oil-fields-through-russia/

Also: Here’s the Full List of Donald Trump’s Executive Orders: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/white-house/here-s-full-list-donald-trump-s-executive-orders-n720796 Article titles on the net: Trump signs new executive order aimed at lowering drug prices The one incredibly green thing Donald Trump has done: Cleaning up the USA’s most toxic sites GLOBAL COOLING not warming, like the MSM would love you to believe: Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: What Trump meant when he said it will be getting colder


The only way the US can strike Iran and do real damage is with nucs. The question is what will Russia and / or China do after that !

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