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Trump Praises Kim Jong Un For “Very Wise Decision”

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US President Donald Trump has once again changed the topic in the ongoing US-North Korea media standoff thanking to Kim Jong Un for a “very wise and well reasoned decision” and that the “alternative would have been catastrophic.”

Last week, President Trump promised that North Korea “will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen” in case of any threats against the US.

So, what now?

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Clearer heads finally prevailing?

It’s not like any war would not have any winners. The US might have escaped unscathed, but South Korea would end up half flattened, at best. And chances are Japan would bear the impact as well.


What do you mean Like all other U$ american Wars (WWI, WWII Included) ,,, Anywhere in the World BUT NOT U$ american soil !!

Hawaii Does not count as Occupied since 1893 following Armed coup that removed the Monarchy legitimate Gov !


When I mean ‘escape unscathed’ I mean as in not being on the receiving end of a nuclear armed ICBM.


Nor, not on the End of Depleted Uranium, or White Phosphorous, Chemical Gazes, Cluster Bombs the “toys” that U$ american CITIZENS have used on Millions / Hundreds of Millions Unfortunates around he Globe, mostly Civilians !

And it is U$ american CITIZENS … as they Volunteer every year to Serve those in Washington ….


Now the ball is US’s court. North Korea is about to set a precedent regarding US military exercises in south korea. It is likely that US won’t be able to have military exercises in south korea from here on out. Keep in mind North Korea said it simply delayed the launch and would observe US behavior, and depending on what the US will do, North Korea will restart the launch towards around Guam.

Rodney Loder

China has lived with US war games and nothing was lost because of it, Russia does it all the time, US pretentious never registered in public opinion ratings why anyone would respond to a meaningless event is beyond reason, the US is desperate to divide the World into anti US and pro US factions, without fighting, US claiming Germany Turkey India France and the likes of Serbia, the reason US are desperate is because their Financial Institutions can’t prevail in competition with China Russia and Iran working closely together, causing a resurgence of intrinsic value opposed to derivative value which calls for zero interest rates and QE, intrinsic value dominance is evident under World Trade present parameters, unless a new paradigm becomes apparent.


It is likely that US conveyed its message to North Korea of cancellation of the military exercise scheduled later this month. In return, North Korea delayed the launch. So keep on eye on August 21 whether US would go ahead and do the exercise as scheduled or back down.


Who cares about Guam ? If you hit the USA, hit New-York, Los Angeles not Guam.

Stay alive until you reach the tech to build nuclear intercontinental missiles. Also, build chemical intercontinental missiles. And the future is to build genetic missiles.

If USA keeps terrorise you, you must respond the right way and cause them big casualities.


North Korea already has ICBMs like Hawsung-14 and SLBMs like Bukuksung-2 and 3 that can strike the US continent.


USA loves countries like NK. These countries are the good “bad guy”. NK is not a threat for USA and USA knows it very well. They like to demonize these countries to make them feel civilized and heroes even they don’t care about the people but they care about dominate and controle these countries.

You know. Americans like to be superheroes even if they are superzeroes in reality.

USA hates your freedom, your free will. That’s how you can hit very hardly USA : by building a great country for yourself and your people with real freedom of speech.


You mean U$ american CITIZENS Love War !!

Otherwise Why do they VOLUNTEER, 2,000,000 Volunteer (some leave others join) EVERY year to go to Foreign Lands to Murder, Rape, Torture, Main and Destroy …. and then Welcome Back as HERO’s, PATRIATS for defending U$ american Security !


Yesterday it was nuclear war with “aggressive and crazy North Korea dictatorship” – allegedly armed with all manners of WMDs complete with mini nukes ready to be mounted on tips of their numerous ICBMs. This time last year US was boasting a “highly successful cyber attack” against N Korea that took out their missile program and ridiculed the fact that they couldn’t make a submarine launch happen. Well either they lied last year or they lie today – because no missile program could’ve advanced from no launch to locked-and-loaded ICBM in space of just 12 months. But luckily the newest US adversary is – Confederate States of America – if we are to judge by CNN hysteria and autistic MSM articles. Convincingly not a nuclear power and a non existing one for a century and a half. Finally an enemy and a war US can win. Who knows maybe this time the scene of Abrams tanks taking down a bronze sculpture in down town Richmond will truly be – Mission complete…


US has backed down and canceled the military exercise scheduled starting August 21 even if they haven’t announced it. North Korea might have set the precedent and there won’t be military exercises in Korea from here on out. Otherwise, this will go back where it all began and North Korea will launch the IRBMs around Guam.


I couldn’t care less about the pissing contest who backed down first: if a disastrous war was just averted, the rest is small potatoes in comparison. Maybe, after Charlottesville, Trump got it right the second time this week. Without looking timid, he refrained from any gloating and insults that’d close the just-opened door to diplomacy. Hopefully now the pros can work out something; Germany seems on board with the Russian-Chinese effort.


North Korea even announced in advance its IRBMs flight paths and tried to help (?) US missile defense (MD) systems to intercept the IRBMs on the way to Guam. That would have been a sorta turning point whether the US missile defense systems like THAAD actually work or not. First US announced they would intercept the missiles, but later on the US pacific commander implied that they won’t (sure those guys discussed the consequences of the failure). If the missile defense systems didn’t work, the rest of US missile defense systems around Europe and Asia wouldn’t work either. Then what?

David Robertson

The sequence of events, so far as I understand them, was as follows:

1. President Trump threatens “fire and fury” if North Korea threatens the United States in any way.

2. Kim Jong-Un responds with a warning that his generals are developing a plan to target the U.S. base at Guam.

3. President Trump doubles down on his threat.

4. China intervenes to say that if North Korea attacks the U.S. then China will remain neutral. However if the U.S. attacks North Korea then China will “prevent it”.

5. Kim Jong-Un withdraws his announcement that they are developing plans to attack Guam.

6. President Trump tweets that North Korea has made a “wise and reasonable decision”.

This all says to me that China was the peacemaker. I must say that I did wonder when they would intervene to protect their ally. Clearly Kim Jong-Un got the message.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Kim Jong Un never said he was going to attack Guam he said the US continues to conduct exercises to intimidate NK and likened it to if they were to start testing missiles near Guam.

David Robertson

I read that sequence of events on a number of sites that are not anti North Korea that I trust and that generally do not purvey propaganda. However if as you say the translation was not exactly accurate I accept that. If your version is the proper version I can see how easily that could be delivered to make it more threatening than it actually was.

I do agree that there was a lot of confusion being spread about which is why I was cautious in how I researched it to make sure I understood the exact sequence of events. However my main point was that I believe the intervention of China was the stabilising event and this is why the situation calmed down.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

I agree that China was stabilizing the situation between the two especially with the US, which needed to calm down with the empty headed talk . The media is one of those issues with all types of propaganda doesn’t make a difference if it is state owned or privately owned , NATO countries they all have to adhere to the agreements made in that regard to control of media.


I am amazed and ashamed by all the ’empty headed talk’ that comes from America


Like —– what else could he do – or say?


A Very Large Nation with a VERY large GDP of $18 TRILLION is threatening to pulverise a VERY small and very poor nation with a GDP of a mere 12 BILLION.

I mean … FFS excuse my French – the ENTIRE GDP of North Korea is less than what the US pays in INTEREST for it’s national debt in 2 weeks!

WTF is wrong with these Americans??? SERIOUSLY.

Cheryl Brandon

The cheek of that Lam USA President? They used 635 ,000 bombs against North Korea so, it is the USA, the International Outlaws which should shut to fuck up! Let China and South Korea and Russia and Japan who are it’s neighbours. They should be the ones charged with defusing the toxic situation.

Cheryl Brandon

The Cheek of this spineless/tax dodging Chump of USA???; It was your army which dropped 635,000 bombs on North Korea; North Korea did not attack you back in 1954??? Stay to fuck out of Korean peninsula; China/Russia/Japan and South Korea are the nearest neighbours and, they are more able bodied to handle this matter! Stop provoking NK and, bragging about it/ USA+International Outlaw, which supports terrorist/theft and robbery worldwide via the CIA. FUCK OFF USA! GOON!

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