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Trump Plans To Announce Another Troop Withdrawal, Now From Iraq: Reports

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Trump Plans To Announce Another Troop Withdrawal, Now From Iraq: Reports


US President Donald Trump is planning to announce a withdrawal of thousands of US troops from Iraq on September 9, US media reported citing ‘senior administration officials’.

According to reports, the announcement will also include the reduction of troops in Afghanistan.

Currently, the United States has about 5,200 troops deployed and the countless number of mercenaries deployed in Iraq.

In the previous months, the US handed over several of its bases to the Iraqi military amid the growing number of rocket and IED attacks on its forces across the country. Nonetheless, this move was mostly a part of the ongoing regrouping of forces inside Iraq.

Now, some sources expect, the US may really decrease the military presence in the country. Nonetheless, this withdrawal of US forces will not mean that the US will leave the country alone and US forces will still remain there to ‘protect oil’ and secure the US-Israeli interests.


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Ivan Freely

I’ll believe it when I see it.


Yeah cause they say they will withdraw 1000 troops and couple weeks later you discover that they brought 2000 more

Zionism = EVIL

They will not leave voluntarily as they are stealing Iraq and Syria blind and financing terrorism and wars with the oil theft, but the impoverished people of Iraq are now fed up and resistance is spanning across the region.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Trump is playing politics. He won the election because he promised to stop never ending US wars, so a little troop reduction before this election can retain that support.

Of course Trump isn’t stopping any wars, and God knows if he will actually start a war if he wins this time.


This is the SAME plan like the one for “retreat” from Syria! We all know how that “retreat” have ended up! The more they “retreat” the even more they are there !!

Zionism = EVIL

As I wrote years ago, the stupid Americunt loser arseholes lost the war from get go, committed horrendous atrocities as Assange and other honorable people exposed early on, and now the desperate cowards are trying to seek a face saving exit, I don’t believe that the growing resistance will let then cut and run that easy. Next year will crucial as the Amerciunt failed shithole implodes.

Laurent Parodi

Then esper will say “no” and trump will say “OK”.

Zionism = EVIL

Americunts are in a failed state and no one is in-charge of the burning circus.

johnny rotten

They will keep the contractors and the latest ISIS rookies, to protect the theft of oil, but they will not last long because the Natives have decided to kick them in the ass, we are only at the beginning.


I stopped putting any faith in these shell-games back in 2018 when US troops – supposedly withdrawing from Syria- took a wrong turn and wound up in another part of Syria.

In Exile

If I was Trump I’d bring all the troops home and use them to deal with the degenerates and Commies then I’d expel every illegal, just herd them over the border. The Mexicans will finish them off.

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